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The best of the series

gforcesa | Dec. 24, 2013 | See all gforcesa's reviews »

In my opinion this is the best Crysis game ever.People even say it's a benchmark for your PC which is kinda right.You are soldier with a suit that makes you run faster,jump higher,punch stronger and survive longer.The suit can also make you invisible.I really enjoyed Crysis because of it's gameplay and story.When i bought the game i thought i was going to fight bad guys which means people, right ? Well, wrong because half way through the game you have to fight aliens which i didn't really like but completed the game overall.For a game that was realeased in 2007 the graphics were breath taking at that time.I think every gamer that loves FPS games should try this one.


A refreshing and unique change to the fps genre

jack9320 | Oct. 25, 2013 | See all jack9320's reviews »

Other than the obviously fantastic graphics, the game creates a fantastic environment in which you can approach you targets in many ways, either in a stealthy fashion or a guns blazing using the different suit functions which provide the game with such a unique style of game play. The open sections allow you to plan out your actions. The game is a refreshing pace on the fps genre and is definitely worth the price of the game at around £10. The story is OK but the suit functions and weapon customisations on the go are what make this game so great. My only problem with the game was with the introduction of the new enemies half way through the game, it seems to loose the open areas and tactical combat in exchange for multiple fire fights which was a shame. multilayer kept crashing on my computer and I was unable to find fix, however the game with worth every penny on campaign alone. This game wont soon be forgotten as I go through another play through of this excellent game.


The beginning

MarcoCav | Oct. 17, 2013 | See all MarcoCav's reviews »

When a video game is preceded by years of waiting and promises apparently disproportionate, often the result is questionable and fails to meet the expectations of the players. Crysis manages to win thanks to the nano-suit protagonist of the game, making it one of the best first person shooters released in recent times. The structure that made Far Cry famous has been expanded, with an impressive freedom of movement. In addition there is a multiplayer definitely well done, not so much in quantity, but certainly for quality.


Ridiculuosly good!

rjb789 | Sept. 22, 2013 | See all rjb789's reviews »

This game is a masterpiece of both graphics and gameplay. The interesting mechanics allow you to opt for either a silent approach or an all out blow the up style attack. The enemies are generally smart but this can be fixed by installing a few mods which enhance their intelligence. The campaign is extremely long and is pack full of great cut scenes and set pieces. In short, buy this game!


Even in 2013...

ncorbin | Sept. 12, 2013 | See all ncorbin's reviews »

this game still looks beautiful in 2013, it is better than the second release and will take you about 4 times longer to complete (not including warhead and crisis wars) than any of the generic call of duty single player campaigns. If you have a pc and you want to test it crysis is still a fantastic benchmark only really surpassed by the latest metro games.


Playable benchmark

spectatorx | Aug. 20, 2013 | See all spectatorx's reviews »

When crysis came out all gamers had jaws dropped to floor. They reacted like this because of how wonderful the game looks like and because of hardware requirements. Crysis has amazing graphics which are impressing people even today. Shooting is only addition to interesting world in which you can break almost anything, pick up almost anything and do whatever you want. It is open world game, in some locations you can swim around all enemies and avoid shooting them out. Physics in game are incredible and to this day are still impressive, it is awesome to set up few barrels and blow them up and watch how amazing things are going on on screen :D Game has solid gameplay, interesting open world, amazing sound and graphics. The only problem may be requirements which are pretty high even now. Game was released in 2007 but still there is not so much hardware that could run it in full detail in 1080p with 60fps. If you want to play it in such resolution and framerate go minimum with core i5/phenom II x4, radeon hd78xx/geforce 660 and 4GB of ram. Crysis has x64 executables so it will benefit from every GB of ram. Crysis is game which every gamer has to play so definitely it is must buy if you love FPS games and somehow didn't play crysis yet.



lazygamer559 | Aug. 16, 2013 | See all lazygamer559's reviews »

Well I got this because I just upgraded my pc and wanted to see what it could do. And this game looks amazing. The atmosphere is fantastic later on in the game when Aliens enter the scene and from then the game and story picks up massively. Only downside is that I'm not that good at flying VTOL's which they make you do at the end.


