Reviews for Mass Effect


Great sci-fi RPG

CJV | Aug. 18, 2012 | See all CJV's reviews »

The beginning of one of the most hyped sagas of this generation and with good reason. Mass Effect is indeed a very good game. The story is not brilliant or very original but is well-written and manages to engage the player until the end, with a well implemented choice system making it more worthwhile. This game it's a cover-based third-person shooter RPG hybrid and although the shooting may not be as satisfying as another contemporary shooters, it gets the job done. The combat stills manages to be fun. And besides the game's main focus is exploration (afterall, this is an RPG) and it does very well in that department, with great environments to explore and also great characters to encounter. Overall, this is a fine game. Recommended.


Almost better Sci-fi than Star Wars

EneSanyi | Aug. 6, 2012 | See all EneSanyi's reviews »

The first ME was the best sci-fi RPG with bad combat, but awesome story. I think Mass Effect 2 is better, but ME1 is the origin, so I will review this. The characters are good and make the game great. The story is gripping and simply fantastic. The graphics is good for an RPG.


RPG of the best

sanyi777 | Aug. 6, 2012 | See all sanyi777's reviews »

Mass Effect is Bioware's best RPG yet in my opinion. The graphics is OK, but if you want to buy ME for the good graphics, search elsewhere. The game's real strength is the high quality story and the well-written characters. The combat is a little bit boring, but the conversations compense this. If you want a good Sci-Fi RPG buy this, Mass Effect is really cheap now.


Fantastic story but repetitive gameplay

panz3r88 | Aug. 6, 2012 | See all panz3r88's reviews »

Mass Effect is a good action sci-fi RPG. The best element of the game is the amazing story and the many cool character that will help you and you will encounter during the playthrough. The combat system is good: you fight in real time, but in every moment you can stop the game and decide what power use and how to move your companion. There are part of the games where you must decide how to answer to the various character in order to decide if Shepard has a good or bad attitude with respect to the other. One of the weak point of the game are the side mission, because they are repetitive and after some of them they become boring


The start of a great Sci-fi RPG franchise

Cynaris | July 19, 2012 | See all Cynaris's reviews »

Mass Effect is a good game. I wouldn't say it's truly great. There are things holding it back from being great (some of which are adressed in later installments). You take the role of Commander Shepard, a human soldier who will quickly aspire to higher and higher as you play. You'll soon find out that your role is much greater not only to the Earth, but to the Galaxy, as you would initially think. It is a great premise, I just wish the gameplay would have backed it up perfectly. Not saying the gameplay is bad though. But it definitely could use improvements. Combat is slow, and not responsive enough, teammates aren't exactly smart either, and these things will result in frustration. Searching planets for minerals, and finding sidemissions (which take place in the very sale level layout most of the time) is a chore. That said the main storyline is good, and definitely worth experiencing, the true fun will start with Mass Effect 2, once you imported your save games there. Technically, Mass Effect is not a revolutionary title, but stands strong on it's feet. Utilizing the Unreal 3 Engine, it is a smooth, and great looking title. The sounds are also good, giving you a perfect sci-fi feel, complemented by an outstanding soundtrack. Give it a spin, for the whole trilogys' sake.


Will make you love science-fiction

Finka_Karfein | June 14, 2012 | See all Finka_Karfein's reviews »

I was not a big fan of science-fiction apart from Dune or Star Wars. I was rather skeptical about Mass Effect but then... I played it and liked the genre. Mass Effect has astonishing story to tell with some good choices which will affect further gameplay in the game as well as in the sequel. Characters are deep and interesting, races are ingenious (love Elcors!) and quests are involving (well, apart from a couple of side-quests but that is not so important). Shooting lacks a bit of dynamism especially with giving orders but it is a fine element of the game. I did not like however long driving and running from place to place. And the long rides in elevators... Graphics and music are great and let you feel the space opera atmosphere. If you like science-fiction, you will love this game. If you do not like science-fiction, you will love it thanks to this game.


