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Third party DRM: Steam

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"It's a rare delight to play a game with such consistency of vision, its art design, level architecture, rulesets, storylines and writing all working in lockstep." -

"It's a rare game that feels so compulsively replayable, but Dishonored is such a game. The compelling abilities, the bold artistic design, the colorful characters, and above all, the freedom of choice--these are the things that mark Dishonored as one of the truly remarkable games of this year." -

Revenge Solves Everything™

Dishonored is an immersive first-person action game that casts you as a supernatural assassin driven by revenge. Creatively eliminate your targets with the flexible combat system as you combine the numerous supernatural abilities, weapons and unusual gadgets at your disposal. Pursue your enemies under the cover of darkness or ruthlessly attack them head on with weapons drawn. Regardless of your actions, the outcome of each mission plays out based on the choices you make.

Dishonored is set in Dunwall, an industrial whaling city where strange technology and otherworldly mysticism coexist in the shadows. You are the once-trusted bodyguard of the beloved Empress. Framed for her murder, you become an infamous assassin, known only by the disturbing mask that has become your calling card. In a time of uncertainty, when the city is being besieged by plague and ruled by an oppressive government armed with neo-industrial technologies, dark forces conspire to bestow upon you abilities beyond those of any common man – but at what cost? The truth behind your betrayal is as murky as the waters surrounding the city, and the life you once had is gone forever.

Key Features:

  • Improvise and Innovate

    Approach each assassination with your own style of play. Use shadow and sound to your advantage to make your way silently through levels unseen by foes, or attack enemies head-on as they respond to your aggressiveness. The flexible combat system allows you to creatively combine your abilities, supernatural powers and gadgets as you make your way through the levels and dispatch your targets. Improvise and innovate to define your play style.

  • Action with Meaning

    The world of Dishonored reacts to how you play. Move like a ghost and resist corruption, or show no mercy and leave a path of destruction in your wake. Decide your approach for each mission, and the outcomes will change as a result.

  • Supernatural Abilities

    Teleport for stealth approaches, possess any living creature, or stop time itself to orchestrate unearthly executions! Combining your suite of supernatural abilities and weapons opens up even more ways to overcome obstacles and eliminate targets. The game’s upgrade system allows for the mastery of deadly new abilities and devious gadgets.

  • A City Unlike Any Other

    Enter an original world envisioned by Half-Life 2 art director Viktor Antonov. Arkane and Bethesda bring you a world where industry and mysticism collide, creating an atmosphere thick with intrigue. The world is yours to discover.

Customer reviews


It's alright

sycomantis1991 | May 16, 2015 | See all sycomantis1991's reviews »

Dishonored really didn't do anything for me. The plot was horribly ucnreative, and the controls wee really floaty. Some of the landscapes are nice, and I like the variation in assault tactics. However, you don't do much fun with those tactics, and, while the stealth is ok, much of the game takes place in bright environments, making it often times kind of pointless. It's fun at times, and has some interesting combat variations, but overall it's not very inventive plot-wise and the controls aren't very good.


Amazing Game

Xeshkar | May 12, 2015 | See all Xeshkar's reviews »

This was one of the First Games I played on my new computer, before I got my graphic cards so this games well optimised and the Story and The Game play is just unbeatable. Sadly Graphically the game looks similar to its console counterpart so That's slightly disappointing but still a amazing game. Truly a amazing game high recommend!


One of the best FPS title of 2012

Andreasqiao | April 19, 2015 | See all Andreasqiao's reviews »

This game is great by many aspect. - The graphics is detailed but the art style of it that take the 19th century Europe, industrial age that really stand out. - The gameplay is in my opinion the best aspect of the whole game, much like Bioshock series. Both title are very "original" meaning doesn't just copy paste from other title, but instead have their own original idea you rarely see nowadays with FPS title tend to "follow" COD or battlefield. - The story is the second best aspect of this game, providing above average storyline you ever encounter in any fps title. Conspiracy, vengeance and the dark secret that wait for you to be revealed. Conclusion, as one of the great and "rare" FPS title, this game really stand out and unique (in good way of course) among other FPS title and surely worth the money whether it is on discount or not.


Impressive even for today

garocco | Feb. 7, 2015 | See all garocco's reviews »

In "Dishonored" you are Corvo Attano, bodyguard of the Empress of Dunwall, wrongly accused of the murder of the regent. To clear his name, Crow joins a group of noble conspirators and you can decide how it will be revenge: subtle or bloody, just or ruthless. What surprised me most was also the freedom of action offered, which can choose to direct combat, cold murder, clever use of magical powers or face the challenge to be extremely stealthy, through the whole adventure virtually unseen. The game blends technology and magic in a visual era industrial / Victorian era. The characters are stylized, but by no means are less interesting. In the game you can adopt different approaches and paths, it will be more or less stealthy and / or lethal. The graphics are very good and although the game is a bit old surprises even today, the controls also respond very well leaving more fluid gameplay. Recommend for who enjoy games "Stealth" for surely will yield several hours of fun.


Stealth gameplay from a new perspective

MadDemon64 | Jan. 6, 2015 | See all MadDemon64's reviews »

Dishonored is a stealth game set in a unique world made up of magic and steampunk technology. You will have to sneak your way past enemies to your targets who are yours to do with as you please. In fact your enemies are yours to do with as you please, so long as you don’t go charging in guns blazing. Dishonored uses a first person perspective that forces you to constantly be looking around and be aware of your surroundings, and you must use your weapons and magic to traverse them safely. You have various options at your disposal. You can sneak quietly, teleporting every now and then and possessing the odd rat to remain undetected, or you can gain a vantage point and lay traps for your opponents and let them blow themselves up in a blind panic. How you dispose of them or even if you dispose of them at all, is up to you, just so long as you remember that your actions have consequences that influence the ending. There are very few games that focus on stealth and restrict you to a first person perspective, but Dishonored is not only a game that does it, but a game that does it right.