Reviews for Bully: Scholarship Edition [Legacy]


Rockstar does it again

Jonot86 | July 23, 2013 | See all Jonot86's reviews »

Rockstar is a great game, that has great elements and dives deep into the life of North America education in a very exaggerated way. I've never had to run this much in a GTA game Rockstar produced but I doubt that you would be open for cars driving around on school grounds. Keeping with basic actions and commands the game delivers an amazing experience also hilarious situations. Definitely worth a pick up when you need to kill some time.


It's Fresh

darkbreaker3200 | July 22, 2013 | See all darkbreaker3200's reviews »

I think the title says it all. It's a fresh perspective on the GTA concept. A solid game all around. I know Rockstar received some social backlash at the release of Bully, but objectively Bully is more...morally sound, for a lack of better words, than any of the GTA games. Not quite sure why Rockstar hasn't expand on the series.


Great game!

FruitySkills | July 7, 2013 | See all FruitySkills's reviews »

This game is great. It's basically GTA set in school. There are nice little features in the game like sling shots, marbles, fire extinguisher, pranks etc. Going to class is pretty fun. There is Art class, chemistry class, etc. You'd expect a game of this kind would be boring but it's not. The humor is great and the game is a ton of fun. Rockstar does not disappoint. Buy it!


Rockstar never fails.

YoxScorpion | July 7, 2013 | See all YoxScorpion's reviews »

In Rockstar we trust. I never played a bad game of R*, and this game isn't an exception. Most people say that it's an GTA in school. But if GTA one of your favorites games, why wouldn't you play it? You need to earn respect in school. You need to rule the school. But to do it, you need to make enemies and friends. The nerds, the bullies, the greases... Characters have a great charisma. Great game, great story. Buy it, play it, enjoy it.


A Game that Deserves a Sequel!

Reble | July 6, 2013 | See all Reble's reviews »

One of the most unique games you will ever play. Setting in a school where you must overcome bully's, avoid teachers/adults, bully fellow students, pick lockers, steal bikes, talk to hobos, and even take classes! The story is what you would consider "dark". The background music itself gives you that eerie feeling. Memorable cast including the kitchen lady(don't eat the food, really don't eat it), a mongoloid with a peanut brain, a drunk teacher, and even kissing cousins! This is a got to have for a gamer and I still enjoy it these days.


School Was Never This Fun

ravestar | June 17, 2013 | See all ravestar's reviews »

Jimmy Hopkins is the main character of Bully, and a likeable guy too despite all the trouble he gets up to. The environment is a school filled with bullies and you must fight back to gain respect. This is like a less violence version of GTA taking place in a school, with more juvenile humor thrown in. You take out rivals by using banana peels or itching powder, instead of guns and cars.. The missions in the game involve fighting bullies and chasing girls with chocolate or flowers.. The gameplay is pretty good, similar to what you find in most open adventure titles. I didn;t like the waiting time between missions and setting, it was too long and felt tedious. Overall, I enjoy the concept of Bully, after all who doesn't have the fantasy of being a naughty student in school? Recommended.


Survive in the worst school ...

kalil | June 14, 2013 | See all kalil's reviews »

