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Mediocre FPS

Cavalieroscuro | Jan. 14, 2013 | See all Cavalieroscuro's reviews »

The unique interesting thing of this game is the plot (but the ending is simply horrible): all the other things are taken from Call of Duty series, and the game suffers of many bugs. You can complete this in about three or four hours without a problem, you will not touch multiplayer because it has nothing new. Buy this for two euro and it will be a good purchase, but not waste your money on it because simply it doesn't worth it.


Homefront - review

carlyle | Jan. 14, 2013 | See all carlyle's reviews »

Homefront is not the classic corridor shooter: the action takes place very often outdoors with the help of some partisans controlled by the CPU (which let us do 90% of the job), but it's not a Crysis disguise where you can approach the target in half a dozen different ways. For every situation there are at least a couple of ways to deal with it, leading to a slightly different behavior by opponents. In general, the difficulty in dealing with the shootings is characterized by the number of opponents that the game sends us against, and no sign of any kind of organizational autonomy, but only good script attack. Too bad for the respawn pretty obvious enemies. About the multiplayer of Homefront general direction is clear enough: large maps, vehicles and functionality of the Commander of Battlefield (although much simpler than the original commander of human Battlefield 2) are complemented by sbloccabli equipment, killstreak and customizable weapons that wink instead of the eye to fans of the recent Modern Warfare.


Great story

Lekes | Dec. 31, 2012 | See all Lekes's reviews »

Good game but the campaign was over in 6 hours, and since for a shooter that is competing in the same narrative as CoD and MoH, even if they don't want that comparison, it's painfully short. I note that I'm not normally a FPS player, but overall the story was great, very crisp, but again, too short. Hopefully the campaign will be extended via cheap DLC since right now it seems that we're missing half a game. Haven't tried multiplayer yet, but I will later. Pros: Great story Cons: Too short


In for the mediocre but interesting SP, nothing else

Coolicy | Dec. 30, 2012 | See all Coolicy's reviews »

This game features a very interesting premise: the hypothetical invasion of North Korea and Americans losing the war in their own front lawn. In screenshots, the mood and setting is done extremely well, the delivery of story itself is lacking though. The game begins with you on a prisoner transport bus being transferred to another location, and you see the aftermath of the North Korean invasion. It's done very well, but doesn't give you enough time to sink into the setting. You're set into an explosion before you really feel that these guys are evil oppressors. You're then led through a series of Follow Me, Kill This missions, you have a good idea if you've played any recent Modern FPS. The characters are bland and are obvious archetypes. I find it difficult to care for them and there's really no bonds formed. The only recommendation I'd give this game is the story, a very interesting take on modern warfare. The campaign is slightly short though, I recommend to play on a harder difficulty for it to be more challenging. Just forget about the tacked on MP. No one is playing it. Get this if you're tired of the cliche CoD plots, give this a try!


Bad Controls, Moronic Story, Aimless

Brumbek | Dec. 29, 2012 | See all Brumbek's reviews »

What a low quality FPS. First, the shooting mechanics are stiff and unresponsive. Second, the scripted sequences force you down one path only, so you will die a LOT until you do things exactly as the game wants you to. Third, the ridiculous premise. The game never explains how America could be taken over by the Koreans. Fourth, the environment: they do create a fairly oppressive mood but I found it too unbelievable and too serious given the low quality nature of the game-play. They want me to care about the characters, but I can't feel much for stupid, wooden, NPCs who get stuck on walls and constantly walk into me. Overall, this is one of the worst FPS games I've played in recent memory.


Short but enjoyable campaign

CJV | Dec. 27, 2012 | See all CJV's reviews »

I have not played the multiplayer for this game, only the singleplayer campaign, so I only going to talk about the campaign. The campaign is really short, about 4 hours long, so I don't think it's worth it to pay full price for such a short game. Apart from the length, I really have no other problem with the game. The game looks good. It has a lot of weapon variety, and the few levels offer some decent variety, never getting boring. But it's your standard military shooter campaign, don't expect any kind of innovation. If you don't mind any of that I say this game is worth checking out.


