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Third party DRM: Steam

This game requires a free Steam account to play.

Customer notes

Legends of Aethereus is now a Steam Greenlight title! Please find enclosed your Steam key for the game.


"Legends of Aethereus looks promising, all told, and I’m glad to see that Three Gates didn’t jump headfirst onto the MMORPG bandwagon." - Forbes.com

"'Legends Of Aethereus’ Combat Looks MEATY' Rock, Paper Shotgun" - Rock, Paper, Shotgun


The planet of Aethereus is an ancient and mysterious world filled with majestic forests, misty swamps, deep caves and ancient ruins. Devastated by three large astronomical events, the Three Great Skyfalls, it is a world just coming out of chaos and ruin. The recent unearthing of The Gauldron Tablets has revealed the existence of The Seven Ancient Skyfall Relics. The promise of unlimited power for those who possess the objects has led to a frenzied search across all of Aethereus.

As a member of the Nexus City-State, one of the last bastions of freedom and hope on Aethereus, you will be entrusted with the critical undertaking of procuring the The Ancient Skyfall Relics. Standing in your way are the Serpentica Shamans of Ghalia and the hordes of Khagal Tribes they control as well as the oppressive Venatan Empire forces lead by the notorious General Zhorgal.

Your epic journey of adventure and discovery begins now.

Join forces in online multiplayer cooperative expeditions as the Inventor or Officer while you embark on a variety of story driven hand-crafted expedition levels or explore the wilderness through a variety of procedurally generated exploration quests. Design and build new gear and weapons while you develop your character across a diverse and expansive skill tree allowing for a multitude of character strategies.

Key Features:

  • High action RPG with up to four player co-op or single player and a variety of PvP and PvE game types.

  • Physics-based combat system focused on player control including realistic Shock Force calculations to scatter your enemies. Whether it is from massive explosions or monstrous melee strikes, they are going to fly!

  • A wide variety of Officer Skills that allow you to create your own unique strategies from a powerful tank to a stealthy ninja, a few examples of which are: Specialty Melee Attacks, Defensive Emplacements, Carnal Strength, Punji Sticks, Inspiring Chants, Defensive Hymns and Javelins.

  • The Inventor Skills include powerful explosives and crafty contraptions such as: Bombards, Sticky Bombs, Sachels, Turrets, Chinese Lanterns and Rockets all of which can be powered by a variety of aethergems altering their effects.

  • Create and customize your own character using a dynamic character creator system, then distribute points in a bilaterally balanced attribute system to start down your path to greatness.

  • Customize your City using the Statue-Maker, Banner Creator, City Painter and other customization features that allow you to personalize your own city environment as well as your player apartment.

  • Master Craftsman: With a massive crafting and materials system you can forge not hundreds, not thousands but literally millions of different combinations of gear and weapons.

  • Arena Combat: Invite your friends or enemies to a wide variety of PVP and PVE game types in your own city arena. Unlock new arena maps as well as special features such as: traps, enemy spawners, stationary weapons and cages that you can add to your arena maps or combat training area.

Customer reviews


Above Average As Is - Could be Great after the Expansion

xLordBelialx | Oct. 20, 2013 | See all xLordBelialx's reviews »

LoA is a newer game from Three Gates. It's very innovative in that it is an action rpg where you level your character's invidual stats but they are in a offset system. Your character cannot be both very strong yet agile. These stats are counter productive to each other, and while you could make him balanced in both you will not become a god on either end as they share the same bar and move towards each other. The stats in this game also differ from other ARPGS as they truly affect how strong your character is. It uses a physics based system and if you have made your character exceptionally strong when you melee someone they will fly backwards or fall down. It truly is an innovative system, if not still a little unbalanced and buggy in its current form. The game can be brutally hard when facing many enemies at once as they can stagger lock you due to the above nature, and therefore the game is best played with friends. It is co-op up to 4 players and you can play the entirety of the game together. There are currently 2 starting classes each with some of the most extensive ability branching trees I've seen in a game of this nature, and they've said they will bring more in the future. The current two starters are a melee focused build and an engineer who focuses on bolt-action fire arms and bombs. The crafting system is very very well done and all items in the game may be made with different materials and colors of fabric/cloth to create a unique looking outfit that also has variable strength depending on the materials used. The arsenal is extensive due to the ability to mix and match pieces of your weapons like hilts, stocks, blades etc. The story is decent for a game of this nature, but if its not your thing the game itself should keep you interested. They just recently updated the arena mode to be much more involved with the recent Steam greenlight and promise to bring many more updates on the way. The only negative thing I have to stay about the game now is the combat issues I mentioned earlier, but hopefully balancing will come in later patches. They have already promised a 3rd starting class to be coming in the FREE expansion in Q1 2014 which will add a lengthier campaign. All in all the game feels sort of betaish, but I recommend if you have the money to buy it and get your friends to play together, support the devs, and help make this game what it obviously has the potential to be.


Very innovative MMORPG

mahon | Oct. 2, 2013 | See all mahon's reviews »

Legends of Aethereus on steam at last! That's what made me happy, as the game itself was one of the most promising RPGs of the recent period. It is a MMORPG, which means it's a massive world for role playing your adventures in it. It offers both competitive and cooperative modes of playing, so any kind of online gamer should be happy. Legends of Aethereus is action oriented, so fighting takes a prominent role in this game, but it's done in such an innovative and fresh way that the combat alone is a sufficient reason to try this game out. Combat in Legends of Aethereus is physics based, which means that massive blows can throw victims off their feet or even toss them away or in the air. All these effects are done really well and objects behave very naturally. It's something to see with your own eyes and experience in your own games! Let's just hope that large community of players grows soon enough.


Eh, not too great

Qwertyfour | Oct. 1, 2013 | See all Qwertyfour's reviews »

Legends of Aethereus was a greenlit game on Steam, promising to be truly great. What we got was no where near that. This game is incredibly unbalanced and just terrible. The high action role playing game we were promised is not what we see. The combat often lags, and the enemy balance is terrible. Two monsters using the same model might be balanced completely differently with no distinguishing features. One might go down instantly, while you wrestle with the other over the course of 3 minutes trying to kill it. Overall, not worth buying. You might want to hold off to see if the developers decide to deliver and enhance the game but even the co op is dry and boring.