Reviews for Borderlands Game of the Year Edition [Legacy]


Better in Coop.

kalil | June 14, 2013 | See all kalil's reviews »

Game for lovers of Shooter, regardless of the platform on which you play. Gameplay: Like any shooter, the more COD style, the button layout is the same as ever. No special powers or anything or Bioshock Bulletstorm style, everything is purely weapons. The movements of the characters are well done, sometimes feel a little jerky movements but nothing remarkable. In the weapons section, the algorithm manages to give us an outstanding amount of possibilities, weapons of all levels with different elemental damage types categorized by levels. The customization options are null characters limited to only change the color of the suit. Each character has a wide range of options to modify your stats, including shields, class modifiers, grenade modifier and four weapons to choose. There is no difficulty to choose from, it just start the game. That if!, A second journey that will challenge those who did not feel the challenge the first run. Great scenarios that can be boring if you do not have a car or fast travel. Technology: The game is a revolution in paragraphs, while the Cell-shading gives a freshness with respect to others of its genre, fails to amaze. The game has almost no weather effects, although we have options like dynamic shadows, fulfill their purpose but not exactly essential to activate this effect. Optimization of title not more, because in a decent team AAx16 and textures in high quality runs almost at 60fps. The physics of the bullets is well done, the electrical effects, and fatty pyric met, the water effects are almost nil. Coop system is certainly very good, so much so that I have not felt any lag with a 2mb connection. Playing with four friends is the best title, so do not become so boring missions. Graphics: The artistic apartador is bearable, the Cell-shading fails to meet expectations, but not greatly. The quality of the textures in many cases is weak, even with the maximum effect, the quality is somewhat low. The enemies are well recreated, come in all types, but something reprehensible reuse, many are merely similar, almost identical to each other with subtle differences. Moreover, if you stand heads, each with a unique style, with beautifully drawn art. The NPCs are very charismatic, with different characteristics, being well represented graphically. Sound: One of the best aspects of this game. We could praise the great work of dubbing, which although not the best of this world, if it fulfills perfectly. Each character with their respective voice. The comments of mercenaries to kill help us continue to play without despeinarnos by boredom, enemies with voices that challenge us to keep shooting NPCs known for his wild comments, giving orders around here and there, completely masterful dubbing. We are grateful that the title is completely in Castilian. Innovation: It is not the panacea between shooter, but if it manages to quench our thirst, this very well done and gives us many hours of fun. The amount of weapons is surprising, note that the algorithm used is very well worked, since this point gives you many more hours of gameplay. Playing with friends is very good, and this increases the level of the game so our loot will be much better. Other than that, the side missions go on to become an ordeal, are extremely tedious in most occasions and divinity to detract game, game linear worst situations is your weak point. The inclusion of this luxury car, but it would have greatly appreciated the inclusion of other more personal transportation, motorcycles, scooters or any other futuristic invention that does not take away those moments of boredom in which to travel from point A to B is a torture. It's a great game that I enjoyed the most, I played with friends and I was not bored, but playing solo is sometimes tiring, tedious and horrible if you have no patience. Not bad campaign, but is being left in places where missions can only be wound on foot, and that no other available means of transport motorcycle more personal style, becomes tedious. If you love your guns this title, has an arsenal of millions generated by an algorithm, this I loved, I never tire changing equipment.


Incredible Coop Experience

TurboMotionZ | March 21, 2013 | See all TurboMotionZ's reviews »

Borderlands has extremely fun and addicting gameplay that can keep you entertained for several hours and the best part is it can be played cooperatively as well as solo. If you are into collecting guns this is the game for you because there are literally millions of different guns to collect and use. If you are into first person shooters and RPGs where you level up and upgrade your character this is the game for you. It also has epic boss battles that are actually challenging and humorous at the same time.


Enjoyable Co-op games

rie_zel | March 9, 2013 | See all rie_zel's reviews »

Borderland is a good FPS RPG games, with interesting Co-op feature (Max 4 players), Good story(2 Playthrough, 4 DLC if you need more stories), Awesome Graphic (pixelshaded), Good music. Borderland gameplay : 4 different jobs, lots of weapon (elemental and rarity level), level based (a hardcore RPG, your enemy match your levels), inventory management (you can use some grenade mods and armor mods), there is a vehicle (basicly its only a car, battle car), high rate monster spawn (good for grinding), have teleport feature (easily move from another town). Overall is the BEST FPS RPG games i ever play well, Borderlands 2 will be more awesome than this.


