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Third party DRM: Steam

This game requires a free Steam account to play.


Free Upgrade to Apocalypse Edition!:

The Dead Rising 3 Apocalypse Edition includes the ultimate open-world zombie game along with four downloadable content packs. Team up with other survivors to explore the city of Los Perdidos and fight your way out before a military strike wipes the city off the map. Welcome to the Apocalypse, where your zombie slaying thrills await.

Anything and everything is a weapon in Dead Rising 3. Explore the zombie-infested city of Los Perdidos, and find a way to escape before a military strike wipes the entire city, and everyone in it, off the map. With intense action and an unmatched level of weapon and character customization, Dead Rising 3 delivers a heart-pounding experience unlike any other as you explore, scavenge and fight to survive in a massive open world on the brink of a zombie apocalypse.

Welcome to Los Perdidos– Set 10 years after the events in Fortune City players are taken to the massive open and infected world of Los Perdidos while being immersed in action and stunning visuals.

Key Features:

  • All the survival horror action comes to PC:

    Fully optimized to run at a high resolution, the PC release includes full Steam and game controller support.

  • More zombies than ever before:

    The zombies are smarter and deadlier than ever with intelligent AI and shared awareness forcing players to employ all their cunning skills and creativity to stay alive.

  • Hundreds of unique combo weapons and vehicles:

    Combine and customize hundreds of pieces found throughout the sandbox world including the gruesome Boom Cannon weapon or the Party Slapper vehicle.

  • Face the horror alone or with a friend:

    Join forces with a friend for endless zombie killing mayhem and earn experience points that carry back to your single player experience.

Customer reviews


Maybe the best in the series, not the best port.

Snotnarok | Sept. 30, 2014 | See all Snotnarok's reviews »

The Xbone port hits PC, it looks better, runs at higher res buuut it chuggs in odd spots. Hordes of zombies on screen? Runs fine, turn around? It decides to chug then of all times. If you watch Total Biscuits WTF is of the game, you can see where he plays with the settings more in-depth, showing that many settings seem to have absolutely no impact what-so-ever on framerate which is odd. The game is still being updated and Nvidia is still putting out better drivers so- it may get better.

With the port quality out of the way, this may be the best Dead Rising yet, it has modes for all kinds of players. Story mode where you have a LOT more time to do things and Nightmare mode where it operates much more like 1 where you are required to basically always be moving and ready to handle anything. They streamlined a lot of things, magazines no longer take up inventory, you have to pick which one is active. Levels are points you distribute to make the game play like you want; melee/guns/agility/health/inventory/etc. You can still craft weapons, maybe more than ever, but you can craft them wherever you want. You can combine anything, anywhere as long as you have the blueprint which are collectables all over the game map. You also feel less clunky when moving and going about and interesting enough: survivors can be far more helpful depending on who you find. Some won't even follow you, they'll thank you give you PP and run away. (Note: This is on Story mode. I haven't played Nightmare so that may be entirely different). The map is larger than Dead Rising 2 and more open thanks to vehicles and combos with them, allowing you to travel great distances easier. It almost feels GTA in scope but most stores are accessible with things inside to help you survive. I've played Dead Rising 1,2(off the record) and now 3 and I can say this is far easier to get into but also has the difficulty of previous if you want to dive into the Nightmare mode which is open at the start. It may also be the best given the options given. Just be sure you have a nice chunky video card because as I said, the game doesn't seem to run super well at times which may be fixed later but at the time of this review with a GeForce 560TiDS, framerate ranges wildly from mostly playable to choppy.


The Other Reviews Are Right

emptyhaven | Sept. 29, 2014 | See all emptyhaven's reviews »

This game has received mixed reviews for good reason. It simply doesn't know what to do with itself. The inane amount of combine-able weapons and vehicles makes for an addicting crafting system, but it all leads to an overly gratifying experience wrought with close to zero consequence.

It is just as over the top as some people make it out to be.

At one point I forgot that there were objectives, and spent too long in mindless zombie slaying heaven, that I became suddenly aware that the waves of blood that washed over me as I ran through them with a motorcycle-steam-roller abomination seemed scarily satisfying. More than it should be.

I spent minutes justifying to myself that these were not live people, but zombies, and that they were not people at all, especially when you consider that they were merely pixels on a screen.

