Reviews for Dead Space (EU)


Noone can hear you scream (except the neighbours)

AkiMatti | May 7, 2014 | See all AkiMatti's reviews »

In this game you are on a space station, most times alone and ambushed by creatures who want to suck your spine out of your neck. Sometimes the lights go out, sometimes you have no room to manoeuvre, sometimes you just are too startled to react. But you will die in horrifying ways in this game. You will anticipate it, you fear for it but it will still get you. Those things are hideous. Yeah, you can class this as a horror game, and a well executed one. That should tip you whether this game is for you or not.


In space, no one can hear you crying in the corner

SinisterDragon | March 15, 2014 | See all SinisterDragon's reviews »

Never have I been so terrified yet so entertained at the same time. The atmosphere in this game is very well made. As you wander around the ship you never feel safe. Not even for a moment. The sound design has done a great job of constantly making you feel like you are being followed and that death is just behind you. Many people say that Dead Space isn't TRULY scary because its just jump scares. Well believe me when I say that they do jump scares right. The game will make you walk past a vent once or twice and have an enemy jump out but the third time nothing will happen, or the fourth time but as soon as you feel safe the fifth one reminds you to always be on your guard. This game keeps you on your toes and tries to make you feel safe before tearing that feeling away from you. You never have enough ammo and the save stations are always just too far away and causes you to dread every encounter and every time you survive the feeling of accomplishment grows bigger (as do the enemies) As someone who is too scared to play horror games normally, I will say that the sheer amount of fun I had playing this game was enough for me to fight through the fear as I never wanted to stop playing.


Entertaining thriller

Gmen | Jan. 8, 2014 | See all Gmen's reviews »

You take the role of Isaac Clarke, an engineer who travels aboard a shuttle named Kellion to a ship, called the USG Ishimura, referred to as a ‘planet cracker’. While aboard the Ishimura, Clarke (the player character) must traverse the ship from deck to deck and repair certain objects, usually machinery, all the while battling strange creatures called necromorphs and finding out what happened aboard the ship, which involves religious fanaticism and a strange object referred to as the Marker. The theme and gameplay are both similar to System Shock 2, although the classic inventory system isn't present. In fact, I find the HUD in Dead Space to be rather minimalist. The player doesn’t rely on conventional weaponry, but instead weapons that are made by finding schematics and downloading them at stores that are found throughout the ship, similar to Fallout 3 or BioShock. The player can also modify these weapons at upgrade stations to make them more powerful, like changing their ammo capacity, damage capabilities, and reload time. Other abilities that the player has are stasis, which slows down moving objects including enemies, and kinesis, which allows the player to move objects out of the way, or throw them. Load times are quite swift, with animations showing during the time is takes to pass from one section of the ship to the next. The menu system is unique as far as games go, with the menus having a holographic look just like many of the prompts in the game. The sound in the game is used to good effect, with many an occasion that will have you wondering whether it is the ship settling or an imminent attack by one of the enemies. There are also unique sound distortion effects such as when the player is in a vacuum, resulting in a muted sound perforated by the sound of gunfire and footsteps. The controls in Dead Space are quite smooth as far as movement controls are concerned, but there are a few niggling issues I have with the game. There are two main sets of controls, one being operated with the right mouse button depressed, and the other not. In combat situations this can lead to a bit of frustration. The camera is also a bit of a letdown. The game relies on an over-the-shoulder third person type camera, like in Resident Evil 5. You have to increase the mouse sensitivity enormously just to be able to turn the character around. Overall, this game is worth a try. It has its moments and is certainly one of the scarier games to be released in recent memory.


Carpenter style

Mscigniew | Jan. 3, 2014 | See all Mscigniew's reviews »

DS is one of the best horror games I ever played.If you watched John Carpenter`s horror movies and you liked em,youll love DS.It has this thick,intense and disturbing atmosphere written all over it,from the intro(starting with "tinkle,tinkle little star")to the outro.Gameplay is fun(you have to cut the limbs of your opponents to kill em)but I dont recomend a gamepad,cause it needs precise shooting.Sounds and acting are top notch. If you havent try it yet,do so you wont regret.


