Reviews for Max Payne II: The Fall of Max Payne [Legacy]


Good sequel for a good game

ADUAN | July 24, 2013 | See all ADUAN's reviews »

I enjoyed the original Max Payne with its film-noir elements, and great gunplay and bullet-time mechanics, so this game is just as good as the original. For the most part, gameplay is still the same, with almost the same arsenal of weapons as the original, with only maybe a few new weapons added to the mix. However, the gunplay is still solid and fun like the original, and the new weapons do not feel out of place in this game. The bullet is largely unchanged, and the new ragdoll physics makes the deaths of the enemies you kill all the more satisfying as you fill a mook with buckshot and watch him go flying across a room. Overall, this game does not feel out of place in the modern gaming era.


One of the best games of it's time, simple as that.

Kasbark | July 2, 2013 | See all Kasbark's reviews »

Even today Max Payne 2 (and Max Payne 1, if you can get that working on modern machines) is well worth a playthrough. The voice acting is great and the story is amazing. For €10 it's a steal. The game itself is a third person action shooter, with great mechanics and a solid weapon and playstyle selection. It's use of bullet time (matrix style slow motion) will make you feel immersed in the action at all times.


Max Payne 2

britishlad | May 12, 2013 | See all britishlad's reviews »

If you haven't played the first Max Payne then you should before playing this, they are more like interactive films and need to be seen in order to enjoy the developing story the most. Don't expect happy endings, MP doesn't do them. And the Matrix style bullet time slomo makes the games a blast to play. If you have then it is more of the same, just better. Bullet time is still there and the gameplay is similar but without the annoying/frustating trial and error dream sequences of the first. It isn't difficult on the first play setting and allows play through with a challenge but without getting stuck or frustrated. The graphics still look pretty good for a ten year old game and the sound and music are fantastic, right down to the reoccurring Late Goodbye by the Poets of the Fall (which can be downloaded from Itunes). The 24 second piano rendition by one of the cleaners is fantastic and it is a shame it ends and you have to shoot him. Despite its age it runs on Vista with no glitches, bugs or crashes. Fantastic Sequel Fantastic game


Great story and phenominal gameplay

jimsteryo2 | May 3, 2013 | See all jimsteryo2's reviews »

The story instantly pulls you in and immerses you into this mind-bending game. Everything is so simple about this game, but more than anything, it's just so perfect and everything is done correctly. From the hugeeee variety of weapons to choose from to dominate your enemies, to the slo-mo that can be enable anytime in the game so you can dominate your enemies twice as fun and it leaves you feeling like you just conquered the world after you successfully used the slo mo and won the gun fight against your enemies. The only downside to this game is the length of it, which is extremely short, I personally beat it in 6 hours but it was some of the best hours ever. Someone's game library isn't complete without this classic.


Wondeful sequel

mkolp0 | March 16, 2013 | See all mkolp0's reviews »

You always worry about a sequel to a game you love, as there is a chance that it may be a flop. Thankfully this isn't one of those cases. Max Payne 2 improves in almost everything, visuals, controls, story, development, a vast improvement. While it does lack some of the charm the original had, it makes up for it for sure. I liked the smooth controls and visuals, a nice change from the first game. Also being able to have allies as well as being somebody besides Max was a welcome change. The story feels darker to me, with much more surprises. There are new weapons, and they feel more realistic in their usage. I felt the game was also a bit easier than the first, of course you're restricted to only one difficulty at the beginning. Bullet time was still as satisfying as ever, as it should be. But the nightmare stages weren't quite as good as the first, and the story wasn't quite on par as well. But these are easily overlooked Brilliant sequel, excellent, bullet time is still great, many improvements and such make it a great game. A little dated, but I believe it has aged out. Must try at least


Buuullleeet tiiimmeee!!

Stebsis | Feb. 22, 2013 | See all Stebsis's reviews »

Max Payne 2 was a revolutionary third person shooter with innovative bullet time mechanics which is basically taken for granted in some games these days, but I think MP2 was the first game to use it. MP2 is a gritty noire style game with great atmosphere and shooting mechanics. You can activate the bullet time by pressing a button or by jumping forward. Time slows down and you can take down a group of bad guys in couple seconds. The game gets really challenging at some points, but never unfairly so, it makes you strategice a bit, like who to take out first etc. I definitely recommend MP2 for any video game fan, it has aged incredibly well and still can hold the candle for newer games, like Max Payne 3 for example.


