Reviews for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (NA)


A Truly Amazing Experience

Jelley | Nov. 22, 2012 | See all Jelley's reviews »

Skyrim is easily one of the best produced games of recent years, it greatly improves long standing RPG conventions to offer an amazing user experience, and a game play experience like no other. Combining amazing graphics, voice acting and quest design, Skyrim is an incredibly impressive game with remarkable game length and overall quality. This iteration of the elder scrolls series has substantial improvements over previous games. The fighting system has been completely reworked to include increased realism as well as two handed combat, and the user interface has been given a massive upgrade including the addition of a quick access/favorites, as well as animated visuals for every object of the game. The pc version itself has significant advantages over other versions, including a large library of mods which have the potential to completely change the user experience, or simply tweak slightly annoying aspects of the series which detract from the game as a whole. With incredible amounts of depth,replay value and customization options, Skyrim is safe choice for enthusiasts or casual gamers alike.


The best elder scrolls game yet.

sonicntales | Oct. 25, 2012 | See all sonicntales's reviews »

To start off this game isn't perfect and could be improved in ways but for the most part worth every cent. I've spent hundreds of hours just galloping across skyrim stumbling on to new caves, quests and more. The fact that you get to fight randomly occurring dragons is enough for me to buy this right off the bat. The gameplay is solid, the ui isn't great at all on pc, it's revolved around using a game-pad. Everything about this game; the lore, the adventure, the dragons and SHOUTING is all perfect and amazing the only downside is the ui and there are some mods that fix or at least make it more tolerable This game is a winner in my book, if you don't own this game then buy it and enjoy it, you won't be disappointed.


Incredible Game, Especially With Mods

BillyMays14 | Oct. 4, 2012 | See all BillyMays14's reviews »

Skyrim is a completely massive game with a ridiculous amount of content out of the box. While the melee combat is still basically a clickfest when it comes to melee, the magic system and dual wielding add a lot more variety. However, the biggest selling point (for me) is that the PC version is fully modable with both the Skyrim Nexus and Steam Workshop. You can change skins or change the fundamental mechanics of the game, whatever you want. Unless you absolutely need the (fantastic) statistical depth of Morrowind, you should buy this game immediately, especially now that most of the bugs have been squashed.


Better than Oblivion in some ways, worse in others.

das_regal | Oct. 2, 2012 | See all das_regal's reviews »

I remember playing Oblivion back in 2007 and feeling horrified at just how soulless the world felt. Bethesda exchanged lovingly hand-crafted terrain for generated territories, and it was extremely noticeable. Elsewhere, the story was pretty pathetic and forgettable. It wasn't without its strong points, but on the whole Oblivion was pretty disappointing. Some of these issues have been fixed in Skyrim, and others got worse. The areas are handcrafted again, but the length of quest lines has been dramatically decreased. I sighed when I finished the Mage's College quest, the ending felt like it came out of no where. Oblivion's Mage's opening quests were about as long as the entirety of Skyrim's. The storyline is better at least, the graphics are far superior, but the combat feels largely unimproved. The loot continues to be very uninspired. This game is no Morrowind.


Unexpected Pleasure

ROKET | Oct. 1, 2012 | See all ROKET's reviews »

I hated Oblivion, believe it or not, and didnt know whether or not I would like Skyrim. I bought the game for $30 and let it sit for a while thinking it would just be a repetative game that gave me nothing to like. I was dead wrong. I started playing loved the game more and more as I explored and played. Nothing was more satisfying than using the bow and arrow and I was in awe of how vast and omenous the game was as I travel. I was terrified of going around corners and loved the urgency of the story. I world drove you to fight and help the people around you. The story in Skyrim in epic to say the least. Its starts off strong and flings you all across Skyrim fighting off dragons and exploring the mysteries of the land. I love it still. Gameplaywise the game is far better than Oblivion ever was with kill cams and marvelous finishing moves to really get you into the combat. The dialogue and animations are great with only a few stiff animations here and there to put some spots on the overall presentation. I cannot tell you how beautiful this game is. A few mods and some SMAA later and this game is a joy to explore and see. I love it and would highly recommend exploring the Steam Workshop for the game. All in all I highly recommend this game. It was something else for me and I hope it is for you too.