Space sure is one scary place

cuneytarkin | Oct. 31, 2013 | See all cuneytarkin's reviews »

Ever since Alien, space sure have been a scary place. Dead Space knows this, and takes advantage of it by throwing nightmare upon nightmare in your face, while you're trapped in the middle of nowhere. The game is only truly scary in the beginning, until you know what you are facing. Twisted creatures are not as frightening as the unknown, as we all know. Besides that, Dead Space boasts a good gameplay, telling a story that's kinda well-written and showing you that space is still scary.


Great game

Alfa8789 | Oct. 29, 2013 | See all Alfa8789's reviews »

Very high quality product from Electronic Arts. Game developers clearly draws inspiration from the films "Alien" by Ridley Scott and "The Thing" by John Carpenter. The atmosphere is incredible, the first minutes of total immersion in the game world. I do not remember so much in the style of atmospheric Sci-Fi games, can only be the Aliens versus Predators 2. Very interesting design of the spacecraft, all very realistic, all in their places. Interesting system upgrades, original weapon. As far as the Necromorphs, I have never been so much fun to dismember, burn and trample into the meat of an aggressive alien biomass. Personally, I was not scared to play, the game is not like horror, but kept in constant tension to the very end of the game


Scary atmosphere

rjb789 | Sept. 24, 2013 | See all rjb789's reviews »

This game is a great example of horror done right. The atmosphere provides a perfect backdrop for terrifying scares and shocks whilst the gory combat and cleverly implemented upgrade system adds depth to the story. Unfortunately as you progress it becomes easier to anticipate when you will be "scared". This only becomes a problem far into the game though so you will still get your fair share of scared. In short, if you like horror games go pick this up!


Rebirth of horror

g_reaper1666 | Aug. 27, 2013 | See all g_reaper1666's reviews »

This is a game in which you have make your way through a alien zombie infested spaceship. The game seems to encourage you to form attachments to the game characters, unlike other games where you can open your inventory and map to be able to catch a break within this game that is not possible. This helps to immerse you into the game because of the fact that you need to find a clear spot to be able to check your items. This is why it is best to set hotkeys up for the different items without which you might find yourself running low on health and decide to risk opening your inventory to try and save yourself. The weapons in this game also have alternate forms such as the assault rifle which if you are surrounded can fire around you which can clear the area to give you some breathing room. the best weapon in the game in my opinion is the plasma cutter which is best at dismembering your enemy and quickly and efficiently taking them down. even a few years after its release the graphics of the game meet modern standards because of the dark lighting setup in alot of the levels which means that you will not always be able to see too far which is what you expect in a damaged spaceship. This is a game i would recommend anyone who is into horror and sci-fi games to try.


A lot of JumpScares. Great atmosphere.

jackyboi1014 | June 20, 2013 | See all jackyboi1014's reviews »

Dead Space is an incredible game and a real surprise hit.You can clearly see the painstaking detail that went into creating it's menus, environment and character animations.This is probably the game with the highest production values that I've come across in recent times and just plays great. Gaming dynamics like dismemberment, holographic displays that keep you in the game even when accessing inventory and selective upgrading of your weapons always keeps the player interested. Plus I a have never seen such ridiculous amounts of gore like this, limbs fly all over the place and blood flows like water. On the difficulty side I'd say you'll have to play the game on Hard otherwise it might be slightly too easy. Talking about the length of the game well, I finished it in about 15 hours and I was taking my time. Replayability factor is definitely there though, because after you finish the game, you unlock some goodies for a second play through and also unlock impossible difficulty. Controls were a non issue for me, if you've played something like Mass Effect then you'll have a good idea of how it handles. In closing, Dead Space is a must play for any fans of gaming, particulary those that like a Sci-Fi horror setting .


