Reviews for Mass Effect 2 (EU)


Even better than the first game

Gmen | April 18, 2014 | See all Gmen's reviews »

I walked into the first Mass Effect with mixed emotions. After having played that and enjoying it, I was more than ready to get stuck into this game when it came out. You can choose to start a game from scratch, or you can import your savegames from the first Mass Effect, which then changes the storyline – something which isn’t done very often in games. Everything that made the first game good is here, and in my opinion this is even somewhat better. Graphically the game isn’t too different. It still uses Unreal Engine 3. But the locations, particularly the ones encountered in side missions are much more detailed, and a lot less generic looking and boring. The same could be said for traversing from one place to another – you have to manually pilot the ship to travel to other galaxies – it’s not a case of click here and away you go. And you have to refuel your ship and obtain more probes for the next thing I’m about to discuss: harvesting. In the past you landed on the surface of a planet and drove around in the Mako, manually collecting minerals and items. In Mass Effect 2, this has been done away with, and instead you scan the planet surface, and once a high concentration of minerals is found, you send probes down to the planet surface to collect it. These minerals can then be used to upgrade your ship, weapons and armour. I personally approve of these additions to the franchise for the most part. The combat in ME 2 is a bit different too – you don’t run out of ammunition during combat. Instead you have clips that heat up and eject after so many shots. You still need a number of these clips to fire the weapon in any case. But where ME 2 excels is in the narrative and the characters. The interaction with other characters, assisted by prompts which offer different responses, can change the story in a playthrough, and this offers extensive replayability. Plus there’s also free DLC available for it too. I would expect nothing less from BioWare, the RPG masters. If you liked the first game, you’ll want this. This is about the best in the series to date.


If you didn't play it yet, what are you waitng for?

Kordas | Dec. 13, 2013 | See all Kordas's reviews »

Mass Effect is this series of game everybody heard about. It has great story, great original universe, rich history, culture and a lot of stories to tell. It should be no surprise that after wonderful 1st game, Bioware did even better with the second one. The story is as compelling as the original game, gameplay is 200 times better (yeah, that was only factor that annoyed me a little in the first game), graphics are much improved, as well, it's just a perfect continuation of the series. The dialogues are really something that gets you immersed into this world! Some new races were added to the game, and favourite characters from Mass Effect 1 are back to help Shepard agains a new threat. Everyone sci-fi fan or not should try this amazing experience (of course only after finishing the first one, since you can import your decisions to the second and then third game!).


Best game of the franchise

ruttenmurf | Nov. 13, 2013 | See all ruttenmurf's reviews »

The mass effect series is probably my favorite game series of all time. It has everything good gameplay, good storyline and interesting characters and of all the games mass effect 2 is clearly the best. The game is improved in every way since mass effect 1, universe exploring has been made more rewarding as you unlock your weapons and upgrades by getting resources of the planets in the galaxy. You can also run faster which encourages exploring. But the main reason for being the best game of the franchise are the characters if you play this game explore it and go talk to all of you team members cause they will give you very interesting stories and you will start caring for them which will make the ending so much better. Go and buy this game even if you don’t like space games, even if you don’t like shooting biotic powers all over the place because the main reason you should buy this game is the beautiful story.


Best game of the franchise

ruttenmurf | Nov. 13, 2013 | See all ruttenmurf's reviews »

The mass effect series is probably my favorite game series of all time. It has everything good gameplay, good storyline and interesting characters and of all the games mass effect 2 is clearly the best. The game is improved in every way since mass effect 1, universe exploring has been made more rewarding as you unlock your weapons and upgrades by getting resources of the planets in the galaxy. You can also run faster which encourages exploring. But the main reason for being the best game of the franchise are the characters if you play this game explore it and go talk to all of you team members cause they will give you very interesting stories and you will start caring for them which will make the ending so much better. Go and buy this game even if you don’t like space games, even if you don’t like shooting biotic powers all over the place because the main reason you should buy this game is the beautiful story.


