Reviews for Shift 2: Unleashed (EU)


They managed to top Shift 1 . Even more fun

fishey334 | March 5, 2014 | See all fishey334's reviews »

I played the first shift and I loved it and I love this even more and more so due to having bought the DLC. There is a great variety of classes and cars. One of the things I liked with this is that the the drive train of the car actually effecting physical handling. I tended to dive the FWD cars just about and I fount it annoying that you had to drive stock RWD which couldn't go around corners let alone in straight lines to save its life. And the 4WD cars were great fun as you always seemed to be in a small battle with the car in order to send it where you want. Of all the cars the Muscle and Retro cars were the BEST and SUPER as they exerted so much power it would seem all you have to to is point and accelerate provided it would turn. The retro cars wre mind blowing how such an old car could be so freakin powerful and yet handle so amazingly; with the retro merc I would rarely lift off the gas though around corners I would be on two wheels for the most part. Great buy no questions asked


Better than Shift; great racing game!

jeyko | July 3, 2012 | See all jeyko's reviews »

Shift is back, with a pocket of new tricks. It is rare to find innovation in racing games, but the "helmet camera" allows you to play as the driver, not the car. As in the first Shift, the cars sound like roaring beasts. This really gives a good feel to the driving, and gives the sensation of a real car. The colors of the cars and environments look amazing. When you are using the "helmet camera", it turns to the corners as soon as you approach them. The game is really immersive. Unleashed revolutionizes everything Shift brought before. Shift 2: Unleashed builds on Shift's foundation, adding a handful of new features. It's a solid entry to the Need For Speed franchise.