Reviews for MegaRace 3


Fun Wipeout-ish racer.

scottnat | April 15, 2012 | See all scottnat's reviews »

Obviously it's a very old game up at a budget price, so don't expect anything too wonderful to look at versus today's racers, but given it's release date it's reasonably attractive. As you can tell from the screen shots Green Man Gaming has up it's a very 'vibrant'. Some of the levels border on gaudy, really, but gives it it's own character. What else? The game can be run at pretty high resolutions. Back when i last played it i was running at 1600x. It has a pretty decent sense of speed. The handling is okay... I'd imagine quite good versus competition in it's time but not quite as good these days. All in all it's a fun little piece of nostalgia, just don't expect too much. If considering it i'd probably recommend waiting till it's up for sale for a few bucks. $7 for what it is is probably a little steep.