A New Journey

theamazingshala | Sept. 7, 2012 | See all theamazingshala's reviews »

Adventuring is never done, especially for the the Elder Scrolls series. This epic sets itself drastically apart from the look and feel of previous iterations of Elder Scrolls games, vying for a more Nordic feel. Dragons, undead, and mysterious cults all looking for a little of your attention. The new land to discover follows a path much like Obsidian's Fallout New Vegas. Follow the trail and there will always be something to see, some cave to explore, some quest to access. Should you feel like venturing off and get lost, the world allows you to gather your bearings and right yourself back on your path. Unlike the previous Elder Scroll's games, there is a slight feeling of confinement that comes along with this more detailed game world. Often you will feel more grounded. Graphically the game is a step up from the previous Elder Scroll games. A more lush vibrant, mountainous world. When turned all the way up the game world really comes alive. There are however still glaring low resolution textures and clipping issues. The interface to the game is not as smooth as one would think it should be, and largely feels like it's made for a controller. The look and feel has been made stream lined and made minimalistic compared to past games.


Ocean With The Depth of a Puddle

1Life0Continues | Aug. 19, 2012 | See all 1Life0Continues's reviews »

Okay, so the title was originally stated by John "TotalBiscuit' Bain, but he has a point. Skyrim is exceedingly expansive and pretty, but there is simply no depth to it. Your actions in the world affect very little, and in fact no-one seems to care who you are at all. It improves vastly on Oblivion's horrid mechanics, but the console roots are painfully obvious, and for a PC game, this is inexcusable. Menus are clearly designed for controllers, with mouse control a clearly tacked on idea. There are mods to fix this, but the fact you have to use mods to fix the UI in the first place is mind boggling. The increasing reliance on fast travel systems is also a factor in my rating. I understand the need for fast travel, but I will always wish for a repeat of Morrowind's travel system, where fast travel was possible, but you needed to pay for it, and not every place was available from where you started. The carriage system in Skyrim is a little like this, but is still underwhelming in my opinion. Skyrim is still worth playing, if only to get the bitter taste of Oblivion out of your mouth. It's a gorgeous looking game, and with mods it only gets better. But so much in this game falls far short of the perfection proclaimed by others, that it doesn't deserve much more than a 70/100.


Great game but doesn't live up to the standard set by Morrowind.

JJH777 | Aug. 13, 2012 | See all JJH777's reviews »

When the long awaited Elder Scrolls V came out I was very skeptical that this game would even come close to living up to the hype. I am a huge TES fan I love both Daggerfall and Morrowind but Oblivion was a huge disappointment to me. When Skyrim came out I was planning not to buy it until it had a nice sale but a message board that was known for hating Oblivion and loving Morrowind was touting Skyrim as being even better than Morrowind. This was because Skyrim makes a remarkably good first impression. Skyrim has amazing level design with tons of traps and lots of tricky paths. One thing I love about the Skyrim dungeons is a lot of them return to the beginning with a shortcut path at the end. In the beginning Skyrim also has a very good sense of progression that continues for quite a while. There are a lot of fun quests in Skyrim and the combat is a huge improvement over Oblivion. The factions are nice and in particular the Thieves Guild stands out as being the one faction I think gives the Morrowind version of the faction a run for it's money. However Skyrim does have some very big problems that also plagued Oblivion. While pretty the exploration is nearly pointless due to most loot still being randomized. The only reward you will get for exploring is the occasional random quest. Don't expect to delve deep into a random dungeon and find a godly unique item that is no where else in the game like you could in Morrowind. Another problem in Oblivion was a huge lack of variety in items. Unfortunately Skyrim does not fix this problem either it is missing many weapon and armor types spears, crossbows, throwing weapons, and medium armors are all notably absent. While a lot of the unique quests are great I think radiant quests were a very bad idea that wasn't even implemented particularly well and resulted in a noticeably low count of actual quests. If you look at a list of quests in Skyrim you will most likely be very impressed but unfortunately half of those quests are "radiant" quests which are random infinitely repeatable quests with generic objectives. Once you get outside the faction/city quests or the main storyline the huge majority of quests you can take are these. There are a lot less actual unique quests replaced by these random ones that are completely generic. Overall even though Skyrim does have some problems I still enjoyed my time with it. The level design is superb and the combat is fun. Even though my review seems negative I did enjoy the game and put over 100 hours into it. It is a great game on it's own that doesn't live up to it's title.


Ultimate RPG Game!

Sandoooooo | Aug. 12, 2012 | See all Sandoooooo's reviews »

It's simply the best open-world role playing game I've ever played, and it's 2011's Game of the Year. An incredible and deep experience. You need to spend hours and hours to fully explore Skyrim. This game is beautiful, amazing, and brilliant. I have nothing to say more. Just get the game. It worths every single cent. It'll take you in a wonderful atmosphere of +120 hours. This game is just like Fallout 3, but with dragons & swords. Well done, Bethesda.