Crysis past the Hype

RyanFitz | July 25, 2013 | See all RyanFitz's reviews »

Ah, Crysis. The game that released in 2007 that was nigh unplayable on PCs made in 2007. The game featured graphics that were beyond cutting edge, providing an expansive and immersive world, with rippling water, dappled shadows and translucent sunbeams. At the time of release, it was held to be amongst the best FPS games ever made, offering multiple solutions to its frequent battles with the Korean forces. The game has an excellent premise, great gameplay, and top of the range graphics. And yet I often felt like I was forcing myself to continue, against a constant desire to stop playing. That is not to say that it was not an enjoyable experience at times. I'll start off my commending the game's suit system, which allows you to engage the enemy in a variety of ways. There is the default "Maximum Armour" setting, which reduces damage taken and quickly regenerates your health; "Maximum Speed" which (unsurprisingly) let's you run incredibly quickly for incredibly short bursts; "Maximum Strength" which allows you to jump high into the air and makes melee hits OHKOs against all but the toughest of opponents; and finally the "Cloak" device which turns you invisible but drains depending on how fast you are moving. The combination of these four devices opens up an excellent range of options when faced with an enemy encampment, and is undoubtedly one of the game's greatest gameplay achievements. But it was simultaneously one of the things that made me want to stop playing - at least in the early stages. When the suit system works, it is like a dream come true. Some of the greatest moments I had when playing this game - moments that truly were, in fact, some of the best I have had when playing an FPS - were down to the seamless integration of the suit mechanics and the shooting. My problem was that at the start of the game, before learning how to use the suit effectively, things were a lot less enjoyable. I would recommend treating the first level like a playground to test out how the suit works, or even look up a few simple tactics (part of the fun is figuring it out, but it would be nice to have more guidance in this respect). A number of people have complained that the game tails off in the last third. I would agree that the final two levels are definitely the weakest, though for different reasons. Indeed, the levels preceding these were actually very good. However, I was unable to complete Crysis. As I said at the start, this was a game that was released in 2007 and was nigh unplayable on PCs made in 2007. Well, its final level is nigh unplayable on a PC made only last year. Even with all the graphics options switched to "low", Crysis is such a resource hog that the final level stutters, lags and crashes every time. Maybe it's just me, but I spent more time waiting for my computer to catch up than I did actually shooting. The game was using 97% of my computer's physical memory, and twice crashed entirely. I must have put over an hour and a half into the final mission, and it is a real shame that this was how my experience of Crysis came to an end. Overall, Crysis is a decent shooter that has seen so much hype that it is a little difficult to go into it without immense expectations. I don't think that this game does live up to all the hype surrounding it. Play it and enjoy going through the motions, save your game frequently, and try out all the different tactics. Once you hit your stride, the game can become amazing, but it can too frequently get in its own way with the more frustrating elements.


is this game from the future?

g_reaper1666 | June 13, 2013 | See all g_reaper1666's reviews »

This is one of the best games that i have ever played, i remember looking for a good game to play and bought this on a whim and i have never looked back. The graphics are still some of the best today which is a massive achievement, the environment looks real and feels real as well. One of my favorite weapons in this game is the nuke launcher that combined with nuking palm trees and seeing them topple over is exciting. The nanosuit also offers a completely different gameplay style with the ability to cloak and sneak around enemies. In a way i believe that the orignal crysis even beats crysis 2 because of the open world that you have to play in compared to the more linear gameplay style of crysis 2. this game also has a storyline that pulls you in and wants you to continue playing. If you are into modding your games then i reccommend getting the delorean mod which allows a back to the future realistic time travel experience, crysis in my opinion is ultra moddable because of the fact that you can open the .pak files with any program which can open rar files such as 7zip.



wildster30 | June 10, 2013 | See all wildster30's reviews »

Still one of the greatest FPS games I have ever played, the graphics are still great when compared with modern games today and the gameplay is still amazing. If you haven't played it, get it.



