Spellforce: Platinum Edition

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Third party DRM: Steam

This game requires a free Steam account to play.


Included in the Platinum Edition are three titles:

  • SpellForce: The Order of Dawn

  • SpellForce: Shadow of the Phoenix

  • SpellForce: Breath of Winter

  • SpellForce: The Order of Dawn

    In a world beyond imagination...

    In their immeasurable greed and constant thirst for power, the thirteen most powerful Mages of all time doomed the land, hurling it into an endless spiral of chaos and despair. Entire countries were wiped out in the blink of an eye when the devastating power of the Elements was unleashed - Elements summoned by dark rituals. Continents shattered like glass, the pieces strewn about like leaves in the wind. Huge armies, bound by the the power of ancient runes, brought war and destruction to the lands that survived the initial onslaught. All that was left were a few islands, connected by magic portals.

  • SpellForce: Shadow of the Phoenix

    In a world beyond imagination...

    By means of an enslaved god's life essence a dark necromancer is trying to reanimate the powerful circle mages and make them his unholy servants. Only the power of the Phoenix Stone will be able to prevent the returning of the Circle.

  • SpellForce: Breath of Winter

    A Prince of Darkness, a Fial Darg, was set free through the Convocation and took over the reign over the Fire Empire. His whish is to bring the Renegades, the Gods of darkness, back to Eo.

    For the Ritual, to make that happen, he needs the blood of a first-born Elve. But there is only one more left, Cenwen, the Elve Queen, who lives under the ice where she sings for the mighty dragon Aryn…

Customer reviews


Outdated by today's standards but still great

Vlady | Nov. 18, 2013 | See all Vlady's reviews »

Was one of my favorite games when I first started with PC gaming. It's a unique hybrid of RPG and RTS. I'm yet to see the game that fuses those two genres is such a seamless and enjoyable way. Both elements are deep, rewarding and addictive. Heroes that you control can level up, get new skills and acquire new loot that comes from drops and mission rewards. Campaign is lengthy albeit slow paced so you should get dozens of hours of gaming out it. Graphics are ugly, but if you keep the camera zoomed out, it doesn't hurt your eyes. UI is a bit clunky and voice acting cringe worthy, but the overall experience is excellent.


Older games can still be fun

DaiMonPaul | March 22, 2013 | See all DaiMonPaul's reviews »

This is a bit of an older game, and it definitely shows in its graphics. They simply aren't very good to the modern eye, although their art style is pleasant. However, if you can look past the dated graphics, there's a very solid game here that will give you much enjoyment. Spellforce is a bit of a unique game, blending RPG and RTS elements together. Its fantasy world is a standard one, and the game reminds one of an updated Warcraft 3. The game plays a bit differently, though. At its core, it is an RTS game which gives you detailed RPG elements, allowing you to upgrade and equip your hero units, in addition to building a base, recruiting new units, and so forth. Neither element by itself is particularly unique, but when blended together, it becomes something new, something different, and something which works pretty well. The game also allows for exploration and side quests as in a traditional RPG, which doesn't add much to the fairly linear main story, but it's a nice addition that further differentiates the game from the standard RTS experience. This pack contains the main game and its two expansions. With all of these three, you can easily get 60+ hours worth of gameplay, if not more. That's a very long game, and it does tend to drag at times. Overall, though, the story (although nothing terrible unique) is fine, and there's a lot of fun to be had here. If you can overlook the dated graphics and like your RTS games to have some added elements and options, then this is a game you should enjoy. It's also a better game than its sequel (although the sequel looks prettier).