Max Payne II - review

carlyle | Jan. 4, 2013 | See all carlyle's reviews »

One of the most striking qualities of this title is just to never take the player to watch the dramatic setting of the game without detracting from tons of lively action and shooting to no end. The storyline, fragmented and deliberately confusing offers from the first moments a story that has little to do with the story of the first chapter, but that is configured perfectly in the noir tradition. The news are many compared to the first Max Payne, the graphics engine is an evolution of what we saw in the first chapter and offers a truly noteworthy. Play Max Payne 2 is not only fun, but also enjoyable. The details have been refined considerably (from the faces of the characters, fantastically detailed) and is enhanced the degree of environmental interaction available. The faces are made with painstaking care and what is even more astounding, but more necessary than ever in a game that has almost pretend to be a movie, the lip movement is synchronized with the speech. The numbers of small objects scattered throughout the map that Max can interact. Starting with the opportunity to delve into many hiding places, such as cupboards and drawers, looking for ammunition and painkillers, to the ability to see whole roll on the ground piles of cans, boxes and various scrap, a blessing for realism. Any small object hit by the characters or some stray bullet will react in a totally natural, and I seemed to notice a certain correspondence between the hypothetical weight of the object and the reaction of this impact. The physics engine is also very true to life. A show, albeit macabre, is to see how the bodies of fallen enemies is accasciano on the ground, or get caught in the props.


Fantastic action, emotionally deep... truely a classic.

boris73 | Dec. 23, 2012 | See all boris73's reviews »

This isn't a game so much as it is an experience. The graphics may be dated by today's standards, but that doesn't lessen the impact it still carries today. The combat is tight, fun, satisfying and thrilling, and while I didn't feel that the story was as important as the first game, it still packs an emotional punch and really delivers a truly memorable and engrossing experience. The word 'classic' gets thrown around a lot, but this game certainly earns it: every gamer should play this at least once in their life.


A great sequel

israel_hlc | Dec. 12, 2012 | See all israel_hlc's reviews »

Max Payne 2 is a pretty decent sequel for one of the greatest video games ever made. Most of the best qualities of the first game were kept intact, so it is a safe bet if you liked the first game. The comics kept the storytelling very similar to the original game, what in this case means it is really very good. The story itself (a direct sequel from the first game) is good, although in my opinion the first one was better. The dense atmosphere and the bond created with the main character keep you highly immersed in the game. It is a classic, a must for anyone who played the first game. If you haven’t played the first one, play it first and then enjoy this great sequel.


Great action game.

Darder | Dec. 10, 2012 | See all Darder's reviews »

I used to dislike third person shooters. Now I love them. This game just showed me that if the studio that is producing it knows what it is doing, the game will be outstanding. The studio that produced this game made a gem. The gameplay is incredibly fun. Dodging bullets using your bullet time ability is so fun, I sometimes just like to slow down time even when no enemies are around, just for fun! It is very well made. The story is great and suspensefull. I love how you can play more than one character on this version of the game, where in the first one you could only play Max. Choices can be made at some points in the game and they change the story. Graphics are polished, even though a bit out of date up to this day. Still a fun game, and a must have.


As good as the first Max Payne + Physics

abelfs | Dec. 9, 2012 | See all abelfs's reviews »

It is still one of the best and most solid Third Person Shooters. The visuals reached a higher (even more mature) level than in the first game, the graphics were as good as they were possible back then (even current titles have a hard time creating as good character graphics as Max Payne 2 had) and the action itself is as exciting and cool as it can be. That implementation of physics is one of the best of its generation. The only BUT was that the plot was good, but not better than the first Max Payne; and a lower difficulty even in the highest level.


Bring on the Payne!

dark2025 | Oct. 22, 2012 | See all dark2025's reviews »

Max Payne 2 continues the film-noir story from the first game, but is even better this time around. While the visuals aren't as crisp anymore, the overall presentation (with the comic-book style cutscenes) is still great, and the game is quite smooth and rivals many newer third person shooters in terms of playability, especially when you add in the cool bullet time element. It's a dark game with a great atmosphere and an intriguing story that still holds up well today, so there's no reason not to play this one.



schroff | Sept. 14, 2012 | See all schroff's reviews »

It's been a while since I played this but it's one of the best you'll ever play! The graphics are vastly improved over the first and the game is easier to play yet it is not "streamlined" thankfully. Still retains the comic book narrative and the noir atmosphere of the first. What's there to criticise here except yourself if you actually haven't played it yet!!? :P


Great story and action

panz3r88 | Aug. 3, 2012 | See all panz3r88's reviews »

Max Payne 2 is a great third person shooter with a very interesting noir story. The main characteristic of the game is the bullet time, that allow you to slow down the time and perform spectacular kills. The game is quite short and easier with respect to the first game but remains a masterpiece of action games. There is more variety with respect to the original Max Payne and in some chapter you will control a different character, Mona Sax. When you have finished the game you can search one of the many mods developed by other players that allow to add many hours of gameplay


Great Fun and Gunplay

ROKET | July 28, 2012 | See all ROKET's reviews »

I began playing this game unsure if it would be very good. The story was somewhat interesting at first but felt slow and the comic book cutscenes didnt do much to connect me with Max. Rockstar is good about making games with good stories but the game felt sluggish at time nonetheless. From a gameplay standpoint this game was one of the best third person shooting mechanics of any game Ive played. It was solid and the bullet time was super fun to use. It also had just the right amount of challenge to it and ushered you a long as you fought. I played the game on PC and it performed very well. I never had any crash issues and graphically the game was awesome for its time. You saw the moisture on Max's jacket and the waves following the bullets in bullet time. Overall - get this game - it was super fun and with Max Payne 3 out you can go from one to the other with no problems.


