Dark Sector

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Third party DRM: Securom

Playfire Client required to download and play.

Customer notes

Widescreen resolutions are unsupported in this game.


"Dark Sector's fun. Hearing guards scream for help just before they take a glaive to the face, marching around in this Metal Gear-looking Jackal tank while rocketing bad guys into the air and wielding a pimped-out shotgun make the experience something any action fan can get behind." - IGN.com

Dark Sector thrusts players into the role of Hayden Tenno, a covert operative sent on a dangerous mission into Lasria, an Eastern European city on the brink of ruin that hides a deadly Cold War secret. In the midst of this mission, Hayden is attacked by an unknown enemy and infected by the Technocyte Virus, a brutal bio-weapon that twists its victims into mindless killing machines. Surviving this attack, Hayden finds that the Technocyte virus has granted him powerful, inhuman abilities unlike anything he has ever seen. Now, he must evolve with his powers, survive and become a hero.

  • All new, all original action-shooter - Throughout the course of the game, players will witness Hayden's transformation into something more than he was as he fights against the Technocyte Virus taking over his body and the effects it has on his psyche.
  • Evolution powers - Hayden gains incredible superhuman powers - including the deadly, bladed glaive that he can grow from his arm and use and throw with deadly accuracy. Hayden will grow with these powers as they evolve and become more powerful throughout the game.
  • Cinematic and immersive experience - Through the use of no HUD, intuitive controls and a 3rd-person over the shoulder viewpoint everything about Dark Sector is designed with the goal of keeping the player immersed in the game.
  • Innovative multiplayer component - Dark Sector features an innovative and exciting multiplayer gameplay that will allow players to utilize the skills they have learned in the single-player game to excel in a competitive environment

Customer reviews


Great Game That Was A Bit Underrated

GeoffAussieSpy | Aug. 26, 2015 | See all GeoffAussieSpy's reviews »

This game was almost under everyone's radar and it's an incredible game. The gameplay is great and fun to play around with how you do things. I think the ideas in this game are great and they did a great way of bringing those ideas out and into life. The story is incredible and loads of fun to play through. This game is a ton of fun. I would completely recommend it to anyone looking for something a bit different with some cool ideas and a fantastic story. Maybe explore as well in the game? It's great!


Hidden gem.

Furrek | Jan. 9, 2015 | See all Furrek's reviews »

I'm sure that not many people played this game, even among fans of "hidden" gems. What is so great in Dark Sector? First of all the dark aura - it's just amazing. It build game well. Next one are amazing weapon and skills. "Boss" fights are also great and graphics - simply amazing. Sounds amazing, but there are also bad sides of this game: it's way too short and too simply. You can feel a little bored after playing it too long but in shorter sittings - it's great. Why would I call Dark Sector a hidden gem? Because it's unexpected fun and well made. Sure, it's not best game ever made but I'm sure once you will give it a try you will be surprised how good this game is.


Fun game

Moicano_Gamer | Jan. 6, 2015 | See all Moicano_Gamer's reviews »

Dark Sector is a interesting game. The controls are good, has support for xbox 360 controller too. Story and sound is ok, nothing special. The game has nice graphics but the mechanics is your strong point. The combination with guns, powers and glaive worked very well. Its very fun use your glaive to cut in half or beheaded their opponents. The guns can be upgraded,the glaive has a good interaction with scenario, you can soot the glave in the fire or ice and use against your opponents. Although short, the game has a good challenge principally on hard mode. It's worth buying on sale!.



Mistabones | Oct. 18, 2014 | See all Mistabones's reviews »

The glaive concept is just awesome. You can put fire, ice, electricity in it, which is needed in most situations/enemies. You can also control the Glaive path at some point in the game! The story is ok. Not that elaborated, but enough to keep you playing. If you like Third-person shooters, with mixed terror, nice big monsters and putting enemies on fire, give it a try.


A console port that while good, is also bad.

BlockAgent | June 11, 2014 | See all BlockAgent's reviews »

Dark Sector is a game that is brutally unforgiving from the very start. Within the first 10 minutes of playing it, you will fight a boss, swarms of 20 bad guys all raining down gunfire on you at one, and seemingly endless hordes of monsters spawning very close all around you. I found it to be very difficult. The human bad guys are the usual whack-a-mole type though. To make it even harder, the controls are terrible. You character doesn't always do what you are telling him to with your fingers. Sometimes he will flip out from behind cover into a thousand bullets. Things such as switching between weapons become an unnecessary challenge. During my playing of the game, no matter what screen resolution I set the game to, I could never get the game image to fit my normal 1080p screen. It cuts off the outer edge which cuts off your ammo count display etc. The plot in Dark Sector is very thin. Alot of the time you are just going through the very linear levels killing bad guy after bad guy not sure of why they are attacking you, what is your end objective, etc. So now for the good. The graphics are pretty good, considering the game came out for consoles in 2010, and the theme of the game has a unique twist on it. Having the bladed glaive is a nice fresh feature, but in my opinion is oversold in the game's trailer. I ended up using the guns more as they felt more effective against enemies and were plentiful. So the game is good for a few reasons, but bad for other reasons, hence the score of 64/100.