Reviews for Sword of the Stars II: Enhanced Edition


Still not what expected

Kradath | July 15, 2013 | See all Kradath's reviews »

The game had its massive problems on launch, but those are mainly in the past now. It's still incredible how many problems still retain though and speaks for how much this game was rushed on released, even after so much time it's still not really finished. But it runs now and despite all the patching the game simply does not live up to the expectations to it. It feels incredibly clunky and lifeless, the learning curve is extremely steep and even if that one is tackled the controls and menus are simply not innovative and simply frustrating at times. I would only recommend it to those who are extremely interested in it.


A refreshing change - Sword of the Stars Enhanced edition

BlackZero | Dec. 5, 2012 | See all BlackZero's reviews »

I highly recommend this game for any space 4x4 strategy fans. Apparently it had some issues at launch but the enhanced edition fixes all that. Be warned, there's a learning curve but once you put a few hours in you'll find it's extremely well thought out and the developers have clearly worked hard to fix all the initial issues.



Xehlwan | March 26, 2012 | See all Xehlwan's reviews »

The premise of SotS2 is brilliant. Taking an already great space 4X game, and remaking it with even more flair. Many ideas have been improved or rethought from the previous game. Research is improved by adding some granularity to the randomness. The fleet system has some added realism where you give missions to your fleet. It still feels a bit clunky and unwieldy at times, but those issues are successively ironed out in patches. One of the strongest points of SotS2 lies in its presentation. Every part - from interface to combat - draws you into the sci-fi experience. Your fleets are detailed in both graphics and actual game-mechanics, giving you a sense of commanding actual starships. The graphics are awesome for a game of this genre, if not up to par with the best modern games out there. Now, for the bad news. Despite all the awesome parts of the game, and all the potential this game has to be a real classic in its genre, there is a big problem: It's not finished. Not after over 4 months of speedy and heavy updates. The foundation of the game is there; but it still misses core mechanics. The experience is dragged down by clunky features that simply have not received any polish yet. SotS2 is playable - in the same sense that any early beta-version is playable. Kerberos Productions are diligently working on the game, and show no sign of slowing down. Every week brings lists of fixes, features and polish. Unfortunately, it may take many more months until SotS2 is truly done. Only time will tell if it ever is. The final verdict is that Sword of the Stars 2 isn't release-worthy. Only the great potential and weekly updates saves this game from a score of zero. However, if you don't mind paying for a work-in-progress, then you may want to give it a try.


Well, well well.

frostysal | Nov. 19, 2011 | See all frostysal's reviews »

You've likely heard about the launch of SoTS2 being a disaster. You've likely heard about it being a textbook case of how not to launch a game. Honestly, you likely heard right. Released almost a month ago now, the launch of SoTS 2 was awful. However, this does not reflect the reality of this game, which is full of wonderful ideas and excellent gameplay. The graphics are fantastic, the space battles full of shiny beams and flaming missiles, and the races are all distinct and full of personality. The changes from SoTS1 are excellent, with a overall increased depth of strategy and tactics. This is not to mention the -amazing- post-release support. Though considering the state of the game at launch this is to be expected, thrice weekly patches since launch have really made an improvement in making the game what it should be. I'm going to be giving this game an 80 for now. This is the compromise between what I expect the game to be in two months time (90) and what it is now (70).