Reviews for Carcassonne


It's good but weird

graspee | May 14, 2013 | See all graspee's reviews »

It's a good way to play the board game against bots. You can tweak the bots a lot and even make them fight each other. There are tons of different tilesets and even interface looks you can pick. One weird thing is how the game (at least from greenman) comes with three players already defined: serg, serg2 and serg-multi, which have play stats like times won/lost/played. At first it was confusing, then it felt like I'd bought the game second hand with someone else's data in it. All the bots have a number of times won and lost etc. as well. Did someone just zip up an installed game or something to distribute?


Good conversion of the board game

lachking | Jan. 31, 2013 | See all lachking's reviews »

The PC version of Carcassonne is a good reproduction of the board game. Many annoying features of board games are streamlined, making it a more entertaining experience such as not having to keep score or pack up tile pieces. You also get 4 expansions in this game to add more variety, such as rivers. You can play online multiplayer, hotseat with friends or AI games. The game is still worth it even with just playing the computer as they provide a great challenge and will constantly try to cut you off. You need to think ahead and plan carefully to outwit your opponents. My only criticism of this game is that there is not much help for newcomers. Explanations are very brief, and hardly describe much at all, for example the expansions are simply described as “expansion 1” etc without telling you what they actually add. For this reason, the game is obviously aimed at people who have played the board game, so if you are new, you may need to spend quite a bit of time reading online guides or perhaps buy the board game yourself. The graphics while quite basic still look respectable for a board game. The music might also annoy some people but I found it to be quite catchy and there are numerous tracks available. All said, it is good to see that the board game has transitioned well to the computer without much incident.


A perfect adaptation of the board game

MJongo | Dec. 19, 2012 | See all MJongo's reviews »

If you are a Carcassonne board game fan, this PC version is a must-have. It has great AI, online multiplayer, and four expansions (River, Inns and Cathedrals, Traders and Builders, and King). It has some really neat features that aren't easy to do in the board version, such as showing both your current score and your projected end-game score, and showing where you can place your current tile and what spaces are blocked off for the rest of the game. I really can't think of anything negative about it, although the file size seems a little big for what it is (~500MB), though that is negligible compared to most games.


A nice conversion

sweetcuppincake | Sept. 28, 2012 | See all sweetcuppincake's reviews »

This is based on the boardgame, and plays just like it. I appreciate playing boardgames converted to PC (as long as they are done right like this) because it streamlines the whole process. When you finish a game of Carcassonne, it takes some time to calculate the scores. Not so with the PC version. In general, the game goes faster, which means more time to play. You can adjust the difficulty of AI opponents for a challenge once you get the hang of things. The graphics aren't great, but you're really playing for the gameplay, so that doesn't matter too much.


Just like the board game

Dagexon | April 21, 2012 | See all Dagexon's reviews »

If you've played the board game then, of course you'll know that this is a fun strategic game that makes you think before you make any decisions. If you feel that you've outgrown your real-life opponents then this game is perfect, you can have up to four CPU opponents with varying difficulties, and, if you still want to beat your friends then they can join in too. The great thing about the game is that the map itself is never the same as it changes completely depending on what tiles you put down. If you're new to Carcassone or are wanting to purchase the board game I would reccomend that you purchase this as well because I find that the easiest way to learn the rules of a complicated game is to play against someone who fully understands them and makes no mistakes, and so, who's better to play against than the computer?