Counter Strike: Global Offensive

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Third party DRM: Steam

This game requires a free Steam account to play.


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) will expand upon the team-based action gameplay that it pioneered when it was launched 12 years ago.

CS: GO features new maps, characters, and weapons and delivers updated versions of the classic CS content (de_dust, etc.). In addition, CS: GO will introduce new gameplay modes, matchmaking, leader boards, and more.

"Counter-Strike took the gaming industry by surprise when the unlikely MOD became the most played online PC action game in the world almost immediately after its release in August 1999," said Doug Lombardi at Valve. "For the past 12 years, it has continued to be one of the most-played games in the world, headline competitive gaming tournaments and selling over 25 million units worldwide across the franchise. CS: GO promises to expand on CS' award-winning gameplay and deliver it to gamers on the PC as well as the next gen consoles and the Mac."

Customer reviews


Best start learning Russian.

Camzo | May 9, 2015 | See all Camzo's reviews »

This game will make you relearn how to play FPS's, with an excellently balanced matchmaking system and an excellent ranking system, this game is definitely worth picking up. But be advised that this game can at times have a very toxic community, players can be a little overboard with the game at times, so if you've played COD you'll feel right at home.


More than a game...

Zaggeta | May 8, 2015 | See all Zaggeta's reviews »

Like Dota, CS:GO has evolved to become more than a game. It has become a competitive sport garnering a huge worldwide audience and millions of dollars of sponsorship. Professional players have become celebrities who many aspire to become and watching the game has become as enjoyable as playing it. The previous games were competitive but never gained the traction that CS:GO has managed to achieve. Through fine tuning and upgrading the previously excellent system, Valve has created a masterpiece and probably the best competitive FPS we will have for awhile.



PlayTyrant | May 8, 2015 | See all PlayTyrant's reviews »

A lot of people know this game because of the crazy amount of boxes that get sold in the market every minute. Everyone can get a box, they appear in your inventory randomly at the end of each match. The game itself is not too different from CS Source, graphics have been updated of course, the sound is very good now and, though it doesn't match the quality of Battlefield (for example) it's very good. Again, the downside of these games is the community. Servers are mostly full with hate, at first you'll have a bad time trying to find a nice server with people playing for fun (this is why we play games). But use the in game chat and you'll find more friends who play fair and you'll have a great experience!


Best Fps around

Cheese4395 | May 7, 2015 | See all Cheese4395's reviews »

Counter-Strike: GO has got to be the best FPS that I've ever played. The game is always different but somehow balanced. This is definitely odd when compared to other FPS where you have more maps and more guns, but somehow the CS series has done it right. I can't put this game down. I love it way to much. The whole skins system definitely helps as well making it sort of fun to try and obtain some of the skins you personally like. It is a great game but don't expect it to be easy, no one else will be easy on you.


Nice game, BUT

RedkaKredka | May 5, 2015 | See all RedkaKredka's reviews »

I give 70/100 because of community and changes in maps. I really enjoyed all CS:Source maps and when I move to another version of the game I expect those maps to be same just in better graphics. Instead we got a lot of changes - IN TRAIN map, also small and innocent changes in Dust2, and many others. Community is not good on most of "STEAM" servers. Probably will never be the same as it used to be on Source. I know what I'm saying... 400 hours on record and counting. 1200 hours of record on Source. 7 years of service with Counter Strike series.