Reviews for Grand Theft Auto IV [Legacy]


Big but empty

Stebsis | April 9, 2013 | See all Stebsis's reviews »

GTA IV looks just awesome, the graphics are just amazing and Liberty City feels like a real city, people in the streets doing things etc. You play as Nico Bellic, who comes to America to meet his cousin who is supposed to be rich, but is actually neck deep in depts. Story is actually really good for the first time like in almost all GTA's and Rockstar games, but it isn't worth to come back to, there's basically no replayability. Liberty City itself is big, doesn't feel as big as San Andreas which is just a good thing, but LC is much more detailed place. Unfortunately there's not much to do in the game outside of main story. Other GTA's have had so much imagination with its design and quests and what you can do in the city, but here it's basically just main story and you're done with it. Story is pretty long, I got about 30+ hours from it which is nice length. I was seriously disappointed by the cheats in IV. Cheats have always been a fun way to pass time in GTA games, but here there're just some boring weapon sets, armor and health, get cops off your back, and some spawn vehicle ones. There aren't any flying cars or cars that can go on water like in Vice City. Or explode all cars in the screen. Weapon sets even are boring, there's not even katana blade or chainsaw. GTA IV is solid game, it looks awesome, has great story and characters, any GTA fan will like this, and you can also get some crazy mods you can get which lengthen the game quite a bit.


Serious, but Superb

DeweyDTruman | Feb. 8, 2013 | See all DeweyDTruman's reviews »

Grand Theft Auto IV is still fun, even after all the changes to how the game works. High speed crashes in a car feel a lot more alive than they did in the PS2 era, and the combat is relatively the same, all things considered. The game has some absolutely amazing technology behind it, putting it head and shoulders above most titles of the genre. If you don't feel like shooting up a street for kicks, you could always just take a walk down a street and watch people going through their day, something that wasn't nearly as interesting during the previous titles. However, there are a few things missing. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas had many, many outfits to choose from. GTAIV however has a much more limited selection. Most if not all of the RPGish elements of San Andreas are gone (probably for the better) but in their place are the internet and your cell phone, where you call up your various friends and love interests. Neither of these are interesting, with the phone doing nothing but aggravating you while you're on a mission. About the only bonus it gives worth a damn is the free taxi drives from Roman. The story is depressingly serious. While I can understand why some people love this, it personally doesn't feel like the right direction for a series known for being a bit over the top like GTA. Still though, it's a wonderful story, well worth investing into. If you are okay with a Grand Theft Auto that takes it self much more seriously than it ever did before, this is your cup of tea.


Rockstars greatest so far

DonVercetti | Dec. 22, 2012 | See all DonVercetti's reviews »

I really think this is Rockstars most atmospheric game so far. Niko Bellic, the protanogist of the story isn't even my favorite, but that only goes to show how powerfull this series is as it is still an amazing game. The new and improved Liberty City looks amazing, back alleys in the game are filled with trash, hotdogstands all over Liberty City. Everything you see around you really gives you that Liberty City vibe. The richer parts and poor parts of the city really differentiate from eachother which is a joy to see in the game. With several safehouses spread around LC, You’ll have yourself a great freeroaming time without even spending a single minute on a mission.



lachking | Nov. 13, 2012 | See all lachking's reviews »

Firstly, I must say that this is my first time playing any GTA game after many years of hearing about the series but never actually having it. After buying this game, I discovered that it is a superb experience. Everything is lifelike: a vast world where people walk around and talk to each other with cars driving around. You really can do what you want: whether that be stealing heaps of cars, running over people, doing your objectives, or just having fun driving. As you progress, you build relationships with people and go on dates and outings. Aside from driving, there are also mini games such as bowling and watching shows. The missions themselves are fun, held together by an interesting plot. In terms of effects the game also delivers. The sound effects are great: you hear people talking to each other, shouting and even swearing at you when you hit them. The music is also great, and you have the option to choose various radio stations, so you can select a track that suits your style. The graphics engine is also very good but at the same time, the system requirements are very high. I had to turn the graphics and resolution right down for playable frame rates on my laptop but the game still looked great with the occasional frame rate hitch. All in all, GTA 4 is a superb experience.


