Assassin’s Creed® IV Black Flag™ Gold Edition (NA)

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Third party DRM: Uplay

This game requires a free UPLAY account to play.



  • SEASON PASS: score all of the Assassin’s Creed®IV Black FlagTM DLC packs.

    • Captain Kenway's Legacy Pack: Golden Scimitars and Multiplayer Treasure Hunter costume

    • The Trove of Mystery Pack: Iron Wheel & Astrolab Relic

    • Pirates Bounty Pack: German rapiers & Compass Relic

    • Sacrificed Secrets Pack: Dark and dangerous treasure-Hunting mission on Sacrifice Island. Unlock Captain Drake's dual Swords and Pistols, Picture, Title, and Relics

    • Hidden Mystery Pack: Adventurous treasure-hunting mission on Mystery Island. Unlock Stede Bonnet's Ship, Costumes and other MP items

    • Black Island Pack: Dark and dangerous treasure-hunting mission on Black Island. Unlock the Deadly Black Ship and Captain Morgan's Silver Flintlock Pistols, Costume, Picture, and Title

    • Aveline Pack: 60 minutes of additional gameplay featuring Aveline de Grandpré from Assassin's Creed III Liberation. Unlockable Aveline ship figurehead

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