Fun cooperative

Neapolis47 | Feb. 7, 2013 | See all Neapolis47's reviews »

Borderlands turned out to be a great game. On all be rewarded the willingness of developers to propose something different, what I would call the original gameplay with RPG-FPS hybrid that works perfectly. All the immediacy of combat typical shooter finds himself perfectly at ease in an environment rich in statistics, drop causally generated in real-time, ability to learn and so on. If, however, the experience in the long run looks dangerously repetitive, explored the true spirit of the game, or the co-op online, the title takes off, ensuring many hours of fun. Unite all this at the graphics excellent and also in his own way, and understand the value of a fresh and suitable for all those who love to spend their time in long games online.


So you want to hear a story, eh?

Guardian412 | Jan. 30, 2013 | See all Guardian412's reviews »

Welcome to the world of the planet Pandora, the wasteland where everything is gray and dirty, and where treasure hunters are trying to find their fortune. And you, the gamer is one of them. You can choose from four different treasure hunters (Siren and her phasewalk skill is my favorite) and then; off you go, go and discover Pandora and its secrets, and by the way., save the world if you have time. Borderlands is an FPS-RPG hybrid and its maybe one of the bests. The game is offering you thousands of randomized weapons with different stats, facing you with dozens of different types of enemies, such as local residents, creatures, mutants, bad robots and even zombies (DLC included in the GOTY), while you'll complete quests, gather XP, evolve your character, shoot, loot, shoot and loot... oh, and shoot, shoot, shoot. So Borderlands is basically offering everything what you may expect and want from a game in the genre. "So you want to hear a story, eh?", that's the first line of the game. Unfortunately that's the only thing you won't get from Borderlands. Story. While the setting has an interesting premise, and there is even an interesting twist at the end (Some may won't like it), but the storytelling is the weakest point of the game, along with the final boss, which is... a joke? Yes, I believe we can say that. A joke. However its not really a problem as the game doesn't really want to take itself seriously, which is also a huge plus. But if we don't count the weak story, all the other parts of the game is well developed and great. The graphics is cell shaded, which is giving a good up to date look for a few years old game, and you also won't need NASA's newest rig to run it perfectly. While Borderlands is offering a solo mode, the whole game was designed for a four player co-op mode. But personally I enjoyed the solo campaign on my own as well. The Game of the Year edition contains all the DLCs, and they're quality material with interesting scenarios and quest, which is a huge plus as its expanding the already long game time with few additional hours. If you're interested in playing a western like FPS-RPG hybrid, and if you have friends to play with, Borderlands is definitely your game.


Guns, guns...

Stebsis | Jan. 29, 2013 | See all Stebsis's reviews »

