Company of Heroes

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"The transformation from a idyllic little town into a heap of crushed buildings and burned out husks of vehicles can be shocking. Seeing and hearing major explosions that cause bodies (and bits of bodies) to fly across the screen along with rubble from a nearby building simply puts you more into the battle than any RTS in memory." -

"Technically remarkable and features some novel twists that make it unique among real-time strategy games. Yet while it's easy to get into, it's not just difficult to master but also rather difficult to manage, partly because the game does such a good job of evoking the sheer chaos of frontline WWII battles." -

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Delivering a visceral WWII gaming experience, Company of Heroes redefines real time strategy gaming by bringing the sacrifice of heroic soldiers, war-ravaged environments, and dynamic battlefields to life. Beginning with the D-Day Invasion of Normandy, players lead squads of Allied soldiers into battle against the German war machine through some of the most pivotal battles of WWII. Through a rich single player campaign, players experience the cinematic intensity and bravery of ordinary soldiers thrust into extraordinary events.

Key Features:

  • A Cinematic Single Player Experience: that captures the turmoil of WWII as never before.

  • Advanced squad AI: brings your soldiers to life as they interact with the changing environment, take cover, and execute advanced squad tactics to eliminate all enemy opposition.

  • Stunning Visuals: Relic's next generation cutting-edge engine provides graphic quality and a physics driven world that is unprecedented in an RTS.

  • Environmental Strategy: Real-time physics and a completely destructible environment guarantee no two battles ever play out in the same way. Destroy anything and re-shape the battlefield! Use buildings and terrain to your advantage, or deny them to the enemy.

  • 2-8 Player Multiplayer Competition via LAN or Internt: Go online with friends and join the ultimate battle of Axis versus Allies.

Customer reviews



HitManHunt | April 15, 2014 | See all HitManHunt's reviews »

Great game!

Strategy games are among the most enjoyable to me and this game does not disappoint!

While it was released all the way back in 2006, this game stands up to some of the best strategy games of all time.

The graphics are great even by today's standards and with today's hardware is not a pain to achieve all max settings with great FPS.

The gameplay is amazing and completely redefines what a gamer would be used to in a game of this genre. At it's time of release, it offered a new and unique twist that was somewhat revolutionary and still great fun compared to other titles of the same genre today.

The mechanics are different than what you will be used to, so there is a slight learning curve. However, with a little learning and practice it offers a great system that offers great fun to be had!

I love this game and have purchased multiple copies over the course of time for myself and friends to enjoy! It really does earn every penny spent!


Best world war 2 rts

Oktarnash | March 17, 2014 | See all Oktarnash's reviews »

Just like the title says this is the best world war 2 RTS. Although people might try and sell you on company of heroes 2 this is the much better choice. The game takes a while to get used to if you want to become competitive in it's multiplayer, but if you don't want to become involved in the multiplayer, which is quite fun (although there is quite a couple of bad seeds in the community) the single player is quite fun and is quite long, which leads to a lot of fun moments.

The balance is quite good but there are still exploits, which lower level players tend to abuse such as snipers, and a couple of doctrinal things.

Other than that this is the best RTS game ever, in terms of tactical value, APM isn't really something important, all that is needed is a good mind, and knowledge of units, with that you can beat pretty much anyone.


This game is great!

mrdalts | March 5, 2014 | See all mrdalts's reviews »

I came from a strictly fantasy RTS background when I started playing PC games. I played Warcraft III and AoE II. This game actually made me move on to other games like Starcraft because it was so good. AI is great, the graphics are great (c'mon its an RTS game) and the game play is 10/10. I would advise anyone who is considering it to buy it on sale, which it's on sale often. You wont be disappointed.


RTS (Heroes of WW2) nice game !

ansonicte | March 5, 2014 | See all ansonicte's reviews »

This is a fantastic strategy game in real time, maybe the game is old, but this is no problem as it is a great game. You can play with a platoon of soldiers consisting of a single unit; these units can gain experience of struggle, to level up.

Throughout the campaign we are allies of the West (Europe), tells the story of the 101 battalion Aereo transported from the first D-Day mission, with its spectacular beaches of the Normandy landings, to its final, all campaign is the Operation Overlord.

The online game, now that THQ disappeared, is part of the Steam system with all the benefits that entails.

It is a great game despite having time, 100% recommended


One of the best game in history of game

Andreasqiao | March 4, 2014 | See all Andreasqiao's reviews »

Epic! That is the perfect word for this game. The graphics is truly next-gen at launch time (which at 2006) and yet still not too outdated until now (2014).

The Gameplay itself is very addictive, it feels original and something new than the other similar strategy game out there whether it is WWII based or not. It's like the hybrid of action and strategy hybrid with balanced portion each.

The graphics : Yep, this game is almost 8 years old by the time I write this review but it is not too outdated and still a pleasant view to see. The other advantages is you can max out all the graphics setting and still have 60+ with your modern hardware.

The sound : Dramatic. It will really drag you to WWII period battlefield, the sound and voice of soldiers is amazing.

Conclusion : Buy this game , it is a must have !! I truly recommend you all to buy this game whether it is on sale or not. You will NOT disappointed because this game is really worth your money.