Reviews for Atlantis Evolution


Halt, deviant!

Engin33r | Oct. 5, 2012 | See all Engin33r's reviews »

This feels like two separate and distinct games, one fairly good, the other frustrating and unrewarding, inexplicably tied together. And it is perhaps more unfortunate that it is the worst part of the experience that the player encounters first. The timed maze that you are hunted in, in search of you have no idea what, is one of the worst in the history of adventure games, and many have given up, too frustrated to even check a walkthrough. This is a pity, since the rest of the game that comes after that hell is a far more serene, traditional adventure, full of interesting things to see, intriguing people to meet and an ancient secret to uncover. The maze is one of the very very few instances that I recommend using a walkthrough to just be done with it, the rest of the game is worth it, and deserving of a better grade than the one I have to give it due to the poorly executed first part.


Great visuals

Cooberstooge | Sept. 11, 2012 | See all Cooberstooge's reviews »

Atlantis Evolution continues to be one of my most-loved adventure games, if only for how it looks. Being one of the only 3D ones around at the time of release, this title was a breath of fresh air to the market. The subject being something only few before, and as little since, have touched upon help considerably in keeping the name of this one something adventure gamers remember. The story is quite long and involving, with memorable characters who are far more alive than the usual cardboard stereotypes found in most titles. The graphics are absolutely phenomenal for the age of the game now, and are an absolute joy to look at - everything really has a futuristic, yet suitably ancient feel to it. The sound is great, and the music is, as the developers claim, very original - it manages to sound...oceanic, like a thing of the waves, and something unobtainable, yet very close. Suffice to say the music kept me playing for the longest. You really can't go wrong with a purchase of Atlantis Evolution, as it's so original, every adventure gamer is bound to find something they like here.


Really boring

Splodey | May 2, 2012 | See all Splodey's reviews »

Atlantis Evolution is a bad game. From my experience the game had so much potential, I was looking forward to playing this game, but I was highly disappointed. The gameplay is really weak in Atlantis Evolution. You just drag yourself through the whole game, it's really boring. The only things I actually liked about the game were the visuals and the soundtrack. About the visuals: The game has this rather "cartoony" look and it really suits it. About soundtrack: The soundtrack is really beautiful, I would recommend checking it out. Other than those two points, the game doesn't offer anything special. I thought that the game really had potential, it's a great idea, but it's just poorly executed. I wouldn't recommend this game.