Condemned: Criminal Origins

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Third party DRM: Steam

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"Even the hardened veterans of the world's best horror games will find this to be a fine addition to their collection." -

"CCO has all of the gameplay, story, visuals and atmosphere that you could possibly want in a mystery game and I think does them all to a proverbial "t"." -

Developed by Monolith Productions, Condemned: Criminal Origins allows players to experience a heightened level of psychological tension as they use their instincts, forensic tools, and melee combat to track serial killers and bring them to justice. Gamers will play as Agent Thomas, an investigator in the FBI’s Serial Crimes Unit (SCU), whose pursuit of relentless serial killers leads him through urban environments filled with sociopaths lurking on the periphery of humanity. Weapons and ammunition are scarce, leaving the player vulnerable to a gallery of mentally deranged criminals. Careful detective work and precision reflexes are a player’s primary means of survival.

Customer reviews


Nice and atmospheric game

tadys0 | June 6, 2014 | See all tadys0's reviews »

I thought to buy this game because i saw gameplay on youtube and i was shocked. This game is kind of old today but still looks damn good and the atmosphere in this game is so good. I already got scared in this game by enemies even tho i played it hour. Worth to spend money for this game. :) Definitely recommending it to friends:)


One of the few genuinely scary games.

TomWeise62305 | Jan. 21, 2014 | See all TomWeise62305's reviews »

This is a fantastic psychological horror game. The story is about tracking down a serial killer who you've been framed as. The combat is primarily melee based with very limited ammo for guns. The combat is simple but satisfying and visceral. The levels are great and contribute to the atmosphere greatly. The enemy AI is pretty decent and they will regroup to ambush you when they've taken too much damage which can lead to some great unscripted scares. Visually the game has aged well and still looks somewhat contemporary even though it's going on 8 years old. Audio design is good with great sound effects, atmospheric background noise and good them music. It's a shame Condemned 2 never saw a PC release even though the original is quite a bit better.


Heart pounding, psychological FPS horror.

POOTDISPENSER | Dec. 21, 2013 | See all POOTDISPENSER's reviews »

The scare builds up as you slowly uncover the mystery behind the dead birds and riots. You have a variety of forensics tool to aid you in your quest. There's the weapon system, and the melee tools to beat people to death with. Take note of your ammo count, it's not going to be plentiful. Each bullet really counts. A great game, get it!


Underrated gem

Gmen | Nov. 24, 2013 | See all Gmen's reviews »

From the makers of F.E.A.R. comes Condemned: Criminal Origins. The atmosphere and environments you find yourself in are somewhat similar in theme to what you would have encountered in the aforementioned title, but the gameplay is rather different. You have to engage in close quarters combat with the foulest psychopaths the city has to offer. There aren’t many firearms around, and ammunition is scarce, meaning that this game could quite easily fall in to the survival horror genre.

But it isn’t as utterly brilliant as F.E.A.R. in my book. First off, the PC version is a rather subpar looking port. The graphics are rather ugly, even when it was first released it wasn’t going to win any awards for its looks – the character models are particularly bad, and the animation isn’t much better. Rather strange considering it uses the same engine as F.E.A.R., but I would chalk it up to being "optimised" for the console version. I will say that the enemy AI is as cunning as it is deadly.

But on the plus side it does give you plenty of unlockable content in exchange for finding various items in the game – this was common for games in the mid 2000s, like Chronicles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay – a somewhat similar title.

It is also easily one of the scariest games I’ve played. So if you’re disappointed with the direction that most survival horror series have taken nowadays, try this one. It won't let you down.


A must have game

crisman | Nov. 4, 2013 | See all crisman's reviews »

Condemned is a pretty good solid game, I think it was the first game to have a melee-centric combat system in a FPS. The plot is also interesting: you are an FBI investigator, and you must find looking clues and evidences to find a very dangerous criminal. Sounds quite generic, but has some very good plot twists. The AI is one of the most advanced I ever see (this game was made by the same guys who made F.E.A.R.). When other criminals see you, they start looking for weapons around, like lead pipes, wooden boards, generic tools, and so on. Some of them will attacks you directly, some of them will hide so they can ambush you. Overall is a really enjoyable game, crude and really violent. Too bad the sequel is only for Xbox… damn you!