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Gmen | April 14, 2014 | See all Gmen's reviews »

There was a lot of hype surrounding this game, as it marked the first time that the famed Medal of Honor series would step into the modern warfare subgenre, tired of having done World War II to death for over a decade. The singleplayer game isn’t bad looking, and there’s a bit of variety in mission types, often requiring you to sneak around in the dark rather than confront enemies that greatly outnumber you. The one thing that irks me is that this game is way too short – probably as short as any Call of Duty game, if not shorter. This game was made to appeal to multiplayer fans, and not those looking for a deep singleplayer experience, and because of this, in the end it is rather forgettable As I said, the multiplayer is the main drew here. That part of the game was developed by a different studio, is better looking, has a lot more going for it in general, and will more than likely keep the fraggers happy.


An old favorite

lowsuperasder | Oct. 24, 2013 | See all lowsuperasder's reviews »

Medal of Honor is long going franchise, and sometimes I still miss the tension of the lonely running around of the first game, but this genre provides us many teammates and very little need to think on our own, but if we forget this part, this is a very decent title. The game is based on a very good storyline, with interesting characters and cool nicknames. It shows the player a very different understanding of war and the situations soldiers deal with. Our teammates don't wear masks, they aren't even the special forces. It's more like a bunch of cool guys fighting for what they believe in. Even if at some points the gameplay becomes a bit repetitive, shooting and shooting in the same manner, I never lost interest in finding a lost marine or getting to the landing zone. The graphical side of the game is good, indoor objects, weapons and characters look nice, but when driving around the terrain is more like a running scene in Tom & Jerry: the same part of background comes again and again. This changes in places where actual combat is taking place, the surroundings work well as cover, giving more combat opportunities. The real downside of this game is its multiplayer, I wouldn't honestly recommend this title for online fun, but it works very well as a singleplayer challenge in skill and emotions.


Great campaign

rjb789 | Sept. 24, 2013 | See all rjb789's reviews »

When I was playing the single player in Medal Of Honor I really felt like I was fighting the Taliban. This was helped by the games gorgeous graphics but also by the convincing voice acting and the situations the game put me in. When i was sniping I felt as if i was actually helping kill the mortar crew on the mountain etc. The multiplayer is a decent attempt at a Call of Duty style system with upgrades and new guns abound. Overall the game is a decent attempt at copying the FPS genre that Call of Duty so prominently leads. It has a good campaign and an okay multiplayer too



DanteNero13 | Aug. 26, 2013 | See all DanteNero13's reviews »

Loved the campaign but the multiplayer feels too samey to battlefield


Genuinely surprising

nemesis44uk | Aug. 22, 2013 | See all nemesis44uk's reviews »

I have played most of the great war games out there - ARMA 2, Call of Duty, etc and I have to say that this was a really pleasant surprise. It has had some lukewarm reviews but I think I prefer this to Call of Duty. My issue with it, is in the early days of Call of Duty, an effort was made to be respectful about veterans and what they experienced. Now, it's all setpiece after setpiece, each one bigger than the last. It's the difference between Schindler's List and a Michael Bay movie. MoH feels more like those early CoD games, where there is a minimum of showboating and the game's protagonists are calm and professional, without over-egging the pudding. Graphically, it has aged, especially when put next to Battlefield 3, but it is a good game and well worth it, especially if you can pick it up for cheap money.


A decent attempt to beat Call Of Duty

MarkDeejay | Nov. 5, 2012 | See all MarkDeejay's reviews »

Single-player: The whole game was ok. The modern setting I liked, the graphics were also pretty good. What I didn't like were some of the bugs. It's been a while since I played it, but the only thing I CAN remember (yes, short memory... I already forgot what I just typed) were the NPC's that stopped doing anything mid-game which resulted in replaying the entire level all over again. The story was ok, nothing special. It lacked a lot of suspense and action (which is, of course, realistic, but I'm not playing games for 100% realism). Nothing noteworthy. Multiplayer: Not bad, but the fact that there is (was ?) so much spawnkilling killed this game very quickly for me. Is it that hard to create a solid spawn system (Modern Warfare 2 could do it) ? If you don't like MW this might be for you. Otherwise, stick with MW (more action, faster gameplay, better controls, more polished and EXCELLENT multiplayer).


Another good fps

Zinzun | Sept. 24, 2012 | See all Zinzun's reviews »

So,I played this only on single player campagin,but the game is very similar to many other fps like Homefront,Call of Duty etc. The campaign is very short,about six hours,and on highest difficulty setting is very easy to clean each level. The story is nice but nothing special,graphics and sound are ok. For 5 euro,it worth it for sure.


A realistic feel while playing campaign

ENDOOO | July 27, 2012 | See all ENDOOO's reviews »

The single player campaign takes place in Afghanistan, and I have to say that despite the thing that you cannot change video settings on your own, rocky mountains, terrain and other visual materials in game looks fabulously beautiful and realistic. In game you play as different characters so you take part in all kinds of operations. You can try riding a ATV, gunning from a heli, infiltrating enemy villages or sniping from long distances. Despite the focus on realism, however, Medal of Honor has some unfortunate problems like silly invisible walls which doesn't allow to jump of a 1 meter ledge. Also enemy soldiers can shoot and take cover pretty well, but they often enter the battlefield or stick their heads out from cover in very predictable ways.


