Reviews for Saints Row: The Third [Legacy]


Crazy but wonderful world

cdp_star | March 19, 2014 | See all cdp_star's reviews »

When I watched the game first, I felt it is too violent. And also my wife forbade me playing it. However I could not stop playing the game till I unlocked all of achievements. I think there were several reasons, which make this game "attractive game". The main purpose of the game is building high status of my own team in the city, and there are many quests on the map. However almost all the quests are crazy and meaningless. For example I had to crash everything in the city as a huge ball of fuzz, to get applause (exp) points. And the playing character can get special skills by exp points and money. At last, the character will become crazy superman, who never dies even by attack of tank!! When I broke everything with co-op player, I could forget everything about real world. It might be one of the best games to forget stress.


Funny and hilarious

Everton1992 | July 31, 2013 | See all Everton1992's reviews »

One thinks that the radical change that has the 3 compared with the previous would be bad, but this change just happens to be the most positive of the game, giving a new identity. Play fun, varied, absurd, technically somewhat low, but if you like the Sandbox is recommended.


Crazy good

zipnox | July 31, 2013 | See all zipnox's reviews »

In Saint’s Row: The third you play as the boss of a street gang and throughout this crazy adventure you get to meet a ton of ridiculous characters as you fight your way through gang rivalries. The game features a big city to explore, conquer, various mini-games to try out and a lot of civilians to harass. The mini-games do tend to get a bit repetitive after a while though. The plot is very humorous and never takes itself too seriously; this is a wacky game that really manages to put a smile on my face. I found myself cruising around and doing all kinds of shenanigans rather than rushing through the main quest. Get ready to pull off some crazy stunts and enjoy your time with this game, as long as you don’t want a deep and serious story, this game is all sorts of fun.



iamkyo90 | July 29, 2013 | See all iamkyo90's reviews »

Lately sandbox games end up being very interesting. It has many missions, co-op play certainly makes it more interesting, cute graphics and gameplay, with that very special touch of humor that has this game.


This is GTA but much more hilarious.

Halt | July 27, 2013 | See all Halt's reviews »

If you like off the wall shenanigans, and an overall silly, game in GTA style, then this is for you. I mean, I don't know what's more satisfying, beating someone up for money, or beating someone up for money with a giant dildo.


Crazy fun, but best in groups

LosGunD | July 23, 2013 | See all LosGunD's reviews »

I've played a lot of GTA and the Saints Row in my time, and this is in my opinion, the best Saints Row. It has all the craziness that GTA IV lacked and should satisfy anyone who was looking for it, but in my opinion, the game is too over-the-top to be fun when played by yourself. I played this game with friends a number of times and we had a blast handing off the controller, but Saint's Row always seemed lackluster playing on my own. Missions are fun and varied at first, but I felt that the game became almost predictably goofy. Playing with a keyboard proved to be very difficult, I would recommend a controller.


If you like GTA, you'll love SR

carlbergsdorf | July 19, 2013 | See all carlbergsdorf's reviews »

Someone described Saints Row like Grand Theft Auto on steroids which I think is very accurate but still being its own game. This game has everything a open-world sandbox game should have; vast customization, a variate on vehicles and weapons, hilarious missions, crazy characters, and a CO-OP mode who lets the player take on the campaign with a friend. The graphics are great and realistic physics with car deformations. The game also offers mini games and (w)horde mode that challenges the player(s) to survive as many waves of enemies as possible. If you looking for an awesome game that lets you play the way you want and share the madness with a friend, you've just found it.



ruler8696 | July 19, 2013 | See all ruler8696's reviews »

The freedom in Saints row the third is incredible. From changing your clothes, to tuning cars the player has plenty of choices. The story isn't the greatest, but it's funny at times. There is a lot to do in the game and the freedom to do it. It is well worth the price.


In a world where all can be destroyed.

Kremlin_Krusher | July 12, 2013 | See all Kremlin_Krusher's reviews »

Some think it's just another GTA ripoff, but it's so much more than that. It's all the things you wish GTA was and more. I mean what's more fun than being a pimp? Dressing like one is the answer. I gave the game a 79 because while there are certain aspects of the game that are redundent, it has huge replayablitly.


It's ok but Saints Row 2 was better

MonkeyHood | July 8, 2013 | See all MonkeyHood's reviews »

This is a sometimes funny, wacky game but I didn't find it that entertaining. Some of the more humorous quests from SR2 were missing and they went down from 3 enemy factions to 1 united enemy faction. It seemed like everything they did was to say "Look how crazy we are guys! Aren't we crazy!" Unfortunately, I didn't find it fun. It's not horrible at all, but I was disappointed by it.


Bonkers fun

nudeood | July 8, 2013 | See all nudeood's reviews »

Playing this game on Co-Op with my mate has resulted in some of the most hysterical laughing fits I've ever experienced. If you've got friends who want mindless fun then this game is a must. The plot is utterly nonsensical and your character's progression from street gangster to superhuman is completely absurd - but we love it. There's crude, and then there's running around completely naked smacking pedestrians with a giant dildo. Saints Row the Third goes so far beyond the line of realism and what is 'normal' that it feels as if there's just no way to not have fun. In addition, there's a ton of customisation to be enjoyed; from character creation to car pimping to weapon upgrading to outfit selection. Find a mate to play it with and Saints Row the Third will be some of the most fun you've had in years of gaming.



wal33d | July 7, 2013 | See all wal33d's reviews »

This is possibly the greatest sandbox game that has ever existed period, everything about this game is so ridiculously over the top and while this series started out being called a GTA clone, ever since SR2, this series has just been too intense. And then to make things even better there is a ton of DLC attached with the game to push it even more over the top. The sound track is so perfectly timed on some of the missions that it’s just crazy awesome, it’s hard to really put the awesomeness of this game into words easily, you’ll just have to play it.


Definitely worth playing

BuggyAcc | July 5, 2013 | See all BuggyAcc's reviews »

Incredible freedom, you can do ANYTHING. Tune cars, change clothes (want to be a toilet? Sure, why not!), the story is fun, not exactly Oscar quality, but will make you laugh. Many vehicles, many weapons, everything. Go take control of the city! However, the game did not last long, probably got bored. The city is not very large and the driving is waaay to arcade.


Better than Grand Theft Auto IV?

rcourdi | July 4, 2013 | See all rcourdi's reviews »

I am a GTA fan and this one was way better in terms of fun. From funny vehicles to VTOLs, tanks and crazy weapons, it has tons of replay value when you finish the game, you can just kill gangs for fun and customize your characters with the smallest details. Graphics: good graphics that will run smooth even if you have a 6 years old 8800 GeForce and you can customize your graphics settings. The only downside of this game is that there is a lot of bugs that sometimes will make you frustrated if you are in the middle of a mission and your character got stuck inside the walls of a building, you will have to restart the mission in this case. Multiplayer: Sadly there is no multiplayer mode but there is a CO-OP where you play with a friend to finish the story mode. Just be aware that this is not the kind of game you let your child play, it is a Mature game so be careful.


GOTY 2011

kubqo | July 4, 2013 | See all kubqo's reviews »

For me, SR3rd beats any GTA in every possible way. It makes silliness its main feature and oh my it does so well. Wacky story, funny cutscenes and dialogues, lots of side activities which are actually fun to do. Its loaded with content. It has the best in-game menu since forever (probably). Fully customizable main character. Driving engine is maybe too much arcady. Drop in-drop out coop is shallow but you can go crazy with your friends in horde mode (game actually calls it whored mode).


Fun game worth playing.

crusader8463 | July 3, 2013 | See all crusader8463's reviews »

Rating: 75% Time to Completion: 15 Hours 34 Min Date Completed: March 27th, 2013 Thoughts: I co-oped this game when it first came so this will technically be both my first time completing it solo and my second time beating the game overall. Not really sure why I felt like replaying the game but I fired it up and just kind of kept going. I ended up feeling the same way as I did the first time around once I beat the game and playing it solo over co-op didn't really add or take anything away other then the fun of having some one else around there with you when doing co-op. I think the game has a really good start but around half way through the game starts to get a little old and the last few sections are kind of hard to slog through. I really wish it had more of a story element to it and had more missions that focused on the characters you meet along the way and get to hang out and do more stuff with them. The funny characters and situations you find yourself in are what makes this game so interesting and it felt like a lot of that stuff got wasted by not really getting too much attention beyond a couple token missions with new characters as they are introduced then swept to the side. The biggest disappointment was going back in and seeing the revolting amount of DLC for this game and how a good 90% of it was not included in the Season pass that came with the game when it launched. It turned out that the Season pass only gave me a couple really long, boring, repetitive, and tedious kill all missions and sweet fuck else. If you get a chance I strongly suggest taking a look at the DLC page for this game and you will be floored by how much is there and what they are charging for it. It's almost as bad as the $2200+ DLC for Train Simulator 2013. Ok maybe not that bad, but it's still sad and annoying to see so much content not being included in what was supposed to be a get all DLC bundle.


A Splash of Color in a Sea of Gritty Brown

bwrussell | July 2, 2013 | See all bwrussell's reviews »

The often cited, for obvious reasons, comparison between Saints Row and GTA don't really do this game justice. Short if open-world, third-person, gang/crime game there is little else that can be said is the same so that's as far as I'll compare them. The best part about this game is that it knows what it is. It knows it isn't gritty or realistic and it panders to that crazy over-the-topness that you know you occasionally want from a game. While there are of course many elements that are "normal" (escort missions, forced vehicle "sections", etc) the tight game play and bright, colorful world and enemy design makes them enjoyable. Besides as soon as you're done you can go play in traffic or drive around with a tiger in the passengers seat as much as you want (both actual mini-games). The game really does a pretty good job of pacing. You start out feeling pretty weak, avoiding conflict and fleeing from bigger fights, but by the end you are running into a military compound because you have an extra case of rockets laying around. It also does a good job of avoiding the trap of over stimulating the player with too much too soon and I really never felt like it was dragging or tired. Of course there are issues (you can break the money system using an age old method) but at the end of the day this game is just plain FUN, like games should be. I wholeheartedly recommend buying this game although the best method is probably to wait for the Complete Package to go on sale.