Good for campaign, Multiplayer..not so much.

nucture | Dec. 24, 2012 | See all nucture's reviews »

The story is amazing for an FPS. It will keep you wanting to go on and see what happens. The gameplay is what you would expect; a shooting game in first-person view. It's nothing special. The online mode could have been a lot better but it's very dull and just feels like everything is repeated and very generic. If you can get this game for 5-10$ and are a fps fan then this is for you.


A Big Letdown

Damuel | Dec. 22, 2012 | See all Damuel's reviews »

There's kind of a mixed opinion here. The game has an interesting story, but the actual gameplay is pretty shallow. Some people seem to love the story but hate the multi. Others like the multi but hate the story. I wasn't impressed with either. The story is kind of predictable and you don't feel like a part of it. Personally the multiplayer to me feels run and gunish, a lot like a COD clone. There isn't much to like about it, you have unlocks, rewards, big(ish) maps, it just isn't really anything new. The graphics are nice but are poorly optimized for some cards. The real issue with the visuals is that every single level/map feels the same. Same looking environment, same looking buildings, same enemies. And the guns are kind of iffy, some feel incredibly off, whether it's from accuracy or just poor hit boxes. The game drew a lot of hype and controversy, but it turned out to just be another copy and paste shooter.


Been There, Done That

aronater | Dec. 10, 2012 | See all aronater's reviews »

Homefront tries very hard. It really does. It tries to portray a fight for freedom from the brutal occupiers, and it does do a pretty good job showing us a bleak version of a future where violent resistance is the only option. Unfortunately, with a market flooded by first and third person shooters, it takes a lot more than that to break into that top tier occupied by blockbuster titles like the Call of Duty series. Thankfully many shooters are adapting by adding something new, something exciting, that hasn't been done before. Bulletstorm is a great example. Homefront however, fails in this regard. While the story may be interesting it fails to overcome the constant feeling of "been there, done that". The gameplay just isn't exciting enough to justify playing this over the various other shooters competing with it. That's doesn't mean that it's a bad game. Not at all. In fact a few years ago it could possibly have topped the charts. However, nowadays it takes a lot more to stand out and Homefront just fails to deliver.The slightly dated graphics certainly don't help its cause. In short, if you're new to the FPS genre or just a shooter junkie, it's worth a try. However, for everyone else, you really won't miss much by skipping this game.


It could've been great

KalebKJC | Dec. 10, 2012 | See all KalebKJC's reviews »

In my time with the game, (about 2 1-2 hours) I find myself looking for a reason to push forward in the campaign. The story seems to lack the emotional punch that it tries to hit the player with. Couple that with the fact that the multiplayer is all but dead and have I say this is a skip. If the multiplayer were active, I would say go for it, but it's a buy at your own risk game now.


A Clear Alternative to Typical Shooters

Beard_Whisperer | Dec. 9, 2012 | See all Beard_Whisperer's reviews »