The start of one of the best series that has been made

nibblemonkey | May 16, 2012 | See all nibblemonkey's reviews »

Mass Effect is the start of the Mass Effect Trilogy and starts off the series in a great way, while there are a few bad points the whole experience of the game makes up for it. I'll start with the bad points, the main issues I had with this game was with getting the game to start without crashing after a few minutes of gameplay which was caused by a mixture on the game having problems recognizing 4GB of RAM and issues with my Graphics Driver. After I had fixed these problems though the game was a very enjoyable experience, the controls are very nice to use (As well as modified for the PC version of the game) and the story of the game is easy to follow and enjoyable. One of the unique things to the Mass Effect series, and other games made by Bioware, is the Morality system that is part of the entire story. At certain points of the game you're given of option of say a good (Paragon) or bad (Renegade) response to a conversation, these decisions could have an effect at that moment or may change the events of later on in the game or some decisions will have an effect in Mass Effect 2 or 3 (As your save can be imported). This really does make the game stand from others as no other game offers this type of system. The game combat is also fluid as you switch from conversations and battle simply and smoothly, the menus are also fluid to navigate and it is easy to get where you want to in the menu. Overall Mass Effect is one of the best games that has been ever made and is a good way to get into the series if you have never played any of the series


A truly masterpiece in sci-fi games

FreeMan85 | Oct. 26, 2011 | See all FreeMan85's reviews »

Mass Effect. A truly mass effect in sci-fi RPG games history. Many people say it's not a real RPG, in some way they right. But it's not an usual TPS action game either. It's have a fantastic and briliant sci-fi backgroud. It like Star Wars or Star Trek, a really rich and grand universe. The half of the gameplay is exploring and shooting, the another half is conversations. OK, about the game and it's story. You are Commander Shepard, officer of System Alliance. You just picked up a top priority mission on one of the Humanity's colony. But things going bad, when an emergency call came from the colony: the Geth - a robotic species - attacked the colony! Soon you know there's more on Eden Prime (the name of the colony, by the way). Captain Anderson, the mission commander tell you there's a Spectre onboard to check your capabilities. You are promoted to be the first human Spectre. A few word from Spectres: they are can do almost anything, beyond the know of every authorities, expect the Citadel Council, no else hold their hands. You will learn Saren, a rogue Spectre is behind the attack of Eden Prime. Of course his one of the best in his agent and the Council not believe you. Almost you get charged. So you have to prove Saren's guilty and make a team with variant species to find and hunt him down. It's feel like The Magnificant Seven, you form seven different man to one purpose: capture the evil! The game graphics powered by Unreal3 so don't worry about your Pc or the quality. It's just eye popping! Like mixed Star Wars and TRON with a bit of best sci-fi art designs. The ships, the corridors, the buildings, the aliens... everything looks and feels fantastic. The sound effects and voice-acting... oh, the voice-acting it's briliant. Just a few name Keith David, Lance Henriksen, Seth Green, Marina Sirtis, Fred Tatasciore, etc. Everyone do a great performance, and you gonna like the alien voices to. The gameplay is like... well, if you ever play Knight of the Old Republic is almost the same. Maybe they make a bit more basic. 4 weapon type with upgradable ammos and enhancers, upgradable armor, variant granades, biotic enhancers. And of course you can only control Shepard alone, two other team member will follows and helps. You can pick up before every new mission. Choose them wisely, every team member have their own specialities! I almost forgot: you can pick up a class, a gender, a look, a past beginning in the game! Since it's an RPG. For the first time I recommend the Soldier class, it"s simple but for beginners it helps to get in the game easier. it's just an advice. The game also has a morality system, the Paragon is the good guy, the Renegade is the bad guy. If you have a high Paragon level you can beat some hot situation without a firefight or to shoot anyone, and I talk abount innocents too. Oh, and of course the game has romance to. You can choose from two love interest. I not quite like romantic themes, but in this game they made perfectly. It's sensual and beauty. I recommend this everyone who like sci-fis or RPG. This game simply a masterpiece in all form! If you have doubt check the game's 'Pc Story Trailer'.