Reviews for Grand Theft Auto IV: The Ballad of Gay Tony


A must buy for GTA fans

panz3r88 | Nov. 19, 2012 | See all panz3r88's reviews »

The Ballad of Gay Tony is a good DLC and it's very similar to The Lost and Damned. The new story is quite interesting and allow you to meet new characteres and old faces from the other DLC and the base game. In this DLC there are more secondary mission with respect to The Lost and Damned, so you will need more time to get everything and reach the 100%. This missions include the usual activities presents in the other GTA titles: gunfights, races or car thefts. There is only one original thing in this DLC: after you finish a mission you will receive a score based on your performances and when you finish the mainstory you can replay them to improve your score. The Ballad of Gay Tony is more or less equal to the other GTA titles, so if you love this series and you want more you can buy and enjoy it


Party on!

Bakken | Aug. 30, 2012 | See all Bakken's reviews »

Although I prefer the seriousness of the real game and The Lost and Damned, the Ballad of gay Tony offers several hours of fun in Liberty City. This worthy expansion comes with a whole new story (that's about the average story length these days), and several cars, a few guns and activities like parachuting of rooftops.


Well worth the price

Cynaris | July 20, 2012 | See all Cynaris's reviews »

We already have the great base game, right? Of course we do. So what does Gay Tony offer that the story of Nico Bellic doesn't? Yes, that's right, long-time series fans missed the light-hearted aspect of the base game, and Gay Tony is here to fix that for you. Expect a great deal of hilarity in a lengthy content (compared to the base game it can be short) that is worth being called an expansion. You don't hear that word too much these days, do you? Go, and grab it. You can't go wrong with more from something you enjoy.


Not that good, but better than The Lost and Damned

Gh0st233 | June 8, 2012 | See all Gh0st233's reviews »

The Ballad of The Gay Tony (TBoGT) brings a decent amount of content, but a very short story mode. It brings lots of weapons, much more explosive weapons, to the game, alongside with some fancy cars and features like the N2O boost. This may sound very fun, and it is quite cool, but only the first few times, after which it becomes tiresome and repetitive. You're playing as a new character with a new story. The story mode is fun but very, very short. A new feature is the ability to replay missions you have already completed, if you wish to play it for a second time, or to get a better score. Missions have scores, yes. More objectives done equals better score. Multiplayer is the same as in GTA IV, with the addition of new clothes and faces for the characters, the cars and the weapons. Everything else is, pretty much, the same old. I'd recommend getting it on a sale IF you think you're going to enjoy a bit more of GTA IV. If you're buying it for multiplayer, however, which I doubt you are, it's pretty much dead. Rarely anybody plays it nowadays.