Tons of fun

Xiphora | July 1, 2013 | See all Xiphora's reviews »

Like Saints Row 2 was to the original Saints Row, Saints Row: The Third is vastly different from Saints Row 2. How? It's just a lot more wacky, crazy, and ridiculous. Saints Row: The Third throws away and deep storytelling that was in the first two Saints Row games, and gives players an absolutely hilarious and silly story. The gameplay of Saints Row: The Third is a lot of fun. There are tons of ridiculous weapons, cars, and clothes to collect, and the setting of Steelport is yours to play around in. There is a lot more upgrading and rpg elements in this game than the previous Saints Rows, and that gives Saints Row: The Third a greater sense of progression. Saints Row: The Third is the funniest, most ridiculous open world sandbox game that you'll play in a long time. If you want to have pure fun, then get Saints Row: The Third.


Over The Top Fun

Pullpoint | July 1, 2013 | See all Pullpoint's reviews »

Its like all you like from GTA plus more fun packed into it


Grand Theft Auto With a Touch of Crazy

p3pz | June 28, 2013 | See all p3pz's reviews »

Despite the title of this review, Saints Row the Third bears little to no resemblance to the Grand Theft Auto series apart from being an open world crime-based video game. SR3 is an absolute blast to play, be it alongside your friends or even on your own (you can call in AI gang members if you're feeling extra lonely). You play as a member in one of the biggest and most popular "street" gangs in the city of Steelport. You spend time completing missions and earning money and a reputation and upgrade your character and gang as you go along (but I recommend the "Full Package" version of the game if you're looking for some extra "swag" at the start of the game). The game itself plays near flawlessly; I didn't encounter any major glitches or camera bugs, and the citizens of Steelport AI is also clever, ducking and running away when gang wars begin, or when you simply draw your weapon. The game plays with standard third person shooter controls, but has so much to offer that strays it far away from the genre, such as a giant purple dildo weapon used to beat people to death. NOTE: This game definitely deserves its ESRB rating of M (mature, 17+) because of its violence, sexual innuendo (and content as well), and dark but hilarious sense of humour. If you like gang and crime games but the latest entries in the genre haven't been doing it for you, this game is definitely a must-buy. It's unique in its own hilariously twisted way. ALSO NOTE that this game requires a relatively good gaming setup to run well.


So stupid, but so fun

breetality | June 27, 2013 | See all breetality's reviews »

Sure this game looks ridiculously silly, but when you start playing you can't stop! Especially really fun if you are playing coop, if it's on sale don't overlook buying it!


Wacky and Eccentric

TokyoUD | June 17, 2013 | See all TokyoUD's reviews »

This is one of the finest open world sandbox games available today. If you're looking for some mindless rampaging in a fairly large open world environment, look no further. It's wacky and over the top. There's plenty things to do ranging from story missions to various activities (Such as Tank Mayhem).


Great Sequel.

jackyboi1014 | June 17, 2013 | See all jackyboi1014's reviews »

Saints Row: the Third is a hilariously absurd action shooter that refuses to take itself seriously for fantastic comical effect. Playing similar to GTA, Saints Row 3 has worked the kinks out of its previous games to blow the GTA series out of the water. Action-packed, time and time again this game makes me laugh and feel like a total bad ass all at the same time. The game play was smooth, although sometimes choppy AI can cause your NPC teammates to move somewhat sporadically, they prove to usually be useless to you anyways and you will kick plenty of ass on your own. The games story often takes you into absolutely ludicrous situations, but it makes it feel better that the game is willing to joke about itself, and that with an ok selection of weapons, cool vehicle and (often hilarious) character customization, Saints Row 3 proved to be well worth its cost, which surprised me for a game I had not even given a seconds notice until here. From Aerial assaults to bondage role play rickshaw gunfights (???) to bank heists, the game provides ass kicking action and comical moments in an open sandbox environment.


GTA but More!

cyrilsneer | June 16, 2013 | See all cyrilsneer's reviews »

Open world environment. If you enjoyed the old school GTA's then this is an ideal game for you. Being able to run around in whatever clothes you chose giant TF2 hats. One of my favorite aspects is the choices that actually effect your future gameplay! So much to do I tihnk I am on just under 60hours of this game and nearing completion. 10/10 must buy



LaChArnold | June 16, 2013 | See all LaChArnold's reviews »

Saints row the third is a breath of fresh air from the realistic sandbox games currently on the market. It doesn't take itself seriously and this makes for some crazy missions and some of the most fun multi-player moments I have ever had. SR3 is the best of the series so far and with tons of dlc and customisation tools it keeps the game fresh for ages.


Saints Row The Third Is Fun and Crazy

ravestar | June 16, 2013 | See all ravestar's reviews »

People like to compare this game to GTA series, I would say that is not accurate. The open world adventure is a genre, not a franchise. Saints Row 3 allows bring more freedom and humor, in an over the top fashion. This is like having GTA on roids. For example, there's plenty of ways to beat up a random citizen and cause mayhem in the street, something GTA is lacking. This is a dark humor kind of game, so it is suitable only for mature players and not for kids. Personally i didn't care for the main storyline much but was engrossed in the gameplay which is an adventure in itself. Highly recommended for fans of this genre.


Crazy over the top fun game

spycid | June 16, 2013 | See all spycid's reviews »

This game is huge improvement from Saints Row 2. It's well optimized for pc, gameplay is uber fun. You can do whatever you want, be whoever you want and do some crazy whacko missions, stunts. You cannot have fun like this anywhere else in any other open world sandbox game. It's a must play for all open world sandbox game lovers.



igliu | June 15, 2013 | See all igliu's reviews »

Other than the fact that it's super short and half of that is tutorial missions , it miserably fails to deliver the emotional impact the second one did or the jokes that borderlands 2 did so gracefully , it still was fun but other than going naked in the streets hitting people with giant purple dildos it can't deliver more than that .


Crazy open world action

lok0812 | June 14, 2013 | See all lok0812's reviews »

The Saints Row series has been known for its over the top actions and humors. As the player you are immediately introduced with just that at the beginning. Nothing disappointing at the intro just because many things intro are meant to be slow. Gameplay is similar to GTA series, open world with missions/side quests and activities. While the world size, misions, and size missions are not expansive as GTA 4, I definitely recommend this over GTA 4 since you are not an errand boy like you are in GTA 4 and the game is not so drawn out to a point that gets boring like GTA 4 did in my opinion. Definitely must get if you enjoy and open world action game with crazy over the top actions and humors.


A Wild Ride, Shallow but Fun

Brumbek | June 14, 2013 | See all Brumbek's reviews »

SR3 drops the player in a stylized open city and rewards the player for doing crazy things. There’s much to do in the form of activities, assassinations, vehicle thefts, finding collectibles, and various challenges. You get respect and for doing nearly everything, which allows leveling up and unlocking skills. You also get cash, which lets you buy real estate, upgrade weapons, and buy countless customizations for you and your vehicles. The story is told through diverse and creative missions, always featuring something crazy or bombastic. Very strong voice acting and mostly funny dialogue by memorable characters helps keep things interesting. Humorous vehicles, shops, outfits, billboards, and radio stations provide SR3 a real sense of style while traveling through the city. SR3 definitely knows how to keep you playing, with about 20 hours of city amusements outside of the actual story missions and about 10 hours of story content. SR3 isn’t going for balance or difficulty but simply pure spectacle. The game is a slight challenge at first, but you become formidable after 5-10 hours and downright unstoppable at 15-20 hours. The Full Package edition also grants you very powerful weapons and vehicles for free. This imbalance would ruin other games, but it works well in SR3 because SR3 is about doing as much crazy stuff in the least amount of time. Ultimately, SR3 is like chocolate decadence, pure indulgence. It is very easy to get caught up in the mayhem, even finding it hard to go back to “serious” games. However, like any rich dessert, at some point you have to go back to more substantial offerings. Still, SR3 is undeniably great fun.


Crazy fun

Bbozmen | June 11, 2013 | See all Bbozmen's reviews »

Saints Row the Third is a weird yet fun game. The story is utterly nonsense and the person you play is almost God-like. There are a lot of costumization options for your character. For example you can play as a Bruce Willis or some lady with giant footballs in front of her. The main story of the game is easy to follow and at a few certain points you'll have to make a choice which have an impact on the rest of the game (i.e. you can have Zombie homies or different homies after a certain point, but you'll not get both) So there is some replayability by first playing and choosing A and later choosing B. You can easily play this co-op with a friend and that is really lots and lots of fun. Definitely worth a try!


better than GTA but still ends up a little dull after some time

hamster | June 8, 2013 | See all hamster's reviews »

Unlike the GTA games which are basically a blend of banal and cookie-cutter mini-games largely devoid of any meaningful context and/or design (including the main missions), Saint's Row attempts to add flavor the sandbox genre by fluffing up the main missions, building a whacky and bombastic world as well as ensuring decent shooting weapons/mechanics are available at the player's fingertips. There are cookie cutter side missions (such as carjacking missions) but at least the developers bothered sprinkling some minor snippets of premise and narrative. Interestingly, some of the main missions eventually become recurring side missions, probably demonstrating the developer's confidence or possibly laziness. Probably something in between. After some time, the game does start to drag. Perhaps i'm not going through the main missions quickly enough and focusing too much on the other stuff. I don't know - in my opinion, putting boring activities in a game is never excusable. Sometimes less is more.


Saints Row: The Third - review

Neapolis47 | June 7, 2013 | See all Neapolis47's reviews »

The third chapter of the saga Saint's Row, born as a clone of Grand Theft Auto is looking for an identity that has not been able to find in the two previous chapters. And 'evident from the first moments that Saint's Row The Third does everything to not take itself seriously, presenting itself as a parody of the many congeners "criminal." In fact, the game is a third-person shooter direct and concise: no covers, sight system is basic, very classic set of weapons. The Third is, however, a funny title, good for some afternoon spent to destroy in carefree, to be enjoyed without constraints and without narrative concerns. From this point of view, the product can be said to be a moderate success especially in a cooperative, this last chapter of the saga works: full of ideas, allows you to organize raids furious, destroying everything and everyone in the most lively as possible.


Over the top fun!

virulent0o | June 7, 2013 | See all virulent0o's reviews »

I have no idea how they got the publishing board to agree to some of the ideas in game, but I'm glad they did!! There is a lot of whacky and over the top moments that makes you frown while you lol. The main campaign is rather short. Luckily, the season pass adds a few more hours to the craziness. Steelport provides a great sandboxed world for you to (adult)toy around with.