This game is epic.

xboxer | Aug. 10, 2012 | See all xboxer's reviews »

Skyrim is one of the most immersive open world games I've played. The amount of weapons, upgrades, items are just mind boggling. The quests are varied and plentiful so you never run out of things to do and you never get bored. The only downsides I will say is that it can be quite confusing to beginners and people not too familiar with Elder Scrolls or RPG and it is almost like a more complex and medieval version of Fallout. Highly recommended.


Reality Redefined

sbrown01 | Aug. 10, 2012 | See all sbrown01's reviews »

The Elder Scrolls Series has always been known for their lush, realistic worlds. Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is no exception. It has a wide variety of both exterior and interior locales, a wide, expansive world to explore, and plenty to do in each world. The races you can choose from differ in base skills, powers, and strengths (for example High Elves are the best mages with their extra magicka and the ability to regenerate magica with thier 'High Born' Power). Combat feels realistic with each sword swing or spell cast. Quests are often exciting and yield good rewards. The main storyline has the player trying to figure out why dragons have returned, which also adds a new dimension to battle, the dragon shouts. These attacks from pushing your opponent away (ala force push) to slowing time, adds more strategy to the already robust combat. Being dragonborn, you absorb the souls of dragons and can unlock shouts in three words. Each word adds more strength to the shout. One of the best features of the game is the freedom to choose your role through gameplay. Unlike in Oblivion which had you choose major and minor skills, Skyrim gives you the complete freedom to choose which path you'll take by simply acting. Use melee combat to improve your one-handed or two-handed skills. Cast destruction magic to improve your magick skills. With so much to do in the world and the freedom afforded the player, Skyrim is a game that actually redefines what reality should be in an RPG or any game, for that matter.


BEST rpg game, so much to explore!

Phas0077 | Aug. 8, 2012 | See all Phas0077's reviews »

This is actually my first rpg game and I absolutely love it! There are SOOOO many sidequests so it is impossible to get bored! I love the massive amount of customization you can do with your character as well as the wide variety range of weapons to choose. Another great thing that makes Skyrim ahead of the competition is MODS!!! The fact that the steam workshop lets you download (it's called the "subscribe" feature, but it's the same thing overall) a plethora of mods gives this game more replay value on the PC! Bethesda really knows their PC customers when they allow mods. Heck most games today rarely allow mod support for their games, which in my opinion, severely cuts down the replay value of the game if it is an rpg. When it comes to Bethesda's games, you can be sure to have a high quality title in your hands when you buy any of their rpg games. Fallout 3, for example, was game of the year in 2008. Oblivion for PC was also very well received at the time of release. While mods are great and all, dlcs also add in more fun too (and hey, at least you'll know that the developers haven't given up on this great game and are adding in more content) so buy them (like Dawnguard, which is out now at the time I am writing this) to get an even more richer experience of the game, especially when you have finished the game (and believe me, it will take up a great deal of your time to finish this game considering there are 100+ side quests to do). Overall, Skyrim for me receives a 100. Now go slay some dragons! Fus Ro Dah!!!!


It could have been better

UltraJake | July 26, 2012 | See all UltraJake's reviews »

While the world is large, it's a bit repetitive. The dragons seem to be nothing more than flying tanks. You kill them by hiding, attacking, and hiding again. This goes for most of the game and as big as the world is, we can see why the game was only 6 GB in size. Bethesda isn't known for making good looking games, so this is expected, but it does look rather bad when unmodded. The interface leaves much to be desired as well. As for the main story, it's rather short and it doesn't really seem to go as deep as I would have liked. Luckily there are a lot of side quests, which never end thanks to a randomized quest generator. Certainly this would get boring after a while, but it's enough to hold your attention for a while longer. So why did I still give the game a 70? Mods. There is a lot that could be improved in Skyrim and the mods handle a lot of these issues. Also, as is the case in a lot of RPGs and Open World games, a lot of the entertainment value comes from making your own fun. Opinions will vary wildly.


