Reviews for Mirror's Edge (EU)


You will know parkour

AkiMatti | Feb. 5, 2014 | See all AkiMatti's reviews »

I've been a traceur for several years now and had been even before this game was released. Some of the things done in this game are surely over-the-top but shown in a very realistic fashion. Everything Faith is able to do in the game has credibility to it, minus that she never gets so tired that she should stop to catch breath. As the game is shown in first person, it is fun to play because you feel like you are doing the moves yourself. Everything looks great, too! Even after completing it, it is a pleasure to come back to it and try different levels to find different routes and just have some super action FUN!


Pretty good.

TETfromLondon | Jan. 17, 2014 | See all TETfromLondon's reviews »

It is fairly rare to see an original concept or IP coming from EA, but that is what Mirror's Edge is. And it certainly isn't a bad game. The parkour is a very fun system to use, and even since this game came out, few other games have attempted the same thing. While it is fun and fluid enough, it isn't as extensive as I'd like it to be. The city is also very nicely designed, and I love the aesthetic. However, a lot of environments are reused, and you'll get sick of seeing the same room again and again throughout the game. The story is also decent, although they didn't do as well as they should have given the concept that they had. Also, some of the cutscenes done in a sort of cartoon (it could be anime or something like that, but I know very little about this kind of thing) style seem a little too arty and pretentious for my liking, and at times also seem like they just didn't have the budget for them and wanted to cover it up. Admittedly that's hardly their fault, but it's still a little annoying. The soundtrack is great though. Overall, I'd recommend the game, but only on sale, as it isn't worth full price.



TrainRain | Nov. 22, 2013 | See all TrainRain's reviews »

A great game that delivers tons of replay-ability! One of the few games that has actually gotten me to wanting to beat my former high scores and try to finish a route as fast as possible. Even today it looks like a masterpiece and I truly believe that this game is a prime example to why games are art. The soundtrack, the gameplay and of course the amazing level designs and graphics makes one of the more memorable gaming experiences I've ever had.


Never gets old.

gforcesa | Nov. 13, 2013 | See all gforcesa's reviews »

Anyone who is a fan of parkour and this game knows that they can play it a houndred times and never get tired of it, i know i can.The first really good parkour game(and maybe the only one) that will always be fun to play.The world is unique by its design since its mostly white,red and orange and that is a good thing because it makes it look quite spectacular.Although this is a parkour game it has a story and bad guys that you have to fight.This game is mostly focused on fist fighting and not on gun play but it is still a very good game.I'm so excited for Mirror's Edge 2 which was announced at E3 this year and I cannot wait to get my hands on it.If you haven't played Mirror's Edge yet what's wrong with you ? Go and buy it.


Never tired of playing this

Jimmysil | Sept. 18, 2013 | See all Jimmysil's reviews »

I have played this game like 6 times (at least), so I consider myself as a big fan of the Mirror's Edge. The developers have some problems while finishing this game, so the end is a little bit fast and dissapointing. But it is still an amazing game that will stay in you heart a long after you have finished it. The Mirror's Edge 2 was already announced, and I believe it will be succesful game. Mirror's Edge has found a milions of fans around the world for its special graphic, gameplay and story. I thing that Faith is the most distinctive female game character.


A good time waster.

MrScavenge | Aug. 31, 2013 | See all MrScavenge's reviews »

Mirror's edge isn't really that great of a game. It's very linear in nature and you dont really care for the story at all. That's not to say the gameplay and Controls aren't good cause they are. it's really satisfyig to run on walls and jump kick bad guys of a roof. 75/100 /MrScavenge


Still a great game !

zhack075 | Aug. 20, 2013 | See all zhack075's reviews »

This game is absolutely fantastic. Despite the fact that it has been released in 2009, the game still looks amazingly great and still feels pleasant to play. What i particulary loved in this game is the fact that violence isn't the point of the game. You have to run, neutralize some policemen on the way and escape as quickly as possible to understand what is happening is this city. The soundtrack is amazing too and the motion awareness gives a unique feeling. I think this is trully a must play.



lazygamer559 | Aug. 17, 2013 | See all lazygamer559's reviews »

A fantastic game let down by minor bugs and awful comic book cut-scenes. the story isn't that great but, the characters are all believable so no problem there. I really like the parkour gameplay in this game, I've never felt sick after playing although I'd not be surprised if you did.


