Reviews for Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit (EU)


The best NFS game

rjb789 | Sept. 25, 2013 | See all rjb789's reviews »

Need For Speed Hot Pursuit is in my opinion, the best need for speed game ever made to this day. The idea of either being chased down by the police who have a wide array of technology at their disposal such as spike strips, or being the cops taking down the racer is a brillinat concept. Coupled with a rewarding racing feel and impressive graphics this game truly feels like the best and most responsive Need For Speed game to date and anyone who enjoys playing very fast paced, arcade style, racing games should definitely check this one out as it provides just that. Fast and furious racing and its stellar.


A worthy successor to the original Hot Pursuit

Pilgrim6 | May 9, 2013 | See all Pilgrim6's reviews »

NFS: HP II is one of the core games of my childhood. Endless hours spent on it, both alone and on splitscreen. New Hot Pursuit offers a great fun. Good looks, fast cars and catchy multiplayer. Yet I somewhat feel it lacks something. Be it better music (the one that is there isn't bad, but it really doesn't pump me up and rise my adrenaline) or slightly better damage model. Nonetheless it's a really good racing game and you won't regret the money spent on it.


Pure fun!

curta | Sept. 28, 2012 | See all curta's reviews »

It doesn't count if you are The Law or against it. This game can accomodate you both sides. Graphics are gorgeous. Crashes are spectacular. Single play is long enough and offers the two side of the medal... "law and disorder" . When palyed online (even only the autolog system) the fun rump up to another level. The things I dislike are mainly two. The impossibility to "die" or simply have to stop the run even after a spectacula crash (but ehy it's an arcade racing game after all) And the fact that the "runnerrs" seams to be always in group and you can often pass from the first place to the last in one shift or viceversa. I've played via pad and wheel... Imho the pad best suite if you like drive outside the car whereas the wheel is to be preferred if you drive inside. To summarise NFS Hot Pursuit is pure over-the-top arcade driving entertainment,


Need for Speed rises

sanyi777 | Sept. 25, 2012 | See all sanyi777's reviews »

Hot Pursuit is the best "new" NFS in my opinion. The graphics are great, and the races are exciting. There has got two parts: the cop and the racer. As an officer, you catch the speedsters, as a racer, you have to win the races. I recommend Hot Pursuit to people, who enjoyed Burnout Paradise.


Every Movie Chase Scene Ever

Micepudding | Aug. 25, 2012 | See all Micepudding's reviews »

Car chases are the best things any vehicle has ever been used for. Whether you're behind the wheel of a purring supercar, watching the scenery whip by at 200mph, or hard on the heels of the street racers in one of the most powerful cop cars in the world, there's an excitement about a chase unlike any other sort of race. The game suffers slightly from not being open world: races and upgrade paths are fairly linear, and there's not much to discover for yourself. Cars are unlocked automatically as you progress, with the only customization being in what color you drive them, but they feel weighty and responsive, and gameplay is genuinely engaging. Superb visuals contribute to the atmosphere, although you'll rarely have time to stop and take them in. The flaws become less relevant the more you play. There are shortcuts aplenty, and numerous cars to unlock on both the racer and the police side, and the driving itself is done fantastically well, as you'd expect from Criterion. Hot Pursuit may not appeal to those wanting open world driving but it's one of the best racing games available at the moment.


The Best Need for Speed Since NFS Porsche 2000

hisnameisrob | June 1, 2012 | See all hisnameisrob's reviews »

I enjoyed this game a lot. The driving is fun without seeming too easy and the other cars behave realistically and sensibly which seems to be something still lacking in many racers today. There is a nice variety to the types of race. The graphics are very high quality and Seacrest County designed with attention to detail. The only complaint I have about this game is that despite being developed by the same company that brought us the Burnout series this game is not as enjoyable as Burnout Paradise.