Crazy Whacky Fun

Hardtarget | June 3, 2013 | See all Hardtarget's reviews »

This is a hell of a game. It hearkens back to GTA 1 and 2 when that series was less serious and more about fun. This is a open world driving game somewhat similar to GTA but with a much more care free attitude. You can do anything and there are really no repercussions. Want to blow something up? go nuts! Have the urge to beat a pedestrian with a giant dildo? You can! But between all the whackeyness there is a great story that keeps you coming back for more. The Saints are a great crew and have managed to keep these series fresh for years, SR3 is by far the best of the series so far and I highly recommend it if you want a video game that blasts fun from every pore.


Saints Row : The Third

FreakDeity | June 2, 2013 | See all FreakDeity's reviews »

With excellent writing, strong variety, lots of stuff to do and an incredibly fun and endearing attitude, Saints Row 3 is one of the most quirky games. The combat could still be deeper and the AI is still noticeably weak and coupled with some technical deficiencies and a disappointing extra mode, Saints Row 3 strictly settles for being great, but it that's more than enough to warrant recommendation. However it was one of the best sandbox game ever played.


Saints Row : The Third

FreakDeity | June 2, 2013 | See all FreakDeity's reviews »

With excellent writing, strong variety, lots of stuff to do and an incredibly fun and endearing attitude, Saints Row 3 is one of the most quirky games. The combat could still be deeper and the AI is still noticeably weak and coupled with some technical deficiencies and a disappointing extra mode, Saints Row 3 strictly settles for being great, but it that's more than enough to warrant recommendation. However this game was one of the best sandbox game ever played.


A great alternative to GTA sterotypes

Deathbrother | June 1, 2013 | See all Deathbrother's reviews »

While this has the appearance of a typical free roam clone of GTA, this game completely rewrites what works for a game. Outrageous exploits, crazy weapons and hilarious missions is what makes this game a great alternative to these generic hyper realistic titles which are stagnating the market. I Highly recommend you play this game with a friend.


Polar Opposite of GTA

BlowitAllUp | May 27, 2013 | See all BlowitAllUp's reviews »

This game focuses almost entirely on fun. Everything is over top and fun is the name of the game. Gangs with rollerblades and glowing neon suits. Scythes that kill everything with one hit. Remote controlling cars, etc. Although the story is simple it is also over the top, and it works in keeping you interested. Characters are unique and memorable. It is your job to keep the Saints at the top. The only downside is that I have no desire to go back after beating the campaign. Besides the tools in the game and the story, everything else has been done to death in this genre.


Saints Row 3

StevieOnline | May 27, 2013 | See all StevieOnline's reviews »

The gameplay is easy to enjoy. Missions are varied and at times somewhat challenging. Graphics are very sharp and with the over the top use of vibrant colours it looks amazing and has a lot of charm. Saints Row may not be the most realistic game but it certainly is one of the most fun. Grand Theft Auto may be similar but they both compliment each other really well. Having both in every gamers collection of the required age would be highly recommended



ExpiredJordan | May 27, 2013 | See all ExpiredJordan's reviews »

When I played Saints Row 1 and 2, I knew this Grand Theft Auto clone had potential, it was always just a little bit more crazy then everything that came before it. Then Saints Row: The Third came out and any preconceived view I had on the series was thrown out the window. This game goes from implausible madness to mentally insane in a matter of minutes, but that is its greatest strength. The gameplay of this game is much faster and more fluent than the clunky system in the previous two games. You can pull of headshots, groin kick a women, and then dive headfirst into a car to use as your getaway in a matter of seconds. Also their is a wide variety of upgradable guns that makes this game full of customization. Guns are not the only thing you can customize though, because you can quite literally make any person from any tv show or and person you know in great detail. The graphics are not anything to write home about, they do their part just not as well as I was hoping. The sound is different on the other hand, the game has tons of licensed music that it uses throughout mission that add to the madness. My only major gripe about this game is that the city looks the same all throughout it, just boring buildings as far as the eye can see. Because of this and the low graphics I am giving this game a 78 out of 100.


Just Plain Fun

dracor1 | May 27, 2013 | See all dracor1's reviews »

With the genre getting a bit stale, this game adds a ton of fun. There are just so many crazy things in this game... going through the sky THROUGH an airplane and out the other side, going through a "Matrix" like world, wrestling, air strikes, crazy bikes that can fly... The main story isn't too long but there are a ton of side quests you can do to extend it's length. Customizing your character has sooo many options too, which is nice.


Over the top action

Exostenza | May 21, 2013 | See all Exostenza's reviews »

If you like GTA style games, but want something completely over the top and well done then this is the game for you; craziness at the height of insanity and so very much fun. With co-op to boot this game (despite the ridiculous amount of DLC) is so fun/ridiculous it kind of hurts.


Great fun!!!

jonvondom | May 15, 2013 | See all jonvondom's reviews »

This is the kind of game that's perfect to kick back with for hours at a time. So many activities and game styles. While the story if incredibly tongue and cheek its still a good time from start to finish and never takes itself too serious. The graphics are bright and colorful and the animations are well done and mostly amusing. The controls are some of the best for the genre and never seem to frustrate. the character customization and amount of weaponry make this a game with major replay value.


Always cranked up to 11

Forceflow | May 13, 2013 | See all Forceflow's reviews »

Saints Row: The Third is an open world game that always cranks up the volume to 11. It's over the top, all the way from from start to finish It already starts at the outrageous customization options. Fat girl wearing a bodysuit and using a giant sex toy as a weapon? Gotcha. It does allow you to tinker with your character to the extreme, and it makes most of the cutscenes pretty enjoyable, when you see your creation blurt out some serious lines while wearing the silliest outfits. The action itself is decent, on the same level as GTA4. You've got your arsenal of weapons, cars, helicopters and planes. Most certainly in the latter part of the game, the vehicular manslaughter really turns it up a notch. An impressive number of cars and explosions can be triggered on-screen, which is nice. The overall sandbox is about the size of Liberty City, with some islands connected by bridges. What I liked about SR3 is how the game doesn't feature a super-slow start in which you gradually learn everything: 2 or 3 missions in and you're already dangling from a helicopter shooting rockets. There's still a real sense of progression though, as performing kills and style moves lets you unlock new powers. Game plays fine using mouse & keyboard, but felt more comfortable to me with a 360 gamepad. The PC version runs fine, but higher quality settings (especially the SSAO) can be taxing. Recommended!


Genius Masterpiece of Stupidity!

Damodar | May 3, 2013 | See all Damodar's reviews »

Saints Row: The Third is stupid. Really stupid. But that stupidity is the result of an extremely intelligently designed game, with seemingly every facet of the design held to the question of "Is this fun?" This approach of trying to make the game as fun as possible comes through in huge setpiece moments right out of the gate, but is also apparent in smaller, but still very meaningful ways. Sure, you can jack a car by opening the door and pulling the occupant of the vehicle out. There are some great animations to go along with this. But you can also perform a Dukes Of Hazzard style dive through the window (or even windscreen) of the car for a much quicker carjacking that is not only funny, but also subverts several problems usually inherent to the genre. It makes it much easier and faster, putting an end to those situations where the only car in sight escapes while you fumble with the door. It also eliminates any pathfinding woes if the car doors are blocked by something. The game is totally silly throughout, including the characters and storytelling and this actually benefits the impact of the story. Because the cutscenes and dialogue is just as silly as everything you are doing out in the city, it avoids creating a dissonance in the narrative that sometimes appears in openworld games where your actions in the open world clash with the story they're trying to tell. This allows you an easier attachment to the characters which actually lends the story some weight. Clearly, this is a game that had a lot of love and care put in to it and with the tightly focused design, great writing, great visual and sound design, fantastic voice acting and a bunch of fun multiplayer modes, there are hours upon hours of enjoyment to be had here. Strap it on!


Parody of GTA IV

jimsteryo2 | May 3, 2013 | See all jimsteryo2's reviews »

Right from the start, this game is instantly fun, engaging and outright hilarious and filled with raunchy profanity. There are gang wars, running from cops and simply hilarious missions and amazing side missions also. You can customize your character, cars, clothes, weapons, crib, and gang. This game is crazily similar to GTA IV except this game would be referred to almost as a parody of it because this game basically takes nothing seriously and just lets you have crazy sandbox fun, exploring New Port hours on end. If you haven't already enjoyed this game, I recommend you to do so immediately.


Crazy missions, but lackluster everything else

Banadoora | April 30, 2013 | See all Banadoora's reviews »

Saints Row: The Third continues the story of the Saints, moving from Stillwater to Steelport. This time though, they're national icons, which of course, caught the attention of many other gangs wishing for control and power. This war for Steelport between the gangs and STAG, the city's police response to gang violence, eventually makes for many wacky, unique, and fun missions. Unfortunately, a compelling narrative is nowhere to be seen and the interactions between you and the characters are practically non-existent. This often leads to points in the game where you have to choose between saving your buddy and letting them die, but you don't particularly care for the character. In fact, I found myself saving them not because I wanted to, but because of the responsibility I felt as the leader of the Saints gang. Also, I should note that the side-missions are incredibly boring with almost no variation. Be it racing or assassinating something, they are nowhere near as fun as the story missions. Overall, Saints Row The Third is for those that care very little of story and just want to have fun. If you're looking for a unique game unlike any other that doesn't take itself seriously at all, Saints Row 3 is for you. This is helped by the fact that the game also has online co-op, so you and your friend can hop into each others games and wreck havoc and other shenanigans. My playtime to beat: ~10-12 hours. Kinda short, seeing as how GTA4 can easily reach 30+hours. Also, the DLC is a bit lacking. Boring, and short.


Amazing game

faintfs | April 27, 2013 | See all faintfs's reviews »

Saints row 3 comes loaded with much more profanity than the originals. This game comes loaded with an open play style, ton's of weapons and the possibility to do anything. While you're not doing missions you can explore the game through its entirety and purchase new outfits. The story of the game is long and worth it. Saints row the third comes with an arcade mode that will have almost anyone addicted. After beating this game, I went ahead and beat it again. The graphics for this game are very good. Amazing Game, Highly recommended.


What a fine game!

