Reviews for Railworks 3: Train Simulator 2012 Deluxe Edition


Another Great Entry To The Series

lightfellow | Sept. 29, 2011 | See all lightfellow's reviews »

This is a great game, but a niche game. You drive many different trains through many different routes, and if that sounds boring to you, then this is not your game. However if that sounds interesting, or you are already a fan of the series or similar games like flight simulator then I would suggest this game. The graphics are wonderful and everything is painstakingly detailed. Different weather conditions, small details at the controls, everything has been done to make this experience as immersible as possible. This Deluxe Edition also includes the horseshoe curve route expansion. It is a great expansion, which normally costs a lot at full price, making this a great deal. The editor modes will keep you busy for a long time after you have finished all the premade content.


A good improvement

sng7 | Sept. 27, 2011 | See all sng7's reviews »

As someone who has played Railworks 2 this new version is so much better, with better shadows, realistic rain and - at last - working headlights making this at a least a properly realistic train simulator. Included with the game is a large variety of content to suit all, particularly with this version coming with the horseshoe curve route - the first route designed for Railworks 3. Overall I would recommend this to all people interested in train sims especially with the large amounts of freeware and payware available although do make sure your system is of a high spec otherwise you will have to turn off a lot of the feature that make Railworks 3 so good.