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Lekes | Dec. 29, 2012 | See all Lekes's reviews »

There's definitely some new material in this one, but it still has most of the same problems as always: It's slow, for one thing. My system specs well exceed the recommended specs for this game, but in larger cities I find it necessary to turn the graphical settings down as low as they will go in order to get a decent frame-rate. Trade is buggy and poorly optimized. At the same time, though, the game is actually fun. It's a great way to kill several hours, building unique cities and taking advantage of the new features in this version (which are mostly just new buildings, but it's still a fun addition). The game is consistently challenging, in all the right ways, and this falls well into line with the projected difficulties for each map type, so it's possible to play at exactly the level of difficulty you'd expect. Setting up bus routes and organizing cities to minimize traffic problems and environmental health is a satisfying task. And the difficulty grows organically as your city expands, requiring you to manage an ever-increasing set of variables in order to satisfy your citizens' needs. In short, the game is well-designed, and it is fun to play. It's just a shame that it's not better optimized. Perhaps once they slap next year's number on it, the game will have addressed those details.


In the light

kalil | April 24, 2012 | See all kalil's reviews »

We know that Cities XL is a saga of construction and management of cities to be people, become the great metropolis ... but I wonder what's behind this brief description? You'll find out right now in this simple but complete analysis. The first time I saw pictures of the game (2011) was impressed, perished promise and full of surprises to be discovered as you progress through the interface. Cities XL 2012 allows us to create our own city to like and dislike in all its shapes and forms, even the smallest details like the style of the streets When creating a new city, the interface allows us to select the drawing road according to different cultures, roads British, French and one of the most common U.S., among many others. Unfortunately, the game does not differ much with its ancient predecessor, Cities XL 2012, although there is a difference of 365 between the release of both titles. The critics were harsh in this respect, given that more is expected by the developer, a few sparse buildings, and as many little maps do not think that difference to a game that took a whole year to come to light. I personally expected a change of interface, innovative developments and the possibility of online play, the boys aspects of Focus Home Interactive entirely ignored. The game is characterized by being very comprehensive, allowing us to be original when managing the advance structural, economic and social future of our cities. You should choose the area in which the city of specialize, food production, energy, trade, rental, use of water resources and many others, the latter will depend on whether the map has chosen them to exploit those resources. The election is binding, that as the population of our city grows they will realize that it is clear that can not be self-sufficient, it is impossible. There is the possibility of exchanging tokens of resources with other cities, towns created by ourselves or with Omnicorp: company-town whose role is remarkable, with it you can export and import resources, you need or that you left over, this is already linked to the supply and demand for them. Do not be surprised if the 15,000 people already have problems with traffic, it is assumed that a city with 15 000 inhabitants or more or less than a small town in which a single 4-lane road two-way more than enough to proper circulation. Unfortunately is a defect in any of the editions of the series solved. I liked the animations of buildings or cars / or structures in general, give a touch of sparkle to the city of pedestrians and what I can say, it's done cartoon style, looking funny, I thought for anything good that does not match the environment of the city, I do not know what they were thinking. When I first saw the game, I was surprised, the graphic quality is remarkable. The images it generates can be assimilated with pictures of reality in which no doubt is much like a real metropolis. The graphic quality is excellent, as are its effects; The city environment with real likelihood is inserted in the player to inspire a sense of command and control over a city full of people waiting for their management is really efficient for them to it. Significantly, it is an excellent game, very entertaining and capable, despite its continuing shortcomings. Cities XL 2012 is perfect for fans of strategy, simulation and management to spend good hours of gameplay trying to break into the nerve which is the responsibility of a man with the power to bring to a city forward and progress. If you have to buy it, do not doubt that they will not repent.