Homefront is one of those games that pleasantly surprises you. Especially people like me who grew extremely tired of the Call of Duty hype. Most FPS games try to model their games alongside what people expect, but Homefront has tried to do something much different. I personally think they not only pulled it off, but created a great alternative to your typical shooter. The single player story line is unfortunately nothing to write home about. When I first heard the plot of this game I was excited. Expecting something completely mind-blowing that would peek my interests. Sadly the story line, although good at some points, falls short of being everything it could have been (and what it promised to be). Perhaps I am never satisfied with FPS campaigns though. They are always too linear and never give enough room for replayability. One can only play through the same level with the same expected outcome so may times before growing bored. Character interaction is practically non-existent. You don't get to talk with anyone really, and when you do it is brief and adds little to no depth to the story. The fighting in the single player is good, at least as good as your typical FPS campaign fighting can be. Some moments are very action packed and adrenaline fueled, others are just alright. One will neither be blown-away nor overly dissapointed with the battles. However, despite Homefront's downfalls in the single player, it completely makes up for in Multiplayer. The class system and customization is quite detailed. You will feel a difference when playing a different class. Especially since each class can be customized very differently from one another. The more you play a class, the more you unlock for that class. These unlocks include new primary and secondary weapons. New special weapons (vests, drones, etc.) and a good selection of perks. Perks are given point values, and you are given 4 points to distribute however you see fit: pick four different 1-point value perks, two different 2-point value perks, etc. This helps keep the game balanced as well as letting people select various different perks until they find the ones that work best for them. My favorite thing about Homefront is the Battlepoint system. Unlike Call of Duty where you have to get kill streaks to unlock all of the cool items such as air strikes and the like, you get points based on getting kills and completing objectives. The more points you get, the more you can do. Points are used to use vehicles: from simple transport vehicles to tanks to scout helicopters and the like. Points are also used for unlocking and using ones special weapons: missile launchers, drones, vests, etc. This is useful and allows for one to refill their launcher ammo if they run out by merely repurchasing another launcher. This makes the game fun for those who are new to FPS multiplayer games as well as the veterans. This makes it a perfect game for casual FPS gamers like myself. Nothing is worse than trying to play a game online when you don't have the time that others have to master the game. Call of Duty requires players to spend countless hours to get the increased level of enjoyment. Homefront caters perfectly to both players: casual gamers will still be able to save up their Battlepoints and unlock the same great vehicles, but veterans will be able to unlock the gear more often. Therefore it is a great level of fun for all players. The levels are wonderfully varied and fun. This game has my favorite level selection. Some levels cater more to snipers and others cater more to assault classes, but any level can be played with any class. Certain areas are perfect for sniping, others are perfect for rushing in and assaulting. Couple this with the fact that vehicles can be used in every level and the game becomes greatly varied and fun. You never know when you are going to need to bust out a missile launcher to take out a tank, or take cover from a more silent drone. This game is thus perfect for those who like their particular class, or for those who like to mix things up and be a jack of all trades. No one suffers completely, they just may have easier or harder times depending on each level. All in all Homefront is an amazing game. The single player suffers no more than how it already suffers in virtually every other FPS game out there. Sadly though it does not stand out either, making those looking for a classic single player campaign having to look elsewhere. But for those who want to experience a new immersive online game mode that does not require hundreds of hours of playing to enjoy, this game is perfect.


Homefront is one step forwards, but two steps back

Scorpy | Dec. 8, 2012 | See all Scorpy's reviews »

Homefront was one of my most anticipated titles for a long time. It story held great promise, and the crew attached really made up one of my favorite ensemble teams in a long time. The game itself, however, fell short of what I (and I assume most other educated buyers) was expecting. Homefront looks like a generic fps game when taken at face value, however the story has many underlying themes that really take a while to sink in. Once they do, it's very easy to enjoy the game for what it is: a great experience. Seeing this sort of ravaged, dystopian future represented in a way that is uncomfortably realistic is very off-putting. Much like the 1984 film Red Dawn (and its terrible 2012 remake), the story involves a massive invasion in our own backyard. Although the concept may seem familiar, its execution is impressive and scope unimaginable. Where the game falls short is its actual content. Here it is quality over quantity. For its price, that may not be the best attitude to adopt. The story is short. VERY short. Whatever little story there is fantastic, and coupled with the amazing atmosphere of the game it truly makes for a great package. There just isn't enough of it. Not enough to earn a purchase, anyhow. I won't mention the tacked-on multiplayer modes because they are completely dead. Not a soul is playing this game online. Wait for the price to drop further on this one, maybe $5 or less. Much like the price of a movie rental. You won't be disappointed.


