Reviews for Sid Meier’s Civilization® V: Game of the Year Edition


Great 4X with all the awesome expansions

Murderbot735 | July 28, 2015 | See all Murderbot735's reviews »

Civilization V is really easy to get into, and very fun. Almost every part of the base game is simplistic and easy to understand, which is good for me who isn’t the biggest fan of 4X’s, but may be terrible for other people. The expansions have made it a bit more complex though, and added a lot of nice stuff. The combat is simple and fun, at least when it is the enemy who’s getting crushed, and researching new technology and using it is great fun (especially when it’s weapons). Military victory (by conquering the map) isn’t the only way to win the game, but in my opinion the most satisfying. Nuking your enemies and exterminating them with a giant killer-bot is of course the best way to get stuff done. There are also many different countries to play as (especially with the expansions included), and they all come with a special unit, building or something else. That allows for some variation. Overall it’s a good 4X, with all the great expansions that add a lot of stuff and makes it more complex.


Amazing strategy.

WetCouch | Sept. 15, 2014 | See all WetCouch's reviews »

What to say? It's an amazing strategy. You need to build your very own civilization from scratch. From antiquity, by classic, era of information, atom, to future. A lot of units, buildings, resources, huge maps, nice diplomacy, amazing gameplay for loooong days. "". You will be saying it a lot of times, if you will start playing this game. It may seem complex, but it's easy to learn how to play for new players. A lot of possible ways to win, strategies, tactics, and even civilization. Only bad things is that it have less options if you are complaining it to previous Civilizations, worse diplomacy, but more buildings and units, and i thing that hex system is better. And yes, it have less options than IV, but when you got expansion packs, you will also get most of old Civilization things. And don't forget about modifications, they also can add much things, more diplomacy options, and just make this game better. Every fan of strategy games (and not only) should try it.


Addicting and Well Done

ElLindo | Sept. 13, 2014 | See all ElLindo's reviews »

Civilization V is one of the best strategy war games I've ever played. It is extremely well done and with 40+ hours on this game I have never encountered a single bug. Civilization V is very well made all around, the graphics are great, the AI's have they're own personalities, the eras are perfectly made, and the units for each era are just fantastic and accurate. Also before you start the game, you can go into the advanced settings which allows you to change pretty much every aspect of the game, for example how long you want the game to last, to if you want the units to make animations when moving/attacking. While in-game your mind will not be a rest with choices such as where you want to move your units and which sciences to research. All in all if you are a fan of strategic war games and have lots of time to spare; then Civilization V is a no brainer. I recommend you to purchase this game and if your willing to go farther and purchase the Complete Edition, I have it and it is well worth the extra cost. The game also allows and is open for in-game mods from the Steam Workshop. My rating for Civilization V is (8/10)


An amazingly fun game

sonictj | March 20, 2014 | See all sonictj's reviews »

This game is addicting and fun. It is the basic empire building strategy game, but with quite a lot more options and civilizations that makes the game a whole lot better. With a lot of different customization options, the game becomes yours. The mods, the maps and the civilization. This game is easy to learn yet has unlimited capability. It's yours to control. There are many different ways to achieve victory but none can be as fun as building up an army and proving to the world that you are the strongest and that nothing stands in your way. This strategy game is by far one of the best games yet.


Simple but addicting

tiagopk | Nov. 24, 2012 | See all tiagopk's reviews »

Having not played much of the previous games in the series I can not say for sure if it a good sequel but it is one of the most addicting strategy games I have ever played. Founding new cities,completing researches and unlocking new structures and combat units are all goals you strive for in order to make your empire grow. There are also a lot of civilizations to choose from like the romans or the egyptians and each with their own special abilities and units. However, it doesn't have that much of the strategy element in it and the multiplayer part of the game plays out very slowly, so slowly most of the time it just isn't fun. Overall, it is a very fun game of "level up your city" and defeat the enemy.