Diamond in the rough

Eskimoseb9 | July 12, 2013 | See all Eskimoseb9's reviews »

Mirror's Edge is a game that could easily be made a masterpiece. Get rid of the guns, that's all there is to it. It is possible to do the entire game without killing a single person, but certainly not in your first few attempts. The free running mechanics are the meat of the game, and shine very very brightly. The fact that you can see your hands and legs as you move, or the rotation of the camera as you roll, provide a great level of immersion, and make performing a successful string of moves incredibly satisfying. This paired with the oculus rift would be a unique experience. The story is largely dismissable, typical corporate conspiracy stuff, and the cut scenes were for some reason done in a weird art style, entirely different from the rest of the game. The world on the other hand is really pretty, and the texture quality especially is a level above the competition. The absolute colour themes of different buildings project the impression of a very alien and dystopian world, making running through it that much more enjoyable. The gun-play though, on its own, crashed this game, being completely dull and uninspired. No reloading, no cool free running shooting, just standing taking guards out one by one. It's really bad, and completely against the premise of the game: constant movement. I can only think it was designed to somewhat protract the length of the game, which is at best about 8 hours.The time trials are fun, and come much closer to the game's core, but unfortunately they are full of dud times made by hackers, making aiming for the top spots almost impossible. Overall, Mirror's Edge is a hesitant experiment that took loads of cool ideas executed impressively well, then tried to add gun play to entice the FPS loving masses. Definitely worth checking out though, Mirror's Edge is unique and at its heart, fun - a breath of fresh air that holds lots of promise. I can't wait to see what they pull out for (open world!) Mirror's Edge 2.


Amazing game!

Henwoo1_jnr | July 6, 2013 | See all Henwoo1_jnr's reviews »

When I bought this game I was happy to get as I have heard a few good reviews and storys about this game and with Mirror's Edge 2 announed I just had to get the 1st one to have ago of it and I am very please with it. The graphics are amazing the buildings are just so detailed the free running is so cool and the story is just great


Freerunning and avoiding shooting

spectatorx | June 20, 2013 | See all spectatorx's reviews »

Mirror's Edge, when this came out and i tried it for the very first time i was speechless. Amazing artstyle combined with unique gameplay, specific futuristic world and incredible ambient music. The thing which make this game so unique is gameplay and camera. You are running through various locations, looking for best path, you are facing enemies and the best way to complete the game is to avoid killing them. Yes, you can grab their weapons and shoot them all out but it is not as fun as trying to knock them all down without killing them. Game can be completed without killing at all, it is more difficult and very, very satisfying. Game is about running, you feel the speed very much, because of first person camera. Because of used palette of colors some people may get temporal headaches, eye-aches, etc. But it should disappear after few short sessions with the game. So, if you are having any discomfort while playing the game play it in the beginning in 20-30 minutes sessions. One of the best games i have ever played. Mirror's Edge is an experience which you should face.


The side of the mirror is a melt of good ideas, but incomplete

MarcoCav | June 18, 2013 | See all MarcoCav's reviews »

Mirror's Edge is perhaps the most courageous and successful exponent of those titles that seek to melt inspirations from popular culture, from music and design, expanding the boundaries of the video game. The intent succeed perfectly, crafting a product up to date, full of style, inventiveness and charm. The real game, by contrast, alternate moments of involvement and pure adrenaline at times when the fighting, the controls and the layer structure slow the flow of emotions that would otherwise be exciting from start to finish, leaving the taste of a experiment is not completely accomplished. A title still to play just for the innovation it brings, bearing in mind the limited longevity and the lack of any multiplayer mode, but which can give more of a thrill to anyone.


The side of the mirror is a melt of good ideas, but incomplete

MarcoCav | June 17, 2013 | See all MarcoCav's reviews »

Mirror's Edge is perhaps the most courageous and successful exponent of those titles that seek to melt inspirations from popular culture, from music and design, expanding the boundaries of the video game. The intent succeed perfectly, crafting a product up to date, full of style, inventiveness and charm. The real game, by contrast, alternate moments of involvement and pure adrenaline at times when the fighting, the controls and the layer structure slow the flow of emotions that would otherwise be exciting from start to finish, leaving the taste of a experiment is not completely accomplished. A title still to play just for the innovation it brings, bearing in mind the limited longevity and the lack of any multiplayer mode, but which can give more of a thrill to anyone.


