Reviews for Risen 2: Dark Waters


Stale combat, good game!

zipnox | July 28, 2013 | See all zipnox's reviews »

In the sequel to Risen you play as an aspiring pirate, oh and you have to save the world again. The game features a great story with humorous dialogue set in a colorful world filled with beautiful scenery. You visit several islands and encounter plenty of likeable characters, some of which even joins you in your quest! The game's low point for me personally apart from the occasional bugs was the combat, it felt awfully unpolished and was very hard to get into. The voice acting felt goofy at times as well. One thing I absolutely loved though, was the soundtrack, the music is excellent and fits well with the rest of the game. While Risen 2 has its faults, I really enjoyed my overall experience with the game. Once you get the hang of the combat you're all set for a great adventure across the seas!


Not as great as the first, but who could resist being a pirate

mor0se | July 7, 2013 | See all mor0se's reviews »

The game may be better built then the first, but doesnt live up to it in the gameplay, but you get to be a pirate! so who cares. Great places to explore, and the fight system is still top notch, if you liked the first one, then try this it is fun and well worth your time still.


Not perfect, but fun

MarcoCav | June 10, 2013 | See all MarcoCav's reviews »

Despite a poor combat system, Risen 2 has a good atmosphere and great characters, enhanced by fun dialogue and a nice storyline.


A better balanced Gothic

beckbat | June 8, 2013 | See all beckbat's reviews »

While the Risen series is not quite as rich and meaty as the original 2 Gothic games that they are obviously intended to be spiritual successors to, they remain deep and original RPGs that still have the same sort of feel. Risen 2 has created an interesting new world to explore from the previous game and the new pirate theme is well implemented and highly enjoyable. The difficulty level remains high but the mechanics feel better implemented in most cases and curve smoother. The notable exception to this is the Voodoo magics system which is better avoided as it adds little to the game and the alternative guns are simply better. It's European sensibilities are in terms of difficulty and lack of handholding are tempered with well implemented systems and that are easy to use once you get the hang of them. All in all while Risen 2 is not the deepest RPG or the most strategic it remains a creative, original and engaging game something that is too often lacking nowadays.


Boring combat kills it

Theebourgeoisie | June 8, 2013 | See all Theebourgeoisie's reviews »

This is one of those titles that you want to like so badly, but it just never quite gets good. It's a big open world RPG, with a distinct setting and a distinct visual style. Those are huge selling points for me. But even with those elements, a game still has to be enjoyable to play, and that's where Risen 2 stumbles. The quest writing isn't particularly good, though this isn't necessarily a deal breaker. But it certainly does make it much less memorable. The plot as a whole is serviceable, but is, again, pretty forgettable. Graphically, the game is very pretty. And that's probably the game's biggest strength. It feels like a world you want to be in. And it's not just that the graphics are good, the art is mostly very well done. I found myself wasting time looking at the ornate carvings on my ship and at other random details quite often. Unfortunately, the characters just aren't impressive, both in terms of their personalities and animation. The characters are just off--all of them. They look odd, they move and gesture oddly, and their writing and voice acting are fairly dull throughout. You'll run into few characters worth remembering in this tale. And really the thing you're most likely to remember about them is their inappropriate and awkward gesturing. No one in the real world would ever carry on a conversation the way the characters in this game do. It's awkward and, frankly, terrible. But what is the biggest problem is the combat. If the game had good combat, it'd make the rest of the games other flaws worth sitting through. But it's not good. It's certainly functional. But it is just uninspired and uninteresting. For most battles, you'll try and get the first strike in and then just button mash. Your character won't do anything interesting; he'll just swing the sword as long as you keep pressing the button, until the enemy is dead. There's not much depth or strategy to it. It's as vanilla and boring as combat can be. I never ended up beating this one. But I keep it installed, because I just feel like I want to like this game. It's visually appealing enough and I like rpgs enough that I keep thinking I'll give it one more shot. I keep coming back for the unique art and style of the game, but always leave because I'm bored and I don't want to waste any more time on one of the most boring combat systems I've ever experienced. If a good sale comes around, this might be worth picking up, but only if combat and story are unimportant. Oh, and the leveling system is also pretty uninspired. It couldn't be more basic and uninteresting. It's a shame that they went through all of the trouble to make this vast and interesting world, but that they couldn't be bothered to make some unique and/or interesting game mechanics to make the user interested in playing through that world.


Not a real Gothic but fun.

montybay | June 6, 2013 | See all montybay's reviews »

This game made by the forefathers of Gothic is not what you actually expect from Piranha Bytes, but it still a decent RPG. The pirate setting is farther from Risen 1 than Risen 1 was from the Gothic games. I like it because the atmosphere created by the developers in their games is still a unique experience.


Fun pirate themed RPG

Profoundly_Mad | May 2, 2013 | See all Profoundly_Mad's reviews »

But also very, very linear. Don't expect the game to be as open world as it first seems, the story will railroad you. Combat is... decent I guess, it isn't overly amazing either way. Graphically it's competent although there are a lot of graphical glitches I've encountered. Having said that it's an RPG with a pirate theme and that's pretty cool in my book. Buy this game with a voucher.