The action of Bully Scholarship Edition takes place in a dorm called Bullworth will control where the protagonist, a boy of 15 years named Jimmy Hopkins is taken by his mother to be again expelled multiple times from their past schools, and the only solution is matricularnos in Bullworth, a school where the worst of the worst. The game is played with various activities and mini games you have to do to not be trampled by the "thugs" of the school and be respected by others. The mark of Rockstars Games is evident throughout the game as it reminds us too much to the famous Grand Theft Auto, but with other players and another totally different environment. Fortunately or unfortunately many of us after overcoming the hard school stage with this game we will revive the harsh lessons of mates, physics or chemistry among others These are taken every day from 9:30 to 11:00 am and afternoon from 13:30 to 15:30 and we will have to go if we want to see the principal (do not know why but more than once that office visit). Luckily Bullworth classes is totally different from the actual classes, often real "pain in the ass", will be treated in mini games that we have to go to pass this course. Between classes you can visit all the places of the school and can do tasks to be chained for a good script that will make us want to do more and more missions to know how it ends is more, if we keep a watchful even because of the missions lose some other class. The missions are quite varied, from chocolates to recover some quarrel or steal the hardest school. Our protagonist, Jimmy Hopkins is a loose cannon but also has a heart and of course we can fall in love with some other girl. Will you be able to maintain the relationship? That is all in your hands and how we manage to Jimmy. The most surprising part of this game are the huge and continuous loads experienced by the game to move from one setting to another, on missions, classes etc .... Really sometimes reaching despair, especially if we intend to play a little every day and barely notice a development in the game for the annoying burdens suffered at any time. And we are not surprised because graphically up to titles like Gears of War or Mass Effect where loads were much smaller. A negative effect is brought about possibly being a port as we discussed earlier. Luckily these two aspects of the game a little loose for anything not tarnish the gameplay and freshness of the game. Gameplay No doubt the gameplay is the strong point of Bully Scholarship: Edition, a form of play where we had not tried before (except in the PS2 version) and that this combination of Grand Theft Auto missions in the form of small game in an environment that we all know who are the colleges and classes is really fun. The variety of quests and tests assure us hours and hours of fun where we can do all sorts of mischief without fear of actually expel us, the dream of every student pranks galore ... without fear of fights and fouls ... ahhh and without giving explanations to our parents.


Better than GTA!

samuelrowlands | June 12, 2013 | See all samuelrowlands's reviews »

It's pretty much GTA, but almost as good as San Andreas, much better than IV! Played for at least a month during exam periods, great stress relief, although can become tiresome and repetitive if you prefer a lot more freedom, you're restricted with bed times, school periods, and someone is always going to go after you. Brilliant game, but wouldn't buy it if not on sale.


A Very Unique, But Fun Sandbox

thegaminglyfe | June 11, 2013 | See all thegaminglyfe's reviews »

Bully is about a really messed up school. There are lots of things to do, you can go to class, or not. Instead you can grab your bike and explore the town, maybe go swimming. It lacks some things and the controls get frustrating. Bully is like playing as the ultimate badass you wanted to be when you were in school, ditching, pulling pranks on the teachers, making out with random girls etc. Definitley buy this if you're looking for a unique sandbox game.


It feels good going back to school

ZinZano | May 20, 2013 | See all ZinZano's reviews »

This game virtually has it all for an Sandbox game: Constant humour, excellent fighting system, well scripted storyline, a fully interactive and enjoyably world and of course, the prefects/police. Engaging and gleeful of spirit, this game sucks you right in like Rockstar's other smash hit, the GTA franchise...this time though, this gamer feels not one lick of moral uneasiness as I rewrite my high school memories through Jimmy's relentless wedgies and poundings. Although it was a little easy, the main game clocks in a good time for completion and there are almost unlimited amounts of side games with great rewards. In fact, the side games and missions were some of the most fun i had in this game. Unlike other games, these aren't just a throw away waste of time and are very rewarding.


Not an ordinary Sandbox

Evrad | April 30, 2013 | See all Evrad's reviews »

Bully - Scholarship Edition tells Jimmy Hopkins story, your story. It begins as always: You’re a boy, which is sent far away from home, who must fight against your fears and the established power if you want to be the leader. Even if the game is developed by Rockstar (GTA fathers), it’s not the typical sandbox in which you’re sent from A to B in every mission, it has a huge variety of situations that keeps your thoughts away from the idea of playing something boring. I would recommend this game to everyone who don’t appreciate sandbox games, because, thanks to “Bully” they’ll find a fresh and enjoyable game.


The only school I'd like to attend.

