Assassin's Creed III: The Battle Hardened Pack DLC (NA)

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Third party DRM: Uplay

This game requires a free UPLAY account to play.

Customer notes

Requires the base game, Assassin's Creed III, to play this DLC.


The Battle Hardened Pack extends the Assassin's Creed® III multiplayer experience with three new playable characters and maps, plus awesome bonus customization items, achievements and trophies! Become the influential Governor, the resilient Highlander or the fearsome Coyote Man.

Journey through Charlestown, Fort St-Mathieu, and the scenic but dangerous Saint Pierre . Rally your troops, discover your power in numbers and ignite the revolution!

Customer reviews



cpiane | June 14, 2015 | See all cpiane's reviews »

The multiplayer for this game was "fun" when Brotherhood came out. I'll give it that much, but now that we are here in Assassin's Creed III and the trend is still going, it gets Not saying its not fun, its just it does not add anything new to the multiplayer formula that makes me want to keep coming back, let alone spend money on new maps and skins. The only worth you will get here is if you like these two things: FIRST, if you enjoy the multiplayer and you need to try out every new map and character. SECONDLY: If you have to 100% your game by getting all achievements. The multiplayer for ACIII is nearly dead now that ACIV and above have been released, but hey if you have $10 and have nothing else to spend it on, I guess this is for you. I personally would steer clear from this, as it adds no value to the game.