Kaieh1234 | April 24, 2013 | See all Kaieh1234's reviews »

This game is absolutely hilarious, it makes fun of itself, and doesn't take itself too seriously at all, and that's why I actually adore this title so much, it knows how over the top it is, and it uses it as it's best selling point, this game is full of dark humor, violence, profanity, essentially it is an 18 for a reason. The story behind the game is very ridiculous, and the fact that you don't need to earn respect for anything other than leveling in this game, and that is what makes this game a step up from the others. I recommend this game to anyone who is a fan of open world games!


A game that is pure fun, only half heartedly serious.

blackrose | March 28, 2013 | See all blackrose's reviews »

While people rag on this game in comparison to Saints Row 2, it's pure fun. Saints row 2 was all about building back up. In Saints Row the Third, you've had everything stolen from you. So what do you do? You make things a living hell for all who stand in your way. In the game you can destroy gang operations, take part in Professor Genki's Super Ethical Reality Climax (which I must say is a fun way of legal murder in the game), among other activities. There are even secret mini-games you get to play if you're the passenger in multi-player. so just loosen up, and have fun. Remember, this game was not made to be serious. It was made to be completely wacky. And in that, I give it the rating I feel it deserves.


Hilariously over the top, but is that enough?

Neohoodman | Feb. 28, 2013 | See all Neohoodman's reviews »

Saints Row has always been 'that GTA clone'. With The Third, Volition attempts to differentiate it once and for all - and succeeded. Saints Row the Third is a great, over the top open world game with a fun story, funny dialogue and ridiculous gameplay. Mechanics are like most open world games, but with a delicious lime twist of awesome added to the mix. The game does come with a lot of 'jank' (lacking in polish in certain departments) because it is sometimes too over the top, which is really too bad. There are a few story missions that stand out as superbly awesome, while most are either generic or just 'good'. In the end, it is still a great game and should be played for the effort and love that went into this and its options and features. Co-op campaign should keep you entertained for hours to come.


Silly, fun, chaotic

Stebsis | Feb. 22, 2013 | See all Stebsis's reviews »

Saints Row 3 definitely takes even more balls out attitude than the previous installments, and it's a ton of fun. You play as a leader of the Saints as you're cast to city of Steelport to try and regain the city and your fame. Story is stupidly enjoyable, it does get a few laughs and is just crazy all around, especially the opening sequence before you get to the Steelport. Character customization is one of the best parts of the game, you can make your character as sexy, ugly, handsome, fat, skinny as stick... just anything goes. The tools they give you to mold the body and face the way you want is just incredible. You get to even give a voice for your character, female with male voice and vise versa, and even zombie voice which makes the story practically incoherent as the main character just growls like a zombie everytime he/she speaks, the story isn't the main thing here though and zombie voice definitely gives a lot of laughs. The game works like a GTA... a crazy, completely mental version GTA. You can order a carpet bombing in the middle of city, drive around in a tank, take a jet/hovercraft combination that lets you rain hell from the skies and just all kind of crazy stuff to do and it's just so much fun. The level of customization and content in the massive city give the game a ton of value. You can even mold your character in the game if you're not completely happy in the choises you made. If you enjoy just crazy fun like previous Saints Row games or Just Cause, SR3 won't disappoint.


Tries too hard at times, but still okay

DeweyDTruman | Feb. 8, 2013 | See all DeweyDTruman's reviews »

Saints Row: The Third (which will henceforth be simply referred to as Saints Row 3) has relatively good gameplay, not really ruining anything from 2 but not making it much better either. The story is absolutely silly, and I don't mean that in a good way. Saints Row 2 was silly, but could still be dead serious when the need arose. Saints Row 3 however just takes the hilarity ball and runs with it. If people complained that Grand Theft Auto IV was too serious, then they need to realize Saints Row 3 went way too far in the opposite direction. However, it's still a fun game, just not worth full price. (Not that it matters much now, what with THQ going under, but still.)


It's alright

captainstark | Jan. 26, 2013 | See all captainstark's reviews »

Let me just start by saying I am a HUGE fan or the Saints Row series, having played and completed 1 and 2 as soon as the third was announced I pre-ordered it without a thought. The game itself is improved in almost all areas where saints row 2 suffered, but at the same time they ruined all the things that made saints row a durable game, for one let me say that this game is EASY. I let my little sister do one of the missions for me (that's not even a joke) however more entertaining and extravagant the missions may be (which they are)the main aspect that kept me coming back to the saints row series was the famed online co-op, which really sunk I feel in this third instalment. It's hard to put into words what they've done, Saints Row 2 was a very enjoyable co-op experience I felt because the animations were't set and everything ran with a different outcome each time. An example being now when you jump out of your car in SR3 it is a set animation and you don't go into the rag-doll mode, along with combat and response to being shot or hit or even something as annoying as cheats not working when you want them to. (Not to mention the constant DLC which should have been included in the game in the first place.) Their main goal in SR3 was to give the player the feeling of being a complete badass, and the top dog. and that's exactly the problem. You don't feel a build up in any sense. Saints row 2 is easily the more enjoyable game for me, with it's street feel, and building a gang from the ground up it is a much more satisfying experience. SR3 also sucked out a lot of the fun by adding hover jets, now when these were first announced I couldn't contain my excitement. But the truth is it pretty much diminishes all other means of transportation, flying doesn't feel as much of a rush as it did in SR2. Not to mention the horrible new controls which pretty much makes vehicle surfing impossible, and other such little things like being met by an invisible wall when trying to stand in the back of a truck, or blowing the doors off of the back of a Container truck and no longer being allowed to climb inside. The conclusion being that they added everything a player could want, then sucked out all the fun with limited co-op, easy controls. And a process that feels you're playing the exact same thing over and over. Overall I'll give SR3 a 7/10 for the missions, but if you want a game that you AND your friends can enjoy, good old saints row 2 is the way to go, with it's brilliantly simple co-op and never ending fun.


Silly, goofy fun

Jray264 | Jan. 22, 2013 | See all Jray264's reviews »

This is a good example on how fun video games can be. What other game lets you jump out of a flaming plane, belly flop the side walk, sprint to the nearest civilian, slam his or her face into the cold hard earth, and then proceed to crotch chop. I forgot to mention you can do all of this in your birthday suit. And I've just scratched the surface. The story missions aren't as fun though. Some are actually fun and hilarious, like the first mission where you rob a bank dressed up as yourself, but some missions are just boring filler. Overall, the game is worth a purchase because of the sheer amount of fun you'll have terrorizing the city of Steelport. Oh, and there is a button dedicated solely to punching people in the crotch.


Short and sweet.

derangedboar | Jan. 16, 2013 | See all derangedboar's reviews »

Saints row the third is a game that will leave you wanting more. The game is fun and will last about 20 hours, depending on how good you are and how much you want achievements. The gameplay is great, its got good controls and a decent story if you like comedies. Its suppose to make fun of the gta genres. All in all i'd say buy this game, and play it asap. But ignore the DLCs because they dont add much to the game.


Great fun!

backslashio | Jan. 14, 2013 | See all backslashio's reviews »

The big problem with Saints Row 2 on PC is that it was almost unplayable with sloppy controls & no support for a 360 controller and major glitches. This is a thing of the past! Saints Row 3 returns with a very polished looking game, the gameplay is like GTA x 10 with exaggerated physics and characters that resemble a Saturday morning cartoon (but for an older audience). The character creation alone allows for hilarious results & worth the price of admission If you like fun you'll love this!


Perfect for anyone looking for a stupidly fun coop game

Tensketch | Jan. 6, 2013 | See all Tensketch's reviews »

Saints Row the Third is the first game in the series I have ever played. After reading many a review about it and being told just how much fun the game is, I decided it was time to delve in and give it a try. The first thing I noticed is that Saints Row is a game that can laugh at itself. It knows it's stupid and it doesn't care. From the get go, you are partaking in outrageous missions. 5 minutes in you're freefalling while having a very James Bond-esque gunfight with skydiving hitmen. From then on it's crazy minigames including riding a flaming quad bike that blows up everything it touches. To attempting to drive as fast as you can in order to keep a tiger calm. Almost every mission is insane and the game really doesn't care how outrageous things get. I beat the game in single player and thoroughly enjoyed it. But after that, my friend got it and the real fun began. The game comes with a fully working 2 player coop that allows you to tag along and play the entire campaign with a friend. The main story missions take place like normal, just with an extra player. But the minigames become hilariously fun. Now one of the other features the game has, is that you can download other players creations, and the more popular creations are pretty accurate celebrities. I found one of famed wrestler, Stone Cold Steve Austin. Anyway... Remember that tiger minigame I told you about? well in this game, while player one has to drive around as fast as possible, player 2 has to play a quick time even minigame in order to keep the tiger calm. I was the role of player 2. During the minigame, my friend tried a power slide around a corner, over shot it terribly and crashed into an alleyway, causing us to get very stuck. Naturally the lack of motion caused the tiger to become enraged in which I was informed that I had to tap the A button to calm it down. What ensued had me in stitches as while my friend was being mauled by a tiger, Stone Cold Steve Austin was attempting to calm it - By punching it in the back of the head. And that, to me at least, is the true essence of Saints Row the Third. To close, the game loses points for getting a little slow in the middle and appearing to run out of steam before the final, somewhat awesome, act. Oh, and driving half way across the city to a checkpoint, just to see a cutscene, is not a mission! Bad THQ, bad!


Weird, Silly, Fun

igzaustion | Dec. 31, 2012 | See all igzaustion's reviews »

Saints Row has always been fun. If you played one of its predecessors, SR3 will be just what you expect: Exaggerated, action packed and hilarious. For this reason, it also offers a bit of replayability, a rare feature of the open world genre these days.


Fantastic GTA alternative with a good sense of humor

nairume | Dec. 30, 2012 | See all nairume's reviews »

For those familiar with the Grand Theft Auto franchise, Saints Row the Third will closely resemble Grand Theft Auto 4 mechanically. What is different with this game is that Volition Studios, the masterminds behind the Saints Row games, are well aware of the silliness of the open world crime genre and have decided to run with that. SRtT is full of plenty of over the top and hilarious moments, much to the point where the game's opening includes a segment where you sky dive from an out of control plane, turn around, punch through the glass, and dive back in to punch out a villain. While the mechanics in SRtT are really not much different from the 5 year old GTA4, the level of charm present in it is enough to make it easy to overlook the slightly outdated mechanics. Buy this game if you enjoy the genre.