It should be played

MarcoCav | Oct. 2, 2013 | See all MarcoCav's reviews »

Compared to its predecessor, the charm of Mass Effect 2 is still completely unchanged, remaining one of the spearheads of his generation. Who loves video games should not pass up the opportunity to play one of the best action RPG in circulation, so as to take part in a fantastic and exciting saga.



stitch123 | Sept. 27, 2013 | See all stitch123's reviews »

Awesome story, characters, gameplay, actions! I don't even know how to describe this game. All you have to know is that it's RPG, your answers affect story, dialogues and the whole story are writed very well. This game is must-have for anyone. One of the beste Bioware's games! (Sorry for my bad English)



SirEagle | Sept. 26, 2013 | See all SirEagle's reviews »

Mass Effect series is the best RPG games I have ever played. But the second part always were my favourite. I spend lots of hours playing it, completed the game about 5 times and i would play it again and again and again. The game graphics are nice, story is very interesting, gameplay is interesting.I would recomend to play all 3 parts of Mass Effect to everyone who have not played this yet, you will be amazed and will remember this game a very long time after the completing the game.


Very good RPG

rjb789 | Sept. 25, 2013 | See all rjb789's reviews »

This is the best Mass Effect game that their is. It seem that Bioware studios have taken everything great about the first game and developed it in such a style that you wouldn't even know this was a sequel. The graphics are much improved and the overall presentation and style is so much more refined. The voice acting and story line is, like it predecessor, stunningly good and the voice acting is top notch. The cast of characters is just simply great and the various aliens you fight along the way are just as detailed with a good backstory that makes the universe of Mass Effect seem so much more real. To conclude, if you like RPG games that involves a choice driven storyline and some shooting you should get this!


Good continuation from first Mass Effect

Glyndwr | Sept. 21, 2013 | See all Glyndwr's reviews »

I know some people dislike Mass Effect 2 compared to the first game due to the loss of inventory etc. I can understand this, yet this game also avoids some of the fiddly and pointless micro management from the 1st game. It would have been nice to have more freedom to visit planets outside the story arc as a continuation of the RPG elements but this is more story driven. Characters are mostly strong and interesting and gameplay is fun if a little bit over the top with the cover based combat. This game and the first game I played through without for a moment thinking I would rather be doing something else, they are very good for fans of sci-fi, unfortunately the third game in the trilogy is much weaker and should only be picked up cheap.



xSh4d0wXx | Aug. 14, 2013 | See all xSh4d0wXx's reviews »

This game is fantastic, my favorite mass effect game. The story in it is superior to the other 2 and the gameplay is much improved from the first one!


My favourite sci-fi franchise after the Star Wars.

metalos1 | Aug. 13, 2013 | See all metalos1's reviews »

Another excellent game from the Bioware. The first Mass Effect was a big surprise. Commander Shepard and his little company become the favourite team of the gamers. They are uniq and interesting characters. This is not a fully RPG game, but an action-RPG. The combat is real time and this result a lot of epic encounter. The Unreal Engine 3 is does its job. The gam is optimized and the graphics are beutiful, the sounds are very good. The Mass Effect 2 is best in the trilogy. It have an interesting story and characters, a lot of quest, side quest, and much more contents. If you want the whole experience you buy all the 3 games. This is one of my favourite game and franchise, i beat them almost 10 time.


Not the best mass effect

simodeso | Aug. 10, 2013 | See all simodeso's reviews »

The best mass effect in my opinion is the first. Here we lose the inventory, no more weapon to change. Actually in this game story is not that good you will have to search people that 90% of them dies at the end , but i played every mass effect and i enjoyed them all. If you have played mass effect 1, you have to buy the 2 and the third to know how story developes, and also because they are a MUST BUY for the sci-fi RPG lovers. The gameplay is the same as the First Mass effect so it is very good and worth the money that cost. I think it deserve your money, so try it and save the earth!


Best game I have ever played!

spiken0 | Aug. 7, 2013 | See all spiken0's reviews »

Best game I have ever played in my life. The soundtrack, voice acting, gameplay. exploring and an open world game. Clocked this game 3 times and I intend to play more of it!