Just a short bit from excellent

Xkhaoz | Nov. 30, 2012 | See all Xkhaoz's reviews »

I played through Homefront in an afternoon. That should probably be taken as a bad sign. But that afternoon was full of fun, involving gameplay with a great story written by the writer of Red Dawn. The various set=pieces in Homefront can truly be shocking. Mass graves, public executions, and so on really show the horrors of war. Throughout Homefront you visit several locales, and even once you pilot an helicopter. I haven't tried out much of the multiplayer, but form what I've seen its similar to Battlefield where-in you capture points and such. Still, its length is the main problem with the game. Still, if you're looking for a decent afternoon of FPSing, Homefront is a great choice.


An interesting Story

ultrapwnd | Nov. 18, 2012 | See all ultrapwnd's reviews »

Homefront pits players in the midst of a hypothetical invasion by North Korea. The story is fairly interesting, but the gameplay is standard military shooter, filled with turret battles and following an AI teammate, you are pretty much doing what the game tells you and are not given much choice. If you like that then alright, this is a game you would enjoy, but if not, you might be looking for a more diverse game, The missions while generic still push the story forward and the locations are pretty diverse. The music is very cool and the presentation is looks really sharp. If you enjoy FPS games with interesting military shooters than Homefront is a game for you.


A game that shows an understanding of what we may see in the nea

fable2 | Oct. 27, 2012 | See all fable2's reviews »

2027. America has fallen to a savage military occupation. Join the Resistance and fight for freedom in Homefront. A game that shows an understanding of what we may see in the near future and intriguing interest into the current political situations of the world and what the results will be. This game is designed to show a different feel, constant changing environment and a greater perception of close quarter's infantry with heavy vehicles, choppers and futuristic technology. The game is a online first person shooter that has large scale vehicular warfare. The design is somewhat different to what we have been recently seeing with the release of the several cod games and bad company 2. The developers have made the game somewhat interesting which has constant variation on what you will see each game you play. They have introduced a new in-game sort of experience called Battle Points which allow you to purchase enhancements for the situation as you need it. The game mode, Ground Control that is specifically mentioned is a constant changing map as it rotates to different position around the maps. The game looks like it will have those memorable experiences that we have been looking for with the high detail graphics and a new experience. The game shows potential of a different but somewhat similar game that we have been seeing from the first person franchise. The game shows a more dedicated approach towards PC players with the possibility of mods and larger player vs. Player games. There will be dedicated servers for PC, Xbox and PS3. A different multiplayer fps game made by someone else, will be on my wish list. On release the problems with the game was endless which made the game almost die within a week.


Decent game, but content sparse and a bit dated.

das_regal | Oct. 25, 2012 | See all das_regal's reviews »

Homefront delivers an experience in the single-player story that is way better than anything Call of Duty has managed to put together for the past few years. It opens with an emotionally resonant scene and manages to keep you entertained with varied missions and interesting moments. Unfortunately, it's not very long. The same can be said of the multiplayer really. There's an intriguing system at play here with battlepoints, but there just aren't enough weapons and game modes to make it something worth coming back to for very long. The maps are well designed, but the dated graphics does them no favors. If you are looking for a multiplayer game, look elsewhere. If you want a decent shooting campaign that's about 6 hours long, this is worth the purchase when on sale.



coldsolja | Oct. 23, 2012 | See all coldsolja's reviews »

Homefront offers MP features unique to the competition, and is QUITE a bit of fun to play. Awesome maps, a unique mix of infantry/vehicular warfare, and the feeling of fighting in your own backyard are truly welcome additions to the FPS genre. As others have mentioned, graphically Homefront could have used some additional polish. In order to stand up to other FPS competition, Kaos had its work clearly cut out, as CoD and BF have created some truly memorable vistas and set pieces to battle within. While there is nothing WRONG with the visuals, it seems like they world created simply needed more time. The art IS there... the polish IS lacking. Bottom line - MP players, worth the buy. Single players (who don't touch MP), the campaign is short and intense. 6-8 hours tops on Normal difficulty.