This sets a fairly high standard on sandbox games

MorphineBear | Dec. 24, 2012 | See all MorphineBear's reviews »

I want to describe it as the obvious "Grand theft auto-esque game" but that wouldn't cover it all. There's kicking, punching, dildo-ing, too much to count madness. Cutscenes are somewhat interesting. An open sandbox has never been so... fun? No duh. Requires a somewhat decent (meaning good) PC to run without frame rates dropping down to 2. This game also goes on sale pretty darn often, which doesn't really make sense because it's been released for just over a year. Hopefully this has nothing to do with THQ going bankrupt, nonetheless, take the time to pick up this great game. Sale price is usually <$10!


Pure and unadulterated fun

TronLight | Dec. 22, 2012 | See all TronLight's reviews »

I must admit, I was pretty skeptic about this game. It looked like a no-brainer open world world game where you can basically do everything you want that would become boring after a couple of hours... And I was right, partially. You can bo whatever you want... But it doesn't get boring. The game is fun to play solo, but with a friend it becomes absolutely awesome. There are many things to do, and after you've done them you still have to discover all the secrets the game has. The storyline is cool, completely crazy and stupid, but it suits the over-the-top style of the game, with moments and character that will make you burst in laughs. The city is very big and detailed (especially for an open-world game), full of place to see and things to do, technically it very good and it runs considerably well. It's a very well crafted game, even just walk through the city in a car, with the radio, listening to the transmission, or watching tv in your crib, or starting a war in the middle of the city, everything is satisfying. Again, if you have a friend, play the game with him, it's the best thing you can do. Just forget for a moment all those game with a pompous story or deep gameplay and just enjoy some some pure fun.


This is the third one

Angeluzian | Dec. 22, 2012 | See all Angeluzian's reviews »

This game is truly amazing by an amazing company, and should be bought at full price. The game is so messed up it's unbelievable, and that is a good thing. I enyoyed it immensely and spent way to much time on it, and it's such a good game you shouldn't miss it out, go get it! now! :)


Destroy everything, with style

Raazak | Dec. 10, 2012 | See all Raazak's reviews »

Everything I've heard about Saints Row The Third is mostly true. It doesn't do anything new to revolutionize open world GTA styled games, it just does everything really well. The gameplay is pretty damn good. You can own buildings, do side missions, play the story mode in online co-op, or a survival mode. The Visuals and sound design are good, but nothing really spectacular or stylized enough to really stand out to me. The main draw for Saints Row The Third will probably be the humor. It is a funny game that has dumb humor and knows it. It can walk the fine line of being cheesy in a bad way at times, but it never crossed that line for me. All in all, it is an open world game that reminds me of what I enjoy about this genre. It has the humor, crazy story, and over the top yet refined gameplay that has been missing in GTA-like games almost this entire generation.


Simple fun.

overburning | Dec. 10, 2012 | See all overburning's reviews »

A silly, fun open world game that knows what its strength is. From the first mission on, it is obvious that Saints Row The Third is going to be a crazy, over-the-top game, and the developers know that. Some of the laugh is a bit cheap, and it is disappointing that a pretty big portion of the main mission take the form of the side missions. Nonetheless, if the reason you play game is just to have some fun, you can't go wrong with Saints Row The Third.



SebasGDDR5 | Dec. 10, 2012 | See all SebasGDDR5's reviews »

A super crazy game! It is addicting and super funny, when you end the game, can extend the game duration with missions about assassinating targets and stealing cars, too, you can extend more the game with dlc. I have 53hs played, its very addictive!



jack11101 | Dec. 9, 2012 | See all jack11101's reviews »

Saints Row: The Third offers a fantastic single player campaign in which you can make your own personal character or play as other peoples characters. The campaign is open world which allows you to do stuff from stealing golf karts and airplanes to shooting a mind controlling creature on to enemy NPC's. There are various DLC's you can buy to expand the already large campaign and add even more hilarious moments to your gameplay. On top of single player you can also play Co-Op with a friend which can be extremely fun. It's definitely worth buying and hopefully you'll like it as much as I did.


Entertaining and Hilarious Game

Abomb7894 | Dec. 8, 2012 | See all Abomb7894's reviews »

After watching some videos from this game, I just had to buy it. It seemed to fun and hilarious to play, and it was indeed! The game is such a good way to spend time. From phallic weapons to a car that breathes fire, this game is crazy. The plot is entertaining enough, and has a few forks to allow for some choices and re-playability. It isn't a hard game however, it just is for fun. Its basically GTA except funnier and has more adult content. Also, the multilayer in this game is amazing. There are also a huge amount of ways to customize your character to make him or her look unique and special. This game always goes on sale, along with a lot of the DLC, and you should buy it if you're looking for a game to blow some stress and have a good laugh.


Fun Open World Game

nintendo97 | Dec. 8, 2012 | See all nintendo97's reviews »

I've never played a GTA game, but if this game is like it, I definitely want to play one. There are lots of missions, and most of them are fun. You are free to roam around as you please. I love taking down the gangs with my machine guns and penetrator. It's quite fun to play when I'm bored.


Some of the best fun you can have with yourself (or a friend)

Prozac | Dec. 8, 2012 | See all Prozac's reviews »

This game gets it. It values your precious time and doesn't look to pad the experience with endless, unenjoyable filler. I can't think of a game that has better matched the soundtrack to the environment, action and moment. All in all one of the Best games I've played in the last year. Support THQ so there can be a Saints Row 4!


Fun but not with a capital F.

MarkDeejay | Nov. 5, 2012 | See all MarkDeejay's reviews »

I honestly expected more from Saints Row The Third. I expected a whole lot of over the top action and missions but, after the promising first few missions, was let down by the rest of the other, dare I say, mostly mediocre, missions. The city feels a bit empty and there isn't a whole lot to do aside from buying buildings and finding packages. It misses something and I can't quite put my finger on it. Maybe it's because of the trailers, which showed already pretty much everything you can do in this game. Yes, there are a lot of customization options (respect !), and yes, there are some nice (but repetitive) sidemissions, but that's it. In the end I was glad this game was over and I don't think that's what Volition would've wanted with this game. I do have to say I did enjoy the wrestling mission. That mission was spot on (including hilarious announcers). Now, it IS fun people, but only in small doses. Maybe my expectations were set too high, but still; see it as a friendly heads-up.


Sandbox game for fun people

brandonl | Oct. 29, 2012 | See all brandonl's reviews »

It's a sandbox game but it's more fun than most of them. There's a lot to do even when you beat the main game, which itself will make you do crazy things like go into a tron-like world to hack into a group's computer. In late-game you get more various missions such as delivering cars and assassinating targets. The entire game is co-op which is great. And it's not just "2 people playing together doing the same thing", many times you 2 are doing different things to help each other, such as one flies the helicopter while the other uses rocket launcher to destroy gangs.


One of the funniest game I ever played!

Stezizi | Oct. 1, 2012 | See all Stezizi's reviews »

Put together GTA and Just Cause, mix them adding a lot of hilarity, and you got Saint Row the third, the perfect free roaming game to have fun without worries and destroy almost everything in a absurd and funny city . This game is absolutely amazing and addicting , higly reccomended to everyone, even if you don't like the genre. Give it a try, you will not regret it!


Hilarious Fun!

iplaytag | Sept. 14, 2012 | See all iplaytag's reviews »

Tonnes of fun to be had in this open-world GTA-like action romp. Action is balls-to-the-wall crazy, and the jokes come at you nonstop. The complete insanity isn't for everyone, but the gameplay is generally a blast.


2 Words:

proftreebeard | Sept. 14, 2012 | See all proftreebeard's reviews »

Dildo bat. Seriously though this game has been great so far, a very over the top GTA game. The challenges are fun and pretty unique. The driving is just unrealistic enough to be great for game play.


A crazy free roaming

panz3r88 | Sept. 13, 2012 | See all panz3r88's reviews »

Saints Row 3 is a free roaming game similar to GTA. There are many mission and task to complete and collectibles to get during the game. If you have played Saints Row 2, it's sequel is similar, but this time the programmer created really crazy weapons and vehicles and when you go around the city you can do really anything you want. After many hour of gameplay I don't find it boring and I still want to play it to see new strange things.


Saints Row: The Third

skyipie | Sept. 13, 2012 | See all skyipie's reviews »

Years after taking Stilwater for their own, the Third Street Saints have evolved from street gang to household brand name, with Saints sneakers, Saints energy drinks and Johnny Gat bobble head dolls all available at a store near you. The Saints are kings of Stilwater, but their celebrity status has not gone unnoticed. The Syndicate, a legendary criminal fraternity with pawns in play all over the globe, has turned its eye on the Saints and demands tribute. Refusing to kneel to the Syndicate, you take the fight to a new city, playing out the most outlandish gameplay scenarios ever seen. Strap it on.


A Joyride That Should Not Be Missed

fable2 | Sept. 13, 2012 | See all fable2's reviews »

With every new Saints Row game that comes out, it improves slightly above the previous installment. Such is the case with Saints Row: The Third. You assume control once again as the leader of the Third Street Saints. Just like always, you go head to head with several different gangs, fight for neighborhood and business control and ultimately battle it out against STAG, the anti-gang unit hellbent on your destruction. Gameplay and controls are pretty much identical to the other games so it's pretty easy to get into the swing of things quickly. One noticeable welcome change is the fact that you don't have to complete activities to fill up your respect meter to unlock story missions. You can play through the entire game without completing a single activity if you don't want to. Nearly every other aspect of the game has been tweaked. Carjacking is made easier with "bo-dunking", weapons and strongholds can be upgraded as well as character skills such as health and combat, and the character creation and vehicle customizations have never had so much variety as they do this time around. Bottom line, whether you're new to the series or a longtime fan, Saints Row: The Third is an enjoyable ride from start to finish that shouldn't be missed.


Thought open world games are a bore 'cause of GTA 4?

schroff | Sept. 13, 2012 | See all schroff's reviews »

I had a strong aversion towards open world games thanks to the GTA series (only like the second game .. yup that old). I couldn't help but get bored of the missions, needlessly serious atmosphere which felt forced on (worst in 4), pointless chaos and terrible performance. Then came SR3. Yes it has pointless chaos but in Stillwater it's the whole point! The way the game plays out .. the voice acting, the char customization and the over the top characters really endear themselves to you and make it a fun ride. The side missions are boring without a coop partner so try to get hold of someone to play with! Oh and this game has some performance issues especially if you're on the AMD bulldozer platform so be careful there. Bought it during the Steam Summer Sale but GMG has an amazing price as of writing, buy it!!