One of the most impressive RPG I've played

rstokes | July 24, 2012 | See all rstokes's reviews »

Skyrim had a lot of hype leading to its release, and im happy to say that it did an amazing job living up to the hype. The game is huge, open-ended, and you can approach nearly any task in multiple ways. I have been able to play the game several times and not experience the same quests (aside from the static main quests) by simply walking in a different direction at the start. Each town offers a plethora of things to do and explore. The game is not without its faults but I cant imagine how a game this large can be made without its share of bugs, Still with a horse able to climb a 90 degree angle you cant help but scratch your head and wonder how some of these things got past the quality assurance team. Overall its a game truly worth its price tag, Im 200+ hours and still counting


Not so much a game as rather an experience

Cooberstooge | July 23, 2012 | See all Cooberstooge's reviews »

All the elements of Skyrim combine to make it what is quite possibly the most engrossing gaming experience to hit the PC in years. The music is spot-on, the graphics are both mind-blowing and gritty, the voice acting is top-notch, and combat is very satisfying. Even at the original $60 price point I got my copy for, it's a cheap game. Never have I spent so many hours wandering around in-game, just seeing and feeling everything. The quests are awesome, but the game world here is truly the star. Skyrim is a highly, highly recommended game. You can't go wrong with this one.


Can't ask for more out of a video game.

Blargarg | July 19, 2012 | See all Blargarg's reviews »

Skyrim is that game that you'll play every second of your spare time for as long as life will let you. If you have an inclination toward fantasy themes in general, you will like (probably love) Skyrim. It is most rewarding to gamers with an imagination; though there are an abundance of quests and items to collect, the real fun comes in immersing yourself into the role of your character, and defining the character through the numerous choices you make.


Best RPG ever created

KILLEROZSNIPER | July 13, 2012 | See all KILLEROZSNIPER's reviews »

Even if you aren't an RPG fan you would enjoy this a lot. You will put countless hours into it and mods are better than DLCs by 100x times. Just buy it don't think


A work of art.

aqnickdan3 | June 27, 2012 | See all aqnickdan3's reviews »

This game is mind blowing. The gameplay elements are so finely mixed together that you cannot point one single thing out as it all compliments each other. Every aspect of the game(such as graphics, creativity, action, etc) was all created down to the final levels of detail, it shows. There are many surprises in the game, such as secrets, many surprising moments, and many moments which get your adrenaline pumping. This game is a definite must have


Finely Crafted Game

mohawkg2 | June 22, 2012 | See all mohawkg2's reviews »

Wow. TES has gone so far. This game is just really cool. A great RPG experience and worth the money. This game has extreme replay value and the first playthrough will take you a long time... which is good. The landscape is simply beautiful and it is a masterpiece. I highly recommend buying it.


Simply an excellent game

simonsix | June 20, 2012 | See all simonsix's reviews »

This is simply an excellent game. I mean, it is a must have. Open, grand, beautiful, rich and several other words have ebeen used to describe this game, and it is all true. A long awaited sequel, that delivers on every promise, which in it self is an achevement. The improvements over Oblivion are huge. The way the fighting has changed Games like these are one in a decade.


Great, worthy elder scrolls game

xgatto | June 20, 2012 | See all xgatto's reviews »

If you played any Elder Scrolls game before, you might already know how this game works. But for those who haven't played any TES before, the game mechanics are like any other RPG. You explore, loot, level, progress, become stronger, do quests and ultimately end with all the evil in the world. But what makes tes so special? Its the fact that everything is done in big scales, and very polished, that makes it special. The world is massive, not only that, but you can explore every inch of it, and you'll never stop getting surprised. And the improved graphics engine really helps, the landscapes look beautiful, sometimes you just stop to admire a beautiful aurora. Gameplay wise, TES has his uniqe feel to it, where you wield a sword in first person, and swing it like a hack n' slash, not an rpg. Well in skyrim, this mechanic has been improved from previous games, although not polished, feels a lot better than its prequels. So, the game is long, fun, beautiful, fun, addictive and fun, so I dont see any reason of why you would not get it, unless you hate fantasy games.


This is worth buying? read to the end

cristiano171 | June 19, 2012 | See all cristiano171's reviews »

You could spend days talking about Skyrim, and still could not scratch its surface. The content is simply huge, able to burn hundreds of hours of your life. Whether taking part in the conflicts of quests, up your crafting or adventuring in the dungeons with the news in combat and character customization, it is impossible not to notice how every detail is polished and well done. All though you may have had some problems to run the game on the PC or on consoles, but thankfully Bethesda has already solved most of them. Problems of the slightest magnitude, compared to lot of qualities of one of the best RPG of all time. I recommend everyone to play this game


Best gaming experience ever.

