Reviews for Spellforce 2: Gold Edition [Legacy]


Great RPG/RTS game

oginer | Nov. 8, 2012 | See all oginer's reviews »

This game is unique since it mixes classic RPG gameplay with base building RTS. So basically the game is an RPG, with your party,quests, and everything a western RPG has. But then there are some times when you get a full army and the possibility to build a base to full fill some mission. The RTS elements are not very deep, but ok and keep the game fresh. The story is interesting too, with good voice acting and script. There are ton of side quests and even minigames. The game is very long.


Absolutely gold!

tangytangotang | Aug. 3, 2011 | See all tangytangotang's reviews »

Spellforce 2 plays like an RPG/RTS game where you're able to command your army whilst levelling up your personal heroes, collecting items for improvements and with a vast amount of quests. Basically what every RPG should deliver but in Spellforce, mixed in with the strong points of a typical RTS game. It delivers in both genres. Presentation Considering the game was released in 2006, the presentation is of high quality. Graphics are stunning and the interface is perfectly fine with no intruding menus. The camera placement can be a bit bothersome considering it is an RTS game as well but the more hours you put into it, the less you'll hate it. Gameplay The game play would fail if either the RPG or RTS aspect failed. But luckily in Spellforce 2, it maintains that high quality in both genres. I personally love the idea of controlling my heroes while maintaining my army in an RTS fashion. The whole questing system works exceptionally well and in return for doing them, you receive item upgrades which improve your army and heroes. The hero system plays similar to the likes of Warhammer: Dawn of War 2 and Neverwinter Nights. So if you're familiar with those games, you'll be familiar with Spellforce 2. The game world is also huge and challenging with a lot of exploration. You'll often find areas which contain essential resources, hidden treasures and because there's side quests, you'll be adventuring a lot with the help of your troops. You'll most likely won't get bored of the game world as it offers a variety of beautiful environments. Verdict Spellforce 2 is a solid hybrid game with hours of content. The overall story isn't jaw dropping but if you're willing to accept that and you love either genres, then you'll find it an enjoyable experience. Especially since it's an unfamiliar combination which surprisingly works well. It's worth it at the price it's currently going for since you are, also getting the expansions along with it.


Worth extra buy!

acare84 | Aug. 2, 2011 | See all acare84's reviews »

My alltime favorite universe = spellforce. Mainly because this is the only game I am able to play also RTS. I just don't cope with RTS only games since I am a RPG player by nature. This is a nice crossover of 2 different styles and it does it well. On a more cautious note purist from either side may find the RTS or RPG features too lite. If you don't mind that, this one is a feast and still beautifull in vistas even if it is a few years old. Eagerly awaiting faith in destiny, but since jowoods demise won't happen.


Real combination of RPG and RTS

fearon | April 7, 2011 | See all fearon's reviews »

Spellforce 2 is brilliant game for any cRPG and strategy fan. This isn't a RTS with roleplay elements or RPG with strategy battles. It's both. And any aspect of this combination is really expanded. You can have a big fortest, giant mass of loot and good character progress. In other way - there're three races, like in any good RTS. Also - game is very long, so you can enjoy it for very long time.


Very good RTS/RPG hybrid

mitzager | April 7, 2011 | See all mitzager's reviews »

If you enjoyed the first Spellforce or the Warhammer Dawn of War series, then this is a game for you. It's a great mix of RTS/RPG elements and has a very friendly interface for casting spells. The story, along with the gameplay are interesting, and they will keep you a long time in front of your PC. The graphics are pretty nice and they give an unique fantasy feeling to the game. The only thing that it's missing from the game is a RPG multiplayer (it has RTS only) or even better, a co-op campaign like in Dawn of War. This game is great and will keep you busy for hours and will not regret buying it.