Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines

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Third party DRM: Steam

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"A genuinely original game of tactics, planning, and precision." -

"_ if you're into strategy games, own an attention span, and are looking for something that's a lot different than anything we've seen since Cannon Fodder, you owe it to yourself to give this game a try._" -

Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines is a real-time tactics game set in World War II that puts you in command of a small squad of elite troopers. Send them behind enemy lines on a series of hazardous missions, and bring them back alive. Clever strategy has never been so furiously action-packed. Study the enemy's movements, develop a careful plan, synchronize your men, and launch them on a swift and fierce attack using all your power and skill.

Key Features:

  • You control 6 individual commandos each with a unique combat skill set.

  • Thwart the German war machine by means of sabotage and tactical genius.

  • Zoomable isometric camera allows for up to 6 simultaneous camera angles.

  • 20 missions throughout Europe and Northern Africa.

  • Co-op multiplayer mode on a LAN or over the internet.

Customer reviews


Damn harrd

markegiani | Oct. 23, 2014 | See all markegiani's reviews »

Interesting and brutally real game, BEL is an excellent strategy game. With great game tutorial, you will learn fast how to ''jump over hurdles''. As the game progresses though, get ready for tough matchups cause this is one hack of a puzzler ! The game is diversive. You can solve the mission in many different wayz and that is Commando's best characteristic. A LOT OF CHOICES ..... Great game.