Gh0st233 | June 7, 2012 | See all Gh0st233's reviews »

This game had me speechless in November. This was my BEST gaming experience since the invention of hot water, literally. I have loved the previous TES games, and they are one of my favourites, but this is my favourite game. As soon as I started playing, I've noticed that the game is very refined and very much alive. The world around you feels very alive, you can almost hear it breathing. A world, where everyone is doing something which is not triggered by your presence. The story of the game is very good, and the length of the actual game for me was about 150 hours for the first playthrough. Of course, I fancy doing all the side-quests and finding all the secret pieces of armor and weaponry. The combat of the game is A LOT improved since the Oblivion, or even Morrowind. The combat feels a lot more fluid and intense, with the new addition of dual wielding one-handed weapons, and, of course, the brutal finishing moves. The one good thing is that the people and creatures around you aren't scaled to your level. If you go somewhere you shouldn't be at level 1, you can be sure you're in for a tough time. Whereas, in Oblivion, the world was scaled to your level, if you're level 45, everyone around you is about the same level. The graphics and audio are quite nice, and the engine looks amazing. There is nothing else I can say on this, just amazing. If you don't have it for some reason and think you're going to like it, I'd recommend getting it as soon as you get the chance. Don't skip a sale if there is one sooon. This game is a must have.



artropodo | May 24, 2012 | See all artropodo's reviews »

This was my introduction to the Elder Scrolls series and was a great one. Two thing that make me love the game was the mod's, the option to use weapons from others games, new style of armor, the options to expand yours house and a lot more, and the option to play different race's, khaijit in my case. Overall is a great game, beautiful graphic; good story, nice sound effect. It give me the feeling i'm playing a mmo in single-player mode.


Adventure awaits...

Chack | May 22, 2012 | See all Chack's reviews »

I haven't played the other Elder Scrolls games, but I decided to give it a try. Now, after beating the game I can say that is an incredible game, if the other ones are as good as this, I'll better try them out. You are the Dragonborn, a hero that has the duty to save the world from all the Dragons that are coming back to life. You can be a strong warrior, or maybe a intelligent mage, or a sneaky thief, or a combination between those (like I was :P) The story is interesting, dragons, heroes, weird creatures, and more. The graphics are awesome, the game looks beautifully stunning. Also the music in the game is epic.The gameplay is a First Person (or Third Person if you prefer) kinda brawler, which is really fun. What I really like about the game is that it feels like a new experience, is not like every other RPG, Rol game, and that makes it worth every dollar you spent on it.


Its not just a game... its an EXPERIENCE.

albeenox | May 21, 2012 | See all albeenox's reviews »

This is one of those rare games where the journey is quite possibly more fun than the destination. I lost count of the number of times I would get distracted from a quest or task, because I saw something new that looked interesting - begging for exploration. This game has such an amazingly rich world, full of life. It genuinely feels like a real adventure, not just a walk through a cardboard world. The visuals are magnificent. Sure, it doesn't have the sharpest textures or the highest quality models, but the overall presentation is breathtaking. There's just so much creativity and detail in the game world. There is also plenty of depth that allows you to play the game YOUR way - building up your character how you want to play it, and the gameplay rewards experimentation, customization and tactics. There is no right/wrong way to play this game, which just makes for an even more enriching and exciting experience. The writing is also fantastic. The core story is interesting, but what I found to be really amazing, is the amount of thought and creativity that has been put into the world. The world has a consistent background story - everything is connected and feels grounded in a single story world. The richness of the lore is indescribable. This really is more than just a game... its a full on rich open-world adventure, without boundaries. You could quite easily clock up 90+ hours just traveling and exploring the game world, without even finishing the main story, and STILL not be bored or have run out of things to do!


Fantasy and freedom

kalil | May 15, 2012 | See all kalil's reviews »

