Battlefield 4 Soldier Shortcut Bundle DLC (NA)

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Third party DRM: Origin

Please note that the free third-party service, Origin, must be used to activate this title.

Customer notes

Requires Battlefield 4 (base game) to use this DLC


Contains all Class Shortcut Kits

  • Contains Recon Class upgrades & specializations, and Sniper Rifles

    • The Recon Shortcut Kit contains the following unlocks: Offensive Spec, RFB, Motion Sensor, Radio Beacon, Scout Spec, T-UGS Sensor, SOFLAM, Sniper Spec, MAV, Claymore and the following Sniper Rifles: M40A5, SCOUT ELITE, SV-98, JNG-90, 338-RECON, M98B, and SRR-61.
  • Contains Support Class upgrades & specializations, and LMGs

    • The Support Shortcut Kit contains the following unlocks: Offensive Spec, QBS-09, Ammo Box, Claymore, Resupply Spec, XM25 SMK, M224 Mortar, MP-APS, Suppressor Spec, XM25 DART, C4 and the following LMG's: TYPE 88 LMG, LSAT, PKP PECHENEG, QBB-95-1, M240B, and MG4.
  • Contains Assault Class upgrades & specializations, and Assault Rifles

    • The Assault Shortcut Kit contains the following unlocks: Defibrillator, M26 MASS, Offensive Spec, M320 SMK, M26 Flechette, Combat Medic Spec, M320 DART, M26 Slug, Medic Bag, M26 Frag, M320 FLASH, Grenadier Spec, M320 LVG, and the following Assault Rifles: SCAR-H, M416, SAR-21, AEK-971, FAMAS, AUG A3, M16A4, and CZ-805.
  • Contains Engineer Class upgrades & specializations, and PDWs

    • The Engineer Shortcut Kit contains the following unlocks: FIM-92 Stinger, AT Mines, Offensive Spec, MBT LAW, AK 5C, SA-18 IGLA, Mechanic Spec, M2 SLAM, EOD BOT, MK 153 SMAW, Anti-Tank Spec, FGM-148 Javelin, SRAW, RPG-7V2 and the following PDW's: PP-2000, UMP-45, CBJ-MS, PDW-R, CZ-3A1, and JS2.

Customer reviews


For those without all the time

Gorager | July 24, 2015 | See all Gorager's reviews »

Listen I won't judge to on wanting to take a shortcut. Many of us gamers these days are working folk who just can't put in the amount of time on games that we used to. Does that mean we want to spend all our time we do have grinding? Of course Not! If you want to enjoy Battlefield with what time you do have grab this pack so you aren't left in the dust,or worse stuck grinding at work and in games.