Best game in franchise

MichalM | July 16, 2013 | See all MichalM's reviews »

It is the best, it beats ME1 with action, shooting sequences and also with dialogs and characters, I won't even start with ME3. Mass Effect 2 continues the story of Commander Shepard, recovered from Normandy SR1 crash site by corporation called Cerberus (everybody hates them :P) and our mission is to investigate the case of dissapearing human colonies, and that's the moment when great story starts. We have to collect our crew with some great characters like Jack (Subject Zero) and Grunt (Legacy), as in ME1, ME2 gives us chance to explore some great planets, and here's a lot of them, but thank god, they removed Mako vehicle that was annoying for everyone who played ME1. Graphic is okay, it's still Unreal Engine 3.5 that we all know from other games, Sounds is great (If you have 5.1 audio system, you better launch this game on it) Control system is perfect and has improved since Mass Effect 1. If this game will be on sale, go and grab it.


Best part of trilogy.

Matis221 | June 18, 2013 | See all Matis221's reviews »

For me it's the best part of Mass Effect trilogy. Once again you play as a Commander Shepard to save the galaxy. For me that game have much better combat system from the first Mass Effect. Exploring planets is also much improved than driving on the "desert" with Mako. Dialogues with companions, exploring planets, intriguing storyline, difficult choices, that game have all of that and even more. It's of course worth playing it, to make your own Shepard.


You can't beat the Reaper.

g_reaper1666 | June 12, 2013 | See all g_reaper1666's reviews »

Mass Effect 2 is an excellent continuation of the mass effect series and although they do seem to have turned away from the effective infinite ammo that was present in the first game. With the effect of the heat sinks becoming bullets which has made this game seem more like a fps when it is in Biowares line of RPG's. This is not a determent though because this means that during the levels you have to keep an eye out for the thermal clips so that you can keep killing the enemy, If you already have the blood dragon armor from Dragon age this means that you will be able to use it in this game as well which is useful because now you can walk around like a knight, although it seems more like a dark knight because the red glowing visor seems to suit a renegade character. i also like how consequences for your actions have been introduced which makes it so that the more renegade choices you make the worse your scars get. Although because eventually Shepard's eyes will glow red i don't mind this because it means that i can think off myself as a terminator. I would not recommend believing that you are though because Shepard is not bullet proof. Unfortunately the mako has been removed from this game which meant that i was not able to run over geth on the levels instead of constantly shooting them.


Mass Effect 2 - review

carlyle | Feb. 4, 2013 | See all carlyle's reviews »

Mass Effect 2 continues the threads woven into the first chapter, shaking the root of the canons of Western RPG and finding a balance between action and narrative. Where Mass Effect 2 frees itself from the more traditional RPG is the elimination of the inventory: in the first chapter where you spent hours changing characters and weapons to sell all the items that were accumulated to fill the slot of the equipment, where there is a shared heritage, made ​​up of various types of weapons and upgrades, which are immediately available for all players compatible therewith. Now most of the battles take place in real time, thanks to a tracking system much more intuitive, which, combined with the fluidity finally optimal graphics engine, makes the action steps at the same level of the share of exploration, creating in a package as a whole can only be amazed by the quality and care put into all aspects, from level design, down to the smallest details.


Arguably the best game in the Mass Effect trilogy!

alphalegion | Feb. 4, 2013 | See all alphalegion's reviews »

Mass Effect 2 is arguably the best game in the Mass Effect trilogy, and widely regarded as that, by many fans. It was a huge leap from the first game, and had a wonderfully structured story arch to the final game. The new characters in the game are just amazing, and you’ll grow to love every single one of them. My only complaint for this game, would probably be the lack of “good” DLC. Yes, there is one very good, one “Lair of the Shadow Broker”, and if you’re considering getting this game, I would buy that as soon as you buy the base game. The others are barely worth getting, unless you have the extra cash, and would like a few cosmetics and extra little missions or squad members. However the base game is amazingly good without any DLC, and as I bought it on its release, my first play though was without any of the DLC, and it is still an amazingly enjoyable game. The voice acting in this, is possibly the best I have heard in gaming, and the gameplay is smooth, and works really well. It’s hard to criticise this game for much, which is why I have given it the score I have. - An almost perfect game, for an almost perfect franchise.