Good atmosphere and great action

Raggamuffin | Sept. 27, 2012 | See all Raggamuffin's reviews »

Surprisingly, this game is very good. I was expecting only a COD clone, but I was very surprised with quality of singleplayer campaign. Unfortunately it is very short. Multiplayer is something between COD and Bad Company 2 and you can still find lots of people playing it. Also graphics are quite cool.


Good game,tons of bug

Zinzun | Sept. 23, 2012 | See all Zinzun's reviews »

So,this game is good.This is a point.It's not original (it grab something from Resistance,something from Killzone,something from Call of Duty and something from Battlefield) but it's good,the story is nice (except the ending,is simply horrible),the graphics look good but...there are TONNES of bugs.Too many times I reloaded a checkpoint because the AI script doesn't unlock (IE Conner must open a door),something you get stuck with enviroment and other things like that. Good for 1 or 2 euro,but not more,because play this is really,really frustrating.


Not bad.

Chack | Sept. 15, 2012 | See all Chack's reviews »

If you enjoy CoD-like games, then this is a game for you, the campaign is interesting but short, and the mulitplayer doesn't have that much content but it's still fun. The graphics are nice, basically the entire game is "nice", so you should get it when there's a discount.


Emotionally touching!!

stirling | Sept. 6, 2012 | See all stirling's reviews »

Homefront is i would say a unique game, it really connects with the gamer and somehow manages to make you feel what the characters are feeling!! its emotionally amazing but at the same time is action packed and thrilling to play. You play as John Milius a brave and daring. Characters as you try to escape the grip and hold of the Korean army and escape the city which you are trapped in. Definitely a game to get!! i would recommend it to anyone even if you don't like shooters as its a gripping and emotionally thrilling game to play.


Great story but just a typical shooter.

xboxer | Aug. 29, 2012 | See all xboxer's reviews »

Homefront tells the rather far fetched story of Noth Korea successfully invading the US and you end up as a member of the resistance. For once the Americans are the underdogs. The gameplay is challenging enough but relatively straight forward. You get from A to B and kill everything in between. It's a been there done that formula. The lousy thing is how short the campaign was and there is little replay value. The MP is touted to be as good as MW and BF games but I didn't try that. Graphics are acceptable for today's standard but nothing to shout about.


Shockingly involving story!

Cooberstooge | Aug. 19, 2012 | See all Cooberstooge's reviews »

I bought Homefront not really knowing what to expect, even though I quite enjoyed the last title put out by Kaos. What I ended up finding was one of the best hidden gems of the past few years. Sure, the gunplay isn't original, and the friendly AI can at times be pretty dumb, but the story is where it's at. The story is fed to you through videos and newspaper clippings you'll find on your journey through the campaign. You'll probably come to develop a strong hate for the occupiers after seeing some of what happens early in the game, and choices you make later on might shock you. The other characters are memorable, and you'll get pretty mad when they're harmed. The multiplayer portion, which makes up the majority of the game is, while pretty small player-wise, a good contender when put up against the big-name shooters out there. There's fighting on foot, in vehicles, and airborne, and the maps are tight and well-designed. Fights are often characterized by long periods of hunting, followed by short and rather explosive finales. Definitely recommend this one, even if all you do is play the campaign.


Not excellent. Not bad.

Sandoooooo | Aug. 13, 2012 | See all Sandoooooo's reviews »

I wouldn't go over 66/100 for this game as it is irrefutably one of the best storylines that the gaming universe has seen, muddled up in too many cliche scenes and very Call-of-Duty style gameplay. I find it as one of those games you can only barely play. Only Just captured my intelligence through many previews and lead-ups to the game. Multiplayer on the other hand does deserve a little ,if any, praise for its constructive potential and the use of in-game credits to buy power-ups, vehicles, ammo, etc. It is a fun game for the first few hours, then becomes boring quickly. This game is hardly worth anything over $30. I made a mistake, I paid the full price of the game and didn't wait for the game to be on sale.