Emir96 | June 4, 2013 | See all Emir96's reviews »

One of the best open world FPS I have ever played. A great game


A great game

Eyeless42 | June 3, 2013 | See all Eyeless42's reviews »

The main point of this game, even in this generation of games, is its graphics. Really amazing, beautifully done. The story is pretty straightforward, as most shooters tend do be. The mechanics are also a very strong point, combat is fluid with lots of options and ways to complete each part of the game. Overall a great first-person shooter.


Technically awesome

Stebsis | March 2, 2013 | See all Stebsis's reviews »

Everyone already knows the famous Crysis, it's gorgeous visuals and being a hardware beast that'll suck every ounce of power from your PC, at least couple years ago it still would've, but nowadays a decent PC can run Crysis great on highest settings. It still doesn't change the fact that Crysis is one of the most beautiful games ever made, the island is a big place and the lush jungle you'll spend most of your time in is marvel to look at. Still, these days the textures do look a bit muddy up close. Crytek could've easily just left it there, made Crysis just some tech demo to show off the power of Cryengine and just slap in some generic FPS elements so that people would get suckered in to buy it. But no, Crysis delivers one of the best and most solid FPS experiences ever. You play as Nomad, send with a group to North Korea to get some hostages and figure out what exactly is going on. Story is quite weak at some points, though fairly interesting too. Characters are generic and they're there just to provide an objective where you need to go. Story isn't the main thing here and I'm glad it doesn't distract you from the great gameplay that much. You wear this nanosuit that lets you pull off some crazy stuff. By holding the mouse wheel you can access four different types of powers, one active at a time: super speed, armor, power or cloak. They're fairly self-explanatory, higher speed when sprinting, don't take as much damage, can jump higher and punch people hard, or go stealth. These powers cost your suit's energy that depletes really fast, you need to strategize how you wanna use your powers etc. Nomad dies pretty fast so stealth is usually the best route at first and scouting enemies and marking them with your binoculars, but one of the most fun things in Crysis is that you can approach situations from many angles, save your game before going into an area and do it multiple times. Game is ok length, about 6-7 hours, but multiple ways to do things add to the value. I really recommend Crysis for any FPS fan.


still the best!

Neapolis47 | Feb. 17, 2013 | See all Neapolis47's reviews »

Outstanding graphics, unprecedented physical and interaction with the environment is not bound to specific puzzles are the three main areas where this product clearly outperforms the competition still after so many years away from the exit. The gameplay in the "open" part of the campaign, means that Crysis offers players a myriad of situations absolutely not linear. There are dozens of different approaches required to complete each goal and I often go back with bailouts only to deal with a situation in a different way and see how it would end. The second part of the campaign more linear, however, gave way to Crytec to work a little 'more on the film's plot, which ends with one of the most epic scenes that you remember. In a nutshell, the best game with the best graphics for PC.


Astonishing Game

kokosabre | Feb. 3, 2013 | See all kokosabre's reviews »

Ever though how in most of shooters you are an ordinary human against ordinary AI controlled humen and you win?Maybe your character has a super suit.Well in Crysis is stated that you have that suit and you should use it.You can make that FPS a stealth one or you can just knock down the door and rush in.The graphics are amazing.The storyline is good also but even if you are in a team you have to do everything.If there was a co-op mode the game would be even greater but nobody is perfect.