Something different

britishlad | May 8, 2013 | See all britishlad's reviews »

Mirror's Edge is an unique game and it's all about free running and jumping from rooftop to rooftop - Here is my list of good bad Good Graphics and artstyle are amazing and still look better than most games that have come out this year (e.g. alien colonial marines) Fun gameplay with lots of exciting freen running and jumping with the optional melee combat and shoot outs Bad Too short - campaign can be completed 4-6 hours and there is no multiplayer Uninteresting storyline with dull cutscenes Even though the checkpoint system is good and saves quite freqently you still get the odd frustating moment which you have to do over and over again until you get it right Mirror's Edge is an unique game and beautiful game. I think everyone should experience and it's definitely worth £9.99


First person parkour

Stebsis | Feb. 22, 2013 | See all Stebsis's reviews »

Mirror's Edge really give you that feeling that you're really parkouring on top of huge skyscrapers and walls etc. Mirror's Edge is an unique game that no one has ever done the way it's done here. You parkour and make some crazy jumps across rooftops and all is in first person which immerses you in the action more than third person parkour game ever could. You sometimes run into enemies but Faith, the main character, dies quickly, she's just human, but if you're quick you can get the weapon from the enemies and use it, but this is discouraged as the shooting is quite bad and you just can't manage in a firefight, the best option is to just stay in motion and keep on going. Mirror's Edge is an unique game that I think everyone should experience. It's not that long and there's little to none replayability, you can always try to get better time in a stage but that's about it, but it's still a lot of fun.


Run Faith, Run!

Guardian412 | Feb. 3, 2013 | See all Guardian412's reviews »

Mirror's Edge is one of the very few games which is intending to show something new and also successfully doing that. The game is basically a first person parkour platformer game where you have to defeat the obstacles by climbing waterpipes, jumping from roof to roof in endless heights to reach places what you wouldn't be able to reach in other games at all. And in between you have to run a lot indoor of futuristic buildings, construction years, metro stations and outside, on the top of the buildings to escape from the police which is hunting you for something you haven't committed. The gameplay is very polished and works well, and while you're capable to use some firearms, pistols and shotguns, after you're disarming someone and snatch their weapons, and you're also capable to defend yourself in close combat with various actions, the gameplay is focusing on the platforming the most. And this is where Mirror's Edge shines the most. The futuristic sci-fi setting, so as the storyline is great, even if the twisted story is very-very short. If you'd like to play with a very unique and great game, join Faith and be a messenger with great parkour skills, to run through a beatiful city, to escape the police with skills you haven't experience in games before, and to reveal a conspiracy which is affecting your beloved city and your loved ones.


Something special

georgecopos | Jan. 27, 2013 | See all georgecopos's reviews »

This "parkour" sim was a wonderfull surprise in 2008 from EA,. I got to say i didnt see a better optimization of the unreal engine than in this game, the artificial feeling of the engine matches perfectly with the artistic direction of the game, with the glowing clean city, with the very simple color pallete but strong one. In a time of dark postapocalyptic games, ME was a breath of fresh air. The gameplay originality is the other strong point of the game, ME being basically a series of puzzles and challenges based on the main character's athleticity. You can jump, bent down, sprinting crouch transforms in a slide that can hook up with a leg kick, you can run on the walls, you can kick while running on the walls and so on, the game is not longer than it needs to be , and considering you can use your abilities in every possible way the gameplay doesnt get repetitive. The story its just there, it doesnt help, doesnt stand in your way, just filles the gap between the missions.


Fantastic art design and fast paced free running

Antix | Jan. 23, 2013 | See all Antix's reviews »

Mirror's Edge is a dystopian parkour game where you play as Faith, a runner who delivers packages that people don't want the authorities to know about and who ultimately gets swept up in a nasty conspiracy. You spend most of your time atop rooftops in a meticulously clean and incredibly well-designed city. The art design is very poignant with a few primary colors standing out in a mostly white dominated environment. With the excellent texture work, this game is still one of the best looking ones of all time. The game is entirely in first person. Running and jumping feels fast and exhilarating, while climbing feels just as difficult as it should be. There are many sections where you are chased by the police and you can fight back either with martial arts or by taking their guns. However, all that is optional. You can just evade them if you want, and I feel that is the way it was meant to be played. So overall we have a very stylish and fun first person platformer with some excellent music. Unfortunately, such a gem is still marred by its short length, overly linear approach to level design in a game about parkour and the rather weak story that is mostly told in stupid looking cartoons. That all does very little to detract from the experience though, this is an excellent game you shouldn't miss.


