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Third party DRM: Securom

Playfire Client required to download and play.

Customer notes


"It's nowhere near as accomplished as the genre's heavyweights, but anyone able to see it as the roller-coaster ride it is should have a great time." -

Ninja Blade is set within modern day Tokyo, where parasites known as alpha-worms have mysteriously appeared, unleashing a wave of human destruction as they rapidly spread east, reaching the shores of Tokyo. With the future of humankind hanging in the balance, an exclusive and elite team possessing highly specialized skills is formed to eliminate the enemy onslaught, and ultimately save mankind from complete obliteration.

To help defeat the genetically mutated monsters, players will have the special abilities of "Ninja Vision" and "Todome" at their fingertips. Enabling "Ninja Vision" will allow players to detect and analyze potential enemy weak points, secret paths, and hidden information within the environment. Beware though, while using "Ninja Vision", characters become susceptible to excess damage. "Todome" is a special attack that destroys an enemy characterï's core (heart), by dealing a fatal wound. Balanced and calculated use of both these abilities will be critical to progressing through the game.

A variety of weapons, tools and 'Ninjutsu' specialized Ninja powers offer an enticing array of options. Varied environments force players to think strategically about which set of weapons and tools will be most effective at conquering their way through different levels. Everything from dual wielding swords to huge great swords each have distinctive features and characteristics, so choose wisely! 'Ninjutsu' is a special power that results in an explosive electrical force to either stun enemies or protect oneself from attack. Only true Ninja Masters can achieve this technique. Interactive Quick Time Eevents - Scattered throughout integral parts of the storyline, characters will come across various quick-time events where players will have the opportunity to directly interact with in-game cut-scenes. Quick reflexes will be rewarded as players interact with controller buttons as directed on screen during intense battles.

Ninja Blade offers a fresh twist to the classic ninja saga by basing all 3D gaming maps directly from the actual skyscrapers and building tops in modern day Tokyo.

Customer reviews


Good game some what hidden gem

trunks10k | Dec. 26, 2015 | See all trunks10k's reviews »

Its a decent hack and slash with over the top cutscenese which give it a good feel and not like a budget tittle. It's glory days were on the xbox 360 but on PC it's not bad with wide screen and HD resolutions this game is a good time waster and its not as dramatic or prominent as the other tittles that its mimicking but its a good game nonetheless with a good range of weapons, enemies and its a joy to play through if you can stomache the over the top silliness that is the story.


One game so hard to play

srfk | June 9, 2015 | See all srfk's reviews »

Complete the mission to save the progress! The game is so hard and funny to play. If you think play something for hours and have action with monsters and ninjas, this is your game...! LET'S PLAY!


Quality Ninja Gaiden Clone for PC Gamers

sycomantis1991 | May 15, 2015 | See all sycomantis1991's reviews »

Exactly what the title says. This game is very similar to the newer line of Ninja Gaiden games. It came out at a time where it should have gotten more love, as the actual Ninja Gaiden games coming out were supbar and few and far between. The gameplay is solid, the game is visually surprisingly stunning, and the bosses are actually better than most in the Gaiden games. The problem is that the weapons arren't as varied and the combo system isn't as deep. It gets old a little faster than Ninja Gaiden, but Ninja Blade is still a competent and fun "clone" that's well worth the price, especially considering how often it goes on sale for as low as a dollar.


Could be more

DeaD | Feb. 1, 2015 | See all DeaD's reviews »

Another game where you don't have to think much, just butchering the neverending hordes of enemies, taking on huge boss fights in Tokyo, where the infected are starting to take over the world, IF you don't stop it. Yup, you guessed it, the storyline is not a big deal. But you are an unbeatable ninja, using some awesome techniques when kicking the butts of those monsters. The game itself looks good, there are lots of different enemies and... I really can't say more about it. It is simple, yet you can have fun with it, when you have boring hours. For those who are into hack & slash games, Ninja Blade won't be a disappointment, but this one is far from it's bigger brothers like the Devil may cry or Ninja Gaiden series. If you fancy playing it, you should definitely use a gamepad. Consequence? You can't drink a beer playing this title because of it's fast-paced gameplay, can't even drink a beer when playing this title...


Ninja Gaiden of War

MadDemon64 | Jan. 7, 2015 | See all MadDemon64's reviews »

Ninja Blade is a standard hack-and-slash game where you go around a stage killing various enemies, fighting bosses, and using quick-time events that defy all manner of logic and physics. The story is fairly standard: a humans are mutating into monsters and it is your job to kill them off before they infest other humans and mutate them as well. There are maybe a plot twist or two, but they are not engaging in the slightest. Combat is fast and frantic, being very similar to Ninja Gaiden and God of War, but not innovative. It’s just there, just like the story. The quick-time events are fairly standard and generic, although if you ever screw up one you get to (or are forced to depending on your point of view) retry the quick-time event, over and over again until you succeed. This can either be comforting knowing that should you mess up there is a safety net, or annoying knowing that you have to press the exact same buttons and watch the exact same movie if you screw up. Ninja Blade comes across as a game that tried to cash-in on the success of other games that successfully utilized hack-and-slash and quick-time event mechanics. It’s fun your first playthrough, but not as fun as the games that successfully utilized the mechanics beforehand.