I will begin by highlighting the points that I did not like the game. I think the vast majority of its features are excellent, however there are some missions that have a very simple and boring plot. This applies to the missions of the Legion and Nordic. They are boring missions that force you to go from one point to another clearing enemy camps. A poor argument compared to the quality of the game. The unions are too short and make me some classes are a bit unbalanced. An archer must lamear sometimes hard to survive, while a warrior with shield and weapon to a hand reaches a point where it is difficult to knock down. In this version of PC admit I have not had hardly any error or bug while playing. People may say that the game has many bugs, but I say it has almost none. - Now focusing on the positives, the game has a juagabilidad more than excellent. If we add a decent story over a soundtrack excellent, plus a few graphics to match a title like that, plus an outstanding technology for what this game is huge, the note would end at 9.7. The mapping is immense, also a very important aspect is that the dungeons are not repeated. 5 people worked exclusively in the design of the dungeons, creating more than 5000 different parts. This way when entering a dungeon will see a mixture of a selection of these parts. The combinations are almost endless and will never have the feeling that we are repeating a dungeon, I repeat, NEVER. Explore brings significant benefits, and choose which missions you do first not at all negatively impact the game. The excellent sound. Excellent sound track and translated and dubbed into Castilian TOTALLY. Very good graphics. And random epic battles with dragons in the open. An extremely good gameplay. Fixed many bugs in the approach of the predecessor of this game. In all respects the truth. Class system, talents, combat, leveling and leveling of creatures ... Exploration, equipment, lighting, battle system. Quite a few things that affect our fun while we play. Duration and level of difficulty: Both decent and adapted to each player.


This game will mesmerise you, and suck you right in. Get it.

POOTDISPENSER | May 8, 2012 | See all POOTDISPENSER's reviews »

The hype didn't disappoint. Being a gamer new to The Elder Scrolls franchise and Skyrim being my first foray into the world, I say this is what you really call a game. The graphics are top-notch, and if you are still yearning for even more impressive jaw-dropping visuals, there is a huge library of mods out there to cater to your needs, from gameplay to the UI and music. It's that accessible. Your game will always be fresh, thanks to a huge and incredibly great modding community. Skyrim's story is fairly easy to grasp, you are a Dragonborn whose purpose is to rid the world of dragons (durr) that have returned, fortelling a prophecy of the end of the world basically. Tons of side quests and missions that easily gives breaks on the main story. And they are good side quests in themselves. The soundtrack is a standout, get it if you can. It's as epic as they come. Get this game, and transport yourself into another world. It's an incredible game, something I have not experienced and it really blew me as far as Fus Ro Dah!!! can.


Skyrim Review

khryon | April 28, 2012 | See all khryon's reviews »

Being a long time customer of the Elder Scrolls series, Skyrim was also a must-buy game. Thus, after spending 100+ hours into Skyrim, I have come to share with you my experiences. Skyrim is a very open-world and in-depth game. Much lore can be learned from reading the books that are scattered around the world and by talking to the NPCs. This installment in the Elder Scroll series however, is much more "linear" than the previous ones. I'm using the word "linear" very cautiously, as Skyrim is by no means a on-the-rails game. It's very open ended and you could play for hundreds of hours without touching the main storylines. However, there is a strong incentive for the player to go through the main storyline, as it gives the player more powers or would otherwise be known as Shouts. Aside from the main storyline, you'll be dragged into a war-ridden world, where two factions are fighting: the Imperial Army and the Stormcloak rebels. Both fighting for "justice", you'll have to choose between the two. This side-story alone can take up a good 20-30 hours (with brief periods of exploration). The visuals in Skyrim are also a wonder to behold. The vanilla Skyrim has great graphics, even on some of the lower settings, it still is a solid looking game. The best part of Skyrim however, as silly as it may sound, was the soundtrack. The soundtrack was one of the best I've heard since Portal's ending theme. I have spent a good 10 minutes sitting on the main menu, listening to the main theme song. If you ever get time, please consider listening to the Sons of Skyrim (the main menu soundtrack). This is undoubtedly one of the greatest games released this year. It did not disappoint and lived up to expectations. Overall, this is definitely worth a good bang for your buck.


A masterpiece that can keep you entertained for a VERY long time

ViciousXUSMC | April 17, 2012 | See all ViciousXUSMC's reviews »

Like Oblivion before it Skyrim is an everlasting gameplay experience that will always give you something to do and a place to go, its dynamic quest system is really smart and the story is good enough to give you a reason to play and get involved in the world around you. You have so much freedom in how you build your character, that while you can spend months playing just your first character you could then do it 10 times over again with a new character based on a different build. Say go archer, then meele, then spell caster, then summoner. Nothing has you locked down in this game and your free to experience it the way you want and for that I think this game rates at the top of its kind. This genre is not for everybody, but for those that it is it will become one of your most favorite games. The cost to time ratio just destroys pretty much any other game you can get making it a very worth while investment. Lets not forget the huge community backing so you can expect so much player created content, mods and fixes to make it even better.