The best in the trilogy

Stebsis | Jan. 27, 2013 | See all Stebsis's reviews »

I actually didn't like ME1 that much, it was ok but it felt more like a prototype, to test things out and really show what ME is about in ME2. You play as Shepard, sent to investigate missing humans from colonies by a corporation called Cerberus, who of course don't always have the nicest of methods. There is also the impending doom of Reapers, an ancient santient machine species who will try to come from deep space and destroy every advanced civilization. Story is interesting and really keeps hold of you, you really want to know what happens next in the story, and to the characters, who only lose to the ones in Dragon Age: Origins, another great RPG by Bioware. Combat seems first like your typical, Gears of War style third person cover combat, but they spice things up a bit by adding biotic(like a scifi equivalent to magic) and tech powers that certain classes can use. Soldier can change ammo types from fire rounds to armor piercing and warp ammo that destroys shields quickly and couple others. Infiltrator, who utilises tech, uses cloaks system to sneak up on enemies or takes them out with a powerful sniper. Vanguard(my favorite) is a bit close quarter guy with a shotgun and biotic power to ram enemies with massive force. There're 3 other classes too and they all play really differently. I really urge you to play on the highest difficulty, to me it changed the the whole combat and it becomes one of the best third person cover shooters, when I played on normal it felt just ok, good but not great, but on highest you really need to rely on your and your friends whole arsenal of skills. Your choices affect almost everything you do, and most importantly what happens to your comrades. Graphics aren't anything special, they're ok but too many places tend to look quite same. Mass Effect 2 is definitely the best game of the trilogy, it mixes up action and RPG, and especially last couple of hours when going to the final mission are intense and really action packed. Just play the first game first if you haven't, I didn't like it that much but you might.


From Space Exploration to Friendship & Camaraderie!

ButLeer | Jan. 23, 2013 | See all ButLeer's reviews »

The sequel to Bioware's very successful Mass Effect. You step into the combat boots of Commander Shepard, an Alliance soldier who is the first and only human SPECTRE, to fight for the survival of an entire galaxy. While the previous game suffered from somewhat lackluster combat, it made up for it with rpg mechanics, item management and party tactics. The second game streamlines those out and instead proceeds to revamp the combat up to 11. All classes have their own unique skills and abilites, all of which are viable in all levels of play. The game also steps away from the "Star Trek"-ish exploration of the great unknown and shifts more into getting to know aliens from around the galaxy. You will learn to know wandering mechanics, blue space babe psychics, hulking war-loving lizards and military birds. In the end, your camaraderie will be put to the ultimate test as you go forth on an impossible mission. Most definitely worth buying if you liked the characters from the previous game.


A good balance

Antagonist121 | Dec. 29, 2012 | See all Antagonist121's reviews »

This is a great game, which I think everyone knows by now. The original Mass Effect, in my opinion, had a fantastic story with ok combat elements, and I enjoyed the Mako exploration on the planets, even if it was a bit odd to be driving a tank which seemed to like bouncing along the world. Mass Effect 2 changes this somewhat. The Mako sections have been removed entirely (apart from some vehicle missions you get in the Cerberus Netowork DLC). The skill trees and the way ammunition work have been simplified, and the somewhat bulky inventory system has been removed. The combat has been improved to a very high degree, and is much smoother and good fun. The story is still good, but I feel that there isn't the sheer quantity of backstory that there was in Mass Effect. Still, this is a fun game with plenty of story and RPG elements, as well as excellent third person shooting, making it a well balanced game.


Mass effect

mr_meowgi | Dec. 10, 2012 | See all mr_meowgi's reviews »

Before I didn't really like this kind of genre Im just not into sci fi games, but my friend was always saying I should just buy them and give them a go so I did I ended up playing the hell out of mass effect 1 doing almost everything it had thrown at me. So then I bought this one it lacked some of the features of the old game but the story and the new feel of combat makes up for it. Im loving this game at the moment and won't be long till I add the 3rd to my collection as well


A Mass Effect aimed to the action

abelfs | Dec. 8, 2012 | See all abelfs's reviews »

What if you decide to change the Original Mass Effect for a shooter gameplay sacrificing a few of the RPG elements?? Well, that's what you get with this one. However, it is not a bad game. Bioware did a very good job conceiving this game. The IA of both enemies and allies is improved and the combat experience is more satisfying.


