Crysis Maximum Edition (NA)

Third party DRM: Origin

Please note that the free third-party service, Origin, must be used to activate this title.


"Crysis is visually stunning, packed with intelligent, thrilling gameplay, and easily one of the greatest shooters ever made." -

"fast, well designed gameplay with enough options to allow players to use their own style of attack with satisfying suit abilities and weapons." -

Includes both Crysis and Crysis Warhead


From the makers of Far Cry, Crysis offers FPS fans the best-looking, most highly-evolving gameplay, requiring the player to use adaptive tactics and total customization of weapons and armor to survive in dynamic, hostile environments including Zero-G.

Crysis Warhead:

Take on the fight as the volatile Sergeant "Psycho" Sykes in a new parallel story taking place during the events of Crysis. Psycho's secret mission will take him to the other side of the island on a ruthless pursuit of a North Korean general hell-bent on obtaining powerful technology. With the versatile powers of his Nanosuit and an arsenal of fully customizable weapons & vehicles at his disposal, Sykes will do whatever it takes to carry out his top-secret objective.

Customer reviews


One of the best wide open and freeform shooters

homes223 | Feb. 5, 2014 | See all homes223's reviews »

Story: You are Nomad. A special U.S. Raptor force sent to investigate the North Korean presence on a desolate island. Then something unexpected happens...

Graphics: More than pretty. Jaw dropping.

Audio: Good. Especially enemy voice acting (can be in English/Korean depending on difficulty)

Missions: Mainly survive, some recon, some search and destroy.

Controls: Flow and fit well. Nanosuit features easy to change on the fly.

Features: Nanosuit (Cloak, Super Strength, Speed, Extra Armor), open environment, explorable areas, lots of free-world choices on how to tackle situations.

A.I.: Very smart and act accordingly but sometimes it is obvious they know where you are (like when cloaked but they walk past WHILE STILL LOOKING AT YOU)

Loading Times: Each level, Quick. 12 Missions in all.

Multiplayer: Can be rather slow paced, takes many hours when you get into a match. Not for everyone.

Requirements: To run it, lower. To run it AND look pretty Medium High to High.

Weapons: Not too many but just enough to get the job done. Customizable. Very Nice.

The Good: Graphics, Custom Weapons, Open Tactics, Features, Choices.

The Bad: A.I. can be redundant, Story isn't the most original.

The Ugly: The way you get rid of evidence when your fellow nanosuit comrades die.

Replay Ability: Medium to High.

The Bottom Line: Have a good PC? Like shooters? Buy Crysis.



chataolauj | Jan. 23, 2014 | See all chataolauj's reviews »

The graphics are just stunning! You can just tell by looking at the background of this page. This game is one of the best FPS shooters that was ever made. I usually don't love shooters, but this one just hypnotized me with all the visual aspects and gameplay that it has to offer. That's the upside to Crysis. Here's the downside to this game; it's short. You can roughly get about 10-13 hours of gameplay on this one since there are only 7 chapters (I think that's right?) for you to complete. That's fine for a shooting game though because most shooting games barely get past 7 chapters. If you click on this page, just go ahead and buy the game. No need to contemplate about it.


Beautiful start

Simao20 | Sept. 15, 2013 | See all Simao20's reviews »

This game turned a lot of peoples heads when it came out years ago and for good reason. No game had the visuals that Crysis had. The big beautiful open world map , being able to swim around the island and even drive vehicles in the game. The story is pretty good, it can last up to around 10 hours or so depending on how long you take with certain missions and not getting lost on the island like I did a few times. It takes a bit to get into fighting off aliens but when you first encounter them, it was boring to me for the first hour and the level design was confusing for that section of the game. This game certainly wasn't optimized for controller support, it does work but its done very poorly which I wished was done better to give you more options on how to play the game.


Beautiful graphics showcase...that's a great game as well!

BlockAgent | Sept. 9, 2013 | See all BlockAgent's reviews »

This game was built as a graphical showpiece, that's very obvious from the very first scene of the game. But what's also obvious is that this is a great game. The gameplay is fantastic and fun. The objectives and story are never boring. Neither is the action. Its fun and hair-raising at times. I find myself going back and playing through this game again and again for, if anything, to go sight-seeing. A must for any gamer.


Great Game, too much invisibility

Fazbott | Aug. 24, 2013 | See all Fazbott's reviews »

Maybe I'm just not a great player when it comes to FPS, but I found myself spending a lot of time using the invisibility power in this game just to heal or hide from enemies. Other than that the game proves to be an exciting thriller with a great challenge, but I do wish it had some sort of coop feature.