Batman: Arkham Asylum Game of the Year

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Third party DRM: Steam

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"Rocksteady nailed what Batman is supposed to feel like. Fans, rejoice." - IGN

"If you're a Batman fan, this is the best treatment the World's Greatest Detective has ever received in videogame form" - GameSpy

Based on the core Batman license, in Batman: Arkham Asylum, the Dark Knight takes on his greatest challenge yet when he becomes trapped with all of his most dangerous villains inside the insane asylum of Gotham city - ARKHAM ASYLUM! Batman: Arkham Asylum exposes players to a unique, dark and atmospheric adventure that takes them to the depths of Arkham Asylum – Gotham City's psychiatric hospital for the criminally insane. Gamers will move in the shadows, instigate fear amongst their enemies and confront The Joker and Gotham City's most notorious villains who have taken over the asylum.

Key Features:

  • Utilize the unique FreeFlow combat system to chain together unlimited combos seamlessly and battle with huge groups of The Joker´s henchmen in brutal melee brawls

  • Investigate as Batman, the world's greatest detective, by solving intricate puzzles with the help of cutting edge forensic tools including x-ray scanning, fingerprint scans, ´Amido Black´ spray and a pheromone tracker

  • Face off against Gotham´s greatest villains including The Joker, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy and Killer Croc

  • Become the Invisible Predator with Batman´s fear takedowns and unique vantage point system to move without being seen and hunt enemies

  • Choose multiple takedown methods, including swooping from the sky and smashing through walls.

  • Explore every inch of Arkham Asylum and roam freely on the infamous island, presented for the first time ever in its gritty and realistic entirety

  • Experience what it´s like to be BATMAN using BATARANGS, explosive gel aerosol, The Batclaw, sonar resonator and the line launcher

  • Unlock more secrets by completing hidden challenges in the world and develop and customize equipment by earning experience points

  • Enjoy complete superhero freedom in the environment with the use of Batman´s grapnel gun to get to any place you can see, jump from any height and glide in any direction

Customer reviews


I am the night, or is it the knight?

midgetjacks | Oct. 7, 2014 | See all midgetjacks's reviews »

What were the odds that a good Batman game would get made? On the whole, almost everything about this game works. The fighting engine allows Batman to effortlessly take on crowds of goons. At the same time, the stealth predator rooms showcase Batman's ability to work from the shadows, taking down one goon at a time. The only real rough spots are the boss fights. Most of them follow the same mould, and just aren't as fun as the rest of the game.

Overall, though, Rocksteady made a great first attempt at the Batman franchise.


Kick A fun

adboyum | Sept. 15, 2014 | See all adboyum's reviews »

This game is awesome! It's so dark, ominous and action packed! I'm a huge Batman fan, and this game finally got it right! It embodies the true essence if the Batman franchise. Batman isn't some funny cute superhero character. He's a BA but kicking machine with awesome gadgets and a dark side that this game portrays perfectly!

All the different rooms, villains and gadgets make this game a must own for any Batman fan!


It´s Batman. It´s perfect!

GustavoBBP | Sept. 6, 2014 | See all GustavoBBP's reviews »

Batman: Arkham Asylum is the proof that we wanted to know that the superheroes games are not only marketing pieces searching to promote a movie, cartoon or comic instead of being a good game. The graphics are great, the atmosphere is almost flawless, the gameplay is excitingly funny (come on, everybody loves to scary helpless goons with the the dreadful image of the bat) and the story, the voice-acting and the visuals keep remembering me of my childhood with Batman: The Animated Series. Arkham Asylum is a AAA game recommended to everyone, a Batman fan or not.


An awesome start to the batman franchise

vikas8395 | Sept. 5, 2014 | See all vikas8395's reviews »

This is the most polished and well designed game that I've played in recent memory. Keyboard and mouse controls are amazingly well tuned. Story, voiceover and geek factor are off the charts. My two gripes are no unlockable suits and the menus were taken without any redesign from the console version. The controls and overall quality far overshadow any gripes though.


Amazing Game

ImSoAw3some | Aug. 29, 2014 | See all ImSoAw3some's reviews »

Amazing. I'd have to say this is literally in my top 5 favorite games all time. It has great graphics and fluid fighting controls. The stealth is great and there are so many ways to take out a group of enemies. And of course, the villains are what make the plot and story stand out. The Joker is hilariously insane and gives a nice boost to the overall feel of the game. The main story is around 10 hours of awesomeness, and there is more to do such as entertaining Riddler riddles or the combat and predator challenges. Overall the game is amazing and the story, fluid combat, excellent stealth, and replayability make this game a definite 100. This game is truly one of a kind. Even from 2010, this tops almost all of the current games out there.