A benchmark turned into a surprisingly good FPS.

lushteinas | Jan. 17, 2013 | See all lushteinas's reviews »

Face it. The reason you're reading this page means that you've decided to try Crysis as a benchmark after hearing how it still squeezes the maximum out of your average gaming rig even at this time. Even 5 years after its release, Crysis is still the best looking FPS on the market, and maybe one of the best looking games, with only other contender being the Witcher 2. It looks good, but what about the gameplay then? Crysis is a mix between the old and new school of realism and overpowered super-soldier manslaughter. The suit powers are fun to combo into awesome killing sprees, the 4 difficulty modes are suited to the average players needs of challenge, you just have to choose wisely. The story - B-movie military camp, well executed one at that. Crysis is still a fun game, and being a PC exclusive it has some of the more indepth features it's sequel lacks. A must try for any FPS fan and a PC gamer.



xydanus | Jan. 15, 2013 | See all xydanus's reviews »

Even after few years, Crysis has graphics that will stun people. Physics engine is even more impressive when you can chop trees in peaces with your AK. One day I tried to pile up barrels with map editor and then blow them up. That was heavy. Some people say that Crysis is more like technology demo than an actual game. It may be true that story is not the very strong point in this game, but its really not the worst one that i've seen. As a game, Crysis is decent. Gameplay is ok, story is acceptable but what you end up doing is destroying and throwing stuff because it is fun.


A fiercest graphical beast

abelfs | Jan. 14, 2013 | See all abelfs's reviews »

No doubt. Crysis is the game with the best graphics ever, even after 5 years from its release. Furthermore, he gameplay is really enjoyable, fast and exciting. It's not only with guns, the main character haves a Nanosuit, where he can be invisible, where he can have an electric armor, where he can be stronger and where he can be incredibly fast. Well, gameplay is really unique, is like 50% sandbox! You feel like a bad-ass while playing Crysis. The story is decent, and It haves intense moments. Crysis is just amazing, a must!


The best graphics

DukePaul | Jan. 12, 2013 | See all DukePaul's reviews »

Five years later, Crysis still needs a powerful machine if you want to run it at Ultra settings and if you can, you will see a great show of awesome graphics with freedom in an tropical island, you can use vehicles but thanks to your suit you can have super speed, strength, armor or camouflage. You can custom your weapons with silencers, flashlights, laser sights, the choice is yours, also watch out your ammo because in this game you will need it if you want shoot every enemy you see. Even with Crysis 2 out and Crysis 3 near, the first game of this franchise is one of the best games of the generation.


For those who cant afford Far Cry 3, this is your game.

Tensketch | Jan. 6, 2013 | See all Tensketch's reviews »

As I write this review, the game is out of stock. However I will continue to write this review as if this is not the case. Crysis is a beautiful game. Even 6 years later, it is a beautiful game. It really did set the benchmark for graphics power at its time and it shows in games today. The story is a hardcore military shooter with an awesome sci fi twist. Normally fps games put you in a position where you are outnumbered and essentially a bullet sponge that must hide constantly to avoid an easy death. Crysis takes this stereotype and throws it out the window because from the get go, you are in a high powered suit which gives you insane superhuman powers. The powers range from armour, speed, strength and stealth and the game gives you access to them immediately. The best part about this game is it really does give you freedom to approach any situation as you please. Normally a game will tell you how to play in a scripted tutorial sequence ('activate stealth to continue' etc), in this game, if you want to approach stealthily, you can, if you want to blitz in at high speed and punch someone into the sky, go ahead! It's this kind of freedom that makes crysis such a fun game to play. You'll have such a great time playing it and figuring out what kind of a super soldier you are. Personally for example, I like to sneak in using stealth, then, once I'm close, activate strength and launch the nearest guard into another and then proceed to punch every piece of terrain at everyone around me, creating a storm of barrels, crates and cars that destroy everything in its path. It gets me killed more often than not, but I honestly don't care! the game is THAT fun! Those wanting to buy FarCry 3 and don't have the funds for it, get this game. You'll enjoy it long enough for you to save up enough money.