Best of all Max Payne's

ENDOOO | July 27, 2012 | See all ENDOOO's reviews »

Max Payne 2 is not particularly long, but the brilliant story and gameplay it offers are still well worthwhile. It is a sequel to the original Max Payne game and continues after the events of the first game. The storyline is told in pretty much the same fashion as in the original. It uses some very stylish, graphic storyboards or is told while playing the game using few cut-scenes or dialogues/monologues. Bullet time is a little bit different now and Max can now stay prone, after landing from a shootdodge for as long as he continues to fire one of his weapons. Also, now as he kills his enemies in bullet time, his bullet time meter not only regenerates, but it turns from white to yellow. When this happens, time moves even slower while Max moves even faster. Thanks to rag doll physics enemies in Max Payne 2 often get sent flying like when shot by any strong weapon or caught in an explosion, so you can enjoy bullet time action even more. Another thing that has stayed from the first game are nightmares that add a depressing feel to the game. Levels, gunfight places and boss-fights won't leave you bored either and even with the depressing plot they have managed to immerse some smart jokes through-out. Max Payne 2 is just a marvelous game, and what it lacks in length it more than makes up for in quality, new mods and story.



Finka_Karfein | June 5, 2012 | See all Finka_Karfein's reviews »

Rarely do I stand and clap my hands after finishing a game. The second Max Payne made me do it. It kept the great noir atmosphere of the first MP and still has a great story to tell. Graphics and animations are improved, the comic style is a bit different but one can easily get accustomed to it. Music kicks ears and, what I love, it has its sense of humour despite the grim plot. The world is highly metaphorical and you can expect something according to what you saw on the TV in the game. The only drawback I can think of is still the attack of the clones as in MP1. Apart from that, MP2 is a great differentiated TPP shooter which will not let you be bored.


A game thats ALWAYS worth your time.

albeenox | May 19, 2012 | See all albeenox's reviews »

Even another decade from now, this will still be a fantastic game. Sure, by today's standards, it doesn't match up visually, but this game has HEART... it has SOUL. its an utterly powerful and moving experience, that hits at an emotional level that few books, movies and certainly other games, can connect at. The characters are brilliantly fleshed out and brought to life by stellar writing and voice acting (especially the bleak, gravelly voice of James McCaffrey as Payne), and the story... especially the presentation (graphic-novel cut-scenes with narration)... wow.. its really something unique, and it needs to be seen... experienced... to be believed. Explanation just doesn't do it justice. Its THAT classy. THAT solid. It must be said, that Max Payne 2 is a pretty short game - especially if you rush it... but that just makes for an all the more solidly crafted experience. To many games run out of ideas and pad their play length out with "samey" locations and repetitive scenarios, but this is a very tightly guided game - everything it needs is in there, without any fluff... and its a game you'll certainly want to play again after you've finished it. Sure, combat is a blast, and the level design (and location progression is fantastic), and even the visuals (while dated), still hold up pretty well, but it really is the atmosphere, story and characters that shine brightest... it doesn't matter how old the game is, those things are as important and brilliant back then, as they are now... and come to think of it, they're something that's pretty rare in games these days.


Spare time?

YousifOhEight | Oct. 16, 2011 | See all YousifOhEight's reviews »

Max Payne 2 continues the story of the first. The game is not too long and could be easily finished in hours, if you are dedicated. New features and combat movement has been incorporated into this version, but as an old game, it can't quiet compete with such stylings as Splinter Cell: Conviction. In terms of plot, it offers something many new games are beginning to lack, and if you're the type of person that likes to follow through with their objectives rather than just spray like a maniac, this game will surely make good use of your time. Regardless though, in my opinion, for the more modern gamers, if you enjoy this game, I would highly recommend checking out Splinter Cell: Conviction.


Great Sequel.

emwearz | Oct. 10, 2011 | See all emwearz's reviews »

While the first set the way, the sequel bettered it in almost every way! Great bullet time action scenes where you fly the door? The sequel betters it, now you can stay lying on the floor after you land while panning around 360 shooting in bullet time, it doesn't sound like much of a advancement, but it makes a big difference, one that once you are use to, becomes hard to play the first as it does not have it. The deep narration style of story telling is back, and this time with a deeper story with far are twists and angles you would not see coming. The game was great on the consoles, but controls second to none on the PC. With number 3 on the way, you owe it to yourself to pick this gem up!