...and guns and even more guns! If you like guns and loot then Borderlands is a heaven for you. There are literally bazillion guns, different looking, sounding, working guns with different stats, attributes and firing modes. A shotgun that shoots weird wave rounds, sniper shotguns, rapid shooting pistols and everything else. You're a vault hunter and you've come to the planet Pandora to find the mysterious Vault that's said to hold riches, fame, power or alien technology beyond your imagination. You choose between 4 very different characters: berserker, siren, hunter and soldier who all have their own special power, for example soldier can deploy a turret, which when upgraded can replenish your ammo and health, or fire stronger rounds. And hunter with who can send an eagle to kill enemies or collect loot, and upgraded the eagle can kill more enemies and is more powerful or can carry more loot around to you. There is quite thin RPG element to it, you get levels and can upgrade your special power or yourself with more firepower, accuracy etc. but that's about it. FPS elements are solid, it's fun to blast enemies with variety of different guns. You can put 4 on your quick selection and depending on your back size you can carry more guns just in case. One of the biggest, maybe the biggest, problem of Borderlands is that there is no chest where you could put your guns. You may find this really sweet gun that you get attached to, like I found a really accurate shotgun, almost like a sniper shotgun, which was my all time favorite, but then I started finding better guns as I progressed, and the shotgun became useless but it had been with me a long time, the best gun I found in a long while, but you have only so much inventory space. At some point I had to let it go, it really was hard. There really should be a chest and I don't think they put that in Borderlands 2 either. Cell-shaded graphics look beautiful, everything is so detailed but everything also looks quite the same, there isn't that much variation between places and there're lot of them. I was really surprised by the size of the game. It's just huuuge. Later in the game everytime you enter a new area you can't but wonder the size of it all and thinking when it's going to stop. It's great to have big areas and there's usuallya lot to do and discover in all of them, though it's usually just guns. Story itself isn't anything great and the ending is a bit disappointing. Borderlands is still a fun game with tens of hours of stuff to do and add superb, actually worthwile DLC packs that come with this GotY version, then you have a lot to do in the game. I really recommend bringing a friend with you in coop splitscreen, it's just much more fun that way. Alone with a game this long and with no real story to keep you that invested and no real immersive world, it might get boring. I played it twice, with a friend and alone, and it was fun both times, but with a friend everything gets so much better, and enemies drop better loot the more people you have, but they're also stronger. Borderlands is a great and fun game with lots of things to do. With only 20€ you get the game and 4 great DLC's that will keep you busy a long time.


Ho-ly-fu-... yeah, this game rocks!

Rochard | Jan. 19, 2013 | See all Rochard's reviews »

I played this back when it was released and I remember watching the very first trailer and saying to myself "Right I'm gonna play this and I want as little media coverage as possible". So when I finally got the game in my hands and put in the disc I was... surprised to say the least. This highly realistic story based shooter had turned into a cell-shaded RPG-shooter driven by XP, humour, hatred for Claptrap and the amount of lead you could precisly place in the skulls of your enemies. Even if you didn't play this and went straight to Borderlands 2 there's no reason to miss out on this. Especially with all the DLCs included. There's a metric crap ton to see in Borderlands 1 and not enough changed to Borderlands 2 to make 1 feel out-dated or strange compared to 2. Play this game, NOW!


Think of it like a comic-style video game

MorphineBear | Jan. 17, 2013 | See all MorphineBear's reviews »

This game is fun on many levels. I like the way that the game looks very much like a comic book. There are heavy outlines and sort of a "scratchy" feeling. Even on a "bad" PC, this game runs decently well (well better than other games). It's also on sale quite often. Buy it.


When the FPS meets the RPG

Lippe1989 | Jan. 2, 2013 | See all Lippe1989's reviews »

Yes, like the title says, it is when the first person shooter meets the RPG. It is a very interesting mix. We have some elements of RPG as characters developments and other things, mixed with the insane shooter. You will have a lot of action but a lot of main and side questions two. Maybe it is the game that I spend more time last year when I played. The cellshade is wonderful. Take a look at the pictures and videos in web. It was a well done work and the mechanics is supported nothing more nothing less by Unreal Engine 3. So, you have very good graphics and very good gameplay. The gameplay is perfect for a first person shooter. As you can imagine, you will have great accuracy that will not makes you mad. The characters are interesting. They do not speak in the game, but they are very different, mainly regarding the possibilites to make them grow. I recommend this game a lot. A lot. But your experience will be maximized if you play with your friends. It is very very very funny,


This game is highly rated for a reason.

nucture | Dec. 24, 2012 | See all nucture's reviews »

This game is just easily one of the most enjoyable games with friends ever made. It has tons of ideas and are presented to well. It has all the good FPS element as well as what you would expect from an RPG. It is just the best of both worlds and that's why it is such an amazing game. Don't waste any time. Buy this right now and make your friends as well. It has FOUR PLAYER CO-OP.


I love this game!

hannibal_king | Dec. 23, 2012 | See all hannibal_king's reviews »

I'm still playing this amazing FPS/RPG combined game. Still trying to find more powerfull weapons, more powerfull items and more powerfull enemies. World of the Borderlands is really amazing. Pandora is a great place to kill creatures without conscience. And one of the best sides of the game is graphics for me. Because graphics which looks like just a paint are beautiful. I really like that look of the game. Game has a great fun. I can't figure out what's basic element of this fun but it's just an amazing experience. I believe every player must taste this fun. If you haven't played this game yet, you have to play this game immediately!