Long and amazing game

panz3r88 | Nov. 8, 2012 | See all panz3r88's reviews »

Grand Theft Auto 4 is really a great free roaming. The main story is really long and full of interesting of characters. If you add to this also the secondary mission you will need many hours reach the 100% completion. The mission are never boring and there are many things to do. One interesting thing in GTA 4 is the possibility to have friends and call them to do some fun activities, like drinking, play bowling, darts or go to the nightclub for example. The graphic is quite good, but sometimes there are slowdowns even on powerful PC. An other good aspect of the game is the music: you can listen to many good songs on the radio while you are riding a car or a motorcycle and you can even create your own radio using your MP3. After many hour of gameplay GTA 4 is not boring and it's always full of activities and places to discover.


The atmosphere, oh, the atmosphere

MarkDeejay | Nov. 5, 2012 | See all MarkDeejay's reviews »

Still one of the best action adventure games I've ever played. The city in this game is so big and full of life, has so many details, it really is wonderful. The action is cool, the story is pretty good, driving around is great, the minigames are fun to play and it is looooong. One of the few games that is actually worth your money. It will take you about 25 hours to finish and it can be twice that if you just hang around and play around, doing nothing. It still looks great (the faces of the characters could use a little bit of work though) and the voice acting is splendid. You should have this one in your collection already, but if not, you should BY NOW... Go... buy it... Go !


A new chapter in the GTA saga

V2lentin | Nov. 1, 2012 | See all V2lentin's reviews »

GTA IV is, for me, the best game in the series, despite its tehcnical problems on PC. It has a much better story, the main character being a Serbian immigrant who comes to America at his cousin's invite and promises of a better life. What Niko(the main character) finds out once he arrives in Liberty City, is that everything he was told was a lie and he delivers maybe he best line in the game: "The only thing big about your life are the cockroaches." Slowly, Niko starts getting familliar with the city and its gangsters, which earns him respect and money. But what really motivates him to go forward is his thirst for revenge. The game world is not as big as in the previous games or other sandbox games, but looks and feels more authentic than ever. The pedestrians react better to you actions, such as gunfire or reckless driving. Also, there are a lot more thing you can do, such as going bowling, darts, going to stand-up or all sort of clubs. A very nice addition is the mobile phone, which now allows the player to make calls and receive text messages, unlike GTA San Andreas, where you could only receive calls when the script was dictating. There are internet cafes too, where you canvisit sites and appoint dates with various girls. The evelopers finally introduced a multiplayer mode, supporting up to 32 players, depending on the game mode, which can be versus other players or co-op. Totally, there are about 15 game modes for multiplayer. The graphics of the game looks nice, but they could have been a lot better. Just Cause 2 or Saints Row 2 are better examples. Still, everything looks a lot better than everything we've seen in the GTA series, and mods can drastically improve that. The sound is very well made, with high quality voice acting and top class soundtrack. No matter what music genre you like, the radio stations in the game will make you feel at home, with a lot of variations both in genre and in tracks. GTA IV is probably one of the must-have games of the last years. If you haven't played it, buy it and you'll never regret it. But make sure your PC can run it well.


Lots to do, little reason to do it.

das_regal | Oct. 14, 2012 | See all das_regal's reviews »

Grand Theft Auto IV is a gorgeous game full of activities. Each and every little corner of the game is full of possibilities. Sadly, Rockstar doesn't do much to encourage you actually participating in these activities outside of the achievement system which is obnoxiously tied to Games for Windows Live. I really liked the mini-games like bowling, going on dates, riding around town and checking out the sights. I just wish there were more options to gather weaponry at your safe houses like in previous titles. The golden pigeons that replaced hidden packages are pretty obnoxious to get, and you don't really unlock a reward for them until the very end of your hunt. The story is so long that I actually struggled to force myself to get through it, but it was pretty interesting none the less.


