Reviews for Return to Mysterious Island [Playfire]


Re-defines 1st person adventure stereotypes. Great game!

houiew | Jan. 6, 2014 | See all houiew's reviews »

Play time ~8 hours Before I tried this game, I thought all 1st person adventure games were “Myst clones.” This game completely changed my perspective on it. The puzzle mechanics of this game are awesome. For those who are fans of item collection and combining, this is your dream come true! The introduction of a monkey companion and multi-item recipes is great. There is a great variety of puzzles ranging from (mostly) item puzzles, to logic puzzles, to trivia (I know, trivia may sound not so fun, but they way they incorporated it in to the story and gameplay was marvellous). Great graphics (not surprising since it is Kheops who developed it), superb audio (so many ambient sounds in this game and voice acting is top notch). The story is minimal, so for story fanatics, this may not be your cup of tea. One other thing is that the game is quite open ended, puzzles can be solved multiple ways, and some puzzles are even optional. I actually have created some interesting items in the game that I never got to use. So there is some definite replay value for completionists Smile However, I deducted some points due to the fact that I thought I wouldn’t have to deal with war and unnecessary violent conflict, but there was quite a bit of that toward the end.


Excellent puzzles, intriguing story

TerenaKalir | July 31, 2012 | See all TerenaKalir's reviews »

This is the first Kheops Studio game I played, and I believe it best showcases their talents. A common feature of the adventure games they produce is the focus on inventory - being able to combine and disassemble items in order to solve puzzles. And it works perfectly for this Robinson Crusoe style game. Mina is stranded on this (Mysterious) island, and her first concern is food, water.The innovative puzzle system comes to the fore straight away, letting you use that stick to construct a fishing rod, then taking it apart to use for a knife handle instead. Nor do you need to use that particular stick either. Multiple solutions are not confined to the inventory though, there are several throughout the game which can be solved in different ways. As you get your strength back and begin to explore the island, the story is presented to you in a style much like Myst - reading journals from previous inhabitants and looking at (and using) the devices they left behind. It fits quite well with the setting and is sure to delight fans of Jules Verne. This is an excellent game for adventure fans. Great puzzles, well integrated into the story, with a host of alternate solutions. There are a few timed puzzles, but the game usually quick saves just before letting you retry easily. The prerendered graphics are still quite pretty considering the game's age, and the atmospheric sounds really draw you in to the world. I highly recommend it!


A great point-and-click game!

Xbomborz | Nov. 27, 2011 | See all Xbomborz's reviews »

Return to Mysterious Island is another great adventure title from Anuman Interactive. With nice graphics, great sound design, and varied types of gamplay, this game is extremely well-made and well designed. If you love games set on islands with great stories and an involving atmosphere, this game is for you!!!