One of most enjoyable game of generation

antonioli84 | Dec. 22, 2012 | See all antonioli84's reviews »

Borderlands was the game that I spend more time playing in this generation. Very very funny game. The characters are interesting mainly because of their powers. Claptrap is one of the most wonderful robots of all the times. The word that defines him is charisma. If you look for a funny game to play with you friends and that isn't only a shooter, but also something mixed with RPG I recommend to buy and play this game. It's wonderful. But I have to warn: how many people you have, better will be your game!


Borderlands - review

carlyle | Dec. 21, 2012 | See all carlyle's reviews »

Superficially Borderlands is a sort of Diablo with guns. As one of the four available characters we are on the planet Pandora in search of a mysterious treasure of alien origin hidden in a crypt to find somewhere. During the raids to Pandora, a planet desolate and dusty villages visit and get to know different people. In these places you can capture missions (especially secondary) just as you do in the MMORPG through the panels, while talking to a select few people will be pursued in most cases the main mission. The classes are the typical stereotypes of the RPG genre, these basic differences also adds the special ability is different for each type. In addition to the climbing experience (in addition to greater skill with the weapon used), you can spend points earned in various passive abilities. If the single player works, but has a certain repetitiveness background that could alienate many users, the potential for Borderlands literally explodes in games with more players.


Gotta love it.

masterenric0 | Dec. 11, 2012 | See all masterenric0's reviews »

Pure fun for many hours. Borderlands Is probably one of my most played games overall (considering I have bought it for every console it is avaliable on). This game is worth the money and then some. Plus you get access to all the DLC's that have been released. This is a steal.


A very well done job

metal_pt | Dec. 8, 2012 | See all metal_pt's reviews »

One of the best co-op FPS ever. A little boring while you're playing alone, but fantastic while playing with friends. Great fun, great quests, great humor, power ups, extensive arsenal. Perhaps too extensive, you'll waste half the game just to be sure you are using the perfect weapons.


An addictive RPG-FPS hybrid that is best played with friends.

fable2 | Sept. 23, 2012 | See all fable2's reviews »

Wow Borderlands came out of nowhere for me. I noticed the review was good and the style looked interesting. But I never dreamed I would put as much time as I have with this game. This is a shoot and loot like no other. Basically that is all you do so if that doesn't sound like a blast then this game is not for you. There are four characters to choose from each with there own unique style and powers. This is why it is best to play with four players. The game takes place on the planet Pandora. The graphical style is more cartoonish which fits the game very well. There are endless amount of missions and especially with this GOTY edition. The add on packs are all good, well not the underdome it is fairly lame. You level up like an RPG and the game controls like the COD games. You will find hundreds upon hundreds of guns. There are a couple of things that could be better. After awhile it becomes somewhat monotonous looting after every battle and slows down the pacing. Also the main story is ok and some of the missions can become aggravating. You will fight the same enemies over and over as well. All of those complaints are minor when looking at the overall game. There is just so much game here especially with the good add on content. Other developers should take note on how to give gamers good add on content. A player can easliy get 100+ hours out of Borderlands. I would recommend this game to a wide range of players.


An unique experience

schroff | Sept. 13, 2012 | See all schroff's reviews »

It's essentially diablo in the form of a FPS with cell shaded (read comic book) graphics. Absolutely no complaints .. bring on more already, Gearbox! The characters are hilarious (claptrap!), the music deserves a special mention as Jesper Kyd did work on it (the guy who did Assassins Creed 1- Brotherhood), graphics are refreshing and the guns are satisfying to fire. Grab a friend and play this one .. 100-200 hours of gameplay guaranteed! Only annoyances are Gamespy for matchmaking and securom for two DLCs but it's not worth missing out on the game for those.


