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Third party DRM: Steam

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"...excellent combat and challenging puzzles make Darksiders a brutal blast." - gamespot.com

"Definitely a fantastic action/adventure game, an exercise in game design that can't leave you indifferent." - multiplayer.it

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Deceived by the forces of evil into prematurely bringing about the end of the world, War – the first Horseman of the Apocalypse – stands accused of breaking the sacred law by inciting a war between Heaven and Hell. In the slaughter that ensued, the demonic forces defeated the heavenly hosts and laid claim to the Earth.

Brought before the sacred Charred Council, War is indicted for his crimes and stripped of his powers. Dishonored and facing his own death, War is given the opportunity to return to Earth to search for the truth and punish those responsible.

Hunted by a vengeful group of Angels, War must take on the forces of Hell, forge uneasy alliances with the very demons he hunts, and journey across the ravaged remains of the Earth on his quest for vengeance and vindication.

###Key features:

  • Apocalyptic Power – Unleash the wrath of War, combining brutal attacks and supernatural abilities to decimate all who stand in your way.
  • Extreme Arsenal – Wield a devastating arsenal of angelic, demonic and Earthly weapons; and blaze a trail of destruction atop Ruin, War’s fiery phantom steed.
  • Epic Quest – Battle across the wastelands and demon-infested dungeons of the decimated Earth in your quest for vengeance and redemption.
  • Character Progression – Uncover powerful ancient relics, upgrade your weapons, unlock new abilities, and customize your gameplay style.
  • Battle Heaven and Hell – Battle against all who stand in your way - from war-weary angelic forces to Hell’s hideous demon hordes.

Customer reviews


Great slasher.

Furrek | Aug. 17, 2014 | See all Furrek's reviews »

I had no idea what Darksiders is until a few hours ago. I thought, it will be some adventure game, with some fighting and... well, that's all. Turned out that Darksiders is a really great slasher! When it comes to slashers, everybody thinks about Devil May Cry, or maybe some "clones". So what makes Darksiders a great game? Platform and puzzle elements! Since Devil May Cry and most of DMC-like games are focused only on action, Darksiders isn't packed like that. I feel that there is more platform/puzzle elements than action, but that's not a bad thing. What's important, that this game is fun. Gameplay is solid, graphics doesn't look so bad for game from 2010 year. The only bad thing is that game have some weird problem with achievements - if you want to game to unlock them, you must restart (exit and turn on again) steam every time you run Darksiders - otherwise, no achievements will unlock for you. Sadly, developers won't do anything about that. Still, what's important is gameplay and fun from game, and this game have everything to make it a great time when playing.


Just your typical bugged and boring console game

SolSys00 | Aug. 13, 2014 | See all SolSys00's reviews »

I only bought it because I had 'Darksiders 2' and wanted the full story. For some reason I saw the RPG tag there and thought this game would be the same. In the end it turned out to be a rather boring action game (there weren't enough elements to warrant it as an aRPG game).

Moreover, if I knew beforehand how buggy the game was, even 4 years after the release(!), I would have kept my distance (Steam achievements not working properly and alt-tab CTDs every other time).

Unfortunately, since I already payed for the thing I'll finish it so I won't feel like it was a total waste of money. The only consolation I have is that I didn't pay full price for it (although even the sale-price was too much).


Weapons Game

lajvjjajajaaaa | July 31, 2014 | See all lajvjjajajaaaa's reviews »

Darksiders is third-person hack and slash action game. It have similar to open world gameplay and can be played with controller in steam. There are interesting puzzles. In this one you play with War one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse. I thing it take inspirations from another game but it's still unique. The atmosphere is good. The graphics are outdated and the sound is just amazing. Don't really liked the story kinda pointless. There is to travel much to get yourself good weapons. It can be challenging at time, but most of the time is easy.


A touch from the "Outside"

hateah | July 25, 2014 | See all hateah's reviews »

That game is amazing. The graphics, the gameplay, the mechanics and the storyline. There are bosses all the way, difficult stages where you have to do multiple things in order to make just one complete. Like collecting 4 swords from a burning room where different enemies attacks you. You can fly with your wings, throw hurricane, fight with sword, throw cards and there is even a quest where you are riding a dragon! Yes, a dragon.

The first main boss you'll meet is "Tiamat" a flying bat-rat like creature which is huuuge and ugly.There are also a lot of achievements which you can find hard to unlock.The character by races are 3: Humans , Demons , Nephilim‎ Old Ones‎ ,Ravaiim‎ ,Undead‎ Watchers‎,Wicked‎ . At the beginign of the game you fight with Angels in a crashed city, invaded by them and evil forces. The Characters(not by races, but the real Characters in the game) are: War, Fury, Strife, Death, Abaddon, Samael, Lucifer, Uriel. The combat system is amazing, you can upgrade new skills and buy them which gives you the chance to try a new combo, new skill against the enemies, powerful with ever upgrade you make. They can be made by collecting the souls of the enemies you killed.


A game that worth its price

ODDragon | June 23, 2014 | See all ODDragon's reviews »

With the story playing out on a war thorn earth between the legions of heaven and hell, the player takes control of one of the four horsemen of apocalypse, War. Through War's journey will you get answers to the root of this unfolding conflict, as well as to who's pulling the strings behind the scenes and chosen War to be the catalyst of it.

Being a hack and slash game the player will have a lot of opportunities to experience the game's fluid, combo based combat system. There are plenty of weapons in your arsenal to make quick work of your foes, each adding its own unique fighting style to the mass. This system gets even more varied with the addition of parrying, which leaves your enemies open for counter-attacks, and of course with some old fashioned finishing moves to spice up your dismemberment-spree. The more fight you dive into, the more souls you will gather, a precious resource that can be used to purchase new combos and items, as well as to raise the destructive power of your weaponry.

On the graphic side the game is on a solid standing ground. While it does not hold up to today's standards it is still pleasant to look at, more than enough to help you delve into the gloomy world full of enemies to send back to heaven or hell respectively. The maps your journey takes you through are quite varied in visuals, each area being quite distinctive in its own way. The same can be said concerning voices, showing a good amount of character that adds into the atmosphere, rather than take away from it.

I'd recommend trying it because even though its re-playability value might not be too high(Collectibles and achievements are there to somewhat help on this) it does what it was designed to do regardless: To entertain. A worthy investment if you are a fan of the genre, and like to slice your enemies up to pieces with style.