Not like first part, but still good

ojczeo | Dec. 8, 2012 | See all ojczeo's reviews »

"Mass effect" is one of my favourite games. I've finished it 4 years ago, but i still remeber characters, choices and great plot. This was great experience - i've felt like child when it watching "Star Wars" first time. So i had impatiently waited for next chapter of this great story. And when it released nothing else mattered. I finished "ME2" in one week. And i'd had mixed feelings. The game was good - but the developers change too much. This game is more similar to shooter, than RPG. And I think is disadvantage, because RPG element make gaming excellent - if your hero leveled up, you feel it. But in second part only your special abilities evolved. So, it's was impossible to fell that magic connection beetween you and your character like in first part. Shepard've became game hero, not "your" hero.


Good game

Zinzun | Sept. 24, 2012 | See all Zinzun's reviews »

Mass Effect 2 is a great game.It takes something from Mass Effect 1,but the gameplay now is like a third person shooter with role playing elements,so forget all the stats from the precedent chapter. The graphics looks really good as the soundtrack is. The game will require about 30 hours to be completed,and if you will buy all the DLC from Bioware site they add 10 hours of extra gameplay.


Awesome game but is that a sequel ?

zhack075 | Sept. 13, 2012 | See all zhack075's reviews »

Mass Effect 2 is Awesome ! I'm a true fan of this IP but ME2 isn't my favorite one. Oh don't worry, it is an awesome game as ME1 and ME3 but I consider that the story isn't really the sequel of ME1 so i was a bit disapointed by this ME. Still, it remains a must have. The Fights are much more dynamic and are much more fun than Mass effect 1. Except the action phase, the gameplay doesn't change from Mass Effect 1. You do quest, speak to people but the space travel has changed a bit. No more Mako exploration. Once you found a signal you're dropped and picked up as soon as you finished the job. That is a great and a bad thing as Mako exploration was kind of boring. I've never enjoyed driving rubber tank on moon and planet during 20minutes... but it was fun to found a cave or base and to explore it. Zombie Cave... brrrrrr. Weapon system is different too, no more mods or special ammunition ( these are skill now ) and the skill system has been simplified too. Don't misundertood my words, You need to play this game as you need to play the 1 and the 3 but this game isn't the best one in my opinion. There aren't the same atmosphere. I was mindblown during the first Mass Effect scene with Nilhus on the Normandy Bridge and I was mindblown during the end of Mass effect 3 that I really enjoyed ( I trully did ! ), Mass Effect 2 despite of its awesomeness didn't do that. But still, it remains great and definitly deserves to be play !


Best of the Mass Effect series

EneSanyi | Aug. 4, 2012 | See all EneSanyi's reviews »

The first Mass Effect was a great RPG with some action, and ME2 is an action game with some RPG elements. The graphics with Unreal Engine 3 is nice, the story is awesome and the characters are amazing. My favourites were Legion, Grunt and Garrus, they made the gameplay more fun. The gametime is between 12-24 hours and it's full of action pumping gameplay. In the end your choices will matter an you want to play the game over and over again. The Sci-fi universe of Mass Effect is rich with races like asari and krogan and it's as good as Star Wars. If you like action games with good story Mass Effect 2 is your game.


An improvement on the original

Cynaris | July 19, 2012 | See all Cynaris's reviews »

Mass Effect 2 is where it's at. Take everything about Mass Effect 1, eliminate all the combat issues that made the game not so enjoyable. and you have Mass Effect 2. The game did lost some RPG aspects in the meantime though, such as the weapon customisation, the ammo system also changed to a more traditional type, but don't let this turn you off. There is still much to experience. Mass Effect 2 is still a Sci-fi Squad based Third-person Action-RPG, but with a faster paced combat, it is very enjoyable. The story continues to expand, your team will welcome old and new characters alike, but not going to spoil any of this. One important thing though, is that your actions throughout the game can pretty drastically change the outcome of your endgame, there are many variations that are worth experiencing, and while the means to achieve this are not necessarily the most well implemented, it's a great idea. The game improved somewhat from a visual standpoint, but a game has a distinct look, so it's not that easy to notice. It is looking great however. Soundtrack is still a strong aspect of the game, and voice acting is top-notch, as it always has been in Mass Effect games. If you are picking this up, you are about to begin the best entry in the series. Enjoy!