Still, there's nothing like putting on a ridiculous outfit and bathing yourself in the blood of your enemies. And no one else does it quite with the same flare as Dead Rising.

Now, if they'd only give me a tricked out airship, then we'll talk about Game of the Year.


A mixed bag

Selona83 | Sept. 23, 2014 | See all Selona83's reviews »

This is the first Dead Rising game I ever played and as my headline states: I have mixed feeling about it. First off! Yes the framerate is okay at best. I have a pretty darn beefy rig and couldent at the best of times maintain a solid 60. Game is as am sure many of you know capped to 30, but can be unlocked manually.

The story isent anything to write home about either, as far as my own interest was concerned.

However, the gameplay is really fun for most of the time. You get tons of different weapon options to play around with. Which make beating down hoards of zombies something that brings a smile to your face. But what more would you really want from a Dead Rising game? Much more am sure. But i reckon its been pretty okay for just that reason...thus far at least!


Great game now on pc.

chrisp223 | Sept. 18, 2014 | See all chrisp223's reviews »

Dead Rising 3 is a great game on any system but it is far better than the ports of the previous games in the series and does very well on the PC. the gameplay is solid and controls fell great. The game takes a more serious take on the story than previous titles but it wont take away from the fun. You play as a new protagonist who has to learn everything on the go. Combos can be done anywhere and combo vehicles are just fun. The game looks great, DR3 is able to put more zombies on screen at one time than you see in an entire season of walking dead. Overall this is a great game and i would recommend it to anybody looking for a new game to sink time into.


One of the best games of the year is sadly unoptimized for PC

Dooleh | Sept. 13, 2014 | See all Dooleh's reviews »

First of all I should address the performance problems, the game is not optimized very well, and is unplayable for many people right now.

I was able to play it (and enjoy it) with an acceptable frame rate (for me at least), uncapped from 30 and with texture resolution set to 720p (which doesn't look as bad as you might think).

I was averaging ~40fps in most parts of the map, up to 60 in others with dips down to ~20 in cutscenes and 1 particular part of the map (it's actually the geometry in that part of the map that is causing problems, not the amount of zombies on it, the xbox version had frame drops in that part of the city as well, again bad programing at it's finest).

I should add that none of the graphical settings, except the texture resolution (the offered resolutions are 720p/900p/1080p/full), made any difference, which cries bad PC port.

For reference, here are my PC specs:

i7 920 @3Ghz nvidia gtx660ti 8gb ram win7 64bit

(the game was using all 8 cores of my i7, and often @100%, so if you have a higher clocked i5, doesn't necessarily mean you'll get better performance).

Finally after that brief warning, the game review!

The game itself is just pure, unadulterated zombie obliterating fun fest, it is one of the best games I have played this year, and I'm not talking games that came out in 2014, but period.

This game is far apart from any other zombie game out there, including the previous Dead Rising games, which always had you worried about a bunch of timers and zombrex you needed every now and then to prevent a game over screen. Instead, in DR3 you have a long 7 day timer that never makes you feel pressured (I'm pretty sure 1 in-game day is at least 4 hours long), and you can finish up every side quest and still have enough time to get a bunch of collectables and kill tens of thousands of zombies in each chapter.

The main story is pretty much what you'd think... get your friends, escape the city, profit. But even though the story is nothing to talk about, the voice acting is top-notch, the cutscenes are solid (except the constant dips in frame rate) and all the characters are really likeable, especially Nick.

What really separates this game from the saturated zombie genre is the gameplay. The game has hundreds, if not thousands of zombies on the screen at once, and you get to kill them all with a huge variety of weapons and vehicles you create by finding blueprints scattered around the city. My personal favorites are the electroice staff, which can electrocute or freeze a ton of zombies in a single shot, and the rollerhawg vehicle, which is a fire spitting mix of a steam roller and a Harley, driving that thing through hordes of zombies feels like walking through freshly fallen snow or popping bubble wrap.

I should mention the co-op mode, where the other player assumes the role of Nick's friend Dick. I didn't bother trying out the co-op, though (with the exception of doing it for that hilariously named achievement for the Playfire reward :P), but I would imagine it's crazy fun if you have a good friend to play it with.

Finally, it's worth noting that the game is incredibly easy, and you can finish it without dying even once on the default difficulty, so maybe go the nightmare mode way if you want a challenge.

My final score for the game itself, disregarding the optimization issues - 9/10