One of the most fun games I've played

Othrandur | Sept. 13, 2012 | See all Othrandur's reviews »

This game doesn't take itself seriously, but there are some seriously good game mechanics in there. It's a great third person shooter. As a car simulator, it plays better than most dedicated car racing games. As a flight simulator, it's more fun than any other flyer I've played. The DLCs pile up pretty fast, but most of them add a lot of enjoyment to the game, so they're worth getting, especially if you can find them on special. Overall, the game is extremely well crafted and it's worth appreciating the amount of detail and variety that went into it.


My opinion of Saints Row: The Third

pcgfng | Sept. 4, 2012 | See all pcgfng's reviews »

I've never played any of the previous SR games, though there is a very tiny bit of history in SR3. Campaign itself is short only because of the activities that are unnecessarily added that don't really contribute to the story. Customisation is big, ranging from your character, cars, clothing & tattoos & personal accessories. After completing campaign, you are free to complete activties and jobs in order to gain complete control of an area in return for respect (points for leveling up) & cash. Co-op is single player mode with co-op, nothing special. The game is very fun, over the top and hilarious. One advice I'd like to give is that if you're planning on buying the season pass/individual dlc from the season pass, do not enable the invincibility perk at all as you won't be able to turn it off (this may be fixed in future patch), but this made my experience of the season pass dlc less enjoyable.


Fun Fun Fun !

zhack075 | Sept. 2, 2012 | See all zhack075's reviews »

There is nothing serious in this game ! You can do whatever you want ! You can even save the city Naked and appears naked on TV in the cutscene ! ( actually I was wearing sunglasses... ) Graphics are good and the map is a bit small for a GTA-like ( compares to Just Cause 2 for example ). DLC's don't add anything worthy to game in my opinion but the game worth a shot if you play GTA only to have fun for example.


Cartoon Gta

maciej2601 | Aug. 30, 2012 | See all maciej2601's reviews »

The third part of the Saints Row series, competing with the popular Grand Theft Auto series. You play as a character known for Saints Row 2, and we try to keep the surface of Saints gang, whose power was so assiduously built up in the previous series.


Pretty good, but needs a little work

Cooberstooge | Aug. 28, 2012 | See all Cooberstooge's reviews »

Saints Row 3 is like the previous game in many ways, and still retains that "Did you see that?!" factor of the series. But, unlike the last game, SR3 regresses in some areas. Still, even with the flaws, this is a great entry in the series. The graphics are top-notch, the game runs buttery smooth, and the action is fast and furious. The sounds are great, and gun battles are nice and loud, while tank battles are...well...somewhat louder, to say the least. Cars control miles better than in the last game, and powersliding around corners is very cool. The main story is quite long, and will see you burn through many hours trying to finish it - there's lots of fun and great moments in the cutscenes, and whatever wacky getup you're wearing is what'll be in the scene. Customization options for your gang, character, and vehicles are somewhat reduced from the last title, but are still more than adequate. My main complaint is the size of the game world, which both feels and is quite a bit smaller than the one of its predecessor. I've yet to hit any game-breaking bugs though, so I can put up with a smaller, crash-free world just fine. I definitely recommend SR3, and be sure to grab the DLC along with it, which adds hours to the main game and tons more vehicles, clothes, and abilities to use.


Best played in co-op!

Micepudding | Aug. 25, 2012 | See all Micepudding's reviews »

Don't buy a copy of this game. Buy two and give one to a friend. Saints Row 3 is far more engaging in co-op than in single player. So what's bad about this game? Well, it's too short, missions and side missions are repetitive, and the map feels tiny once you're allowed free roam of it. But wait! Add a friend and suddenly you're doing crazy missions together, following an illogical, but hilarious, story, and competing for the best cars, biggest jumps, most achievements, and so on. The game is awesome when someone is laughing at it alongside you. I highly recommend SR3, but if you'll be playing it singleplayer, take 10 points off the rating I gave it. PC players should be aware that the game will refuse to run on some setups, and it's a good idea to double check which ones are still affected before buying.


Whacky and just plain fun!

AirborneOps | Aug. 13, 2012 | See all AirborneOps's reviews »

The game has been enjoyable. The story is entertaining and a bit ridiculous but with a good soundtrack and great mechanics, it is a one of a kind experience. It is not as serious as the previous two games but that is what made me enjoy it all the more. It also has great performance on the PC.


This is my GOTY of 2011.

xboxer | Aug. 10, 2012 | See all xboxer's reviews »

One of the best open world games I've played. The levelling up system is a nice change from other franchises like GTA. Missions and gameplay are rock solid. The side missions will make you want to keep playing it. Story is amazing. I would say this sets a high benchmark for future open world games. Co op is awesome. You can always hook up with a friend and go stir up some trouble or do some missions.


Gta on speed

Marinlik | Aug. 5, 2012 | See all Marinlik's reviews »

This game is open world, and like Gta and you can kill people and cops. But then something change. It does not take itself serious, it is a bit like someone played gta on speed and said " this is it!" the result is great. It is crazy and extremely fun with characters that stand out and is worth remembering.


Pretty great,over the top fun

TG_Judgement | July 31, 2012 | See all TG_Judgement's reviews »

If you ever imagined if GTA4 had been goofier than San Andreas instead of way more serious, then you have a pretty good idea of what Saints Row is. The third installment starts improving on the second right starting with being an internal PC port instead of a shoddy third party port from a shady Eastern Europe developer. Storyline wise, it feels a bit weaker and disjointed in places, although the dialog is pretty well done ,and the missions themselves run from "decent" to "amazing" ,although I personally think there could've been a few more ,as well as the ability to repeat them. Steelport does feel a bit duller than Stillwater, with less memorable places to visit, but you can still do a variety of things in it like escorting dealers, hookers and Tigers around; wreak havoc with your weapons or a tank, assassinate specific people, hijack specific cars, and other things. The game sadly only has a co-op mode for multiplayer, but the game does everything in its power to accommodate both players, including changing activities and missions to fit both in, as in one example, making the second player the escorted hooker in the escort missions.



rambell | July 24, 2012 | See all rambell's reviews »

There's plenty of reviews there that tells you everything you want to hear about this game. I just have to add in my opinion. This is simply marvelous. It's really open, like a sandbox so one seriously will never run out of things to do in this game. If you are looking for a game that will last for eons, this is the one you want!


Saints Row trades logic for creativity, and the payoff is fun!

Blargarg | July 19, 2012 | See all Blargarg's reviews »

A lot of people critisize this game for being way too crazy compared to its predecessor, and I will agree I personally preferred the more realistic approach of Saints Row 2, but this game is certainly a blast to play regardless. You will gain access to crazy abilities and fight off some crazy bad guys and crazy things will just happen. Word of warning - maybe lay off on some of the upgrades, because once you have them all the game becomes far less challenging and less fun because of it. Or just do whatever you want.


Amazing sandbox gaming fun

stickfigureking | July 14, 2012 | See all stickfigureking's reviews »

This is perhaps one of the few games where I was having almost constant fun throughout it's entirety. The story pieces are hilarious, the gameplay is so much over the top fun with such a great variety of things to play with that it does not get old, and there's just so much to do that anyone could spend hours upon hours in this game alone. This is the sandbox genre done right and is better for not ever taking itself seriously.


The most ridiculous game you will ever play

Tuttlebat | July 13, 2012 | See all Tuttlebat's reviews »

There are a lot of games out there that tend to take themselves very seriously, especially when it comes to gangs and shooting. Saints Row The Third is the exact opposite of that. With a ridiculous storyline that will make you often laugh, weapons that vary from your basic pistol to squid launchers, and missions that are so over the top and amazing, you will love this game from beginning to end if you are looking for something that deviates away from what is normal. I feel like this game is a nice refreshing change from the constantly serious nature of most shooting games. The game becomes significantly more fun in co-op, but be aware that it can be buggy sometimes. It isn't game breaking (most of the time), but it can be a bit of an annoyance or even be entertaining (driving while standing on cars, NPCs spazzing out trapped in fences, etc.)


Very underestimated.

PedroVarela | July 13, 2012 | See all PedroVarela's reviews »

Prepare to be blown by the extreme notion of originality. Prepare to run naked. Prepare to carry a non-ethical weapon around the world and sodomize everyone in it. Saints Row the Third is an explosion of the most ridiculous - yet entertaining- ideas ever, combined with a solid and GTA-like gameplay. Fly through a plane in mid-flight, and shoot people on it. This is the most fun you'll ever have in this genre. The co-op is stuning. Well balanced, and most important: You won't get the feeling your partner is disturbing you. A well played move from THQ. Get it now!



Dagexon | July 13, 2012 | See all Dagexon's reviews »

Sandbox fans get ready for the best game for you guys ever as this is just one of the most crazy and wacky sandboxes ever. A lot of reality has been dropped in this game and that's a good thing in fact it turns out that in this game the wackier the better, and this game is very wacky. You'll have a lot of fun and freedom whilst roaming around steelport's streets and can do a lot however the missions aren't that great and start to feel rather repetitive after a while but that's not a problem as it's the sandbox fun that this game is about so attention all you sandbox fans out there GET THIS GAME!!!


Absurdity is key.

makosuite | July 13, 2012 | See all makosuite's reviews »

This game makes no sense. On pen and paper, it would sound awful. To me, "The framework of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas with no moral limitations, and cheat codes built into the game itself" just sounds like a recipe for disaster. And it is. This game is disastrous. Perfectly disastrous. The story is as emotionally unengaged as it could possibly be, and that is refreshing. Gone is the broodiness of GTA IV or the conspiracy flavor of the Crackdown series. Every mission of the story line has one goal: to do something that no game has done before. And it succeeds. To conclude, I'd like to point out its greatest strength and its greatest weakness. The co-op is perfectly integrated into the game. You can play any story mission, any event, and collect any item in the game with or without a partner. There are no boundaries as to how far you can go apart from one another. You can share a vehicle, or pilot separate jets to have a dogfight over Steelport. But, the co-op and the entire game itself is ran through Steam. This is not a problem for most, but anticipate issues if your Internet connection drops. Steam has had issues in the past with the usefulness of its Offline Mode. But if your connection is good, or you have zero problems with Steam's Offline Mode, this is a must-have.


