Reviews for Sanctum: Killing Floor DLC


Useful, but not vital.

Lunk | July 23, 2012 | See all Lunk's reviews »

The Killing Floor (not to be confused with a certain zombie survival game) lies firmly in the middle of the pack where the Sanctum DLC towers are concerned. It's not quite as easy to just drop in the map and use effectively as the Violator, but it's significantly better than the Penetrator and actually addresses many of the same targets the Penetrator does. Used properly, it can be very effective against Runners and Walkers. I don't include it in my loadout often, but if I find myself lacking AE damage it's a nice catch-all answer. As an added bonus, it will also hit the ever-annoying Hoverers regularly. Certainly not essential, but a worthy addition to a core defender's arsenal.


Enemies watch your step!

Moneyman | June 29, 2012 | See all Moneyman's reviews »

It is very useful to have in your arsenal since you can place it where no one of your other towers can be placed, on the floor. This creates a lot of new improvments for you to complete all the maps on a even harder diffuculty. It actually helps you (alteast me) improve your defending.


Kill your enemies with "one step"...

Needlemouse | May 3, 2012 | See all Needlemouse's reviews »

Technically it's a landmine that kills one foe nothing matter what. It can be very helpful to stop/kill larger enemies later in the game. It can also be used as a last hope weapon to protect the core. However it can only rid one foe at ones,after that it need some time for recharging. Are you still reading this? Go get this DLC now!


More fun to be had!

Babelfish343 | Oct. 24, 2011 | See all Babelfish343's reviews »

With this DLC, you can now place a Killing Floor in front of your enemies. Enemies who touch the floor will die and delivers significant damage. Add some more variety to the fantastic game Sanctum, and enjoy some great strategic use of the Killing Floor! Definitely worth the less than a dollar price tag!