Great game

Chack | Sept. 12, 2012 | See all Chack's reviews »

Borderlands is a combination of FPS and RPG, which works really great. The graphics and art style are nice. If you play alone it can get a little boring, but playing with one, two or three more people, it gets better. If you like RPGs you will enjoy this game, it's quite long, so you will have hours and hours of fun, definitely worth it. Also you should get the GOTY edition, every DLC is also worth it :)


My opinion of Borderlands

pcgfng | Sept. 8, 2012 | See all pcgfng's reviews »

Borderlands is an FPS with RPG elements with a cell-shaded comic style presentation that still holds up visually on it's own even against today's modern games. After choosing which class you wish to play as, you start your journey to find the Vault. As you progress through the game you earn xp to unlock abilities from 3 different skill trees, encountering a lot of weapons, cash & items to loot. Borderlands can be very slow to get into at the start, but as you move out from the Arid Badlands & discover new areas, the game will be more enjoyable. The story/enemy AI are not Borderlands strongest qualities & character customisation is limited to just colour changes to your character's outfit. You can fast travel or drive a land vehicle to an area that you've already discovered though you do get less xp if you kill enemies whilst driving/shooting from the vehicle. After completing the main campaign of Borderlands, you can continue on your current playthrough or restart the campaign again with your character & enemies at a higher level enabling you to find better/rare items in the game than compared to your first playthrough. If you like an FPS with a bit of RPG, with lots of looting & have a bit of patience at the start, then Borderlands is a pleasant game to get grinded into.


Addict with this game !

arioruqi | Sept. 7, 2012 | See all arioruqi's reviews »

I was scolded by my friends for not redeem this game to play together. but at the time I played this game, I was really hooked. This game makes me more play than the other games, up to 120 hours I spend on this game. In co-op, the funny and silly so often the case with my friends. therefore the best FPS RPG I've ever played. so, I can not wait to play borderlands 2


Some of the best fun in a video game.

ThomasG101 | Sept. 4, 2012 | See all ThomasG101's reviews »

After looking at this game in a magazine a few months before it came out I pre-ordered it. I am a big fan of RPG games and a moderate fan of FPS so I thought Borderlands was well worth a try. First thing to say is that I wasn't disappointed, I had 2 other friends who I played it through with and I would recommend playing this way to anyone however it is still fun on your own. I bought each of the DLC's as they came out and enjoyed all but one (can't remember which one it is) but I believe that the game of the year edition is the way to play it. I think the expansions would have been better played as side quests before completion of the main game. The visuals are actually really good and very few people I know haven't liked their comic-book appearance. The game-play however is the best part of the game, I can't stress enough how much fun it is. The only downfall (and for RPG fans it could be a big one) is that the story is pretty weak and uninteresting, I didn't really mind though because I was having so much fun just playing it. That's why i've pre-ordered Borderlands 2.


Great game, even better in multiplayer

curta | Aug. 27, 2012 | See all curta's reviews »

A really good mix of FPS/RPG in a cartoon's style cyberpunk degraded planet is what Borderland offers to the player. Add a long main story, even longer with the many side-quest (more from DLC's too), a big variety of weapons to choose from and last but not the least, the possibility to play co-op with friends and what you have is a splendid entarteinig fun game. Obviously same minor flaws are present but in my opinion nothing that spoil the funny game expirience. Raccomended!


Great Multiplayer Lootfest!

noclip_n1nja | Aug. 23, 2012 | See all noclip_n1nja's reviews »

There are few games that I buy twice just to have them on both console and PC, Borderlands is one of those games. This game is great fun for its addicting "If I play a bit more, I get more guns!" mechanic. The visuals of the game are certainly unique. Instead of trying to be like every other first person shooter and RPG and going for the ultra-realistic look, the game chose to be something sillier, brighter and more fun. The gameplay is very rewarding in many ways. Killing enemies is fun, and the elemental death actions are strangely satisfying. However the most rewarding aspect of the game is the gun drop system. Since all guns are randomly generated, you always have a chance to find a kick-ass gun just right around the corner, only to find an even better one just a few minutes later. Playing multiplayer also makes this game extremely fun. Players can come and jump into your game, making the enemies tougher, as well as making them drop more loot. Unfortunately, Borderlands' one main flaw is that it is an obvious port of the console version. Apart from a few extra shortcuts (such as entering your inventory right away with the i key), menu interactions are the same, and what few graphics and gameplay settings that are in the in-game menu, there are many more locked away in the game's internal files (such as v-sync and disabling mouse-smoothing).