A good way to start

acard87 | Oct. 21, 2012 | See all acard87's reviews »

In my personal experience, Civ V is an amazing game, it impressed me on every level: it is graphically beautiful, it offers a well structured and realistic simulation of the rise of an empire, and it is really addictive in the whole process. The game gives you the possibility to start a new nation, choosing from a list of civilizations that can be expanded through the dlcs: in the beginning it will consist of only a city with the land around it, with rudimental technologies, but as you progress with your game you will have the possibility to expand, exploring the world around you, building new cities and scientifically and culturally advance. What I like about this game is that the history of your empire can change dramatically based on your style of play and your interactions with other civilizations: you can be the belligerant guy who declares war to everyone and annexes conquered ities, or you can try to bring peace to the world with trades and diplomatic treaties, you can spend your wealth on scientifical improvements, giving you all the best technologies, or you can focus on culture and building impressive monuments, and so on. A plus, in my pinion, is that while being a complex game, it's not unaccessible by new users: after completing the tutorials and a game on the easiest diffiulty, anyone can get the hang of it.


A casual take.

AvuriDash | July 26, 2012 | See all AvuriDash's reviews »

Sure, it's not a complex marvel of strategy games. There are many design decisions that feel poorly implemented and detract from the classic Civ formula of the previous games. The AI also has serious flaws with playing its own game properly, and the diplomacy feel like bartering with bipolar kindergarteners. However, if you approach this game from a casual standpoint, it can be quite enjoyable despite its flaws. There is still a great deal of depth and strategy in the game. Plus, Firaxis does a wonderful job at pulling you into the most immersive and visually pleasing Civ game yet.


Good game for a new Civilization player...

wiz88ard | June 22, 2012 | See all wiz88ard's reviews »

I had Civ IV before i got Civ V, and i must say, Civ V got me hooked and had fun every hour of gameplay... I won't say the game is perfect, and im not comparing it to previous civs, just saying that i have alot of fun every time i play this game, and the time just fly when you play this amazing game. If you looking for a turn based strategy game, and you think this may be the one for you, go for it because you won't regret! =)


Civilization for beginners

DiZ | Nov. 3, 2011 | See all DiZ's reviews »

This new installment in the infamously addictive Civilization series manages to retain the core mechanics and that great feeling of "just one more turn...", but it is also a step back from Civ IV, especially when taking Beyond The Sword into account. The importance of diplomacy was toned down by hiding information and the game is more oriented towards war, which sees a great improvement from earlier titles thanks to the limit of units per hexagon. Nonetheless, there are still plenty of options and depth to choose from, and the developers have released several patches that have improved the balance of the game, so it's worth picking up, even if it's also worth it for newcomers to also play the rest of the series at some point.


Not the best style of RTS

YousifOhEight | Oct. 16, 2011 | See all YousifOhEight's reviews »

After playing many of The Settler's Games, I was given Civilization from a friend on steam, After 20 Minutes in the game, I began to misunderstand what was going on very quickly, I became lost in the world, and found it annoying the way turns were counted. A heads up to all RTS players, This game is built on hexagonal or pentagonal blocks, I have now come to forget which, and they are very annoying, only unlocking a certain amount at a time. For me this just did not do it, a game cannot be based on graphics no matter how magnificent they can make their water look... The movement and manipulation of actions/characters isn't all that well worked either, somehow large characters on a small zoomed out world just doesn't give the game that great RTS feel, where one is controlling and watching a society grow. This is something other cheaper/older games do much better, such as Settlers IV and Imperum Romanum. This game only gets a 51, it may have been drafted for a different audience and therefore I will not assess it purely as being a bad game, due to it reflecting it's own genre.


A More Beginner Friendly Civ Entry

lightfellow | Oct. 10, 2011 | See all lightfellow's reviews »

This game is another great entry to the Civ series. The gameplay and objectives are still the same. It is a turned based board-game styled strategy game where your goal is to build up your nation and conquer the world via military and/or diplomatic means. There hasn't been too much change compared to the older series, except I feel that the game has been made easier a bit perhaps to allow for a larger target audience. It is still very enjoyable and odds are you will get your money's worth in terms of hours to price. I have spent countless nights up playing this game because it is just very addictive. All the mods are already included in this edition to give you even more hours of gameplay, and if that is not enough there are also mods available by the community. If you are a fan of the series, or just someone who loves strategy games this is a must get.


An amazing collection for Civilization V fans!!!

Xbomborz | Sept. 13, 2011 | See all Xbomborz's reviews »

If you love Civilization V, or any of the Civilization games, this Game of the Year Edition is a must-buy!! Featuring the original game, the amazing soundtrack, the Multiplayer Map Pack, and many other Civilization and Scenario packs, this package is an amazing deal for an great game. If you don't already have Civilization V, or are missing the Scenario packs, or even just want the soundtrack to add to your collection, the Civilzation V Game of the Year Edition should be the very next game you get.