Over the top fun

Eiensakura | June 24, 2012 | See all Eiensakura's reviews »

Saints Row 3 is just packed with ridiculous, over the top action and adventure. The dialogues can be pretty cheesy at times, but it fits the mood very well, and the voice casting is superbly done too. The vast ability to customize how your character looks in game is a big plus, with the rest of the crew being quite interesting, and have their own motivations and background that you can explore. My only gripe is probably the lack of variety of weapons for each weapon class, sure having 8 different weapons is one thing, but only 2 choices for the SMG and Rifles? Surely you could do better than that, Volition! A good game with loads of laughs and mind-blowing fun.


The most fun you'll have

mashakosha | June 17, 2012 | See all mashakosha's reviews »

There are very few games that exist purely, and I mean solely devoted to fun. Saints Row The Third is one that most definitely is. Okay, so it's world may not be as big as the likes of GTA4, and the missions may not be as story-centric as the Assassin's Creed games. But when you sit down and lose yourself in Steelport for a couple of hours, you'll be amazed at how quickly that time will disappear. Whether you want to explore the world, clean up the streets and liberate them from other gangs into the Saints own hands, or just blow stuff up, you'll have fun doing it. There's no shortage of laughs here either. Listen to the radio stations as you drive around to hear greatly distorted views of your exploits as the city tries to cover for you, drop in on the mayor of Steelport or, for the nerdy laughs, take on the Decker gang. Oh. And there are three different tanks. And jets. You do the maths.


Goddamn awesome.

setoraven | June 13, 2012 | See all setoraven's reviews »

I've clocked this game around 60 hours already including DLC and I still want to play it CO OP still, it's just so goddamn adictive, it is indeed a bit more straightforward than SR2 but overall it's a pretty good game, lot's of crazy antics and lots of destruction. JUST AWESOME.


Highly recommended!!

zxc20033 | June 3, 2012 | See all zxc20033's reviews »

this game is fun,i heard about saints row 2 and i played it good though so i decided to play saints row 3 and i just loved it, i loved the part is you can custom your car which gta cant do that, this game is 100% better than gta 4 because gta 4 need great display card but saint row 3 don't ,i'm using gt9500. Also I love coop too. And the story setting was good. Highly recommended!!


crazy epic FUN!

ternfast | May 22, 2012 | See all ternfast's reviews »

So many games have lost their way... they've forgotten to be FUN. this is one game that gives me so much hope for gaming. its so creative and wacky, it was such a thrill to play till the end. There's loads to do and places to see, and its just so much fun to run wild and just drive around the city and get into gunfights. the controls are responsive, the graphics are pretty good (though not great), and the characters are an absolute blast. highly recommended!!


Wild and crazy ride.

Rzepak01 | May 17, 2012 | See all Rzepak01's reviews »

Saints Row 3 is the crazy cousin of the GTA series. Where as GTA decided to go the serious story driven route, Saints Row is a crazy sandbox with a decent campaign thrown in. The story isnt too long, but its fairly well written and interesting. The characters are fun and likeable and the tone if firmly tongue in cheek. This time the port is excellent. The game looks and plays great. The coop is also very smooth and the way to go if you want to get the most out of the game. Between the story missions you can take on various activities like protection missions where you fly a chopper, pick up missions where you need to get prostitutes to their destinations. The standout for me where the activities in which the goal was to do as much damage to the character by throwing him under cars. Its stupid fun. The addition of allowing the player to take over parts of the city by doing the activities and buying stores goes a long way to extend the playtime. Another good thing about SW3 is that the DLC that has so far been made available is all very solid. Its hard for me to find faults in this game so buy it right now!


Better than Saints Row 2 but still not quite there!

Mixters | May 16, 2012 | See all Mixters's reviews »

I only played Saints Row 2 on PC for about 2hours maximum and the reason to that is because the SR2 pc-port was so bad and it lagged all the time. When SR3 got released I thought, well let's see if it's any better than the previous one. And, yes it was! The PC-version performs better in any way than the SR2 PC version. So let's talk about the gameplay side. The missions are fun and creative, I love the little minigames too. A lot of customization, etc. That's what I've always liked about Saints Row if we're comparing it to the GTA series. What I think is the bad thing about it, is that I think that the story is rather short and the sidemissions get boring after a while, but I guess it's so with every game, right? But you can always hook up with a friend and play co-op, and I think that adds a bit to the replayability of the game. The graphics are not bad, but not great either, they are OK for last years standards, but the graphics aren't everything. But it's always a positive thing if there is some eyecandy too :). You should really buy this game if you like actiongames filled with comedic references, and the ability to play co-op with your friends.


Big 'ol sandbox of FUN!

albeenox | May 16, 2012 | See all albeenox's reviews »

I just loved this game. After so many dull and serious games, its fantastically refreshing to come across one thats all just about zany over the top fun... and Saints Row The Third definately delivers. All the characters are larger than life, and its a blast to have them along in your crew, or watching and listening to them during cutscenes. The game is pretty easy, but really... we're just along for the crazy situations - and damn if this game doesnt have those! The visuals are nice, the controls work fantastically well for the most part, and theres a hell of a lot of content in the game to enjoy (kept me entertained for over 60 hours) If you like your games to be a bit on the crazy side - and arent easily offended... and if you want your games to be about FUN rather than depth and complexity, then I can highly recommend you give the game a try!


Some areas improved over Saints Row 2 , others not.

darkmajki | May 15, 2012 | See all darkmajki's reviews »

Saints Row... One of my favorite games in the last few years. Saints Row 3 puts you in the shoes of a gang leader of the 3rd Street Saints. After a heist gone wrong you are captured by the Syndicate, the gang which controls Steelport, a city nearby Stilwater(the Saints hometown) The game is a lot of fun. You have a lot of customization which will help you make a character from your desires, over the top fun, a funny story, a lot of diffrent missions and excellent graphics. But although the game is excellent, it isn't perfect. Unlike SR2, SRTT was made in Volition( Saints row developer) and was greatly optimized(although some players had problems at the beginning they are gone now ) the game suffered from a funny but a short and not so good storyline( what i mean is there were a few good jokes in the storyline, the storyline wasn't that greatly made, the weapons weren't that good like in Saints Row 2. Even with the bad things i mention i would suggest this game to be played by people who are fan of open world games and games in general.


One of the most fun games, ever

silkgmg | May 10, 2012 | See all silkgmg's reviews »

I loved Saints Row 2 so I may have headed into SR3 with a little.. bias. However, the fact that this takes the sandbox shooting/vehicle stealing genre but turns it into something fun and manical will always be something that I just can't get enough of. I am not a gritty realism fan, which is why GTA IV turned me off the series. I like going out there and causing as much random mayhem as possible, and since I'm rewarded for it, even better! There's plenty of mini games and side missions. One of my personal favorites is the Genkai hyper reality minigames, where you have to get through a mini-maze killing guys in animal costumes, getting random presents and bonuses. The streaking minigame is also amusing. Even if you don't get distracted and complete every mini game / side quest, the main storyline is brilliant, albeit simple, fun. It's well orchestrated and the voice acting is of a high calibre. It's also funny. Very funny. Only downvotes would be; character creation simplified from SR2 though still in-depth. And too short, even at all side missions complete, the original game won't take over 25 hours. If you want realism, go elsewhere. If you want violent, insane, giant dildo bashing fun, hello, my name is Saint's Row the Third. Welcome!



scottnat | April 20, 2012 | See all scottnat's reviews »

More or less a bit of a copy of GTA, but done in a really over the top style. Plays very smoothly, and the world has enough variety - in missions and settings - to happily while away a couple of dozen hours. Isn't quite as well orchestrated as the GTA series in terms of controls or as tight a story, but all in all makes a good complement to that game - or a good alternative if you're looking for another sandbox PC game and already have GTA and Batman:Arkham City. Recommended.


The best CoOp of the year

fragen | April 7, 2012 | See all fragen's reviews »

Coming from Saints Row 2 I wasn't really expecting much of Saints Row 3 due to the bad PC-port Saints Row 2 had. But Saints Row 3 just runs perfectly, and have a beautiful port. On to the game, now, I completed the game in CoOp because I found singleplayer a bit boring. It is fine if you don't have a friend to join with, but CoOp is so great, and possibly the best CoOp experience of 2011. During the game you do missions, and in between the missions you can freeroam the city and release your rage. The missions are really nice put together, your choices matter, down to if one of the main characters dies or not. The dialog and writing really raise my praise for the game, while it's good it's also funny. The game doesn't take itself too serious and delivers a funny and often wierd experience, an example I could give you. Imagine a car that sucks people in from underneath, and shoots them out through a cannon. A well rounded game that offers tons of CoOp entertainment.


Endless Entertainment

ReviewThis | March 5, 2012 | See all ReviewThis's reviews »

This game has unlimited Entertainment you can do almost anything in a living city if you buy the game just take a look about without killing anyone and it almost seems like ever NPC is doing there own thing it really gives the city that really alive effect. There is so much you can do really anything you can think of run around naked or just plain go on a killing spree. However The physics for guns is not that good and I dont really enjoy the story line but all in all a fun crazy minded game to play


"Hey, that panda is on fire!"