Loving this game.

scottnat | April 15, 2012 | See all scottnat's reviews »

I've bought a bunch of great games lately - mostly on account first anticipating and now owning a new graphics card - and this one is the one i've far and away played the most. It's beautiful, it's so open and possibility laden. Feel like i've barely even scratched the surface of the main quest and yet i'm already i'm up to something 16-17 hours play time. It's just so more-ish. Play for what you think will be an hour, and an hour comes and goes and you find there's just this one more thing you want to do here, or that to collect there, or a skill which is on the cusp of upgrading to the next level which will open up a whole pile of other things over there... That would actually be my only warning/complaint, which is a funny kind of one - if you start it be prepared to lose a lot of time. Very addictive.


One of the best RPG's Ever made.

ruready12 | March 6, 2012 | See all ruready12's reviews »

This game is completely breathtaking. The story keeps you in for days upon months of gametime. In depth highly loveable and memorable characters make the game one of the most enjoyable games on the market ever released. Like any game, it has it's flaws. The game was majorly hyped up and rather rushed as the story could've been much longer. The world however, is nearly endless. I've now played over 100 hours of this game and not explored even a fourth of the whole map. For those of you who are adventerous, you will love this game. As far as the graphics go, this game has the best graphics probably ever released in a video game, ever. It makes you feel like you're in real life experiencing every breathtaking second. To those graphic savvy people, this is the perfect game. The story is immersive and lovely. Fighting dragons, discovering dungeons, finding new and special weapons, and even learning powerful shouts keeps the gameplay original, yet refreshing. This game will keep you in for an amazing amount of time to come. I would reccomend this game to anyone at all who wants an amazing, immersive and beautiful gaming experience.


Best game in the series

Guitarwall | Jan. 17, 2012 | See all Guitarwall's reviews »

Skyrim really claimed all the expectations I had set for it. While Morrowind and Oblivion were both great games, the former suffered from too prolonged storyline and lack of voiceacting and the latter from uninteresting storyline (them cursed oblivion gates...) and bad voiceacting. I hoped and expected for Skyrim to greatly improve on these parts, and it did it. The stories in the land of Skyrim are immersive and believable, and the fate of the Nords can really get into your head and make you think about the decisions and sides you take. The main storyline, while being far from the greatest storylines of games, still kept me fascinated and wanting to know more and more. Furthermore, the storylines of the various factions are distinctive and interesting, especially the College of Winterhold (a substitute for the Mages Guild in previous TES games) storyline. The gameplay is smooth and is more polished than ever before. The decision to let the player assign melee or magic to each hand is brilliant, and I was really thrilled by the fact that I felt like invincible battlemage, striking my enemies down with fire and steel...although I died a great many of times, since Skyrim isn't the easiest game around, nor is it the hardest. I good balance, I'd say. The graphics are really good and the visual design of the game is striking...for many times, I had to stop and admire the view from the hilltops or the majestic mountains from the plains. And the northern lights! For a guy who lives in the northern part of the globe, the game's setting in the northern part of Tamriel was really delightful one. The game has a few bugs, for example the inventory system can frustrate a lot from time to time. And while you can gain a follower for your various expeditions into the depths of Skyrim, they just might decide that the hillside is too steep for them to descend down and stuck. For many times I had to load a previous save, shout my follower down the mountainside and hope he/she doesn't die in the process. I have to give special notion for the music in the game, for Jeremy Soule has surpassed himself and composed probably the best game soundtrack ever. Fantastic work. In conclusion, Skyrim suffers from a few minor bugs, but nothing substantial. And what's important, none of these bugs prevented me from enjoying the game with my whole heart, spending one month and 100 hours in Skyrim and not wanting to trade any moment away. If you like open worlds, medieval settings, dragons, magic and RPG's Skyrim is totally your game.


Biggest game I've ever played.

m_bisson | Dec. 6, 2011 | See all m_bisson's reviews »

I highly recommend this game. It feels a lot more like Morrowind and less like Oblivion, which is a good thing. The setting is perfect. Bethesda got it right, you really feel like you're part of this game. There are plenty of ways to play (mage, thief, warrior, etc) and the skill system is designed in such a way that you can change play styles even late in the game if you wish to. I've spent close to 70 hours ingame so far and I've only completed about 1/3 of the quests that I've stumbled upon. This is definitely worth the money.