Better than then first

UnH | June 21, 2012 | See all UnH's reviews »

Bioware did a great job with taking what was good in the first game and throwing away not so good elements. Exploring thousands of same looking planets and boring mako driving is gone but it is unfortunately repleced by not-so-boring-as-mako-driving but still quite boring minigame. They get rid of the equipment chaos by limiting items only to few. RPG elements are simplified, maybe too much, but for me ME was always rather a guns and conversations game than a real hardcore cRPG. And for the guns, the shooting parts are much much better. They are more dynamic, action gives excitement and never gets boring, opposing to ME1. Your commrades are more interesting than in the first one. They have better background stories, and each one have 2 missions for them, one is recruiting them, and second is a loyality mission. Unfortunately, that is all as for the story, you just collect your team, do some trip here and there to help your companions with their problems and after that there's the final fight. So, the story is not so good as the first one, but in the other hand the game is about your teammates, so you are more attached to them. Thanks to that, the final fight can be really dramatic. :)


Not a great, but a good sequel

FreeMan85 | June 18, 2012 | See all FreeMan85's reviews »

Mass Effect 2 suffors from the usual middle episode syndrome. Wnat to be more better then the frist game, want to be more bigger, darker, action-packed and unique. Sadly is became a bit too arcade like. The whole gameplay is redesigned. Shepard now regenerates his/her health, if you move to cover. The Mako is removed and there's no invertory. Is a bit good and bad. Special ammo types now become powers and not all class have them. The power numbers is also limited to 4 at your team members. Fans want a bit clearear and simpler UI, well we got it. You must buy or search for upgrades then you have to reserch them, if you have enough resources. Feels like an RTS: you must collect minerals for reserches. It's not bad, really just prepare for an entirely different gamemechanic in Mass Effect 2. The story is a bit darker, the mysterious Collectors abducting entire human colonies for an unknown reason. Shepard must works with a dark organization, Cerberus to stop them. Again you need assemble a team, but they effectivness and survival rate is highly depends their own personal mission is completed or not. Every team member has a loyality mission, like in Mass Effect 1 Garus "Dr. Heart" or Wrex family armor. But in ME2 is has a higher impact, they can aid you or they can die in the suicide mission, even Shepard can die! So be careful and make sure all team members has been dealt with their own mission and upgrade your ship defensive and offensive capabilities the tech which provide by your team members. The new members are interesting, but you will miss the old ones. Only Garus and Tali team up with you, the others are NPCs at certain points in the game. Jacob and Miranda are two Cerberus agent who familiar from the Mass Effect Galaxy game. Mordin Solus is an ex-STG Salarian doctor. Grunt a young and insane Krogan soldier. Jack an psychotic biotic criminal. Thane, a Srell assasin and the most interesting character in the game. Samara, an Asari Justicar - kinda Jedi from Star Wars. And Zaeed Massani - free DLC - a famous mercenary, his got the best lines in the game. And there's one more team member, but I think even the trailers don't spoil who is it, but it will suprise you! So, your team - again - will be unique. Also in Mass Effect you will explore a few new world which are familiar from ME1, but you never see them, like Tuchanka the Korgan homewrold, Illium an Asari colony which maybe the most gorgeus planet in the Mass effect universe, Omega the darkest place in the Galaxy and of course the Citadel. And the sub-missions planets are also more interesting then it was the first game. Of course most of them small and easy 5-10 minutes missions. The graphics are nice, but feels here and there a bit low-res in textures, but the lighting effect are really nice. Like the neon lights on Zakera Ward or Illium's purple skyscrappers in the orange dusk. The game color scheme is use a bit much yellow/goldish colors, gives a sepia tone. Sometimes feels like a film-noir, a darker tone world you will see. Mot the vivid colored utopia from the first game. The Cerberus Network gives you acces to free contents which are 5 DLCs! You can activate that code on BioWare Social Networdk - be carful use the same account for the site and for the game! Zaeed Massin: Price of Revenge - gives the famous mercenary to your team and his loyality mission and a new heavy weapon. Zaeed also a nice and cool character, worth check his cabin for his tales time to time. Firewalker - it's a Mako replacment Cerberus speeder like vehicle. You can search for Prothean relics and other intels in remote planets. Gives new planets and a new item to your cabin. Normandy Crash Site - like the name said you explore the Normandy SR-1 crash site. A nice nostalgic mission. Cerberus Armor and shotgun - it's a specila Cerberus stormtrooper armor with a health and hield boost. Sadly it's has fixed parts and can't remove it's helmets. Arc Projector - it's a Geth heavy weapon, not the best one, but useful till you get the better ones. Mass Effect 2 want to be more better, darker, greater then the previous episode. Sadly at the halfway it's bleeds out, but it's still a good game and if you liked the first one you can't miss the second one! Simply in the gameplay has many changes and new elements. You get to use it. And I also recommend to buy the DLCs, which are highly extend the game.