Cousin! Would you like to go bowling?

Cooberstooge | Sept. 6, 2012 | See all Cooberstooge's reviews »

This is quite possibly the biggest technological leap I've ever seen in a gaming series. Going from San Andreas, which is hopelessly dated now, although still an absolute blast, to something that still manages to beat the heck out of top of the line systems today, is just a little impressive. With a game world that's smaller than previous entries, yet vastly more alive, Grand Theft Auto IV has managed to pull off a massive shock to most gamers. The story is in-depth, but not quite as immersive as past entries in the series. The characters more than make up for this shortfall though, especially the lead character's cousin, Roman. This time around, Rockstar went for more of a mafia-esque style of story, where bad things happen no matter what you choose - it's just the degree of bad that changes. The game looks phenomenal, and there's more than enough reason to keep playing long after the story is over, if for no other reason than to just see the sights, explore, and find hidden areas. With good graphics comes heavy demand though, and this port continues to be plagued with problems because of this - granted, most issues have long been ironed out, but every now and then lag pops its ugly head up. Even with a few small problems, GTA IV is an amazing game, and truly a leap forward in how every sandbox title should look and play.


It's GTA IV? What more is there to say?

UltraJake | July 27, 2012 | See all UltraJake's reviews »

Many say that GTA IV is too serious. Personally, I think it's fine. Listening to the talk show hosts on the Radio, looking at the billboard ads, and just paying attention as you play the game, you'll notice that the game parodies a lot of things and is quite silly in this way. The modding community is alive and well and while the story isn't exactly a masterpiece, it's fun. With the help of the Euphoria engine, it's a lot of fun to just hop into a vehicle and do what one does in GTA: Run over civilians and get into car crashes. Also, unlike a lot of modern games, there are cheat codes in the game to get you vehicles, health, weapons, etc... It's worth $20.


Great continuation of the GTA Series

Cynaris | July 20, 2012 | See all Cynaris's reviews »

Here we are with another superb gaming piece from Rockstar. Everyone knows the formula. Sandbox gameplay, huge playground, missions, and sidemissions, third-person gunplay, driving, chases and escapes, cops, anything you can imagine. And now you have to imagine all that on a golden plate, because GTAIV sure is a looker. Given you have the required hardware to run it of course. The story this time around is a bit more grim, and dark, but no need to dismiss the humour, it can still be found. The game also features official multiplayer for the first time in the series. It's impossible to go wrong with that choice.


Less crazy antics but the same great gameplay.

GAMERamble | July 19, 2012 | See all GAMERamble's reviews »

Claude Speed, Tommy Vercetti, Carl Johnsonn: all great characters and stars of previous Grand Theft Auto Games - but all of them pale in comparison to Nico Bellic, the latest GTA protagonist. Persuaded by his cousin’s wild claims of wealth & opportunity Nico decides to leave his past behind and start over in America. He’s barely off the boat however, before his cousin’s lies and debts get him involved with some very bad people. Nico is generally a good guy but he is certainly no angel and his shady past catches up with him as he is dragged deeper into a life of crime. It’s not long before it becomes clear that Nico is motivated by a very personal mission of revenge and nothing or nobody is going to get in his way. The graphics, provided your hardware can handle it, is incredible and the amount of detail is unbelievable. This is the closest thing to a living; breathing city I’ve ever seen in a game and simply just exploring it and noticing all the small touches is a treat. You can visit bars, clubs, restaurants, play pool, darts or even go bowling. Your mobile phone allows you to keep in touch with friends and call them to go out with you or even schedule dates. Far more than just a tool to shepard you from one mission to the next you’ll now get to use it during missions to take photos, to mms someone or to flush out a blackmailer in a crowd for example. Calling up your friends and going out with them not only increases the new sims-like friendship meter you have for each one, but a lot of them also have some sideline missions for you. This is made better by the memorable cast of misfits you’ll meet and interact with throughout the game. Refinements to the GTA formula includes a new Gears of War style cover-system as well as blind firing for gunfights which ads a whole new dimension to the game. After using it a few times you’ll honestly wonder how you ever got by without it. Melee combat is also vastly improved with combos and blocking abilities. The playing area is not as enormous as the last game but it’s still pretty big and now more packed with detail than ever. Taking a train or taxi through the city or flying over it with a helicopter will make you fully appreciate how intricate it is. The civilians are also better looking and more believable than ever before. The vehicles still feel a bit floaty but luckily they can take a few more knocks than in past games before they explode. The damage modeling is superb and seeing cars break apart is a joy to behold (unless it’s your own one while trying to flee the police). Your character can also go flying through the windscreen if the impact of a crash is big enough. The new clip editor allows you to record these kinds of stunts and mishaps and splice them together for later viewing. Some technical issues mar the experience but overall it is nothing short of a classic.