Crysis - review

carlyle | Dec. 25, 2012 | See all carlyle's reviews »

From the point of view of graphics Crysis is prodigious and lacks reserve breathtaking views galore, moments of quality hardly be experienced elsewhere, including complex light sources and explosion ever so close to reality, going for a smoke and a volumetric fog, even for opponents models are treated to the finest detail, with smooth animation and credible as well as with a great variety and, in the first case, accompanied by a facial expression perfect justice to the emotions of anger, fear or determination, based on the context. Very well taken care of artificial intelligence, which controls shell and battle strategies are still far from those that an experienced player can devise, but greater lengths of many algorithms usually exploited. The environments use textures for stunning detail and definition, combined shader that offer reflections, refractions and transparencies can literally pierce the screen, in the forest, frozen or not, as in the buildings, water and alien structures . The single player campaign of Crysis is divided into parts distinguishable: the first part, with the fighting without quarter against the Korean forces, is clearly devoted to the exaltation of the work done in the development of the technology behind the title, in the second the lush jungle first is now completely aseptic and, aided by former enemies, you will be asked to move to this spectacular land, defeating the terrible machines sent by aliens.


Come for graphics, stay for gameplay

TronLight | Dec. 21, 2012 | See all TronLight's reviews »

I'm pretty sure that every single person that knows Crysis, knows it because of it's awesome graphics... And because it's almost impossible to play at 60fps all the time even on newest hardware. The story is pretty much basic for the genre, you're a space marine on a mission to stop the bad guy to use an ancient alien weapon to conquest the world. But, there is more under the hood. In a moment when every fps it's a linear shooter full of scripts sapiently placed to make you thinks "This is awesome!" with as little interaction and exploration as possible, Crysis stands out because of it's open approach. The island will be your sandbox (no pun intended) where you will be able to explore many kind of approach, thanks to your suit, that allows you to go unnoticed thanks to the stealth system or full-on Rambo, if you want. The awesome graphics it's just the cherry on top of the cake, if you ask me, that make everything better.


Great FPS

Zinzun | Sept. 24, 2012 | See all Zinzun's reviews »

From the makers of the first Far Cry,Crysis is a fps with similar mechanics (free roaming on a island,different approches to every situation),that adds the powers of your suit at the entire gameplay.You can become invisible,faster,stronger and more resistent to enemies bullets. The games is very long,about 15 hours,but you will have fun every single moment you play it.


Maximum Awesome !

zhack075 | Sept. 2, 2012 | See all zhack075's reviews »

Graphics are... well... are crysis. In fact it became a reference since its release in 2007. This game is one of the most beautiful one you can play. The gameplay is great, the suit allows you to play the way you want ! You can sneak using stealth and speed, destroy anything using maximum force and armor... Moreover, even if there is a path to follow, you are free to move the way you want on the island. I liked the story but to be honnest, I the first part of the game because it's much more fun to play against soldiers. the universe is interesting too not far from Halo concerning the US soldiers and I love that. This is a great game, probably better than Crysis 2.


Great FPS

CJV | Sept. 2, 2012 | See all CJV's reviews »

This game was launched in 2007 and distinct itself due to the amazing graphics, the best ones anyone had ever seen. Even today the graphics are still pretty amazing. It is worth trying for the graphics alone but this game has more to it than visuals. The gameplay is also very solid and there is many approaches possible thanks to the several powers of the nanosuit and the fairly open levels. Even four years after release it stills stands as a great FPS, recommended.


