Reviews for Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost & Damned


GTA IV with more story

JMJqueseyo | Jan. 27, 2013 | See all JMJqueseyo's reviews »

This DLC adds more story to Grand Theft Auto 4 because it is very related to the GTA IV storyline and I like games that just don't "leave" characters behind. It adds a fully automatic pistol on top of the Desert Eagle and Glock/pistol . It has multiple shotguns and a grenade launcher. It also has it's own multiplayer with it's own modes and achievements. After completing the main storyline you reach around 70% progress. it also has Rockstar social-club events where the developers play, which is good because users won't have to organize their own gaming events. So in the bottom line if you liked GTA IV and reached 100% in it you should try this.


A smaller version of GTA 4

panz3r88 | Nov. 8, 2012 | See all panz3r88's reviews »

In the Lost And Damned DLC you can find all the features and good things of GTA 4 in a smaller scale. The story of good and helps to understand better some things that happened in the main game and know better Johnny Klebiz, a biker of The Lost gang. In this DLC you will pass most of the time riding your chopper and doing many activities. One of the new mini-games introduced in The Lost and Damned, the Air Hokey, is probably the best one and I found it really funny. The secondary missions are similar to the one of GTA 4: the races are probably the most interesting, because you can use a baseball bat while you are riding your motorbike to eliminate the other racers. The Lost and Damned is equal to the main game, so if you like GTA 4 you can surely buy this DLC and have more fun in Liberty City


Great expansion.

dark2025 | Oct. 22, 2012 | See all dark2025's reviews »

This expansion features a new campaign, new vehicles, new side-missions, and a lot more. I'll have to be honest, the story didn't really keep me captivated as much as GTA 4 or The Ballad of Gay Tony, but the experience was good nonetheless (the story is only about half of the new content in the addon, although if you don't care for trying to 100% the game or multiplayer, then you might like this addon a little less). I never really used bikes much in the original game so it was a good change of pace to use them almost exclusively in this game. If you want more of GTA4, definitely get both this and Gay Tony (I'd recommend the latter more though if you want a better campaign to play through).


One of the best add-ons ever!

Bakken | Aug. 30, 2012 | See all Bakken's reviews »

I'm not one for neither metal music nor old motor bikes, but the Lost and Damned expansion allowed me to enjoy both. The story keeps the length of many AAA games today. TLaD also offers a new Multiplayer mode called "Witness protection" which I have yet to try out 'cause of the lack of players. I enjoy the story as well as the side activities like gang wars and bike races (which are pretty much the same races as in GTA IV but with bikes). If you enjoyed GTA IV you'll definitely enjoy the Lost and Damned DLC!


Best GTA add-on ever.

PM_DMNKLR | July 15, 2012 | See all PM_DMNKLR's reviews »

Whoever doesn't like this GTA IV add-on has never had the fantasy of playing a badass biker who gets to stomp fools and do all kinds of fun stuff, which is what GTA games are all about, duh. I'd say that this is THE BEST add-on for any GTA game, period. LOADS of fun. If you don't have it yet, GET IT.


Very short and not that good.

Gh0st233 | June 8, 2012 | See all Gh0st233's reviews »

The Lost and Damned (TLAD) is one of the two expansions for GTA IV, the other being The Ballad of Gay Tony (TBoGT), and to be quite honest, it is nothing special. The setting and the story of the game is not that good. You're a member of a metalhead biker gang, and things get serious. The story mode is very short, and the thought of driving Harleys for the whole game is not that appealing. What's new in the game is the character, some weapons, 2 or 3 cars and some bikes, mostly Harley clones. The multiplayer is, just like in the TBoGT case, the same old, with the addition of the weapons, cars, and new clothes and faces for the characters. The game, however, does have a new look to it. It has some sort of a different filter than the one used in GTA IV, which makes things look a little bit different, and actually, more lively. I would recommend buying it if you have enjoyed GTA IV, want some more missions to play, and like the old harley bikes and metal music. In that case, you may enjoy it more than I did.