Reviews for Pride of Nations: Franco-Prussian War 1870


Good for history junkies

hotmando1 | Sept. 8, 2011 | See all hotmando1's reviews »

Whenever you play games like Pride of Nations, you get a general overview of everything. Like the time line and history. Things like the Franco-Prussian war can be covered in about a few turns. No biggie. For some people, it's fine. For others, they want more. Pride of Nations: Franco-Prussian War does just that. It simulates the war in it's entirety. Real time events are pretty sweet! And it teaches players as well. But it's not entirely accurate, since YOU get the choice. YOU get to decide how it all ends. Just like the base game. As you would expect, there are very little bugs and glitches in the game. Just like the first. Graphics are not the finest out there but for some looking for realism: this is for you. If your interested in this specific war and time period, then it'll be more than just a great buy.