Typical Shooter!

maciej2601 | Aug. 2, 2012 | See all maciej2601's reviews »

Shooting with the view from the perspective of a person seated in the near future. Promised to be another clone of Call of Duty I. .. it happen. Homefront is not surprising nothing new. A typical shooter multiplayer is not interesting and weak campaign. But can someone like.


Could had been perfect.

arkantos | Aug. 2, 2012 | See all arkantos's reviews »

Gorgeous graphic and combat system, sadly MP is dead but you will have fun enough playing this in single player mode, if you have a chance to get your hand on this do it, and if is sale is a safe buy, p.s. the story isn't very long, but it's still worth to be bought and played.


Good but very short

StewartX | July 31, 2012 | See all StewartX's reviews »

I didn't mind this game at all, it had its problems though like average story, average gameplay and buggy gaming (Had one instance of a guy that just started floating into the sky... he was a check point character as well so I had to restart the mission from a previous save). My biggest gripe was that it was so short, finished it in 5 hours so not the best value for money. Still, aside from that I enjoyed it. Haven't played it since release so hopefully it is all patched up now. Graphics: 7/10 Gameplay: 5/10 Story: 5/10 Multiplayer: Yes (Never tried multi though so can't rate on it) Final thoughts, get if on sale.


Wasnt Very Good

ROKET | July 3, 2012 | See all ROKET's reviews »

I went into this game not expecting much. It had a boring story, crappy visuals and generic gunplay that dulled the game to a puddle of gray. The gunplay in the game is similar but not the same as Call of Duty. Call of Duty does a better job, however crazy their games are, and makes Homefront look amateur. The story is also ridiculous with stupid characters and events that make no sense. It was basically just a stupid attempt to 1 up CoD and it failed - and CoDs stories arent even that good so thats saying something. Visually the game was terribly inconsistent with crappy textures everywhere and good models mixed with trashy detailing. I didnt like this game at all. Not recommended.


Mulitiplayer is where ith shines

simonsix | June 15, 2012 | See all simonsix's reviews »

A lot of mixed feelings about the game. The A.I. is absolutely horrible. Your teammates are completely worthless. The game is super short. No complaints there though, it ended when it started to get repetitive. The multiplayer is actually the best part of the game. Fast paced but balanced and quite tactical, somewhere between mw2 and bfbc2.


Don't expect much

kangarooster | June 12, 2012 | See all kangarooster's reviews »

I've beaten 4 chapters out of 7, and so far, I'm really disappointed. I'm not gonna write about multiplayer, since I didn't have a chance to experience it because it's dead. Cons: Completely linear gameplay (for example, in singleplayers, you and 2 friendly AI's have to go through the door, and it MUST be in specific order), invisible "obstacles" everywhere, irritating hint system, inability to explore anything except 2 more square feet where collectibles for achievement are, not so smart AI, bullets get stopped by thin wooden fence and by glass(!?). Can't remember more at the moment. Oh yeah, achievements are mostly in pro section for me, but not with Homefront. Not challenging at all in this case. Pros: Not much, really. Story seems okay, but is overshadowed by bad gameplay. Actually I don't have almost anything nice to say about it. Honestly, Duke Nukem Forever seems like a better choice to give your money to. Conclusion: A mindless shooter that can be fun, but don't expect too much from it.


It's playable!

Mixters | May 17, 2012 | See all Mixters's reviews »

The game is not that great, but not very bad either. It has its flaws, the multiplayer community is pretty dead, it doesn't stand out from games like Call Of Duty and Battlefield. The story is almost the only good thing about it, but unfortunately very short. If you'd like to buy Homefront, I'd say, only buy it if you like the story of the game and don't expect much or rather anything at all from the multiplayer side.


OKAY Shooter

ruready12 | April 15, 2012 | See all ruready12's reviews »

This game is quite generic when it comes down as a whole, but it really does have its upsides. The game has weapons that I have never seen in any other war game of its kind and the vehicles and drones are very interactive. The story mode is a bit short but does have a great story. Unfortunately, the community is dead so there really is not anyone playing it. I would reccomend this game to a bored shooter fan.