Great game but obvious console roots

InfernalDemon | Aug. 19, 2012 | See all InfernalDemon's reviews »

Borderlands is quite a fun game, but definitely not without its flaws, my main criticism being its ties to consoles, the game suffers from an awful Field of vision that is unchangeable without editing a config file (which will break in multiplayer) and very noticeable draw distance issues, but looking past that you're looking at a game rife with humor and frantic gunplay, replayability definitely suffers if you're playing alone, with friends its a blast for the most part, your biggest concern being fighting with them over who gets what. On the whole if you're looking for a burst of fun with friends, this is the game to get. If you plan on playing alone, might want to hold out for something else.


Great fun in Co-Op

Elwin | Aug. 13, 2012 | See all Elwin's reviews »

the game is a combination of FPS and action-RPG, in the style of diablo with the loot and all. The game shines when playing with friends-I'm having a blast playing it with two friends of mine. ofcourse, it's probably much better with friends than with strangers. As for the single player experience, however-it's rather weak. I wouldn't buy this game is you only plan to play it by yourself-it's one of those games you need friends to play with. Sadly, the game does have its share of problems-the multiplayer is being hosted through gamespy, which is much worse experience when compared to steam. besides that-it has few small annoyances, like money not being picked up automatically(like in the newer action-rpg's) and sometimes even has game crashing bugs, thankfully, it doesn't happen too often. Story is also rather weak, at least from what I've seen so far(haven't finished the main storyline yet). However, even after all that, the game is still a rich and very fun experience when playing with friends. if you have friends that you can play with, and they like fps and/or rpg games-you should really get this game.


Good co-op.

Xgoesrawr | Aug. 12, 2012 | See all Xgoesrawr's reviews »

This game is fun with friends however it can feel repetitive at times. It has a nice mix of RPG and FPS with a few interesting talents. The weapon drops and stats are random you so may have to grind a little bit to get something good later on. The main story was alright. As for DLCs I feel that the Mad Moxxi DLC didn't add much to the game other than a bank for storage which isn't a bad thing. The zombie island DLC was good and the General Knoxx DLC was also good. Still working to beat the Claptrap DLC so can't comment on it. Overall I'd recommend it but play with friends for a better experience.


Great, open world, coop support

Evilshallwin | Aug. 11, 2012 | See all Evilshallwin's reviews »

This game is amazingly fun. Whether you're a forever alone type of guy or a guy with a lot of friends, this game is for you. This game is made so that you can use your singleplayer character in coop mode with any of your friends or random strangers and then go back to singleplayer. Loot is very interesting in this game. They use a randomizer system to decide many things, such as the parts in the loot, the value of the loot, the rarity, the abilities of the loot, and the elemental capacity of the loot. All in all, this game, along with DLC, would probably bring you 100 hours if you just wanted to play through the story, but if you do everything there is (sidequests, achievements, etc), you can expect to get well over 200 hours clocked into this game.


Original and fun in multiplayer

panz3r88 | Aug. 4, 2012 | See all panz3r88's reviews »

Borderlands is a particular game that try to mix FPS and RPG reaching a good result. The game is really long and there is a good variety of enemies. One of the best element of the game is the presence of a big amount of different weapons you can choose. The missions are a bit repetitive but the gameplay is really fun. If you can play it in cooperative multiplayer with some friends the fun and the difficulty of the game is increased because you must face with your friends horder of enemies


FPS RPG Hybrid extended.

Cynaris | July 30, 2012 | See all Cynaris's reviews »

Borderlands is a different take on your average First Person Shooters. You are given a semi-sandbox playgrounds, lots of things to shoot, and here comes the twist: Loot. Your character levels up, has a skill tree, a class specific ability (there are four classes), and you can have a set of four different guns, selected from many types. The game also does randomize these guns for you, so there is a Diabloesque feel to the item hunting, as your weapons can have quite different attributes, such as elemental damage. The game also emphasizes co-op mode, with 3 other players, as you take on stronger foes for possibly better loot. The Game of the Year Edition also includes 3 fairly lengthy additional campaigns, such as ZOMBIEZ, and features a fourth DLC which let's you prove yourself in an arena. Well worth the additional price.