Incredible graphic

panz3r88 | Aug. 4, 2012 | See all panz3r88's reviews »

Crysis is the FPS with the best graphic where you take control of a super soldier in a tropical setting. The game is divided in two parts. In the first part of the game you must fight against enemy corean soldiers. When you reach half of the game human enemies are substituted by the aliens. There is a good variety in the first part of the game, in particular because you must explore a very large map and you can decide how to fight the enemy using the power of your nano suit: in this way you can decide to use a stealth approach or try the frontal assault. In the part of the game where the alien appear the game remain fun but it becomes linear


Tropical island, cold and aliens

FreeMan85 | Nov. 18, 2011 | See all FreeMan85's reviews »

Crysis was a big hit back in 2007. The beautiful graphics and the extreme system requirements for the game surly make the name... famous. And of course it's become the gamers bechnmark. Sadly the game's story, characters and the whole game itself is... well, poorly executed. After years I have a well enough PC to run the game medium-high settings, the graphics really cool. But. The plot is weak. A few archeoligist found something in a remote island, a Korean Forces take over. We sended to investigate and rescue the hostages. Which are the archeologist who works the koreans or civils we don't know. Anyway, we are the Raptor team with the new high-tech Nanosuit armor which makes us stronger, faster, invisible. Of course things go bad and the team attacked by an unknown creature. You have to fight through various places, KPA units everywhere, but the game not give you a real challange. Even the hardest Insane difficulty, I beat the game 8 hours, 11 hours on Hard - before Insane. Even the aliens don't give you a real challange a few shot with the shotgun and they down or simply hit them with Maximum Strength. I also found the game very buggy. There a certain and known bug at the end, but I don't want to spoil anything, so I made a thread about this on the forum. The enemies AI isn't that good, dozen times I found them watching right opposite direction when I enter a house. Like they scripted to wait me from there and not from the back. Kinda disappointment. The graphics is obviously great, if you have enough strong PC, but if not. Well, the game looks terribly. But the sound are awesome. Every noise, weapon, jungle sounds or the alien scary "scream" all maded professionally. The voice-acting isn't bad too, expect the voice of Nomad. I feeled so blank, the other team members voices are good. Psycho, Prophet, Jester and Major Strickland. If you play on Insane the korean soldier won't talk in english with that funny accent. And the game music is still great, Inon Zur did a fine job. Especially when you hear that mysterious-like theme, it give you an atmosphere. The game without the shiny graphics not a major hit. It's not bad, very action oriented and the Nanosuit give the chance the finish a mission in various ways. But nothing new what you don't saw before in other games (Chrome, Deux Ex, Halo). If you ask me Warhead much better.


Can't go wrong

D3ATH | Nov. 11, 2011 | See all D3ATH's reviews »

Crysis is an action shooter which sets you on a beautiful tropical island to find out what kind of secret are the Koreans hiding from the world. You will soon find yourself parachuting onto the island with a small team of soldiers, all strengthened with a high-tech nanosuit to have multiple super powers, such as being invisible or the ability to take more damage. This game features gorgeous graphics and visuals. With all settings on maximum, it's hard to tell a difference between real life and Crysis. Of course this kind of luxury requires a beefy PC, but I'm sure a lot of people nowadays will be able to run this game at a nice setting. The combat and fighting in this game is tactical and stealthy at one moment, and a minute later you will yourself in middle of explosions and intense gunfire. Combat of this game should please anyone as there are multiple ways of taking out enemies. You could draw all the attention in the area to yourself by hijacking a vehicle and gun down the enemies from the vehicle-mounted MG, or activate the invisibility power of your nanosuit and take out enemies silently one by one. The story in this game is pretty solid and decent too, but not something you'd remember long after playing the game. But the story is clearly not what the developer's wanted to make stand out the most. In conclusion, Crysis is an enjoyable experience worth at least one playthrough offering you many hours of entertainment.


Graphicaly unique

RaTcHeT302 | Nov. 4, 2011 | See all RaTcHeT302's reviews »

Crysis's strongest point are the great graphics wich in 2007 nobody achieved, it forced people and the players to upgrade their PC just to try to run the game at the highest settings possible, it even started to be used as a "benchmark" to test how powerfull their PC are. Gameplay and story wise is somewhat entertaining but it might become a little boring after a certain time of playing it also the game suffers from some bad optimization wich may make some computers even struggle to run it at certain settings to get a smooth framerate. To fully enjoy Crysis you need a really powerfull computer or you may be dissapointed.