PB dissapointment

georgecopos | Jan. 31, 2013 | See all georgecopos's reviews »

When it comes to P(iranha)B(ytes) games, lots of bugs, technical problems and a one of a kind immersion (which i adore) comes to mind. PB are able to create complex worlds that gives you an unique pleasure while exploring them. Graphically, Risen 2 is worse that the first game, even if Risen 1 was full of bloom to hide the bad textures and its NPCs were looking horrible, the game was offering astonishing views. Risen 2 uses the same light system as Sniper Ghost Warrior, so during the day everything seems overexposed to the sun, the shadows move according to the sun and the view distance has big problems; and we have the fact that all the islands look the same and we have the least immersive PB game. The combat is very bad even if they introduced dodging in the first patch, it seems like a boring hack'n'slash. A new entry are the firearms. The game doesnt care about your decisions from the first game, even if you didnt wanted to help the inquisition, you still ebcome part of. Aside from that, during the story you will have to choose from 2 strong camps, thus depending what your gameplay style would be : voodoo magic vs firearms. As a conclusion, Risen 2 is mediocre at best, which strays away from the awesome gothic series and wants to indulge a larger audience. Game is full of jokes and refferences to other games like Monkey Island (but still it doesnt make the world feeling alive), they tried to copy kotor/mass effect by adding a crew on your ship but fails in this aspect because the characters are very simple, the do nothing on the ship and you cant talk to them.


Very nice RPG, but too linear.

andrewbeechwood | Jan. 27, 2013 | See all andrewbeechwood's reviews »

Risen 2 isn't like the Gothic series but it's still awesome. The storyline is great. You must again save the world ofc. The pirate theme is good and you can feel it. Fight in the game is just click click click. That's not what I expected in Action rpg. (In Risen 1 fight with the sword was great because you must use YOUR fight skills. In Risen 2 is just you are more awesome if you have highest number of the sword skill and better weapon) Weapons are nice I used it often - pistols and rifles (rifles more, it was more efective in the early stage of the game) Magic - hmm, voodoo is like nothing you can't really use it in fight. (but one nice option with voodoo is you can control the other person, you know - he can enter some places you normally can't) Graphics are not bad - it's little better than Risen 1 Ahh, It's RPG because you can increase your statistics not by the chooses you can made in the story. Story is linear. Nevermind what you choose, it's the same - that's BIG MINUS. Anyway, it's good game.


Hugely enjoyable RPG

RaidenHayabusa | Dec. 12, 2012 | See all RaidenHayabusa's reviews »

The first Risen game slipped under the radar a bit, as well as being banned in a country or two for drug references but was a very solid and fun RPG which felt like a bit of an Oblivion and Diablo hybrid. Risen 2 follows in a very similar manner to the first game albeit in a far different setting being a more Mediterranean/Pirate kind of game. The graphics are quite pretty and you will sometimes find yourself just enjoying the scenery, the lack of magic in the game is disappointing though as it feels like it takes away from the traditional RPG system, instead you use Voodoo which is a strange concept and I felt wasn't really implemented very well. There were occasional graphical glitches as there were in the first game and the story feels like it loses its way at some points but overall it is a good game and it is a shame there are not more titles out there that are of a similar quality or concept


Did not disappoint me!

Darder | Dec. 9, 2012 | See all Darder's reviews »

I played the first one over 80 hours and this one is definitely making an honor to it. Great game, hard combat, good story line. An outstanding RPG.


Excellent Game

Gatti100 | Dec. 4, 2012 | See all Gatti100's reviews »

This game is vastly underrated. A lot of love and attention were put into this game by the creators. This game is definitely one of the top10 Rpgs of the last 10 years. Buy it and you won't regret.


Outstanding Game!!!!!

Gatti100 | Dec. 3, 2012 | See all Gatti100's reviews »

A lot of love and care was put into this game. This game should be on the list of anyone who loves a great action RPG. The game is good enough to almost ignore the story and wander around the beautiful and grand scenery on the islands making up your own adventure as you go. Whether your view of this game is objective or subjective based on your likes or dislikes, this game is a solid top 10 RPG in the last 5 years at least. The game deserves a much higher rating than the official critics gave it. I would say this game is almost on Par with Dragon Age Origins and certainly on par with The WItcher 2. The dialogue is the wittiest I have come across since the last Divinity (Ego Draconis) enhanced edition title (that too is a MUST play) for RPG fans. Get Risen 2. Ignore all reviews to the contrary, this game is top notched. I recommend this game without reserved.


Not that great as i expected

ojotas | June 27, 2012 | See all ojotas's reviews »

I expected this game to be the great comeback of Piranha Bytes, sadly it wasnt. The first Risen is better than this one and for me, Risen 1 was like Gothic 1, so i was specting Risen 2 be like Gothic, probably that was my mistake. This game have some good new features like Fast Travel, like Skyrim, once you find a new city you can fast travel back to that city. Other good features you can enjoy are Vodoo, its quite fun take control over an npc and do what you want. Talking with your crew while controlling npc is really fun. Sadly while the new features are fun, there are no so much of them, and the game is simplified, your melee weapons are 1 handed swords (slashing) and epee (piercing) thats all melee you have, there are no big axes or big swords. There no bows in the game, they added guns, pistols, shotguns, and rifles. But its not the same as a bow. An the magic, well magic wasnt one of the strong points in Risen 1, but in Risen 2 magic is like nothing. The Vodoo is the only magic in the game, and you can use at your main skill. Because you cant farm creatures with Vodoo. That means you cant use magic as your primary source of damage. The story of the game is good, and besides i dont like pirate-theme games, the pirate part of this game is quite fun. The graphics are good. The bosses looks really nice. In conclusion: The main issue on this game is that they simplified too much the character, leaving 0 customization to it, if you are fan of the Gothic Series you probably going to feel dissapointed with this game.


Great game so far.

ruready12 | April 17, 2012 | See all ruready12's reviews »

Im in the beta test of this game and I have to say, it's one of the best RPG's I have ever played. The world is huge and the story is so well put together it feels like a movie. The graphics are a great upside as well, they look so real, they might be better than Skyrim graphics. This game is a must-buy and I suggest you pre-order this great game so you can play it the day it comes out!