One of the best games I've ever played.

gregpolk | Nov. 25, 2011 | See all gregpolk's reviews »

When I played oblivion, as much as I loved it there were many elements where I felt it had improved over morrowind as well as elements where it had not. With skyrim I have no such feeling. It's better in every way. Combat is amazing. The levelling system is much better. The environments are some of the most detailed and beautiful in any game ever. Add to that the modding community which is already in force making mods before the construction kit has been released and you're in for one of the greatest and best value games you will ever play. GMG is selling cheaper than almost any other source, even comprable in pricing to some of the 'grey' sources. Buy it, buy it now. Don't hold back hoping for a steam sale.


Worth every penny

rstokes | Nov. 21, 2011 | See all rstokes's reviews »

A vast improvement on the series since Oblivion, new graphics engine that looks just stunning, for the first time I actually feel like i can see for miles, and i dont mean just a blurry texture in the distance. The combat is more of the same as previous TES games, one button is attack, hold it for charge, other is block. Only difference now is the addition of dual wielding, allowing you to hold two swords, or two spells, or a staff and a sword, or whatever else you can imagine. Very fun game im over 60 hours into it and I still feel like Ive got a world ahead of me (Ive barely touched the main quests)


Brilliant improvement of Oblivion

ZippaLip | Nov. 21, 2011 | See all ZippaLip's reviews »

TES V: Skyrim is a very huge game with many good aspect from the series. The world is magnificent, with hundreds quests and location to discovery. You can play it for hours, avoiding the main quest, because there are a lot to do, or simply lose time in exploration. The graphic is more detailed and realistic than Oblivion, landscapes are amazing, interior and faces are good but some textures are very weak (but you can use some mods to improve them). The game is “only” 6gb on your HD and can work even in the old computers (system reqs are similar to Fallout 3/NV). Gameplay has some innovation and is simplified but still good, maybe the hardcore RPG gamers dislike them. Inventory and menu can be hard to handle (cause they're designed for consoles) and the mouse lags (you can fix it in the game files). There are some minor crashes and minor bugs (luckily not at the bad level of the older Bethesda games). So Skyrim is an amazing world to explore, maybe new mods and good expansion / DLCs in the future will make it even better, fixing some minor problems.



Brizbrenz | Nov. 20, 2011 | See all Brizbrenz's reviews »

Best RPG/Open World of this year by far! I've played over a day in game and have yet to touch much of the side quests. Even the story line will keep you coming back for more and I'm impressed that I can get this to run decent on a GTX 260 in ultraish settings. Highly recommended!



talha900 | Nov. 19, 2011 | See all talha900's reviews »

This game is really addictive it immersive that it sucks you into the game for hours and hours. You won't regret this purchase its worth the asking price when you buy this game it means you will play forever it will never end.


Reality like never before

shade1811 | Nov. 18, 2011 | See all shade1811's reviews »

Bored of playing those rpg games with fixed story line and limited animation combat? based on non-linearity concept, bethesda game studios brings skyrim with rich and beautiful scenarios and above all its like a second life to you where you get the chance to live in the age of vikings and combat dinosaurs and forge your destiny. the game engine is designed in such a way that the game literally never ends. it creates missions dynamically and you can also postpone the main quest as long as you want. And the scenary will drag you into the game's environment and make you even dream about skyrim. Its truly magnificient and one of a kind game.


The king of the RPG comes back!

guybrush77 | Nov. 17, 2011 | See all guybrush77's reviews »

if you want to play in a medieval fantasy world, buy this game now. It has a huge land to explore, quests and never-ending intensive customization to create your own warrior. Many races, many enemies, monsters and Dragoons now! MUST for all lovers of RPGs.


Great Game! just annoying little things

kagiro | Nov. 16, 2011 | See all kagiro's reviews »

The game overall is worth but the UI for the pc is just horrible compared to old being a console style. Some funny bugs like birds stuck in trees forever chirping and magnet doors can annoy. The story and amount of things to do make this a game worth every bit though seeing as eventually things can be fixed through patches or the great mod community for the game.


Bethesda does it again!

psyphi | Nov. 12, 2011 | See all psyphi's reviews »

The world of Elder Scrolls is a truly magical and interesting place. Somehow Bethesda continues to whisk me away to this imaginary place in a manner that is wholly unique to other open world games. There's so much to do, that the price is miniscule in comparison to virtually any other title in my gaming library (except for other Elder Scrolls games). Don't think twice on this one. The graphics are artistically done, the music engrossing, the AI amazing, this is a game that RPG fanatics long for.



Eorl | Nov. 11, 2011 | See all Eorl's reviews »

Best game this year. Definitely a superb title. Dual wielding spells, new UI, unlimited quests. Everything is showing Skyrim!