If u don't have it, GET IT, if u do, u know y I said that ;)

PM_DMNKLR | July 15, 2012 | See all PM_DMNKLR's reviews »

GTA IV, the best of the series yet, well I'd say it's on-par (story-wise) with Vice City, but still it's an awesome and very fun game to play. Just do yourself a favor and get the complete edition if you can, you won't be disappointed, or bored, one bit. You're welcome.


One of my Favorites

ROKET | July 8, 2012 | See all ROKET's reviews »

Many people rag on this game because there was a lot that Rockstar decided to take out of the game and while I myself was slightly disappointed in some of those loses I still had a huge amount of fun with this game. Rockstar introduced two awesome new features into GTA4 - the new physics engine and the cover system. This made the gunplay and driving SO much fun compared to previous titles. The world, though a bit smaller, was also more alive and detailed and really made the experience even more enjoyable. I would have liked more variety in the guns and vehicles but in the end I still had fun because you could interact with nearly everything in the game. Even dying was fun. lol. Another thing I liked about GTA4 was the story - it was good and involving and I really enjoyed going through it. I hope to finish Episodes from Liberty City soon because Rockstar really knows how to tell a story. I dont care what anyone says. Haha.


another GTA

wojtek858 | July 3, 2012 | See all wojtek858's reviews »

Well, the game is still very good, I can't deny it, but it's another one from series and it was just too boring for me. Computer requirements are insane compared to graphics it has (not very good), Rockstar should do it better. For new players it probably can be the best GTA, but not for me - I even couldn't finish it after playing every previous title.


GTA IV, grand theft auto at its best

xgatto | June 28, 2012 | See all xgatto's reviews »

GTA IV brings the old basics from previous GTA, you are in this big city, and you need to make money, but you end up getting in big trouble. This game is a BIG jump in the GTA series, and by big, I mean REALLY BIG. This version brings a lot of things to the table, that should really be used in future GTA games. They use this new technology called Euphoria, that simulates not physics, but the way the AI reacts to the physics. For example, a guy falling to the ground and becoming a ragdoll is physics. Now a guy falling to the ground, trying to cover his face dinamically, and reacting to the environment, that, right there, is Euphoria. This new "engine" brings a lot of things to the table, as AI is one of the most important aspects of the GTA series, as you are most of the time interacting with people around the city. On another side, the story of the game also is greatly done. You really feel like you're playing as Niko Bellic, you become Niko, and you really start to hate the "bad guys". In fact, everything in the game makes you feel immersed, the night/day cycles and weather, everything makes you feel inside it, and thats what make it a really good game. But before you get this, be sure you have a PC good enough to run it, as it needs a lot of power to run, which is really the only downside I can see of this game.