Over-Hyped, but not bad

Plasros | June 18, 2013 | See all Plasros's reviews »

A triumph of style and gimmicks over substance. There is not much going on here except for shooting monsters repeatedly. An overly generous person would call both the setting and the storyline minimal, that same person would call it predictable and sometimes a little bit scary. Having said that, some of the weapons are good, some of the gimmicks keep you interested and you do actually want to escape the damn place. So I managed to finish it and just about got my money's worth. I cannot envisage a scenario whereby I'd ever play it again and would only recommend it to horror maniacs who have no more than £10 to spare and nothing better to do.


Come to get scared, stay for the atmosphere

TronLight | May 24, 2013 | See all TronLight's reviews »

Depending of what kind of person you are, Dead Space can be two things: 1) Terribly scary or 2) Not scary at all. Because, no, Dead Space is no Silent Hill, or Amnesia., it won't try to scare you with psychological games. It will, instead, rely on many "jump-scare", that, again, depending of what kind of person you are, will always scare you or just for the first levels. The main problem is that by half of the game, you will already know all the tricks, you will be able to tell where monsters will spawn as soon as you set foot in a room. Plus, the abundance of ammunitions and health-pack doesn't really help getting scared. And if you play this on PC, aiming for legs and arms will be really easy, so crippling monsters will be really easy. But, beside the non-scaryness, the game is very solid. The atmosphere is really great, you'll be stucked on this spaceship full of deformed aliens that will try to kill you at your every step, giving the setting a very Alien-esque styile. Locations may become a little repetitive, because you're in this big ship, but not so much you'll want to stop playing. Gameplay is good, every weapon has 2 fire mode. Personally, I played the game only with the Plasma Cutter (the first weapon you get), because it's probably the most usefull. Isaac is not agile nor fast because of the suit his wearing, and this only adds to the pressing sensation you'll have, that you are the pray, not the hunter. To increase the tension I suggest that you play at an higher difficulty than Normal. All things considered, Dead Space is a very good game.


Welcome Isaac Clarke aboard the USG Ishimura

Guardian412 | Jan. 30, 2013 | See all Guardian412's reviews »

A missing planet cracker ship, a tiny ship with a crew of five to the rescue, a silent engineer in a desperate search for his lost love, and deadly, scary monsters as welcoming party as you step aboard the ghost ship USG Ishimura. Maybe this is how I can describe Dead Space's story the best. As Isaac Clarke, the silent protagonist of the game (Presumably he has a sore throat in this episode as he can speak well in Dead Space 2), you have to find your love, Nicole, while you must learn the truth behind the xenomorph infestation plaging the Ishimura, but foremost you must find a way to leave the deadly ship alive and in one piece, which is not an easy task. Dead Space is a horror game and it is scary at first, but honestly I've met and played with scarier games in my lifetime. Unfortunately the the scary factor of the game is becoming way too predictible as you're progressing with the storyline and the elimination of the necromorphs will become a routine task, especially during the last chapters of the game. The storyline is well told, the narration is great and the game has enough twists to keep you entertained from the beginning to the end. One of my favorite feature in the game was the H.U.D.s unique presentation, which is definitely new and a great improvement. The weapons, what you may upgrade by time, are also very-very unique comparing to other games and Dead Space is one of the very few games where you'll love and use the basic weapons just much as you'll use the more powerful ones you'll find later in the game. The graphics of the game is great, however its a bit repetative, but it fits well for the planet cracker ship Ishimura. Dead Space is a horror game, one of the bests in the genre. I also finished it about three times since I have it. But it has some flaws, namely the level design and the tasks you have to complete, which is making the game a bit repetative at times. Still, if you love horror and scary games, Dead Space is your game as its one of the finest in the genre with a unique story, and it is highly-highly recommended for both horror and science fiction fans.