Sincere modern warfare

Finka_Karfein | June 13, 2012 | See all Finka_Karfein's reviews »

I must say I was pleased with this new Medal of Honor. A new breeze was good for the series. The story is very good and hides some dramatic scenes up its sleeve. What is more, it is sincere. There is no praise of America, in one moment the game rather highly criticises it. Graphics are good thanks to the use of two engines. However due to this you cannot really prepare for multiplayer mode by playing single player campaign. Gameplay is a bit different, for instance there is no lunging left or right in multiplayer. Also, Frostbite's destruction capabilities are very limited. This is not important because multiplayer is still very good, offers good modes and makes you want to play more and more. Sound and music are really epic. Particularly music fits very well what the player sees in the game. I thank the composer for making the experience much more deeper. The gameplay is basically CoD-like. There is a bit of riding quads, a bit of flying choppers and a bit of sniping. The recoil is a joke but still the game plays very well. Apart from the fact that in single you can stand on somebody's head (flaw of Unreal Engine). All in all, if you are not tired with all those modern warfare shooters - Medal of Honor will please you as it pleased me.


Solid singleplayer but great multiplayer game.

Strale | May 27, 2012 | See all Strale's reviews »

When you hear Medal of Honor, first association will be on legendary Allied Assault with WWII theme. But this time, the new Medal of Honor is set on modern warfare and it is trying to be as successful as the Call of Duty MW series. Firstly, singleplayer is short and with solid gameplay. Unfortunately, it is copying Call of Duty in every aspect (with slow-motions, cut scenes, all time action). Some missions are interesting but later it is becoming boring. Only positive thing is that it relies on real war that is happening in Afganistan. Graphic isnt that great but it solid like sound in game. Secondly, multiplayer is big plus to this game. It is fun, interesting and initially hard. It is more like Battlefield Bad Company 2 multiplayer except that, in Medal of Honor you cant drive anything (helicopters,tanks etc.). This game is worth to play only if you will play multiplayer.In that case I recommend it to all.


It isn't the AAA title you would have expected

klaros | Oct. 27, 2011 | See all klaros's reviews »

MoH Multiplayer and MoH Single Player seem clearly two different games. MoH Single player The graphics doesn't keep the same level, sometimes is good (characters for example) sometimes is really bad for example some rooms or objects textures (where they neither used the bump mapping properly). Story is really interesting: you'll impersonate different kind of soldiers, which is really good for the variety, and will try to deal with an organized enemy. The game is really short: you could even complete it in one day. Also at the hardest difficulty level your team mates sometimes could do many kills, this way the game seems even shorter. Sometimes they will put themselves between you and the enemy, so to open fire you'll have to wait that they will move or you'll have to choose a different solution (like moving or throwing a granade). Sounds are good expecially for the weapons. Sometimes there are some glitches. For example in a situation was supposed that you'd have only a knife as weapon. I found a rifle, and obviously I got it. I arrived to a situation where I had to silently kill an enemy. If you got the rifle you could no more access to the triggered action which would let you pass to the next zone, this means you're stuck. MoH Multiplayer Here you'll have no any access to some veicles like helicopter or quad. You'll be no more capable to lie down but you can only kneel. There is a sort of RPG part where you'll gain experience which will permit you to have better weapons or ammo. This isn't really a pleasure when you enter the MP the first time (obviously you have the worst weapons). If you get hit by few bullets you can easily die and the game will not show the shooter position. Differently from many others FPS even the tiny pixel at distance can kill you even without a sniper rifle, this means you need to get used to look at everything at distance and everything moves with much more care. You can easily spawn in an unsafe zone, which means you can die many times in a row at the spawn without the possibility to find a cover. The most intresting part in MoH Single Player is the hisorical setting, the actual war in Afghanistan, even if the game doesn't point to a full realism. If you like the challenges you can try the MoH Multiplayer. Moh is far from the AAA title you would expect, but has some positive aspects. I suggest you (if you are interested to the Afghan conflic or to a new kind of Multiplayer challenge) to buy it with a good discount.


Only for Die-Hard shooter fans

Snobil | Oct. 23, 2011 | See all Snobil's reviews »

I have pre ordered this game, thinking it could reach the quality of the classic medal of honor titles and i was disappointed. The Graphics are not very good, even on a lower level then the obvious inspiration Call of Duty. The campaign itself is quite nice, but its rather dull the influence of Dice shines through partly but only in the driving sections. The multiplayer was rather bad while i played it, buggy hit detection, slightly buggy maps, but that may have changed since the release. It could be worth it if youre a huge shoother enthusiast.


An underated single player experience.

emwearz | Oct. 21, 2011 | See all emwearz's reviews »

While first person shooters today are known for there heavy emphasis on Online Multiplayer, and Medal of Honor does have a solid online experience, the thing that is overtly overlooked about this game is the single player experience. Much like the original games in the series Medal of Honor has a stellar storyline that has brilliant and believable voice actors to bring the characters to life. With a really solid engine and gameplay mechanics, this game is worth picking up for the single player alone.