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Third party DRM: Steam

This game requires a free Steam account to play.

Customer notes

This DLC requires the Borderlands 2 base game to play.


Can’t get enough Borderlands? The Borderlands 2 Season Pass is packed full of adventure, featuring new campaigns, new locations, new enemies and a level cap increase. Fight pirates and discover new treasure alongside Captain Scarlett, become champion in Mr. Torgue’s epic arena, and track down new monsters in Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt. Unlock more skills and levels with the Ultimate Vault Hunter Upgrade Pack. Buy the season pass and get all four campaign add-ons plus the level cap for the price of three add-on campaigns -- a 33% savings. All Season Pass content will be available by June 2013.

Customer reviews


Season Pass...Get it...Here's why

glitter34 | Aug. 18, 2015 | See all glitter34's reviews »

I have been enjoying both Borderlands 1 & 2 for a while now and have to say 2 has so much more DLC is mindblowing fun! I never get tired of playing it, ever! You can play even the DLC through on the multiple available game levels so you get lots of use out of it! I for one hate it when I pay 30-50 dollars for a game and after one time through I have had enough and it sits never to be touched again. With borderlands this has never occurred, with multiple characters to play and so many different ways to combine the skills they never get boring. Then throw in the many different weapon combinations and the DLC and this game is worth way more than the cost! With the season pass you get pirates and treasure, I said Pirates, come on Sinbad...skeletons...who can resist that! Mr. Torgue’s epic arena is the battle of all battles, tough but fun! Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt, now who doesn't love new monsters, come new is good you know it is! Ultimate Vault Hunter Upgrade Pack gives you new skills and new levels, this game just gets better and better. Really for the price you pay it is well worth it. You will not be disappointed. I may be a girl gamer but I know my gaming experience and what gets a gamer excited, this is it! Get your bundle of DLC today!


Borderlands 2 stepped forward in many ways, including story-DLCs

Meistrikt | June 3, 2015 | See all Meistrikt's reviews »

As someone who played through both BL and BL2 and all their respective story DLCs, I must say BL2 has the upper hand here. Containing all 4 huge story-DLCs and a level cap increase, this pack is recommended to all that feel like they haven't had enough of this game. A bit of a rollercoaster ride in quality (looking at you, Torgue's Badass Crater of one the worst and most unrewarding bossfights in video game history), but the overall package is still cheaper than buying the good bits. 2 things that you must know about this package: - 1 - It does NOT include GAIGE, the Mecromancer, nor KRIEG or any of the mini-stories. Only the 4 big story-DLCs and ONE levelcap increase ( bringing the maximum level your characters can reach up to 61). Please keep this in mind. - 2 - If you don't have BL2, but you think you'll pick THAT up and THIS up, do yourself a favour and purchase Borderlands 2 Game Of The Year (GOTY) Edition. You're gonna get much much more for your buck that way.


Tons and tons of great quality content that never stops coming!

khawaja07 | Aug. 6, 2014 | See all khawaja07's reviews »

Borderlands 2's Season Pass is probably the best season pass thats ever been made so far since this practice started. It offers tons of variety content that keeps on delivering with many great DLC expansions included for a rock solid price tag. It features a total of 5 expansions which seem a great return for the price of $30. Each expansion has a different theme to it and adds tons of enemies and weapons to the game. So if you intend on not buying the GOTY edition of Borderlands 2, then i would highly recommend that you buy this season pass instead of buying each DLC.


Great value, one of the best Season Passes out there

wodny | Feb. 7, 2014 | See all wodny's reviews »

So this Season Pass gives you an access to: Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate's Booty - this is the first DLC campaign. If you like pirates, it will make you feel like at home. I especially liked some characters like Shade and Herbert who seem to be a part of a pretty good black comedy. When it comes to landscapes you will visit deserts and some tropical locations. Some of the features include: a new vehicle, new weapons, new heads for your characters and many, many other things. It takes about 5-6 hours to complete this campaign and more if you want to visit every nook and cranny. Mr. Torgue's Campaign of Carnage - the second DLC campaign. It's all about vehicles here. You can try to make your way through arena-style battles. This DLC provides more missions, side missions, weapons, and enemies. When it comes to length it is similar to the first DLC campaign. If you want to be a badass, you got to play this campaign. Sir Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt - the third DLC campaign. It's all about exploration and finding different creatures. Each one of them is extremely dangerous of course in order to make things a little bit difficult. But a good Vault Hunter will have no problem with fighting them. The locations here are pretty big. Enemies are very dangerous. Especially shamans who have an access to some powerful spells. There are two raids bosses so if you're looking for some real challenge, you're gonna get it for sure. Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep - the fourth DLC campaign and I think this one is probably the best. From a brilliant humour to many things that will blow your mind. Trust me. This one was produced by Gearbox and it definitely shows. Each location is different, there are many enemies like lava golems or dwarves. If you like Tiny Tina and RPG games then this DLC is your thing. Ultimate Vault Hunter Upgrade Pack - 11 additional character levels and many new weapons are definitely something good. If you like "Borderlands" then buy this Season Pass. You will not regret it. It provides many hours of gameplay and the quality is really good. I recommend it.


Great season pass

unnammed | Oct. 10, 2013 | See all unnammed's reviews »

I bought the season pass for myself quite a while ago and didn't know what I'd get for the money but I've gotten happier with each new dlc that has been released and it's been real fun going through the dlcs and the Dragon Keep DLC probably makes this season pass, the best season pass I've bought. Definitely a lot of gametime for the money and I expect most people who bought it are already surprised at how much content you get for the money. The DLC's are all great experiences and you get a lot more laughter, sadness and gorey "d'awww" moments. What you need for a perfect season pass.