Not as great as ME1 but still very good

Finka_Karfein | June 14, 2012 | See all Finka_Karfein's reviews »

After playing Mass Effect I just had to get the sequel. I was pleased with the results of my choices from the first game. However, the story is not as good as in ME1. It is involving and epic but there are no good moral dilemmas or plot twists. Just fighting for humanity and that is all. But it is well written, has great characters and make you want to play a little bit more until you find out it is time to wake up and not go to bed. Gameplay involves more action and shooting and less boring running. It is good but I do not understand why BioWare took some good RPG elements away. It made ME2 a bit of a space shooter. Graphics are even better and music will make you open your mouth in several moments of the game. Mass Effect is definitely worth your time and money. But play it only after completing the first part of the series.


Great game, subpar Mass Effect game

Neohoodman | May 4, 2012 | See all Neohoodman's reviews »

With a history of great (action) RPGs, Bioware has set the bar to a high level for its Mass Effect series. The first entry in the saga was a great action game with RPG elements (It was never a proper RPG in my opinion, but it did things very good!) with exploration, character building and in game choice making. Mass Effect 2 hardly retains any of these positives. It feels way too much like a shooter. The game looks like it divides the game between RPG fields and shooter fields. RPG fields are like old mass effect; exploring, looking for things, talking to people. YOU CAN'T COMMAND YOUR PEOPLE OR USE YOUR GUN. Then when you want to start a mission, it goes into shooter mode. Now you can use your guns etc, but it feels much more linear than the original Mass Effect. The good thing about ME1 was the vague border between shooter and RPG. All was in a single world and the only loading was between planets (and in elevators) Now you "start" a mission and "end" a mission like a third person shooter. It even ends with a "mission complete!" overview of the mission. Leveling up is done after the mission. Then there's the lack of loot as well. There's no inventory or customizing your weapons. Things that mass effect 2 does good: The graphics look SO AMAZING. The game has got a slightly better atmosphere (Omega for instance just feels vivid) and it reminds me of KOTOR and old sci-fi movies. In the end, Mass Effect 2 is a great game on its own, but lacks the RPG oomph that the first Mass Effect had. It's a subpar successor to 1.


Sheperds Back

ReviewThis | March 5, 2012 | See all ReviewThis's reviews »

Sheperds back in a great sequel to his first game Sheperd returns with Joker a whole new squad and the Normaday 2. The game is very fun to play and one of the best things is that every character has something intresting to say unlike other games even the smallest character can sometimes help you out. Giving commands to your squad is quite easy but the squad does not need you all the time they can think for themself about basic enemy engagement. Another great thing about the crew is you can bond with them they each have special missions that will encrease there trust and your next mission survial chance. At the end all of your decisions can change the ending p.s if you played the first mass effect you can start off with some bonus stuff