Reviews for Dragon Age: Origins Digital Deluxe Version



D3ATH | Nov. 8, 2011 | See all D3ATH's reviews »

Having played most of Bioware titles, I expected more from this game. Dragon Age starts out big, setting you on a path to save the world from destruction and evilness. There are multiple different ways to start the game, each start depending on your race and status. Soon enough you find yourself fighting the evil with good or even evil if that's your cup of tea. Along the road you find more and more companions each with their unique character. This game offers you a lot of entertaining and deep interactions and conversations with all kinds of characters, meaning you have to be careful about what you say or you may be disliked by many. The story is pretty similar to most of the games from same genre; Evilness spreading all over the world and you are the only hope to save the world. I personally found the story quite bland a it didn't offer anything new or unexpected. Graphics are good and every item, building and character is pleasing to eyes. Cutscenes in this game are really good and beautiful to watch. Combat system this game is average at it's best. While it presents you with a lot of weapons and ways to end the life of your enemies and quite a bit of blood, it feels dated and irritating. Controlling and commanding your companions in combat can also be quite frustrating at times. Generally it feels like this game is trying to offer too much, yet unsuccessfully.


One of the best RPG's I've ever played

Bas92 | Oct. 26, 2011 | See all Bas92's reviews »

Dragon Age Origins is by far one of the best RPG's I've ever played. Sadly it's also Bioware's last true RPG, Mass Effect 2 and Dragon Age 2 can hardly be called RPG's. This game is awesome though. I bought it on release, played it for almost 300 hours and then put it down. And now I reinstalled it and I'm eager to start a new playthrough. This game has very interesting characters, an awesome story, lots of places to explore, fun combat (especially on Nightmare difficulty) and lots of skills and items. If you enjoy tactical combat from a top-down view (like Baldur's Gate), then you'll love this game. The dialogues are also written well and one playthrough alone can take 60-120 hours, depending on the amount of sidequests you complete. Some of the DLC is also pretty good (I recommend The Stone Prisoner, Return to Ostagar and Warden's Keep). And if you're really up for a challenge, then you can solo this game in nightmare mode (so don't get any party members, let your character fight all by himself) which is very difficult but also very rewarding. All in all, this is a must have for any RPG/LotR/Baldur'sGate fan!