A Steady Chain of Improvement

Endyo | June 11, 2012 | See all Endyo's reviews »

Grand Theft Auto dates back to a time when video games were fairly simple affairs with graphics that are now bested by your average smart phone. Grand Theft Auto IV takes the same basic formulas that have been developed over this lengthy lifetime and make polished them to a beautiful shine that nearly any individual will find pleasing. First of all, being that so many are familiar with the GTA franchise and the way it works, I'll focus on what makes this game so spectacular, the graphics. The old GTA games were designed for the Playstation 2 console. This made them somewhat blocky and bearing low resolution textures. GTA IV was originally developed for the Plastation 3 and the PC port makes that new engine look even better. Characters, cars, buildings, weather, and the overall environment have exceptional designs and detailed textures. All of the action is rendered with detail unseen in most games, such as various damage modlels on multiple vehicles and items in the environment. The PC version of GTA IV also allows you to obtain mods (if you have a computer that can manage the increased load) that make the game to appear, at times, nearly photo realistic. One of the biggest allures of this game is to enjoy the classic carnage of GTA in a whole new engine. The carnage I speak of is of course the same car stealing, gang fighting, machine gun blastic, helicopter crashing smash fest that Grand Theft Auto has evolved in to. You can have just as much fun pushing through the story (which is one of the better stories of the GTA series) as you can running around being a wild man living out your maniacal delusions. This game is quite simply a must have for anyone who enjoys the formula. It may lack in a few areas such as PC requirements and cohesiveness, but it makes up for it in so many areas that it's easy to just enjoy the game as it is.


GTA trusted warranty

kalil | April 10, 2012 | See all kalil's reviews »

Never analize this game and that you juge it is now almost 2 years, but the truth is so good that I still keep playing, I parese excellent on all points of view. Almost perfect. I will analyze step by step: Playability: I put a 10 and it's a very fun and engaging game that gives us a sense of city living and immense freedom of action. A game that came out 3 years ago and still today I keep playing and I diierte much. the campaign is replayed TECHNOLOGY: The technology of this gta is spectacular, from gunshot wounds, explosions, weather, even the physical bodies and vehicles, excellent. My note here and a 9.5 GRAPHICS: Very good in all respects. All very bein done, good resolutions and viewing distance. Yet the most of it looks really good. Do not put a 10 because it is one year more recent than crysis and gta although crysis is good graphically it is the 10 times. my note 9 SOUNDS: Sounds very detailed and immersive, Maybe the weapons should sound a little stronger (as real) and the city would have to have a little more "buzz" in the case of new york, jajaj, but still very good. 9 is my note. INNOVATION: If bein gta is more, the amount of possibilities and realism respectoa previous deliveries is too broad. tambein aunke kitado you have good things like, gymnasiums, changing your physical state, the pelukeria, tattoos etc downtown. have innovated much, but at the same time have kitado many things already and were very good. My note 8.5 NEGATIVE POINTS: The only thing I parese unfortunate that such a game, is so poorly optimized, so put aside for the PC platform. Very bad performance in 2008. A game almost without end (5 official patches released later) and a game too dependent on "extras" such as "games for windows live" and "rockstar game social club." I also annoying lack of animals in the game and the lack of children. What happens? theres no dogs, cats, or children in NY??? CONCLUSION: A spectacular game deveria be mandatory in schools jajaj, with some negative points but thousands epuntos d positive, one of those games left in the history and collection of any gamer. When you do not like GTA IV, going to play chess lol Regards


Successful Evolution of GTA series

musketeer617 | March 19, 2012 | See all musketeer617's reviews »

Undoubtedly,Grand Theft Auto IV is the milestone of this series.It inherited those successful elements of GTA:San Andres and GTA3 and even strengthened them. Exciting gunfire and car chasing let you experience the tough life of Niko Bellic.You even have right to make decision or interact with other characters which can affect your relationship with them.Besides,the sandbox world of GTA IV became more realistic.You can go to bar with friends and pass out in the street.If you receive a phone call in car,you can hear the jamming noise from radio! Another bright spot is the first created multiplayer mode in GTA series.You can use a rocket launcher to let your friends 'fly' in the sky or just explore the gigantic Liberty city with them.