So awesome, but unfortunately too short

MarkDeejay | Nov. 5, 2012 | See all MarkDeejay's reviews »

One of my favourite games... ever. The whole concept was, back then, never done before and executed extremely well. Sure, it wasn't perfect by any means; it was very short, the cutscenes felt out of place, and there weren't that many ways to get to a certain point, but it was a very solid start nonetheless. I loved the style. It was realistic and futuristic at the same time, with very colorful interiors (oh, how I love those designs). Very cool. The story, in-game that is, was told convincing and the fact that you played it in first person view made it seem you were actually Faith. Bring on the sequel :D


Parkour at its finest

V2lentin | Oct. 22, 2012 | See all V2lentin's reviews »

I think Mirror's Edge it's the only parkour game ever, and that makes it a game everyone should play, no matter what. Even though at first it may seem odd to have a first-person camera, you'll get used to it after the first 30 minutes of playing and you'll start to love it. Seeing the world through the eyes of Faith, your character, gives you a better understanding of the environment and a feeling closer to the real parkour. the story is relatively predictable, but the gameplay and graphics make up for that. Mirror's Edge is build on Unreal Engine 3, maybe the most versatile engine to date. The city and the buildings look so clean and minimalistic, but the contrast between the white of the walls and the green or the red and blue painted here and there is just beautiful. The textures also look amazing, even from up close. As I said, the story is quite simple. In the future, the freedom of speech is limited by the government, so a small group of athletes carry messages through the city. When Faith's sister is accused of murder, you must do everything to find the real killer. Throughout the city, Faith will be hunted by the police, using firearms. Even if Faith is a skilled combatant, you can't climb while using a firearm, which makes the game a bit more difficult, because you must rely only on hand to hand combat. Overall, a very good game that deserves a sequel.


A unique game!

CJV | Aug. 21, 2012 | See all CJV's reviews »

Although many people seem to loathe first person plataforming I think it is very well implemented in this game. It gets some getting used to, but with the help of the visual cues it works very well. I didn't like the action sequences so much, the close combat is fine but didn't enjoy the shooter part so much, although it does its job. The graphics are simple but look great, the game has some very beautiful scenes. Overall, I think it's a great game and it's definitely worth checking.


A game different from the other

panz3r88 | Aug. 3, 2012 | See all panz3r88's reviews »

Mirror's Edge is an original game. You can consider it a first person platform game. In each level you must reach the end using Faith parkour abilities. There are no weapons in the game and when you see an enemy you must always escape. The game is quite easy and short. When you have finished the main story you can try to beat various time challenges. Mirror's Edge has an unique gameplay and style, but it's quite repetitive


An original and entertaining game

ENDOOO | July 26, 2012 | See all ENDOOO's reviews »

No other game will offer you so much free-running, jumping and climbing through all of the game. The graphics of this game is just wonderful. But even better is the soundtrack and ambient sounds that follows you through the game and makes the games atmosphere very pleasant. This game is full of tension. You cannot relax at any time because there is always someone that is following you, whether it is helicopter, sniper laser or even another runner. You can choose different paths of play. One way to do your work is just running away from your enemy by choosing the right route. On the second hand you can attack your enemies by punching them and/or using their weapons against them. By the time the game becomes more difficult and you will have to be smart and fast enough to know the right path, or else you'll be dead. This game is an excellent artwork and i recommend everyone to play this game.


It's a nice title, however.

PedroVarela | July 20, 2012 | See all PedroVarela's reviews »

When you look at it first, you think it is an innovative concept of gaming, looking at parkour in a whole new level. The game IS wonderful - don't get me wrong, however it has a small issue. I am not a pro player, (and I believe it is not required to be one in order to play this game) but a huge flaw I have detected is how the levels are made. In the tuturial, you are given a whole bunch of instructions, which leaves you to believe there are various ways of beating a given challenge. However, I have only been able to beat a level using a single strategy, meaning that although you have various ways, you will only succed at one. That is the only flaw. As for the rest, I enjoyed every second of it. Nicely done for a parkour game, the movement is nicely calibrated and you get the feeling of every impulse you give to the game. As for the graphics, I like the minimalistic style. It is helpful to the eye and surely atracts attention towards your surroundings.


A fantastic experience.

