Day of Defeat: Source

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Day of Defeat offers intense online action gameplay set in Europe during WWII. Assume the role of infantry, sniper or machine-gunner classes, and more. DoD:S features enhanced graphics and sounds design to leverage the power of Source, Valve's new engine technology.

Customer reviews


World War Two FPS Multiplayer game that is a blast to play

homes223 | Feb. 5, 2014 | See all homes223's reviews »

Day of Defeat was originally a Half-Life Mod and gamers still play it to this day. With the release of Day of Defeat Source Valve shows us again that it can provide a Multiplayer only experience but still be decent. DoD:S uses obviously the Source engine from Half-Life 2 and does so very well. It is hilarious to watch the enemy's body be flung across the street and nail a wall when you chuck a nade into his bunker. While there are a lot of WWII games out, DoD sticks to the formula in terms of weapons and models but strays when it comes to game modes. There are two game modes, One where the team who holds all the flags at once win, and another where the team to destroy the opposing team's strategic points up first win. Both are fun to play and are different from your average deathmatch and team deathmatch modes. Day of Defeat only lets you play as the Allies and The Axis which is limited but each side does have classes each having their own unique weapons, such as Rocketers and Machine gunners. While having a single player option would have been a good idea, Day of Defeat: Source clearly provides a fun online gaming experience.


Good online shooter, although a bit shallow on content

lachking | Dec. 28, 2013 | See all lachking's reviews »

It's a shame that Day of Defeat Source hasn't been as active as Team Fortress or Counterstrike because this game is actually quite good. It's interesting to note that this game is sort of Counterstrike and Team Fortress put together. The game has that Counterstrike feel, interface and graphics, but has multiple classes to pick from, which is a Team Fortress mechanic, although some of the classes are not all that different from one another. Being a source engine game, the graphics are quite good, but the sound is a bit mediocre. The maps in this game are solid, with a mix of open land and building corridors and you can also prone and sprint, a mechanic that other source games don't have. The main negative of this game is that it is a bit lacking in content. There haven't been many updates for this game like Team Fortress 2 has received, and there aren't many official maps either, although some servers rotate through community maps which are very well made. There are some servers to find for this game but there are not as many as Team Fortress or Counterstrike. Although this game doesn't have as much content as other Valve multiplayer games, this is still a very good online shooter that is worth your time.


Funny and difficult

kalil | Dec. 20, 2013 | See all kalil's reviews »

Day of Defeat is a online FPS to have to devote enough time to play. That is, it is more likely that the top will not only bored but get angry, because in the big servers players have gained enough experience through hours of play and that is what you must do if you want to have fun. It is quite different from games like Call of Duty , as the decline in weapons makes them more difficult to handle. The number of classes to choose is sufficiently varied and it is advisable to start playing with Thompson ( in relationship management / power is the best weapon). Also in relation to the classes , a defect of the game ( relatively speaking) is that we can not " hold your breath " with the sniper, what makes it even more challenging . Graphically it is a good game for the year it came out and for the price, like the sound section . In short , if you want a challenging game that should be played by many more players who play it .


Still a Great Shooter

videopower77 | Nov. 29, 2013 | See all videopower77's reviews »

Although this game has been forgotten by Valve, the fast-paced gameplay of DoD:Source still holds up today. Thankfully it hasn't been forgotten by the community as there are still more than enough people to enjoy the game with.

Team-based multiplayer chaos at it's most essential elements. One of the best things about the game is it's community. I was surprised at how friendly a lot of people are playing this game considering how many volatile people are in Valve's other multiplayer games.

If you're itching for a WW2 multiplayer game that still has a decent sized community around it, look no further.