A great horror game

Stebsis | Jan. 29, 2013 | See all Stebsis's reviews »

You play as Isaac Clarke who's sent to repair a mining vessel Ishimura. But soon when you arrive you notice that something is very wrong. It becomes a great survival horror game with lots of thrills and scary moments. You fight against alien monsters who've infested about the whole crew of Ishimura. The combat works a bit differently from standard third person shooter. The first thing you'll notice is that the game doesn't pause when you open your inventory. Everything happens in real time and it makes some really intense moments when you don't know what's gonna happen. Second is that you don't kill the aliens by shooting them just in the head or torso like you normally would think and do. You need to strategically dismember the alien limbs. Dismembering legs makes them fall down and crawl towards you a bit slower which is always the best choise. All enemy types have a little different places what you want to shoot, like a little monster with 3 tentacles growing out of it or your standard, human shaped monster. There are lots of great guns to choose from, and they're not your typical grenade launcher, assault rifle etc. Isaac Clarke isn't a soldier, he's a technician and weapons reflect on that. Your first weapon, a cutting tool which can take out enemy limbs easily. You have a bit more traditional assault rifle. There's also a saw gun that shoots saw blades or you can kind of levitate the saw and cut through everything in front of you. Graphics and atmosphere are great, lighting effects are superb and the space ship looks great and futuristic, but areas tend to start look a bit same after a while. Dead Space is a really scary game, it makes you nervous to continue it because you never know what kind of trouble waits ahead, but you just want to find out and go on. This is an intense third person survival horror game that any horror fan will love.


A good survival horror

Cavalieroscuro | Jan. 14, 2013 | See all Cavalieroscuro's reviews »

I'm not a fan of space location, but Dead Space is for sure a great survival horror, at least on highest difficulties. There are situation that can kill you if you not react first, and enemies are hard to kill because you must dismember them. There are a lots of weapon, but you will use plasma cutter for the majority of the time. The plot is really good, partially ruined by the sequel's one.


Dead Space - scary, amazing!

crazyspike | Dec. 24, 2012 | See all crazyspike's reviews »

Dead Space its a "see from behind your character" game with customization of weapons and perks.. History in game is very good written, lots of WTF? and "my heart" moments (scary stuff). Graphic and sound very good. Lots of good hours to spend! If you like scary, horror shooter this is your game!!


Must visit Dead Space

DonVercetti | Dec. 23, 2012 | See all DonVercetti's reviews »

This is one of those titles which is unique in it's kind. I really adore this title, it brings not only great atmosphere and scary vibe but amazing gameplay aswell. It's amazing that in this game you'll still be scared out of your socks, even thought you’re amoured up with great arsenal. The game does present itself well as there are a lot of different enemies and enough weapons to keep you silent and sweet an entire playthrough long. This game isnt expensive at all on GMG, and I advice if you dont already own the title to pick it up!


You are gonna be frightened

hannibal_king | Dec. 23, 2012 | See all hannibal_king's reviews »

I like playing horror games. I like to feel stressful. But not too many games can do that for me. Dead space is definitely one of the most successful ones. Game doesn't let you get relax even for a second. Especially the atmosphere is amazing. And graphics are really really good. I just would like to see different shaped monsters. I don't know, in my opinion they could be better. But that doesn't change the success of this game. If you haven't played yet, you should definitely taste that atmosphere.


The game with the most trolling monsters

abelfs | Dec. 17, 2012 | See all abelfs's reviews »

Very good atmospheric game at maximum difficulty. The AI of the monsters is not conceived to killing you, first they have to scare you because the will always try to catch you back in order to make you jump. Nevertheless, one big fail is the final boss (game is not needed bosses at all IMHO, but last one is complete dumb). Anyway, very good space horror with a great story that has different interpretations. Remember: play it on higher difficulties.


Dead Space review

carlyle | Nov. 25, 2012 | See all carlyle's reviews »

Certainly a prominent feature is the sci-fi, there to explore the length and breadth of a ship extremely desolate, where darkness and blood are master; certainly impact the omnipresence of mutilated bodies and often also written on walls and windows in the vicinity of them: all these features combined with special sound effects give this title a persistent state of anxiety that can turn into fear (very subjective, I is not proven much) during the most hectic of combattimanto. It is under this point of view we will face a large number of enemies quite diverse as fighting style, some alien species are swift and lethal blows sferreranno close, others will be more awkward and try to defeat us with ranged attacks through their tentacles; on our side, we will have a powerful arsenal of fighting constantly updated with components that collect during the patrols that will allow us to get rid of them in various ways, this is because Deda Space has a sophisticated system of dismemberment and we will be able to slow down the ugly beasts hitting the arts or even resorting to "stagnation", an innovative system that allows you to slow down our targets faster for a few seconds. We may seem like a manageable situation too, I invite you to reconsider as potentially problematic considering that the ammunition is not always abound, and that the enemies to come to your counter are not few, with all the consequences used: in fact in some cases we will have to defend punches and kicks, respectively, in an attempt to break up and remove the enemies.