Cynaris | July 13, 2012 | See all Cynaris's reviews »

You sure have heard about parkour, haven't you? This game lets you do exactly that. You are playing as Faith, a runner, who is part of this group of information trading experts. They are doing things on their own terms, remaining elusive from the law. The story is not too long, and isn't much complicated, but serves well the gameplay, and really, this game is all about running on top of sky-high buildings, jumping, leaping, managing your way around the obstacles. it is an amazing feeling, complimented by the perfect visuals. Simplistic, but utterly beautiful, unlike anything you've seen before. It's incredible what they managed to do with Unreal Engine 3. The game lets you take on enemies in First person, (in fact the whole running is in first person) but it also encourages you to take non-lethal actions, even if you have access to firearms. The game also includes time trial modes, with many maps to improve your speedrun on. What are you waiting for? We need every support to make Mirror's Edge 2 to happen!


Minimalistically beautiful

peldik | May 20, 2012 | See all peldik's reviews »

The graphics are minimalistically beautiful and this makes this game age well. Unfortunately you don't have much time to enjoy the graphics and views from rooftops, because you are chased by helicopters and men with guns most of the time. This game is not a shooter. Although you can sometimes grab a gun from someone, it has few bullets and you have to drop it to climb. Mostly it's to better to just run and not try to fight/shoot anyone. It feels great to perform awesome moves with such ease and speed. There may be some spots, where you have to think and try several times to get to next location, but mostly you can see the path very well - the game even paints the next object on path red for you.


Good Refreshing Game

klaros | Oct. 26, 2011 | See all klaros's reviews »

Really nice game. Different from a normal FPS, here you'll shoot less than a normal FPS and run more to find how to resolve a situation. To gain a weapon you'll have to fight with bare hands and all of them will not have many bullets, this means you have to be fast and don't waste your ammo. This way every gained weapon will be more satisfying than a normal drop after kill. Nice colors. The graphics if maxed wouldn't be still good. The soundtrack is wonderful but you'll listen it only in menu and at the end of the game. It is perfect if you are searching for something different, it alternates fast paced fight situations to relaxing run and jump puzzles. The story is good enough and fits well but isn't a deep one. It is so relaxing that after I completed it a first time I restarted it at the hardes level (you can unlock it after you complete the game once). You'll also unlock the challenges and bonus content as you proceed chapter after chapter. I suggest to play it before the graphics become outdated.


An audio-visual masterpiece

FreeMan85 | Oct. 26, 2011 | See all FreeMan85's reviews »

Mirror's Edge is one of the most unique game in these days. High-speed parkour moves on the rooftops with Blues on your tail. Of course it's not the first game which use that kinda FPS view, but the firts from an AAA develepoer (DICE). So, let's talk about the game unique colors which are vivid and boring at the same time. Vivid, cause every big corporation has it's own color and painted every corner with it on the steril white buildings. Yeah, everything is white, man! Even trees and bushes, so the bug is not in your videocard! If you listen the cinematic videos before every chapter you learn why and what happened. Mirror's Edge is a bit stole a few things from George Orwell's 1984. In this future every telephone, e-mail or private chat is monitored. So the only way to communicate in private or send important message without the know of Big... erm, The Shard is the Runners. Runners are highly trained professionals who can run on walls, jump cross builduings or beat down a heavily armored cop with a single hand and that kinda crazy stuff. Our heroine, Faith is one of these Runners. Her boss is Mercury and her closest friend is Celeste. But one day Faith learn about something, something which she can't ignore. Her twin sister is in trouble. She was invited to a very important man, Pope who run to mayor. But Pope was murdered and Kate, Faith sister is the only suspect. Since only her was in the room and she was hit in the back. I just tell these details to feel the contrast. In this cold and advertised city two peoples, two sisters still care about each other. So Faith do everything to prove her sister is innocent. But soon she found out more and more from the big picture. And I don't want to spoil more, but the story is good and well written. Especially if you like utopias. The graphics. Uses Unreal3- what apopular engine! - and I have to say this is the well optimized Unreal3 game I ever encountered!The buildins, the sky, the sunshine, the birds, the rooftops,... There's no word, just the game's official song "Still Alive" by Lisa Miskowsky. The score written by SolarFields which also briliant. So atmospheric and harmonic. The gameplay is frantic. You can jump, run on walls, jump across building, use almost any surface. And you can beat any Blue with a few move and without any fancy weapon. The voice-acting, every actress and actor did an excellent job. Maybe the game only flaw is it length. Maybe is a bit short. Well, I can tell ya more you must buy this great game. It's an audio-visual masterpiece in every detail and way. But you have too feel it too, in your heart. "Sunshine, Blu sky..."