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Third party DRM: Steam

This game requires a free Steam account to play.


A.I.M. Racing welcomes you to the planet Polygon-4, where deadly vehicles of the distant future compete, swishing planet’s dusty atmosphere at a tremendous pace. Years ago humans along with the Arlings used Polygon-4 for a number of military experiments, but later left the test complex. However, the intelligent machines, AIMs, continue to fulfill objectives they are programmed for: further evolution and self-perfection. AIMs of the Reckoners clan built a network of tracks to test multi-purpose combat machines in action.

If you are not afraid of awesome speed, fatal traps and plasma charges, tearing apart your racing glider’s sheeting, A.I.M. Racing is a game of your choice. There is no need to save money to buy a new glider, no need to think, where you can acquire energy supply for a more powerful canon. The clan will give you everything – but you must win!

Key Features:

  • Over 50 rounds in a Championship

  • Over 30 various gliders

  • Diverse tactic to destroy your opponents

  • Unique glider dynamics

  • Treacherous traps and useful bonuses.

  • Vast number of weaponry, including mines and rockets

  • Detailed statistics for each race to show your skills

  • Online records table

  • Multiplayer options

Customer reviews


Super Alien Cart

akassassinn1 | Sept. 27, 2015 | See all akassassinn1's reviews »

AIM Racing is a track racing game close to super Mario cart and Crash CTR where your vehicles are equipped with guns and weapons to take down your opponents , set on a a distant planet called Polygon 4 , you race using 15 different very odd but awesome looking vehicles that float or on wheels or have rockets on the back equipped with various types of weapons on the sides , whilst the vehicles look interesting , the tracks on the other hand are very dull and repetitive they feel like racing on the surface of mars where there's no scenery or anything interesting to look at , you have signs the direct you to your destination and few poles here and there but that's it , maps feel different from each other and sometimes there's nice lighting coming from whatever sun Planet Polygon 4 orbits . game play wise your vehicle can jump and boost forward shoot rivals and turn left and right , nothing too complicated and works the same on both offline and online modes exploding barrels , ammunition , medpacks and various power ups are scattered across your tracks for you to pick up and use much like any carting game would be , I would recommend pickup this game at a sale but if you're a fan of shooting and driving weird looking alien vehicles then give it a try .