Scary enough for you?

V2lentin | Oct. 23, 2012 | See all V2lentin's reviews »

Dead Space may not be the scariest game ever, but it will surely make you jump out of the chair sometimes. You play as Isaac Clarke, an engineer sent to SS Ishimura to investigate a transmission blackout. There, he will find himself on a ship posessed by an alien entity, that turned all the human crew into aliens. From there, is your task to investigate what happened. This game's graphics are good, although some textures don't look very well. The aliens are very well done, looking scary enough to give you the creeps. The sound is very well done, the music and the ambiental sounds creating a scary environment that will make your heart stop sometimes. Isaac isn't talking at all and that may be a good thing after all. You only hear him breathing heavily in vacuum and that is more than enough. From now and then, you'll end up in zero-gravity areas or vacuum that add a new challenge to the game. The enemies have vulnerable points and the accent falls on tactical dismemberment, so you shouldn't aim for the head. Overall, a good game that is really worth buying.


One of The best

Sharptap | Sept. 25, 2012 | See all Sharptap's reviews »

Dead Space is a horror game wtih a excellent atmosphere and horrible monsters that will scare you. Dead Space has an excelent story too, one of the best stories of the recent horror games.The soundtrack is a important thing in this game , because makes you get even deeper into the atmosphere of the game. The graphics are good and the gameplay is great (apart from in the zero-g zones , it can get a bit bad). The game can be a challenge in higher difficulties. It´s a must buy for the people who are trying to find a good horror game.


Great survival

Zinzun | Sept. 24, 2012 | See all Zinzun's reviews »

This game is a great survival.You are Isaac Clarke,and you must solve the "trouble" on ISG Ishimura,fighting tonnes of lethal enemies and surviving them. The story is very interesting (there are also an animated movie and a series of comic book to explicate it well),the graphic and sound are very good (on space no one can hear you screaming!) Buy this if you want a good survival,it's worth it!


The most intense game I've ever played.

ThomasG101 | Sept. 4, 2012 | See all ThomasG101's reviews »

I usually rate games highly as I only get games I know i'll probably enjoy however when I got this I was taking a bit of a leap of faith, and i'm glad I did. Every game i've ever played of the horror genre has been boring and had a completely uninteresting story until this one. This game is really one of the best RPG's i've ever played, it's got stunning graphics, a tense atmosphere, intense combat and a great story. Really, what more could you want? I would recommend this game over Dead Space 2 even now as it's far better and I hope Dead Space 3 gets back on track for February 8th 2013.


A good sci-fi horror game

CJV | Sept. 1, 2012 | See all CJV's reviews »

Dead Space doesn't really have much scares, it is all about the tension and the atmosphere. Isaac, the protagonist, is a silent character, which helps the immersion and the tension. It is not the best horror game but it manages to have an engaging story and gameplay while maintaining a good diversity. The campaign it's about 10 hours long and manages to never get too repetitive. A good game, with a nice horror atmosphere, recommended.