TronLight | April 29, 2013 | See all TronLight's reviews »

I'm sure many people know this game as "GTA in a school". Well, you could probably say that, same way you can say that Red Dead Redemption is "GTA in the far west". But in both cases, you'd be wrong. Bully may take inspiration (and maybe a little more) by the GTA formula, but it's a completely indiependent game. The similarities are the big, fully explorable, very well detailed city, that you'll want to explore in order to discover secrets, find every collectibles and play minigames. The mission formula it's in the game too, you'll have different charcters that will give you missions. Many peoples dislike this aspect in GTA because they feel that every mission is kind of a more-of-the-same. Here, insted, every mission is pretty much unique, thanks to the new setting, so yoiu will not feel bored. The weapon system is obviously different. No guns, but a fun take on the school world equipent. Only sling-shots, firecrackers, stink-bombs and such. You won't be able to steal vehicles either, but you'll have your own bike that you can upgrade. Story-wise, the game it's the tale of a boy who want's to become the leader of the school. To do so he'll have to confront with nerds, jocks, outcasts, teacher and, of course, other bullies. The game is old, but the graphics are good because of its toon-like style. A few minor glitches on modern sistem (the worst it's the pop-up while running on the bike), but nothing that will make the game unplayable. Overall, Bully is a fantastic game and a successful experiment, witty and fun, charming in is own way, and pretty much every person that played it is waiting for a sequel. And probably you'll join this club soon.


GTA in school

barniman | March 28, 2013 | See all barniman's reviews »

Rockstar managed to creat another really innovative and unexpected titles, Bully can be best described as Grand Theft Auto in school. You have to go to classes, extra activities, get a girlfriend, pretty much anything you'd do in school. This obviously doesn't sound that interesting, but they created an interesting storyline and tons of quests (pantyraid!) for the game. The gameplay is also really varied, apart from the classes you can go outside the school and explore the town, you can go on dates, enter races, go boxing, play one of the many minigames or just goof around like you would in any GTA. So the gameplay is pretty much perfect, the only real drawback of the game is the PC port. The graphics look quite old (they did when the game was released, not just now) and the controls are...problematic, gamepad is recommended for this one.


It's alright...

PM_DMNKLR | Jan. 30, 2013 | See all PM_DMNKLR's reviews »

I'll be honest with you, I've been a Rockstar Games fan for a long, LONG time, but there are some of their titles that just don't do it for me (Midnight Club series), and there are some that I still LOVE to this very day (GTA series). Then, in the middle, there's Bully. It's not horrible, but it's not epic either. Worth playing for sure, but honestly I don't see why it's still priced so high, and I mean that for everywhere you go. It's a fun to play game, but I'd recommend waiting for a good sale price on it, because quite frankly it's not the most awesome R* game out there and they have much better for the same price or lower. Overall, it's good, but I wouldn't say it's awesome.


Calling It a "Teen Version of GTA" Doesn't Do Bully Justice

AkaRai | Jan. 5, 2013 | See all AkaRai's reviews »

While there are many obvious parallels to be drawn between Bully and Grand Theft Auto -such as the numerous morally dubious decisions you make and the various cliques in the school standing in for rival criminal organizations- Bully is by and large a different game. Bully has a few RPG-like elements wherein you can improve your combat abilities and other stats by going to class and doing well -each unlocking abilities in different areas, like science helping you with some weapons, gym helping you with combat, and art basically helping you with girls- and completing quests. Jimmy is kind of a troubled kid. At the start of the game, his apathetic mother and step-father are dumping him off at the unimaginatively named Bullworth Academy, as he's been expelled from numerous other schools. Bullworth is tightly divided between the school's various cliques. The nerds, the jocks, the greasers and the preps (and later on the townies.) Bullying is extremely common there, and all but encouraged by the staff. Jimmy may be a jerk, but he looks poorly on bullying, and rather than simply joining one of the cliques, works his way through them, bullying the bullies and earning their respect. Personally, I think my favorite aspect of the game was the outstanding soundtrack, which made segments like Halloween night, sneaking into the girl's dorm on a panty raid, and fighting the football team in a stolen mascot's uniform all the more memorable. Bully offers an entertaining experience that you'll enjoy even if you're not a fan of the GTA series, as I personally am not.