Good game but repetitive

Darkslayer16 | July 30, 2012 | See all Darkslayer16's reviews »

Borderlands is an amazing game if played co-op and it's extremely satisfying to constantly be finding weapons with better stats. The problem is the story is fairly forgettable and if you play it by yourself it's extremely tedious and boring.


I've been ripped off

dondiablo29 | July 26, 2012 | See all dondiablo29's reviews »

You guys ripped me off, the standard edition is £2.49, and the GOTY edition was roughly £4.95, and I used the 20% discount code to get it for £3.99, and in my games library for you guys it says GOTY edition, however, when I used to code on steam it gave me the standard edition for Borderlands. Therefore I've paid £1.50 extra! Very unsatisfied with you guys!


An amazing co-op experience

Mattiebo | July 2, 2012 | See all Mattiebo's reviews »

Borderlands may not have the best storyline, but its gameplay is un-matched for fans of FPS and RPG games. The game features literally millions of guns which can be found either by killing enemies of looting chests, and you'll often find yourself switching up your loadout and playing completely differently as a result. Although it is very plausable to play the game on your own, Borderlands was made with co-op in mind, and it is incredibly fun to play with friends while using microphones. Playing in a group increases the difficulty, but also increases the qualitiy of the loot. This version includes every DLC pack, which actually adds quite a lot to the game. the Zombie Island pack is slightly repetitive, but adds a new gameplay style to the game in which you'll be fighting off hordes of zombies. The other DLC packs include Moxii's Underdome Riot, which isan arena, and the other two which are new campaigns, adding new areas, quests, monsters and more. Borderlands is an absolute gem in the FPS genre and I would recommend it to anyone.


Not such a good game if you don't like RPG

DrHouse | April 8, 2012 | See all DrHouse's reviews »

It has nothing to do with an FPS. It's like many others RPG, boring. It's quest after quest, without an outstanding storyline, and without memorable characters. Most of the time it's just go there, kill this guy, collect X money, get Y weapon. Certainly not a grain of salt for FPS or story-based game lovers. Still a good artwork and certainly fun to play with friends.


Great game to play co-op on.

Syco9933 | March 26, 2012 | See all Syco9933's reviews »

Borderlands offers RPG elements and FPS shooting to the max. You might not be able to have dialogs with npcs like other RPG games but that is whats so great about it, Take quest, go do it, turn in and go for the next one. It offers lots of guns so you bet you'll find one to fit your playstyle. In single player this is a great experience but for maximum experience i'd recommend to play this multiplayer-style. The world is huge and the gameplay is fast and with the dlc's it makes the game even more great.


A True Classic

ruready12 | March 11, 2012 | See all ruready12's reviews »

An amazing game that keeps you in it until the end, fighting the baddest creatures of the Wastelands. The main plot of this game is not very new, yet still seems to bring a smile to my face every time I play it. The combat system and the amount of weapons is amazing, if you love shooters you will LOVE this game. Another thing is the way they combine an RPG with an FPS, no matter if you like one or the other, the game will keep you occupied for days and months at a time. I would reccomend this game to any fan of FPS's and RPG's.


What more could you want

Megapieman | March 8, 2012 | See all Megapieman's reviews »

This game has everything you would want in a sandbox or shooter. A plethora of guns, vehicles to drive, a huge world to explore, and so much to do you will rarely find the time to just enjoy the environment. If I have any issues with this game it is that it can be a bit repetitive and is very week on story. The story really feels like an afterthought and I wish the game had more cut scenes. The ones that are in the game and it's DLC are pretty cool and I hope that Borderlands 2 experiments with them more. This game's environment also is very bland. I understand that the planet is a wasteland but I still would have liked to see a variety of environment. One final thing I wish was in the game was more music, the music is very repetitive and the game over uses what tracks are there. These are little annoyances though and very easy to forgive. Overall it is an amazing title and I can't wait for the sequel.


Great game

aldomonrad | March 5, 2012 | See all aldomonrad's reviews »

Borderlands is a great game if you play alone. and better if you play with friends. if you are into fps games and rpg games, this is a game for you. i started playing the game with four friends, and that made the experience awesome, we played nonstop many hours. i recomend this game for everyone!


