Bloody Good Time (NA)

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Third party DRM: Steam

This game requires a free Steam account to play.


Congratulations, you’ve just been cast in your first slasher movie! You’ve been given your big break by the notorious Director X. His methods have produced some of the finest grindhouse films ever committed to celluloid. Famous faces and big names are not what this director is looking for. Fresh faces are all Director X casts, and with your embarrassingly empty resume you’re as fresh as they come! But seven other hopefuls are also in the running, so you’re going to need to prove your worth if you’re to hit the leading credits. You’re going to have to scratch, claw and strike to slash your way to the top. This job’s going to be murder!

Developed by Outerlight, Bloody Good Time takes a new and irreverent approach to multiplayer shooters. The game runs on the Valve’s Source engine, known for classic multiplayer shooters such as Half-Life and Team Fortress.

Key Features:

  • Be a deceitful bastard! Flush your enemies in the toilet, crash their heads on their plates when they eat, do whatever it takes to maim and kill other competitors in nasty and unexpected ways!

  • Use a full arsenal of wacky weapons including guns, a baseball bat, a frying pan, and even an exploding remote-controlled rat to transform the movie set into real mayhem!

  • Clash with up to 8 players online in a zany, first-person shooter, multiplayer experience like no other.

  • Choose from a variety of stereotypical B- movie characters, including the bikini beach babe, the stoner, the creepy clown and the super jock.

  • From Spring Break Beach to the Horror House to the Vegas Hotel, discover what’s behind the Hollywood set in these unique multiplayer maps.

  • Developed by Outerlight, best known for their work on The Ship and the Half-Life mod of the Ship. This Scottish-based developer brings a great combination of humor and quality game play to Bloody Good Time.

  • Running on the Valve’s Source engine, Bloody Good Time comes from the same pedigree of classic, online multiplayer shooters such as Half-Life, Team Fortress and Counter-Strike.

Customer reviews


Bloody Good Time is Bloody Hillarious.

TimothyD | Nov. 14, 2013 | See all TimothyD's reviews »

This game, made by Outerlight, follows the same formula as their other game, The Ship. The mayhem, as in the original, continues. In it's own unique and hilarious over-the-top fashion. The wacky graphics of the game contribute to the almost Troma-like universe the game is set in. The characters are wild, and the settings elaborate and just as insane as the characters themselves. The sound scheme will have you laughing out loud from the crackle of flamethrowers to the crash of plates and flush of toilets. All aspects of the graphics, art and sound work together perfectly to produce laughs. You'll find that the game's loose storyline takes on a unique twist as you interact with the game, adding your own escapades to it. If you enjoy a great party game in the style of Team Fortress or The Ship, you'll delight in this game, especially if you are a fan of B-reel horror movies. You'll never find anything this interactive on the television at 2 in the morning. You will, however, be up playing this game.