Something a little different

Cooberstooge | Sept. 6, 2012 | See all Cooberstooge's reviews »

Bully is one of those games most companies and parents would rather you not know about or even play, but that's not because it's not any good. In fact, the exact opposite is true, and this is one nifty little title you really need to play to completion to appreciate. For once, every NPC has a purpose - they're not just filler for an empty environment. They all have agendas, and most can be messed with at your will. You'll start out as the new kid, and probably get stuffed in a few lockers as well, but eventually you'll be the one doing the stuffing. You have classes to attend, assignments to complete, and sports activities to work your way through which, while they're fun, are really only filler between the bones of Bully. Harming people either directly or indirectly is awesome fun, and leaving a banana peel out for somebody to fall on, while you hide in a nearby locker watching, is hilarious. Bully had its fair share of problems on release, but is now a very stable game, and one so unique, you can't possibly afford to miss it.


More than just a juvenile version of Grand Theft Auto.

GAMERamble | July 19, 2012 | See all GAMERamble's reviews »

Jimmy Hopkins is a boy with some serious problems. Barely 15 years old and already expelled from most schools he finds himself enrolled in Bullworth Academy by his mother and latest stepfather as they go off on honeymoon. Notorious for its history of bullying the school is run by various groups and cliques so as the new kid on the block Jimmy is immediately a big target. No stranger to trouble Jimmy soon starts putting people in their place and builds up respect until he is in a position to put an end to all they bullying. Not everyone relishes the thought of a conflict free school so Jimmy has his work cut out for him. Bully made a name for itself on console but its road to computer was a rocky one. Promising some enhancements and extended features this “Scholarship Edition” was practically unplayable upon first release thanks to the amount of crippling bugs it contained. Subsequent patches sorted everything out but by then this games credibility has taken a serious hit. It’s a shame as this fully patched version comes close to greatness and was a fun not to mention engrossing experience from start to finish. The game can be a bit daunting initially with so much to see and do and seemingly so little time before curfew hits. After unlocking a few more save spots, learning some neat fighting techniques and discovering all the short-cuts the game really opens up and becomes addictive beyond belief. While not overly challenging the game has one or two tricky missions but win or lose you will always be playing with a smile on your face because of the onscreen antics. Who knows a few of the pranks might even remind you of your own misspent youth. To list all of the cool activities you can get up to in this game would fill up a review by itself but suffice to say this is another Rockstar classic and well worth tracking down and playing.


Great fun

Notmexican21 | May 14, 2012 | See all Notmexican21's reviews »

I had heard about this game for ages but never really got round to picking it up until recently. Playing it for the first time and it was worth the wait. It gave the sandbox feeling of doing what ever you wanted and just roaming around in the open world the game provides. Some aspects of the game can get a little annoying but the humor within the game makes up for any negatives. The characters bring back memories of the school setting and the classic Rock-star feel to the game with hidden stuff to find all over the place and the ability to roam. Overall this game is well worth picking up if you like the old style of Rock-star games and a free roaming world.



RaTcHeT302 | March 27, 2012 | See all RaTcHeT302's reviews »

Bully is a rather unique game. The player has lot's of freedom to do whatever he wants wich other games don't allow. Graphicaly it's great, there are some performance issues in certain areas of the game sadly. The soundtrack is unique too and it's a pleasure to listen to it. The gameplay is really original as in some parts of the game you can even take part in Halloween pranks and more. Taking classes also gives you some extra bonuses such as being able to regain more health when kissing a girl or more strenght.


Bully - Virtual bullying

HateB | March 27, 2012 | See all HateB's reviews »

I have already some experience about the game on PS2. It was great but now it's even better on PC. Support for XBOX360 controller makes the gameplay experience even more comfortable. The graphics aren't high quality but not bad either. There are a lot of missions and things to do and it's definitely worth money. There are quite a lot violence in that game(like in every Rockstar's game) but it's not a problem.


Why limit yourself to being a Bully?

emperor20 | Dec. 9, 2011 | See all emperor20's reviews »

Here is a sandbox that doesn't have to look like a lifeless world with dozens of NPC models walking in one path and graffiti to make an illusion of an outside world. The NPCs have names, relationships, and interact with the background like normal people. You are an angry kid who won't take the insults that we have endured decades ago and set out to humiliate the people who abuse you. The school setting is different than everything else out there since you now have children to deal with. Harming people still have consequences, but don't let it bother you when you can toss itching powder on people and have them slip on banana peels, so teachers can chase you down and put you in detention. You have a ton of clothes to wear and matching outfits that provide hidden bonuses.