Good, but repetitive.

ShiroYasha | March 5, 2012 | See all ShiroYasha's reviews »

For the most part, the game is very fun, it's quite good really. But unfortunately in total it gets very repetitive. It mainly consists of just going in and killing enemies throughout all the missions, maybe a fetch quest here and there, but unlike other RPGs, you don't get as much excitement from this, to be honest. The FPS-RPG element is quite good. It works very well despite being two very different genres. As you rack up kills and complete missions, you get more exp which in total, levels you up so you can upgrade different powers, by branching into 3 different categories, varying for each character. The gun system is also a good element. Weapons are randomized which can be frustrating, but in total it makes it more fun to experiment with different weapons and test them out on enemies. Multiplayer in this game is a great experience. It mainly consists of just doing the host's storyline, but despite that, it still provides a lot of fun, as you can explore however you want, fight stronger enemies and help each other out. The graphics are awesome. You wouldn't typically use Cel-Shaded for a FPS but it just fits this game so well. Which leads me to the point of how the personality of this game is awesome. It's light-hearted and carefree, really.


A great game, sometimes reptitive and desolate.

gossip5 | Nov. 24, 2011 | See all gossip5's reviews »

Borderlands is a great FPS game that fills the game to the brim with randomized and fixated weapons in the world. Throughout the entire desination from point a to b, from beginning to end, you're bound to find atleast one awesome gun to fit in your aresenal. Borderlands itself without DLC is long as is, including all side quests, but to add to it is a bucket load of zombies, soldiers, an arena, and robots to go around. While this gets quite boring after a while, you're bound to pick it up later in the month to give it another whirl.


Just a review of the bonus content of GOTY

ZippaLip | Nov. 11, 2011 | See all ZippaLip's reviews »

The overall addiction is good. The more DLCs you play, the more easier is the game because your experience goes up, so the 2nd or 3rd DLC you play can be very easy. Zombie Island: very funny DLC, good atmosphere, you fight against zombies in a swamp zone. Mad Moxxi: the worst DLC, very hard (enemies are always at your level) and boring. Is useless for single players because all the game is a sequence of very long arenas whit massive wave of enemies. Getting the achievements can be quite impossible. Don't buy it alone. Secret Armory: you must have it. Very long new zone, new enemies, rare weapons, the super final boss and many more. More important: the level cap is higher. Robolution: totally crazy one. All enemies are the different version of claptraps but is fun. Pass for Duke Nukem Forever: gain free access to the first DLC of the game (maybe you gain some other features, I don't know).


One of the best FPS/RPS I've ever played.

xboxer | Nov. 11, 2011 | See all xboxer's reviews »

Indeed, Borderlands is one of the best video games I've played. This game is so fun I've beaten it 3 times already. Gameplay is tight. Mission elements and variety are as good as it can get. I've rarely seen a game which provide such interesting missions in any game. The number of weapons in this game is just mind boggling. There is a weapon for any kind of gameplay. You'll also get to choose between various character classes with it's own unique skill tree. Bordelands demand various playthroughs with different characters. The GOTY edition easily offers 30 hours of gameplay if you choose to do all the missions.



lightfellow | Oct. 9, 2011 | See all lightfellow's reviews »

Borderlands mixes the genres of FPS and multiplayer RPG, and the result was pretty decent. It plays like a arcade shooter, with over the top guns and explosions and of course, excessive gore. What it did to stand out over other arcade shooters is it added RPG elements into the game. It has character levels, and skill levels like in RPGs which adds the immersion. Like all RPGs it also has items with different stats as random drops. Overall these add up to a very fun experience, but it also gets boring over time unless played with a friend in co-op. This GOTY edition is a great bundle as it will add countless hours to your game with quests and items. A good game to get until the 2nd one comes out.


One neat package.

emwearz | Oct. 8, 2011 | See all emwearz's reviews »

The GOTY edition adds over 20 hours of gameplay, with three new story based campaigns, from a zombie invasion to a robot revolution there is heaps of new content, weapons, an increased level cap. When you have finished the three story based DLC's you can always head the Underdome in a survival style arena gameplay, that molds to your level to always give you a challenge.