Durandir | Feb. 7, 2012 | See all Durandir's reviews »

Have you ever wanted to drive a pimped-out electric car dressed in nothing but a kitty-cat-backpack? Walk down the street in a steampunk suit, punching everyone that looks at you funny in the crotch? What about jumping off the roof of a building, basejump, throw a fart-in-a-jar at a group of people then do the vogue? All of those things are more or less normal in Steelport, the city you wreak havoc in during the course of the game. And boy, what a game! And what havoc! After what happened in Saints Row 2, you (the Boss) now run the Third Street Saints as a business. You and your crew are celebrities, just as likely to be stopped by the cops to be sent to jail as to sign their badges with your autographs. But there is another coalition of gangs that does not like this. The Syndicate, consisting of the Morningstars, Deckers and Luchadores. This leads to you being kidnapped, escaping from a plane (such an explosive way to start a game) ending up in Steelport with no money and no influence. No guns as well, so your first real mission is to raid the armory of the Military base. Where you get Predator Missiles you can steer from the sky to blow up whatever you want. So you understand right from the start that this is not your usual game. Things you usually get at the end of a game, you get right off the bat. And they still manage to "up" what you get several times over. This style of crazy makes the game really enjoyable to play. You constantly want to push forward to see what other crazy things you can get your hands on. It doesn't hurt that the dialog and writing is pretty funny. The downright insane Boss you play as, to the oddly intellectual lieutenants in your gang, there is usually something you at least have to smile at when it happens. But I did miss the more down-to-earth , and even sad, moments you had a few of in Saints Row 2. While not the best graphics around these days, they are more than good enough for this style of game. The character creator is decently powerful, but I feel they could have taken it one step further. Been a while since I played Saints Row 2, but I vaguely recall it having more options. Still, you can make more or less whatever you want, from a normal looking person to some monstrosity never meant for this world. Seeing your character in the cutscenes is half the fun, and since you have seven voices in total you could play through the game seven times and still hear new things. You can also upload and download characters from THQ's website dedicated to the game, so if you don't feel like making your own copy of The Hulk, Buffy or Breaking Bad's Heisenberg, then you can just check that out and probably find what you are looking for. It also helps that you can change everything about your characters looks, voice and personality whenever you want. Sound and music wise; the developers did a great job. Not only do you have a great and varied selection of tracks for your in-game radio-stations, but the DJ's and radioshow hosts are top notch. You also get a few really well thought out music played during missions, like the now famous "Power" helicopter jump near the start. Such a perfect way to frame a mission. There is also an oddly endearing karaoke section while driving with your buddy to a location near the start. Little touches like that is what makes this game more than just a fun and good game. This time you also have a way to upgrade your character. With your hard earned cash you can buy upgrades to sprint longer, endure more shots, carry more ammo etc. You can only buy upgrades corresponding to your level though, which is dictated by your respect. You can end up with a character that takes no damage, never need to reload and never runs out of ammo. Somehow the game keeps being fun after that as well, and you really need to work at it to get to that point. You also have a co-op mode, where you can play through the game with a friend or a random stranger, and a horde mode. Which they have, in true Saints Row fashion, called Wh**ed Mode. Classy. Playing the game co-op with a friend, or in my case a sibling, is really fun. But I would recommend to play through it alone first. To end this, Saints Row: The Third is some of the most fun I have had with a game in a long time. With more and more games coming out, more and more real life things eating up gaming time, it has become less and less time to play through games as they deserve to be played through. Saints Row: The Third however is something I am still coming back to after finishing every little thing I can do. Yes, I have done every little side-mission and task. And I still enjoy the heck out of it.


Make your friends feel like they've done nothing all day!

elgatohombre | Jan. 3, 2012 | See all elgatohombre's reviews »

My wife went out to dinner with some lady friends. She came home sharing stories of the latest gossip with their kids and husbands. I bit my tongue just waiting to say, "I beat up an old lady with a giant purple dildo, had a sex change, streaked all the way to a wrestling arena, then I fought an army of luchadores with a chainsaw!" Her stories sounded like crap compared to mine. I'm sure she felt a little silly with her mundane activities after hearing of my flying a VTOL aircraft into a zombie infested island and fighting giant amazon women after a gimp driven chariot race. I honestly think this game made her embarrassed to share a bed with me at night, but this was the most fun I'd had playing a video game in a really long time. The story is ludicrous, the graphics are mediocre and cartoony, the soundtrack was only sometimes appropriate, and the gunshots and explosions lacked the bowel-evacuating levels present in most modern shooters, but damn was this game fun. There's always something to distract you from the main quest, but you still feel driven to progress based solely on the drive for more absurdly powerful weapons. Even after finishing this game (which you do get to see both endings no matter which you choose), I still went back just to blow stuff up, which is something I never do. The outrageous missions just make this game a joy to play and rarely did I get frustrated enough to stop trying a mission. If you really miss having fun playing video games, buy this game. It's the perfect antidote for the frustration of getting headshot by twelve year olds online.


Rockstar needs to learn from SR3

Sparmoro | Dec. 29, 2011 | See all Sparmoro's reviews »

First off, I have to say that I have never played SR1 or SR2. Therefore, I wasn't sure what I was getting my hands-on when I chose to purchase this game and let's say that I was more than impressed with it. After 2-3 gta that all felt the same to me, I was wondering what THQ could bring to this type of game. I went through the entire game playing about 20 hours of very diverse gaming. I was impressed by how much all the side missions kept me driven off the main. Normally, in games like GTA, you don't really feel like doing the crappy side stuff like starting a cop mission and everything, but in this game every single minigame is fun. Of course, some will say, bah this game isn't much realistic, but guess what it's a game and its supposed to be fun and it is!!! Plus the soundtrack is amazing. Starting a mission falling from a helicopter with Kanye West's "Power" is simply amazing. Overall I think this game rewards everything everyone loved doing in GTA plus it adds a whole lot more.


Absurdly Fun.

monooboe | Dec. 29, 2011 | See all monooboe's reviews »

The Professor Genki trailer for this game sold me completely on the franchise, to that degree that I bought Saints Row 2 and preordered Saints Row: The Third. Considering that I always was kind of negative towards the Saints Row games before, it was a complete turn for me. My expectations going into Saints Row: The Third were quite high and on some fronts they weren’t really met, more on that later, but on those notes that it met my expectations it really excelled, like the first thing one notices is the graphics, they are solid, nothing like the poor port that was Saints Row 2, everything feels polished. The shit that happens are so absurd at times that one can’t help to just let the jaw hit the floor and just laugh. Going around the town doing different mission is great, buying up real-estate, taking out gang does have a purpose, taking over the city. The part where it fell short was the story, not really good as I thought the second game had, even though there are lots of awesome moments in the game, seems there were more that I liked in the second game. All the different gangs to take out also didn’t have the personality compared to the gangs in the second game. Still, a must buy for sure and I even haven’t tried multiplayer or co-op where I think the game will shine the brightest.


Great Game, Terrible Writing

ipowered | Nov. 22, 2011 | See all ipowered's reviews »

Graphics: 8/10 Game-Play: 8/10 Immersion: 0/10 Writing/Story: 0/10 Vehicle Physics: 8/10 Gun Physics: 5/10 Game Length: 20-30hrs (run-through) Originality: No Pros: Awesome game play, physics, and graphics. Cons: Dim-witted scenarios, repetitive missions, and sad, sad writing! If you thought Duke Nukem Forever’s one-liners were cheesy, wait until you play this! The game starts off with a bank robbery, which is unique (in a good way). What killed it was the pathetically idiotic babble going on between this “infamously notorious trio.” Here’s a sample dialogue taken from the game: “We need a lot weapons and quick…There’s a military base not too far from here.” “…but that’s a fortified military base!” “…and your point is?” “Nothing, it just seems kind of dangerous” “It’s either that or you start turning tricks for dough” “Okay, we’ll raid the military base.” The combined deductive reasoning skills of these “infamous thugs” is so pathetic that I feel like smacking the game-writer! Much like the deep philosophical writing of Duke Nukem Forever, Saints Row The Third loses most (if not all) levels of immersion due to the fact that most people (modern-day gamers at that) expect a game that will appeal at least partially to their intellects on some level, and this game just doesn’t deliver. Unless the aim of the game was to mock would-be thugs and the mediocrity of their thought processes, the writers should have probably stuck with the self-obsession theme that the writers of the Duke Nukem Forever apparently thought was befitting for their spectacularly-designed game. I remember imagining how awesome games such as Crackdown 2 would have been if they lost the corny “agency theme,” and hired some creative writers to go along with the game play. In closing, there you have it: another polished game with excellent mechanics that could have been the game of the year; but, won’t be due to the audience that can’t respect a game with cheesy one-liner anymore than they can respect a movie with the same. In all honestly, there’s no excuse; we can expect poorly-written dialogue from arcade games made by some broke developer who had a great idea but didn’t have the money to pay a writer — not heavy-hitters such as THQ and Volition. With “Alan Wake” winning Time Magazine’s Game of The Year in 2010, you would thing that publishers would start pushing their designers for better-written games. Hey, if you like our review style, please don’t forget to add us to your facebook or hit the “like” button on our blog. We’re trying to raise the bar with our reviews and include all aspects that matter per game so that gamers looking for immersive games won’t wind up with great hack ‘n slash titles, etc.


Game of the year (get lost, skyrim!)

Lamcia | Nov. 20, 2011 | See all Lamcia's reviews »

After SR, and SR2, i was skeptical about this game, BUT GOD, I WAS SO WRONG! Every aspect of this game is better than GTA4, no boring dates if your buddies, changing enivorment, ZOMBIES!!! This game is new standard in sandbox GTAlike games, rockstar, i hope GTAV will be half as good as SR3!


Utter Insanity

Baha | Nov. 15, 2011 | See all Baha's reviews »

Saints Row The Third is a game that thrives on encouraging and rewarding the player for doing crazy stuff. While the immediate comparisons to other open world sandbox games are only natural, SRTT has carved out it's own niche in this genre and isn't ashamed of it. You play as a customized character who is the leader of the Stilwater 3rd Street Saints who've accumulated so much wealth and notoriety that they've become pop icons and celebrities despite their criminal activities. After a run in with an organization calling itself the Syndicate, you must gather your forces and start the turf war once more, this time in the Syndicate controlled city of Steelport. One of the first things you will notice upon arriving in the city is the amount of freedom available from the offset. Running around killing civilians or starting gang wars, it's available pretty much at the beginning (once you've acquired your crib you should also have access to more side missions). You do have a cellphone in this game but it functions as your in-game menu with access to your map (with GPS functionality), homies, cash, upgrades, cheats and much more. With the amount of things you can buy via upgrades or via in-game stores or even on property, you'll never be at a loss on what to spend your money on. It should also be noted that you can change your character at anytime (including gender) via plastic surgery so you have the ability to mix things up later if you want to try something new. Not to mention a 2 player co-op campaign that works seamlessly (drop in/drop out). Most importantly though, it runs on PC. IT RUNS. After the atrocious PC port of SR2, many were cautious regarding the SRTT port but I'm here to say that it runs fine and gamers can rest a little easier now that we can actually play the game. In conclusion, SRTT isn't a game you should play for an "oscar worthy" story or anything elaborate like that. Rather, if you're looking for a good time, then SRTT is willing to provide that and deliver.