Play it if you want to know what is horror

panz3r88 | July 19, 2012 | See all panz3r88's reviews »

This title is a very fun and scaring sci-fi action game. The objective of the game is to survive the hordes of monster and aberration and escape the Ishimura. The gameplay is typical of a third person shooter with all the characteristics element of a survival horror, in particular the presence of a low amount of resources and ammos we must manage to survive. The main elements of this game is the possibility to dismember the enemy: with this feature we can try for example to slow down our enemies cutting off their leg . If we try to aim to some parts of the body we can spare some ammo and be more effective in defeating the enemy. Dead Space has a solid gameplay, but the best characteristic of this game are the horror elements:I can assure you that if you play this game in a dark room and when there's no noise you will be scared at each step. I think that this is one of the few games released in the last year that is able to scare you


Very atmospheric horror

Cynaris | July 13, 2012 | See all Cynaris's reviews »

Dead Space is a truly frightening horror game. Is it at least on the first playthrough. Dark, narrow corridors await the player with disturbing creatures waiting for you to cross their way. These are called Necromorphs, and throughout the game you uncover what are they doing on the ship where you are supposed to make some repairs. Of course you aren't going to repair objects in this game, as nothing goes according to plan. Faithfully to the name of the developers, the game features visceral third person combat, dismemberment, and lots of gore to be had. Good visuals, atmospheric music sets up the mood and scares well. Bloodthirsty savages: this is your game.


Spine chills

dantevelibc | June 15, 2012 | See all dantevelibc's reviews »

Dead Space is one of last survival horror games that perfectly blends action and scares. We are in the shoes of engineer looking for his loved one on an abandoned "Planet-cracker" type of spaceship. At beginning everything is too quiet and then the horror starts. We fight strange Necromorphs and learn about weird religion. Story is really good and although our hero is mute whole time we can easily connect with his emotions. Gameplay is a bit similar to Resident Evil 4 but with focus on disembodiment instead of pure headshots. We have to cut limbs off the enemies to kill them. Dead Space is really creepy and everyone should try it as one of best new IP created during this generation of consoles.


An almost truly terrifying sci-fi horror game

FreeMan85 | Nov. 3, 2011 | See all FreeMan85's reviews »

Dead Space follows the traditional horror elements: deserted ship, a small rescue crew, a ghost ship with some spooky elements then the slaughter begins. Our hero Isaac Clarke (must be maded by the names of Isaac Asimov and Artur Clarke) a space engineer who came with the repair crew who received a distress call from the USG Ishimura. His girlfriend also serve on the ship and she send him a message. Even the landing goes smooth on the ghost ship, but after that the terror is starts. Soon only Isaac and two main officer stays alive. Abadoned, alone and terrified. And you only weapons is your basic cutter tool. Which makes things harder these monsters simply don't want to die... easily. So aim their limbs or heads and try to cut them off. Or step on them, if you can. The gameplay is kinda survival and fix that and this type a game. You can explore the whole ship from the bridge to engineer and vice versa. There are boss fights and tricky puzzle like games. Sometypes only need find a key card, sometime some special stuff. Of course you can buy weapons, suit, ammo and medicine in shops by collected money or solded special items (which can be found across the ship). You can also upgrade your suit and weapons with collectable points. The fun parts when you enter a zero-G room and you can long jump from wall to wall. And there rooms without pressure, is less fun. Your suit holds some oxygen, but not much. You can pick up oxygen cans of course and use when you need it. Of course the monsters don't need air, so they can attack even when you at the ship hull. And there will be boss fights with really big monsters. Sometimes you will feel: they can't be beaten. The game graphics is... okay. Not so bad bad, but I feeled something is missing. Maybe better lighting effects or some bloom. And maybe needs to set the in-game brightness a bit lower, to feel the colors be more... stronger and the game darker. Anyway, the game is optimized very well and runs smooth even with all effects. The sounds is awesome: the monsters, the automatic ship voices in the background, the crawlings in everywhere and when you hear of some heavy steel stuff falling down in a big room... it's truly awesome feeling. Even with a simple 2.1 sound system. The voice-acting is good, only 2-3 characters in the game whos talking anyway, cause our hero is silent like Gordon Freeman. Well, Dead Space a better and creepier sci-fi horror game, then Doom3. It's not that dramatic and "now I'm gonna scar you, boo!" type a game. Sadly some of the story elements are clichés and maybe you know the truh at the half way, but still a well written story and universe. Warning! If you disturbed by the screenshots, don't buy this game. You gonna see some very nasty and disgusting... things.